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evolutionary contradiction/10


>evolutionary contardiction
fedora swordsman/10

It's well done, but demons and fantasy creatures are start to become boring subject, if you want to depict a demon try a more original approach.

Once upon a time, different DCC applications were the standard for different types of markets that used them. For instance, Lightwave was the go to program for television CG work, because of the very fast workflow, while Max was the one people used for games most often. There was crossover, of course, but the trends were definitely visible.

I'm wondering which programs dominate which parts of the market now. I ask because I am thinking about focusing my efforts these days toward getting as good as I can with one package, rather than having so-so skills with a lot of them. I want to choose which I focus on by which sector I'll be likely to work in.

So, how about it /3/? Which DCC applications are most prominent in which fields (print work, product visualization, architectural visualization, previz, television, movies, games, etc)?

Of course, I know you have to have skills in the secondary programs that are commonly used, like ZBrush, Photoshop, and so forth. Also, please don't make this a 'ur software a shit' thread. I just wanna know what gets used for which part of the industry.
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Bumping this because it is a good question, and I don't know the answer.

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I need something done.

>inb4 this is not a request board.

I know very little about 3d modeling, but I also need an animation of the male genitalia, specifically the testes rising up into the body and lowering back down again, like what happens when the temperature changes. Preferably with a dick hanging there too. It doesn't have to be SUPER realistic, although it should very much resemble a penis, maybe something like what a diagram in a medical book would look like, but 3d. A cross sectional view of the scrotum would be cool and very much appreciated, but not necessary.

You don't have to render it, you can send the animated model to me in a .blend file (post a link in this thread) and I will render it out myself. It doesn't need to be textured either. I'm just looking for the shape of the junk to me more or less accurate.
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So go post a job on fiverr or something. Anyone that is half decent at this stuff expects to be paid.

The only ways most would do anything for free is if it's a personal project of their own, or if it's for a small charity without the money to hire someone.
Couldn't this be done very easily by using morpher targets?

Anyway, getting something done for free to you is probably not gonna happen.
You can do this quite easily in Blender using shape keys. I have a Makehuman figure with male genitalia and can control an erect member. I don't think it's wise for me to post it on a blue board (as I have warnings already and can't risk a ban as I can't change my IP )

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Hi /3/, I'm wondering what is the best way to learn character art?

Should I be focusing on box modelling or should I be focusing on zbrush?

Should I be learning 2D and traditional sculpting?

Help me /3/. The sticky has only broken links for the character section and something that was written in 2003. Enlighten me /3/, I feel like I'm in Plato's cave.
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>Should i be focusing on box modelling or should i be focusing on zbrush?

Both of them actually. Box modelling is good for some 3D models you want to createl but theres also poly by poly, wich is way better than box modelling if you want to model a car for example.

Zbrush is something really good as well. You can create organic stuff "easily". So it would be cool if you study a 3D poligonal program and zbrush.

>Should i be learning 2D and traditional sculpting?

I dont think its necessary. Because you can be really good artist in 2D, drawing, but it doesnt mean in any way you will be really good at 3D. Its something different. One thing is 2D, other thing is 3D.

Thats the way i see.
Unless your drawing skills are kindergarten-tier I'd jump straight into digital sculpting. They are complementary skills, sculpting helps understand form and vice versa a talented 2d artist can pick up a sculpting program in a few afternoons and produce AAA work.
DO worry about 2d and sculpting. They are important skills. Software comes and goes, but those fundamental skills are what will carry over.

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nga7u0p - Imgur.gif
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Looking for help, how would I go about making my own 3d rotating gifs such as this one. What programs do I need. If there are any guides available someone can point me towards thanks.
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xara 3d
Ty, got zara 3d and it seems to work, it isn't as pefect as I want it but I'm getting there thanks
somebody came here like 2 months ago asking the exact same question

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Any pre-made furry models, ( know of Krystal. ) I work pretty much only with blender. I hated Maya and 3D max, liked Lightwave but no one uses it. So I been going with Blender.

I'm able to make 3D humanoids ok for the most part anyway... But trying to make furry characters is proving more difficult than I thought. Ironically, I am trying to make a 3D still shot series, of humans and furry, as well as alien machines interacting with each other... And not sexual either... So I don't need dicks and vags thank you...

I prefer to make everything myself, but I'm getting overwhelmed... Not sure if anyone else is doing 3D like this. I am learning to draw too, without references inn any form... It however is yelding good results faster than I thought.
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plz get ebola thx :^)
>I am learning to draw too, without references inn any form...
>no references
>good results
>pick one
Please stop, I don't want /3/ to have another Alioto.

One autist that doesn't take criticism is already too many.

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How are you guys going to get better at /3/? What are your goals?
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I need to get inspired in 2016

I want to make rigs with advanced deformations, including that of bones and contracted muscles, altough I'm not sure if there's a place for that in the industry.
Make a serious attempt at a scene and submit it to 3DWorld

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hi /3/,

a /fa/ggot here.
I need a tool to make / generate 3D human bodies based on real-life measurements for digital garment construction (Clo3D, MD).
Is there a tool for this? I've been searching for days without luck.

If not, is there a way to rip / download the models generated by sites like BodyVisualizer.com?
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Human maker
But don't all of those use arbitrary sliders instead of dynamic measurements for circumference, lengths, etc?
Poser should be more accurate

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How do I precisely choose vertices when using vertex snapping in blender? I want to snap the highlighting (in orange) vertex to the vertex circled in red. They're different objects by the way.

However, when trying to snap, the outside vertices (usually the one on the bottom) are only snapping, I can't get inner vertices to snap together.
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you only choose 1 side to snap,the other is detected automatically
also you can simply bridge loops but it will cost you an extra polygon

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simbli ebik :^)
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So I'm visiting /3/ from time to time and look for autocad/pro engineer threads but haven't found any yet.
Anyone using these programs? Seems like just blender and co. is a thing
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I use SolidWorks.
For work or as a hobby?
CAD belongs here, but you'll find a lot more on /diy/.

But you won't find a whole lot of it here because this board is focused on the art aspect of 3D.
At best you'll see some guys doing archviz.

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I'm having a lot of difficulties attempting to model organic things -- animals, humans, creatures I came up with. I have no idea how to model body types other than a skinny male twink. Please post guides, tutorials, books, ect. for organic modeling. I heard that modeling a horse really helps you improve at this sort of thing, so if anyone has a tutorial for that, please post.
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Because you're not supposed to model that stuff, you're supposed to sculpt it and then just retopo over it. Topology is too much of a limiting factor when all you're trying to do is improve your skill at producing accurate forms.
a single leaf/strand shouldn't be more than 6 polygons
Horse Modelling Tutorial

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my angel
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post wireframes and viewport animation then.
Disgusting cowtits.
Small tits

Big tits

Anyone know any good Torrent trackers for Digital Artists. Looking for some decent Gnomon/D.Tutors tuts. Thanks.
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Just go to cgpeers for that family

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How would i go about tiling this?
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Keep it in one thread pls

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