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Hey guys. I am wondering? What would be the best price for charging a less tha 2 weeks mid to high quality character model without face and just body?
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I don't get it... why did you post a blank image?

and to answer you question, it depends, what format, what poly count, quads or tris, what's the topology like? Are your lines clean? Do you have ngons? Is it rigged, animated, textured?
Just a sculpt and retopo.
I worked with this small company back a year and a half ago. For 200 dollars without strict deadlines.
They want to present it to a major company.
They seem desperate. How much should I charge, since it is a business.
If they're desperate, charge them 2k a day

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Hey /3/

Anyone tell me how I can recreate this effect in C4D? I'm a graphic designer with very little experience with the program but I'm pretty sure it's a fairly simple task.
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If its a fairly simple task why don't you use your brain and figure it out on your own.
I just don't feel like using mine.
But i will try: spline with linear something, some modifier-thingy and balls on a spline with color things.
Good luck , graphic designer.
dl some projects from this guy you'll learn alot also try watching some greyscalegorilla vids.
Looks like a cylinder with sine / noise / twist modifiers, with spheres attached to the verts.
idk what kind of modifiers / deformers C4D is capable of though.

i want to learn how to draw/paint concept art.
both creatures and environments but i suck ass at 2D.

do you guys have any tips or any DVD suggestions?

i got this 1 DVD by nevil page where he shows how to concept using just sketching and shiluate, its the best 1 i found so far but its still not enough...
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Bump, I'm in the same situation
its amazing to me how i can sculpt a anatomically correct human but as soon as i pick up a pencil my brain goes "hurrrrrrrrrr" and i forget everything i know about anatomy, form or anything i can do in 3D

their sticky has a lot of resources on drawing models. Also, I recommend picking up Scott Robertson's book, "How To Draw". It's the best book if you're starting from scratch, and coming from a 3D background, since Scott Robertson is an ID guy. He walks you through the basics of constructing 3D forms from your imagination on the page, beginning with straight lines, 2D shapes in perspective, then finally 3D. You will be surprised at how simple drawing actually is, once you master the basics.

Also, to practice line control, practice drawing different font types. You'll cover a lot of different types of lines and will surprised at how transferable the skills are to every other type of drawing.

Can anyone help me with 3d modeling a character? Me and a couple of friends are planning to make a game. See attached Concept Art.
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Yo will have to provide other angles too if you want an accurate rendition of your concept.
I like his cape, it adds a nice touch. I am guessing from the cape and oversized left forelimb that this is a superhero game. You should make sure you are not infringing on Marvel's IP before you proceed.
Ok, I made a side angle. See attached file.

Yes, it's a superhero game. Thanks for noting the cape.

By the way, he is naked. So it would cool if you can make a skin-like texture.

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muh witch.jpg
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How is she coming along /3/? What else do I need to fix about her?
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Tell her a joke, she looks like she could do with some cheering up.

The tear ducts/lacrimal caruncles in the eyes look wrong
File: overpaint.jpg (490KB, 1828x778px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Quick overpaint. Skin looks nice.

There's some wacky shit going on at the temple and below it.

The two corners of the eyes should form a line going downwards medially.

The apogee of the upper and lower eyelids form a line going inwards medially.

Where the zygomatic portrudes is a bit low. Could be because of the next point.

Eyes too small (and mouth a bit too high).

The nose gets wider the further down it goes.

File: Boba_Model_Final.png (643KB, 1052x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So i'm relatively new to CG, less than a year. And this is the first time i really worked on a character but everybody seems to hate it. What did i do wrong ? How can i make it better (using blender) ?
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nose, top of the eyelids, hairline, neck, big head, terrible background choice
It has the detail of that dancing baby from Ally McBeal, circa fucking forever ago. Look at a human face from all angles. Use the fuck out of references.
You're working on something that everyone knows well, so everyone can see the flaws. Your only choice is keep practicing and git gud anon. You'll get it.
That hair whatever you used to make it is terrible... The face it's missing anatomy... you should really study what makes a face, really you can fuck up anything about human anatomy and get away with it but the face.

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inventor mold.png
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Inventorfag here, I'm working on making a mold that would be 3D printed, I figured my best course of action would be making the object (that would be molded), and somehow inverse that into a mold. Does anybody here know how I could basically turn the model into anti-matter and put it inside of a block to create a hollow mold? I could try and print the model itself and make a mold out of clay, but I'd like to skip a step, and it's always good if I can learn something new. Anyone here have any tips or experience with anything like this?
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Not an inventorfag but you want a Boolean subtract I believe.
Shell it?
CADfag here. A Boolean subtract would just totally destroy the mesh if you insert it into a closed mesh.

CAD applications have an obsession with optimizing the result, so if you're trying to subtract a ball from a larger ball, the smaller one is just going to disappear because it wouldn't change the silhouette.

You still want to do a Boolean subtract, except instead of a single object, you want to do it against the two halves of the mold.

