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hey /3/
anyone got some experience with this?
I have to make an animation of a character wearing mostly soft material.

The way I see it the main options are
1. sculpting the folds manually - would look shitty because there is no movement
2. using simulations - but those are glitchy and by far not as detailed

Are there any other options like ..
manually animating/shaping the folds for frames like you would facial expressions
or combining sculpt and simulation

Maybe I'm missing something or you got a creative fix for this. thanks
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You can do something like this where you animate between different normal maps depending on the bending. Not totally realistic of course but results are predictable and the calculations involved are very light weight.

For a highpoly offline rendering you could use actual displacement maps on subdivided geo instead of normalmaps.
yeah I was thinking of that. It's just a ton of work if you have to make several versions of your entire model and textures
why not simulations? Create clusters and move them to force the cloth to change where the folds are as it moves.

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3D model of a chode I encountered once
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doesn't it have to be wider than it's tall to be a chode?

need your opinion, this is my first 3d animation completle made in maya with a bit after effects correction. does it fel sad?

I want to make models like the one on a picture, isnt she sweet :D

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I feel like the feet are clipping through the floor and the ending is incomplete. I also think the overall animation is horrible.
well thank you for your honesty :) yes they clip through the floor
we had to make an animation that lasts 30 second... my task was to begin with a diamond and end with a girl:) ALSO THERE ARE TWO EASTER EGGS or how you call them, STAR WARS EASTER EGGS TRY TO FIND THEM

Blender fag here, trying to migrate to 3ds max
And holy fucking shit the viewport mouse controls are so annoying
How do I make it behave like in blender?
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use blender
You can't, autocad user here, I fucking hate autodesk's control scheme, it's equally bad on all of their software.
Why are you moving to 3dsmax?

We ever gonna do another one of these?
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Are you willing to pull the "team"
I did the covered bridge in the background of the lower right.

OP, this project got done because at least one person took it upon themselves to very diligently organize and insist upon it. Whenever someone is willing to take on that role, something like this can be done again.
i mean we just need 1 or 2 people to "lead" it, probably would be easiest if they were the scene compiler. but we can use trillo to organised what needs to be done and who is working on what.

somebody start it
> im good with asset creation ( games or full res ) texturing ( mostly photo painting, not really to good with hand painted textures ), lighting ( arnold, renderman, vray, mental ray)

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I've just baked a normal map using Xnormal, and I'm seeing artefacts along the corners of this room.
It's like a triangular shadow that doesn't go away, even when light touches it. Help please?
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Flipped polygon normals? Realigning might help
File: nrml_normals.png (34KB, 2048x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nah, the normals are facing the right way. Here's the normal map itself.
Please someone help me. This is holding my project up completely.

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Hi, I've been using Inventor for CAD drawings for about a year, and now I need to move around a lot and be able to use CAD software where ever I go. My current laptop is not nearly strong enough to run Inventor, and I wouldnt know where to start for finding a laptop that can handle this kind of stuff. My budget is about $1,500, and I'm looking for a windows laptop. Any suggestions?
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anyone with good ram and cpu
possibly an asus g771jw I have the base model and even then it will run inventor smoothly
File: 080 - Forestjpg.jpg (1MB, 3840x2160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
080 - Forestjpg.jpg
1MB, 3840x2160px
Operating System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz (Turbo up to 3.1GHz)
Memory: 16GB DDR3L on board
Video Graphics: NVIDIA GTX950M 2GB GDDR3
Hard Drive: 256GB SSD
Optical Drive: NO DVDRW
Display: 15.6” UHD (3820 * 2160)
Webcam: VGA Camera
Wireless Option: 802.11AC
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Card Reader: SDXC
Keyboard: Chiclet

I just picked this one up myself. Definitely worth the 1k. Also doesn't look like your typical ricetop and has one 2.5 bay for expansion.
There's a model with half the memory and 1080p for like 200 less though.

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I want to make sprites for Doom - 8 directional 3D impostors.

Pic related, how to do it in Maya.

Can anyone come up with a decent workflow for doing it in blender??
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I can help you with the work flow in blender if you like. I really dont feel like typing it all out since that would take a long time. Feel free to hit me up on skype and I will do my best to help you.

username: dogboy.exe
Honestly, this information is so basic that if you need to ask, you should not attempt it in the first place.

"It says sculpt a model, paint it, animate it and render it."

"Duhhh, how do I do this in another 3d program???"
>username: dogboy.exe
Not sure if legit. I may hit you up.

I'm not asking about making the model, or rigging it, or animating it. I'm asking about workflow for doing 8 sets of renders, preferably in a way that isn't tedious and time consuming as fuck.

