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ive been workin on this game for nearly 3 years by myself, decided to put together a short trailer to show whats coming up ^_^ tell me what you guys think

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dont really think people would play this, sorry man. dosnt matter how long you put into it if it isnt good. cant make a complete decision on if its realy bad or not, but based on your tralier it isnt good at all.

assets and textures look like free assets off of unity market, only looks a tad bit better than metal of honor rising sun. but you have normal map issues with the guns being see through, all of your UI graphics are stretch out for some reason. everything just looks really bad.

release a gameplay video because even if the graphics and everything youve showed suck your game might still be ok. your trailer dosnt show anything cool
thanks for the feedback, if you want to look more into it to really see if its boring or not then check this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WYLMluKJw0

ofc i should mention i started making this game when i was 14, and i made every asset ( textures, animations , models, rigs, around 90% of scripts ( due to lack of knowledge when i started ) )
now youre lying, you didnt make every model. i dont think you made any gun model or car.

it literly is a copy of just asets and shit from the unity marketplace like anon said

Hey, /3/ Poorfag here. Trying to build a computer to model on under 1000$. This is the best I've came up with
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Any suggestions?
CPU+RAM above everything
nvidia over AMD will reduce render times most likely
Thanks for the reply, will keep in mind

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I am but a traveler exploring the many lands of 4chan. /3/ Give me your best content so that I can share it with the other foreign boards in my future travels.
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Old one wont bump.
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Making some tests....

...for some quick project.

What's with the OP image of these threads? Did he even finish the project?

I need a 3d model of this exact refrigeration station for blender. As soon as possible.
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sure for a good amount of money
I can do it, but this would cost around 300 dollars without any textures.
I'm probably being way too generous even, but I don't care.
Also, I hope you have access to this thing or have more pictures, because it would be a pain to model it accurately with just this one.
Photoscan it. You can use 123d catch or VisualSFM for photogrammetry.

I do a lot of programming and I'm getting into 3D modeling and animation with vector graphics for a video game I'm creating for Uni (it's just animated scenes with what multiple choice type questions about what happens next in the game). I'm upgrading my monitor for other purposes and was wondering what is best suited for 3D animation. Should I go for a 60hz IPS display or 144hz TN display? I can't afford a 120/144hz IPS monitor.
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144Hz is more or less only really useful for gaming. I say go for the IPS one, if 3DCG is your priority.

Even for gaming, I don't know of many titles that can even put out 144 fps on any decent FPS even with the best card. It's just a meme that fps gamers fall for.
Many play older games that render in frame rates far exceeding 144hz. If you are an enthusiast playing twitch reaction games like Counter Strike a high hertz display device is a must have to stay competitive.

Also, any first person shooter that runs under ~100hz really isn't a 'decent' one.

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How would you model and UV map this kind of classic hairstyle?
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i wouldnt
you would just use a cylinderic unwrap and tile the fuck out of it
This. Use procedural materials

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How can I go about making this look good? I'm trying to model a set of fields and I've got the basic shape of the landscape the shapes of the feild sections all laid out but I need ideas on how to make it look real.

The pink, blue, and the 2 shades of green are going to be the fields and that green section at the back will be covered in dense trees.
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This is the kind of thing I'm going for.
download Clarisse

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how would i go about adding a glow to this in cycles? i've tried using emission but it removes the glass shader
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you should look up about how to use the nodes to mix shaders.
use luxrender, it makes shit like this much easier than cycles

>>513475 is right, nodes are very useful things.

Is is something like what you're going for?

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Hopefully somebody uses this program here. Sorry for the bad diagram, but I've been having an issue with making a part recently, and I'm wondering how it can be solved.

To put it simply, I'm trying to loft between three profiles to create a helmet shape. I need the third profile of the loft (the one that crosses the top of the head) to be at a right angle to the second profile (which crosses the eyeline).

The problem is that the loft between the second and third profiles creates intersecting geometry.
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Loft between the first two profiles. Creating a patch surface between the second two profiles ( i think its called filled surface in solidworks.

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why is low poly so sexy?

sharing some gifs I made.
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having fun with boxes.
almost got me

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Pic related.

I need help with this logo. Maya knowledge is required. Please help! My ID on Steam is SightUp if you are willing to help with it.
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how much are you paying
fancy floor tiling company?

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Hi, can anyone help? I'm making this fluidemitter and at some point these particles do this thing i dont know how to call it.
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It looks like it explodes?

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Hey /3/, I have a question.

Some people commission artists to draw 2D images for them. I've been thinking about commissioning a model for a shitty MOBA. Unfortunately, most googling has led me to either game resource vendors or porn.

The polygon count is fairly low, compared to the myriagon monstrocities I've seen in the catalogue. Are there resources for that kind of thing? How autistic am I?
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You want that character made? Which moba allows custom characters.
Dota2 has custom maps, they can include custom models.
League of Legends has a somewhat convoluted packing and unpacking scheme that still ends up being usable files for Maya. There are some homebrew tools like wooxy and such that I can pull myself if something were actually to be put together.

Specifically, /vg/ was thinking about making a female version of Twitch. There's some reference models in the game, which should spit out a base reference if someone were looking for it. They have rigging, animation, etc.

If you're looking for more information as to whether this is just a pipe dream of a hopeful, there's some videos on the subject.


So I'm modelling a Hybrid in Zbrush this is my second model in the software and I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with doing a African American hair style such as the afro. I have access to other programs such as Cinema 4D and 3Ds Max so if anyone could pass some tips and tricks over that would be nice.
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google would be much faster, people always come here with questions like that and will take days to get answered
I've try'd looking all I get is showreels
Not sure if it's still helpful but there's a Franklin (GTAV) model in C4D here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m3oDTMDmbVY

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