However, I'm going to stop here because I can't responsibly advise you on making molds.
That shit's complicated, and the result can be trash depending on how much resin you put in or if you can't pressurize the mold.

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1MB, 828x828px

I know this isn't ic, but I want some dvd or course about sculpting anatomy in zbrush.

What would you recommend?
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If you cant draw your only hope is to learn to sculpt clay irl and even then you'll come back to "why did it turn out so bad?" desu
I can draw but I'm not that good acording to ic.
then you must be really bad. Mind posting some wip?

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Im looking for some SFM models, is there any other place i can grab some thats not sfmlab or the workshop? They can be sfw or nsfw it dosnt matter....
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a better question is, is there a way to import SFM models with FBX format with bones or just OBJ as a mesh ?
op here i know you can import FBX into blender but
I dont think it comes with bones, ill do a test really quick, sorry if im to noob to understand u
So i just did a fbx import and it came with bones so BUMP

I have one photo of a girl I want to model in Maya. Pic related isn't it, but it looks roughly similar; a 3/4 view of her face. What's the quickest way to make an accurate mesh of her face?
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>i have nothing to contribute
facegen faget
That's from www.3d.sk/

Depends on the software, but you put a 3d head in place and shape it to the side profile, and ......front view

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How much would my VFX workflow speed up if I used an SSD for all the files?

I'm currently using normal hard disk drives and SSD's are cheap enough to get a few... but I'm not sure how much more beneficial it'll be. Would simulations in fumefx go faster? Or rendering as a whole?
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I got one recently and wasn't that impressed. Photoshop constantly gave me a low memory error so I had to change the scratch disk anyway. Mari become a bit more tolerable but again I cant save to the ssd. I would honestly wait until the capacity becomes 4tb for a real world use scenario.
SSDs are quite a lot faster, but how often do you swap/save something to disk? I would guess not that often, so it probably doesn't affect your workflow too much. There are probably other things that are a better investment, like more RAM or a better CPU or whatnot.

BTW, SATA SSDs are so yesteryear, it's all about NVMe now. That shit blows traditional SSDs out of the water. Also becoming quite affordable now. I'm running on a 256GiB NVMe chip on my new workstation now.

If your pipeline involves a lot of file reading and writing, you will notice the changes.

Otherwise, stick with what >>512208 said. For rendering, additional CPU and memory (and depending on your renderer, GPU) will be more beneficial.

Does anyone know what happened to this Tutorial that was on:

Does anyone have a mirror by chance?
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I'm sorry to tell you this anon, but all 5 eps of the series are dead.

Also, hard surface tutorials on Zbrush are a dime a dozen.



ask the author himself if you really care
I liked his style, everyone is a little different but I remember his clicked the most. Plus, he wasn't a poo in a loo and I liked his voice

What kind of specs am I looking at when it comes to 3D software.
If you're feeling generous, could you also tell me what each spec contributes? For example, what does a more powerful GPU contribute to the 3D modelling process, etc.
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you should shoot for a
i5 4 physical cores
16gb ram
1tb hdd
500w psu

ideal workstation ( resonably )

i7 6 physical cores
32gb ram
2x 2tb hdd for raid
750w psu 80+ certified

cpu : engine of the computer

cores: how many cylinders your car has

cpu clock speed: how many rpm's the engine can handle

overclocking: adding a turbo to get more performance out of your engine

ram : seats in your car

ram clock speed: how fast the people in the car can seats with people from outside the car

>gpu: i dont have an analogy for this one... its not extreemly important to get a beefy gpu unless you are texture painting or doing real-time stuff, or if you play videogames get a nicer one i guess.

hard drive: how much storage/trunk space you have available

power supply: your gas

80+ certified on power supplies: how pure your gas is, how efficient it will be
>2x 2tb hdd for raid
2tb is still a lot of storage man, i dont see the issue here, expecially when you are just starting

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can we have a positive thread on /3/?

things that worked beautifully, your achievements you're proud of, etc.

for example I'm quite new to all this. always heard how a fucking chore UV-mapping is.
now I did my first UV-mapping in blender on a character I made and it was actually fucking easy and even almost fun (especially the adding of seams while checking the test pattern for distortions felt really satisfying when getting the uv better and better).
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>being satisfied with your work
>being an artist
you can only chose one.
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>always heard how a fucking chore UV-mapping is.
now I did my first UV-mapping in blender on a character I made and it was actually fucking easy and even almost fun
Goddamit OP don't give me false hope.

Working on my first model know and I'm dreading UV mapping because of all the shit I've heard about it.
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Here's a robot I modeled recently. Before I rig it, I want to know if there are changes I should make.
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If it's ur vision it's up to you. I think the feet might look like you would trip over on them and have a lot of clipping issues. What about replicating the hands into a foot shape.
I used a boolean operation to in the shin to give the front and back parts of the feet room to move without clipping:
File: feet back.png (50KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feet back.png
50KB, 1920x1080px

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