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menger sponge.png
2MB, 1920x1080px
Hello /3/ I have been learning 3D for the past two years and feel like I know enough to make a game. The issue that keeps coming up constantly is the feeling of hopelessness and failure to see the point. Over the last year I have tried to make over six games and one game in 2014. These ideas seem like great ideas to me at least and in the moment I get to work on the game. I have started more projects than I have ever finished in my life, always mid project after I make a bunch of assets or textures or start animating. Always mid project I start to get the feeling of whats the point in even doing this, I get so discouraged from doing it that I just stop. Regardless of planning out the project or not it always happens.

Can anyone relate? Am I alone in this melancholy? The past two years have been so depressing because of this empty feeling of not being able to complete a project. In the past I considered working with other people might help with this problem but it still occurs, I no longer want to work with anyone else because I know I will waste their time even though I wish not to.
Does anyone have any perspective that could help me in anyway? Sorry to dump this 3d-epression on /3/, I have no where to go. I'm sure this comes off as a big pity party for me, I don't want that.
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you're sad because you are incapable to follow through.

well I think it happens to all of us really, it always starts like you said, sounds like a great idea but then mid development the want to make the project complete is gone. I think the best way is to include people, it'll make things easier and give extra motivation to complete a project.
Maybe my issue with working with others has more to do with the fact that they never really contributed much to the making process. The person I worked with made a couple textures and offered some valuable asset ideas, even a could models. I also think that their lack of knowledge of game development didn't help either. I definitely don't want to place all the blame on the other person when it was honestly all my fault we failed, my waxing and waning apathy killed me in the end.

I just wish there was an easy solution. Almost every day I go experiment in 3d. Not a day goes by I don't think about making a game.
hmm, well why don't you find someone who knows what they're doing.
I think having the right people is key and you seem like someone who is passionate.
If you want I can help you with a small game and keep that pressure which is need to finish a game.

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I've been lurking there for weeks now and still don't know when the registrations are open. It'd be of great help if anyone here would let me know on what days/dates the registration would be open, Thanks anons.
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>set alarm to repeat every day
>check daily

How is this difficult?
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I'd invite but "Because the user limit has been reached you are unable to send invites at this time." Good luck getting access

show one art you made and ill invite

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Anyone using Keyshot for large environments? This is a project I did for epic games for GDC16 but looking to get more out of kshot. Also, just downloaded Maya to start learning to model. All my work is done in solid works and have never done any mesh work. Anyone recommend a good entry level pen/tablet?
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monoprice 11+ inch for around 90usd
There's a 10.5x6.5 or something like that Monoprice that's usually around $40 or $50 USD on Amazon (can get it cheaper via ebay store)

I haven't ever used a Wacom or high end tablet, so maybe compared to those this sucks, but compared to a mouse it's a lot nicer for sculpting / drawing

My only trouble is my drawing skill is a little weak, it takes me a couple attempts to get a stroke with a nice straight line or even curve, and if I don't redo / correct it, these little irregular lines and curves start working into the sculpt

I'm sure there's tools in the software that help with this but I also just need to git gud. Also I need to just flat out unplug my mouse for a week or two
Thanks guys!

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I had a uni assignment to make a ~1min clip with 3D models. So I created this clip, where guy is supposed to be sleeping cuz he overdosed the bong and he's hallucinating Hitler celebrating his b-day. Then the guy wakes up and prolly decides to never use narcotics again. (that guy is not animated, because my colleague was a dickbag and didn't do shit for the project).
There're also rare pepes there.
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Pathetic. You should be expelled for this
I only made the part with Hitler. Made his face pretty well, only it's difficult to see from far away. But yeah, lighting, camera and textures suck.
Everything is pathetic. When I went to 3d school 5 years ago I was taught by someone who had actually accomplished something in animation. Everything you animated had to be approved by him before you did anything in the computer and then storyboarded first. This "thing" you made is so pathetic I assume your school is really really bad. Do something worthwhile with your life pls

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Is there any way in Maya or 3dsmax where a Vector Displacement map can be used to create editable geometry? I'm not talking about having it appear in a mental ray or vray render but being used in much the same way as the standard Displacement modifier in max where the effect can be applied to a mesh and converted to workable geometry.
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maya ss.jpg
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How do you even know?

Do any of you use 3D monitors ? Are they good for 3d stuff ?
I'm talking about the ones with the passive polarized glasses.
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That's something I wondered about as well.

They could make 3D modelling easier, especially when in wireframe mode.
I've heard that it's pretty fun with modelling. But I don't wanna fall for the oculus rift meme again and rape my eyes with the 3d glasses and buy something pricy that i won't be able to use
I was discussing this with a friend. He said 3D polarized glass means a drop in vertical resolution, since you have to show both pictures at the same time. Other than that and the fact that you are wearing glasses, there seems to be no real downside.

I started making abstract images for use as desktop backgrounds a while ago. Can I have some opinions and improvement input? Higher quality images coming soon.
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So how do I make it better?

Learn lighting, color theory, and most importantly composition.

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