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Is anybody able to register for cgpeers? I can't even access the site unless I do it through TOR, but I always get an error when I try to make an account.
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Retard.. Saged.

hey /3/ can we get some zbrush tips and tricks thread going of shit we learned from sculpting/tutorials. ill post few that i can think off and contribute more when i remember more.

1. Clay brush with the imbed modifier set to 0 works as a grate cavity/hole eraser/blender (does not destroy topology and detail like smooth brush)

2. clay tubes brush with the alpha 48 at low intensity is a good way to add texture to your model if its too smooth or lumpy

3. the nudge tool is good for moving detail around on your model

4. inflating between a cavity is a better way to close a gap than pinching. (works the best when trying to close lips)
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Hard surface is a real bitch in zbrush. Is there a way to keep the cursor straight along an angle while using precision brushes such as pinch and damstandard?
you can click than hold shift and drag to create a straight line but i think there is even a modifier in the stroke manue that only lets you make straight lines
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yes. just checked go to your stroke menus, turn on back track than turn on snaptotrack and chose line, when u click and drag it will create a line when ur happy with the line just drag ur mouse back and it will create a straight line on that perfect line, this works on all tools

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need help, I just want to merge 3D shapes (e.g cubes and shit) into one.

Also Im not talking about 2 shapes only, im talking about like ten.

I am using Cinema 4D, but I also can get blender

Can anyone help???? :((((
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>merge vertices tool.
Try union boolean modifier in blender.
You can boolean it, but geometry will suffer from it.

If you want to do anything like vidya gays or animation you'll have to at the very least learn box modeling, so meshes deform properly.

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Any /modo/ fags here? What are must watch tutorials, techniques etc? Personally I'm trying to migrate from 3ds max.
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Richard Yot for shading and rendering, Vaughan Ling and Tor Frick for modeling.

They're on cgpeers if you're a cheap bastard.
If you asking something like that you where never proficient in max to begin with Op, so don't pretend like you're 'migrating'.
That you run from one of the strongest modelling packages, according to popular belief, to the strongest modelling package according to popular belief is reviling as to what's really going on ITT.

You can bullshit yourself Op, but you can't bullshit /3/. Our /3/rd eye isn't blind and it can see straight through you.

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I jave always wanted to create 3d models/concepts for commercial use. What would that be called and how much could I make.
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Industrial Designer.

If you have to ask if you need to learn to draw, sculpt, paint this is truly not for you. On top of the fact designs have to be practical and usable.

*above image does not fit that qualification. Stick to vfx. where you can make pigs fly instead.
I can draw paint and sculpt etc to a degree I am getting better and hopefully will git good
Thanks fornthe info.
The pic was not really related I was just posting something physical.
I know a good bit about tech and I am planning on getting a cpu eng bachelor etc

What do you think of my first 3 days on 3dsmax?

(I did the lighting and positioning, all models except speaker stands were not done by me)
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Speakers on Stand.jpg
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Speaker Position.jpg
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Why don't you wait until you've got something to actually show us

Are Ngons okay to use if they are just gaps?

Trying to model stuff with few polygons, and filling the gap with quads/tris would just add more shit.
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>and filling the gap with quads/tris would just add more shit.

It would not, a N-gon already consists of triangles. Just that the software decided where to put them instead of yourself.

Same as a quad existing of 2 triangles. Do not confuse face-count and tri-count. While polycount technically means face-count, what everyone means by it is the number of triangles on a mesh.
The lines you see on a editable object is called isolines and it's there just for your convenience as a human editor. Your hardware still process the mesh as the collection of triangles it really is.
depends if you want to later subdivide
For maximum low poly (as in, cellphone games and deliberate pieces of lowpoly art) you should model triangles, for everything else you should quad (which you can go back and design a low poly triangle model from)

Read and understand >>509045's post because it's very good, it's all about the triangles

How can you even live on that much?
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What field did you query?
>grindr app
Lol are you planning on only being an AVERAGE modeller?
Depends where you live and what your expectations are.

I could live comfortably on $46k/yr where I live. Making less than that, I owned my own house, had a pickup and a boat, a hot tub, good computer equipment, and money to spend on shit if I needed to.

Hint: I don't live in California.

