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How would I go about ripping a 3D custom character made in a MMORPG game like Onigiri for use the 3D model to either 3D print or papercraft a personal figurine.
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Varies from game to game. You could try a generic solution like 3Dripper DX, or you could check out the Xentax forums and see if anyone's hacked the game files yet.
Thanks... sort of got it but fun trying to get it to load into Blender. No textures but it's a starting point.
I used 3Dripper DX back when I played.

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Hello Blender pros. I come from a heavy math / programming background. How deep can you go in terms of custom scripts? Can you make the objects move with a script? How good is the game engine?
How to git gud at blender fast?
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Don't use Blender game engine. Use Unreal or Unity.

Very. Yes. No. You don't, it's a complex program that takes time to master.
python :)

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fightloop 2.gif
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I know this is the wrong board, but is there a place to legitimately talk about making 2d animation on 4chan?
I took a look at /f/, but I have absolutely no idea what's going on in there. Seriously, the fuck.
(Obligatory 3dma gif attached)
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you'd think there would be a board for 2d.
Not many animators on /3/ either. But there are a few.
While there is a lot of similarities between the skillsets needed for 2D and 3D animation there is a pretty big differance too.

Both require you to understand how to make readable poses and develop a fine tuned sense of timing, know all the classic animation rules etc.

But in 2D you always know the final camera angle, and you get to morph your drawing to fit the frame however you please.
The final animation is at a low framerate and you really on the brain of the observer to make up the missing information.

In 3D it's not always known where the camera is gonna be, and you have a more rigid geometry that need to actually transition smoothly from pose to pose.
A lot of your time animating 3D will be put into tweaking interpolation curves for the inbetween frames calculated by the computer.

To be really good at either though require the same difficult-to-obtain understanding of mass, motion and time.
Since classic 2D animation is sorta archaic these days the crowd here is probably your best bet for finding people familiar with animation in general on 4chan.
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I realize you didn't ask this, OP, and if you already know this, awesome.

You know how /ic/ always tells people to study Loomis? Well, there's an animator that is just as crucial to study for animators. Get the book in pic related. You will not regret it. It's considered a must have for every animator out there, so much so that some studios GIVE their animators one.

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We pick something very simple to create and we all give ourselves something like an hour to see what we get. It can be any stage of completion just modeled / sculpted not textured or rendered etc. We vote on a winner then they get to decide what to make next. I really like these rise of the tomb raider props or we could pick something from real life as long as it's simple enough to do.
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How about you get better without any challenges or rewards you toolbag.
Actually doing that too anon. Don't really know why you are here tho with that attitude.
You know this is still 4chan right?

Alrighty, I am new to the modeling world, Iv been getting into the cad and cam side, didnt know where I should go for this, but does anyone here have any experience with particular CAD/CAM programs. I recently bought a large CNC router and can do 2.5 D..... sort of, but I want to move to full 3D cuts. anyone recommend a good place to start? a program in particular? Iv just started using Fusion 360, and man... its well, like illustrator compared to MS paint
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This is not the board you are looking for.
WEll then...... what board should I be on?
Soo Herlpferl

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I need to animate a burning house until tomorrow.
Im using Blender and never did a burn animation before. How to do this?
Downlaods tempaltes?
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I hope you didn't take this on as a job.
school project
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Should have probably paid more attention.

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Can anyone x-Ray this for me by any chance?
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oh look its that xray photoshop my cousin guy again
>x-ray this
>photo not suitable to x-ray

>inb4 haha i troled you XD
look at all that mold on that chair

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Trying to figure out rigging in blender, I've watched a few tutorials, but am better off learning 1 on 1 where I can asked questions as I go along. help? If there are any Second Life players in here that would be even better.
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and yes I want to apologize for my grammar errors, and spelling.
Why not Half-Life players.

You aren't trying hard enough with tutorials, find more tutorials until you find a good one that teaches you enough to fill in the gaps in the others.

You need a certain level of core competency before you can meaningfully interact with another person (unless they're literally a Teacher and thus willing and able to start at square 0).

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Need some help /3/. Getting some really annoying artifacts in xNormal. Tried to use a cage and that didn't work. Tried editing the model itself and that changed nothing as well. So far nothing has fixed it. Any ideas?
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Ok then. What's the new program y'all are using?
mudbox, maya

Hey guys, i need some help! InventorFag here..
So there is no measurement "data", can´t find a solution online.

Is my program broken or easyfix? my Teacher cant even find the solution..
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You're really vague
Yeah sorry, well it is inventor Proffesional 16 running on windows 7 (ON A MAC :P).

Im currently trying to download Excel, cause it says so in the system requirements.

Not Trying to be vague, but there is just no data where it is supposed to be. I have tried changing fonts and alot of thing. Reinstalled and so on. I Think its something with the operating system / requirements not fulfilled.
Dude you need to learn to make more sense.

This is the best I can decipher from what you're trying to say:
>I'm using Autodesk Inventor Pro 16, and I cannot see the measurement data. I tried googling and asking my teacher but cannot find a way to make them show up. I'm using Windows 7

Did you ever see the data or was it broken from the beginning?

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Hey /3/. How hard is it to make animation of human breathing/respiratory system like pic related in 3D?

I only have basic knowledge of 3d modeling via Blender and I have around 4 months to complete it. Am I fucked?
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you are fucking fucked

the only you gonna get this done is by buying/downloading human internal system and make the body transparent when you animate, also you would have to rig the lungs which requires rigging and animation knowledge

just to let you know models like these cost up to a 1000$
Hm not possible even if I study everyday?

It doesn't need those fancy loooking rib cages and all, basically just to show how the air enters your lung etc.
It can be done, the modelling won't be the hardest part. Rigging will be a bitch, animating wont be a big deal if you only wnat two keyframes, advanced animation wont be anywhere remotly possible with the kind of simple rigging you can do in the short time. 2 keys animation is possible.

File: Sin título.png (473KB, 674x416px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sin título.png
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I'm basically noob and I use 3ds max 14. Any tips on how to model this round part on the barrel? It's not totally spherical as you can see, so I need to give it that "hammered" look. Any technique on doing that?
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sharing the video if anybody want to give it a closer look
Kind of rough, but my method for this is extruding out a face there and then go on to round it out, pretty simple
File: thing2.png (620KB, 1730x1730px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I dont know that much about hard surface but I gave it a go. WIth a bit of tweaking it could get there.

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Did you ever try to model a celebrity face ?
Is there an online source where you can download or buy 3D celebrity face models ?
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Yes anon, just randomly type in URL's like some site called www.violatemyfamousface.com/rule34/beastsexcelebsourcematerial.html
or similar and you will quickly find a site where A-list actors trade their likeness for monthly subscription fees.

It's very tough and takes years of practice. Ur best bet is to download models from video games. A lot of videogames have celebrity's in them nowadays. Starwars Battlefront has the actors from that movie for instance.
What skill level is needed to begin modeling 3D humans?

I'm new to 3D modeling all together and just downloaded Blender because it was free.

I have an idea for a new animated YouTube series.

So i tried to open blender and this black cmd window popped up but blender didn't open. It happened few times for me and the problem is that i can't close it. Task mngr doesn't work nothing. Even tried Alt + F4. Has anyone had this thing? How to fix?
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Get a new motherboard, or wash your current one
I had the same issue once, just buy a new mouse and it should work fine

Just downloaded blender. Which tutorial should I follow first?
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Obligatory cloth in glass bowl tutorial.
Obligatory mug tutorial.
Tried making the mug

i have no idea what i am doing

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