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So my girlfriend left me for her childhood friend (much taller richer dude). Haven't been sober in a month, just trips to the superstore for vodka and sleep/crying.

We had been saving for a holiday, to Fiji. Pretty sure she is going with childhood friend now. The point is though, I've got some spare cash. Most of it I'm saving but i have decided I'm going to splurge and buy a new PC.

I just moved to my dads, I've been doing my 3d work on my old ass macbook (go ahead laugh i was in love) and haven't researched new tech in a while.

So my question is does a gaming rig necessarily make a good 3d rig? or should i have something built specific to 3D? I was thinking something like this https://www.pccasegear.com/products/33890/pccg-nightmare-980-ti-gaming-system but i don't know....I would ask /g/ but fuck them and also i would like to ask both the people i have kinship with and who have experience with computer graphics, not ricing there desktop and masturbating to hentai. Thanks and i apologist if i come of as a bitch with this or its to long i'm getting wasted again. Feel free to offer advice on how to stop this pain too that would be good but yeah computer is my main focus.
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Nice blog.

Also, no. Mostly. CPU > GPU in most cases for CGI. Don't neglect the GPU tough

Also, grab loads of ram.
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thanks man, i'll keep that in mind but why so much RAM? I won't have much open is video memory or whatever its called important?
Fiji is a fucking shithole m8 count your blessings.

Gaming cards are fine, dedicated pro boards aren't worth it unless you are spending someone else's money.

Get a shitton of ram and ssds for your main and scratch disks.

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Well, since the previous one appears to be pretty dead, I'm taling it upon myself to start a new QTDDTOT thread.

I just want to know if anyone has any decent guides/tips to modeling extremely low-poly stuff. I'm talking <1000 tris. Vehicles, buildings, etc...

Pic related, what I'm shooting for.
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What is the general consensus on rhino3D?
I used Rhindo 3D for some time while making an architectural model and while working as an intern at a company that produces models of any kind. The program itself takes a while to get used to and to grasp its full capabilities, you really need to use it a lot, but in general it is a program that really eases the task of making models of any kind because of its tools. If you are looking for a comfortable way to make scale models and want to use it for work, you would probably go for rhino (or maybe autoCAD, but i cant give you any opinions on that). If you want to make animations of some sorts, you can forget rhino because it is (i think) not able to make any.

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teste 12.jpg
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The imp
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Looks like a '90s render

Where's the sss shader ?
Somethings just off

Found this piece on deviantart
Daz3D was used and as soon as I saw the pic, I was confused...how do you achieve these results on a posing pèrogram like daz? I mean, I can't even do things like this with regular softwares that do anything I need, daz isn't for modeling and shit, so... how?
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You make the models in another program and then use Daz to render them. Daz is a rendering and animating program. Not a modeller.
Likely it was lots of postwork done in photoshop.
>tfw no EZ button in rendering.

layering the renders in a post-effects program and such has always been a secret recipe to have distinguish ones work versus 1 click wonders.

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Hey guys!

I've got a motion design course that I have to use c4d for. I'm used to maya and know next to nothing about c4d.

Are there any plugins you guys would recommend?
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only download plugins when you need them
This. Stop looking for solutions to problems you don't have.
Isn't the entire point of a plugin to either improve a certain aspect of the program or add more features?

I don't see how this is looking for a solution to a problem I don't have. There could be a plugin that makes a certain task you perform repeatedly easier or provides better results consistently.

Why not use something like that if it's available? I obviously intend on learning the basics of the program despite what might be provided by a third party.

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Hello there, I've edited my video, I've changed lights, camera and quality. What do you think, did I improve ?

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hmmm... I know it's better :D no one wants to talk :(

Go back to your containment thread.

I started studying 3ds Max since last year. But I have no clue how to make a render like this. (e.g: Arpeggio Ars Nova, Bubuki Buranki, etc)
I have a story for a short animation, but i want to make it with this style.

Any of you knows?
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Look up toon rendering. Both for the shadows and toon lines.
how good are you at actually making the models
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ok i chuked this togather

is this what you would want it to look like
there are no lights in this scean

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Nothing new. Creates unusable topology.

Only potent use could be to block out.
Superior technology

It will help drop the price of 3d scanners

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When you run Blender for the first time. But later you can work with closed eyes.
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That's why I love how shortcut-oriented it is.
I could use the Japanese version perfectly fine if I had to.
Is it easier to produce Cambodian basket-weaving cartoons when you set Blender to Chinese?

Personally I make squinty eyes when I use Blender now.

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mayafag who also dabs in blender. im quite impressed by the guys work.

how can i get my own cgi up to par with his?

>inb4 practice

seriously, what lighting tricks and texturing tricks does he use?
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The render they get from their 3D program of choice looks nowhere nearly as good as those pictures. Heavy compositing applied.

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can we make a thread for obscure, old and outdated modeling suits?

post em
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My first model editor was 3d GameStudio.


I believe 1999 or 2000 edition. I dont believe anyone ever made anything good with this gamecreator suit(probably because there werent loads of video tutorials and resources for everything back then and learning just by reading a telephone-book manual is not that great)

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So, i´ve been working on trying to create realistic ice cubes just because i wanted to, i´ve found only 1 tutorial on it and it wasn´t even a proper tutorial, rather a overview of the guy doing the ice cube on Blender.

So after many days of trial and error, i´ve god this result, and to be fair, it doesn´t look nearly as good as i´ve seen on Google Images, so i want to take a few suggestions on how could i improve on it.

Just remember it isn´t a game or animation asset, im not looking for low poly, and i certainly do not care about render times, i just want to make a aesthetically pleasing ice cube for my own pleasure.
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idk if this is the tutorial you're talking about, if it isn't that might help you.

This is the TY video of Gleb doing ice in Blender.

Yes, that was the tutorial, i forgot to add it, thanks.

I wanted to receive some help on how to improve it, because the tutorial wasn´t well explained, or maybe im too ignorant about the stuff im trying to do that i do not understand how to apply it.

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What does /3/ do with their 3d models?
Anything interesting?
(Pic unrelated)
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I make them fight each other, if possible. Try it.
porn. all day every day
I 3d print and jack-off on them

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PLEASE -kind hearted person that you are - point me in the direction of learning how to create media like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow8IBxjlHa0.

Which program would you recommend for this type of media. Forgive me.
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ty, sincerely

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I had maya 2015 on my computer, but i unistalled it, Now that i try to reinstall, it only installs plugins (direct connect, mental ray, etc.), not the main program itself, because it says that's already installed, despite uninstalling the program, and clearing the leftover files as well.
I downloaded several copies of the installers, but none of them succeeded. What should i do now?

inb4 install install install
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First, make sure you are downloading the latest service pack from Autodesk. Second, need to know what platform you are on, there are loads of files scattered all over that you need to clean up.

windows 7 64-bit
I alrady run service pack 6, but it couldn't validate files, and said that there was a problem with the installer. Strangely, the installer didn't show any errors, i even checked the logs.
I do know that SP6 on windows requires a working install of 2015 SP5 or older, right? The windows file is an updater as opposed to a complete installer like on Mac/Linux. That may be your file validation problem if you installed and then tried to run the SP6 installer. I am also reading that AV can cause issues with the downloaded file becoming corrupted, so you may want to verify that you have temporarily disabled AV while downloading the files you need from Autodesk. see

for more details on this.

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