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Hey /3/ im not entirely sure where to post this so if im posting in the wrong area please tell me where i should post this but i was wondering if any of you can help me out. I have been looking into Lil ugly mane's discography and listening to everything and this album cover intrigued me the most > Pic related
So i have been trying to figure out how he made the text look like that and everything. I have guessed he took a lot of inspiration from Pen and pixel http://penandpixel.com/ but i just wanted to know what program lil ugly mane and pen and pixel use to do this. Thanks /3/
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thanks family
its just a specific font in 3D with its own textures

maybe he used generic font and used some kind of modifiers to make the letters shaky

I have no idea what I'm doing, so relax. Seriously, I know next to nothing in Maya (or any 3d program).

Give me something to model.

Ps. how do I select the actual pieces here, rather than the points?
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go watch a fucking basic tutorial about the UI and look through the hotkeys. don't expect us to tutor you when you could easily just use youtube to learn all of basics.

If you're not going to be resourceful than you'll never be worth a shit in Maya.
That's nice, but can you give me something simple to model?
a Maya textbook

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kiselina rigging.jpg
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3ds skill level- Novice to competent (about 2-3 months of studying at uni doing vfx and animation)

Hey currently working on 3ds max and i have managed to weight and animate one of the wings of my model. i was wandering is their a way to mirror or copy and paste the animation over to the other wing (i know i can mirror the weighting) but i really dont want to try and animate the other wing by hand if possible.
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(the screenshot isnt a latest screen cap)
I don't think mirroring the animation is a standard CAT feature, but there has to be some script that allows you to do that. Check "cat mirror animation" on scripspot.
Also the control objects probably have symetrical alignments, which would allow you to animate both sides at the same time by selecting both control objects next time
thanks man that worked

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mr furry.jpg
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I remember the first time I've seen this back in 2009 .. How hard is to make something like this ?

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All they did was create one set of hair curves, and then simply animated the attributes for the hair simulation and colors. You could do this with XGen in Maya in a snap.
Doing it is moderately easy, it's just hardware intensive.
All that I really liked in this ident is [spoiler]music.[spoiler]

Hello! A friend and I are making a 3D project for our exam. I found a c4d model of a glass bowl on turbosquid, which we like to implement. However we only have access to maya. Does anyone know how we can convert the file to ma or obj?
pic related
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just download other one
i can make it for you in 1 minute either way, but you would to apply transparency in maya
Unless you've literally never used Maya before, you should be able to recreate something as simple as that in well under a minute.
gotta be either a troll or a couple of women working on a project unrelated to 3d

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Had some free time so I made this!
What do you guys think? The main goal was to achieve as good looking environment as I could. Used 3ds max to make the assets. I'm pretty sure there is a lot of things to improve, but I'm happy how the end result came out.
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I like it. Fog, wind, all add to bring you into the environment. The large, defined shadows are nice, too.

What's your workflow like for the waving banners? Do you animate them in your program of choice and then import it all, as well as the textures?
I dig it
id improve some of the textures and weaken the fuck out of the wind.
Damn son, that looks amazing. Unfortunately I'm a scrub at 3DCG and can't offer any constructive criticism.
Hopefully I can do something like that some day.

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I'm new to 3D modeling for the most part. I have both Maya and Zbrush. I know my way around Mayas interface somewhat, I'm working on learning ZBrush here soon. I just have a question.

I just have a slightly dumb question.

If I want to sculpt myself as practice in Zbrush, how many reference images should I have minimum? I know the more the better. But if I want a good setup how many should I have?
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You need a shot of your subject's head from the front and the side minimum, plus some photos of facial expressions if you want to go that far with it.

You also need a shot of the body from the front, side and rear, with decent closeups of any detail that will be visible, like recognizable scars or whatnot.

Having a mirror handy would be a good idea too, if you are doing a self portrait.

Ideally, you would want all of the above shots under a couple of different lighting conditions, because the geometry of the body looks a bit different under different conditions, and you might notice details under one set of lighting conditions that are completely invisible under another.
I about to say wtf is with all those random hoses, and when I saw his feet I was oh-ok, the futuristic version of Mr. Miyagi - I haz hoses - Gardening & Bonzai yard services.
How can I go about making a character model with any outfit I choose, seeing as I am no expert in anatomy right now letalone anything else. What would be the quickest/easier approach for a beginner?

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