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So I've used Cinema 4D since 2008 and I'm bretty good at it, but I want to move onto Blender and holy shit it's a different world.

The concepts are the same I guess but everything's in places I don't expect them to be and some things are weird from a C4D user's point of view not to mention the interface. I'm willing to change my modeling paradigm if that's what it takes.
I do low-poly stuff mostly but that's irrelevant I guess.

Can any ex-C4D user share some tips on what to put emphasis on? Are there comprehensive Blender tutorials that aren't mega-babby tier?

Just want to dive in as soon as possible. What do I need to know?

pic unrelated
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do all of those, it should be enough to get yourself comfy with the ui and controls

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I'm thinking of buying Mudbox Perpetual license before the deadline.
I'm not fully sure what will happen to Mudbox but if it does die in the coming storm will it be good to have it and not being stuck with zBrush?

To give an idea of use, i use zBrush to sculpt atm however my workflow consists of semi high detail base meshes to sculpted detail.
So i'm not creating base meshes in zBrush to give it an advantage.

Still on the fence, will buy it if /3/ decides for sure with some good pro/ con info.
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Waste of $500 imo
Mudbox is absolutely dead. It's being merged into Maya with better features. I'm not sure why you would choose Mudbox, which hasn't been updated in over 2 years, over ZBrush which is miles ahead in features at this point.

You should be learning a concepting workflow in ZBrush where you work from dynamesh and the n project the details to a retopo afterwards, to not restrict your design until it's ready to be base-meshed fully.

Use zBrush for sculpting. It really is tons better and faster for that. However, zBrush isn't anywhere near as good as Mudbox when it comes to texture painting. That doesn't matter if you use Quixel or Substance Painter or something like that, so there's where your decision should be made. Figure out which 3d painting solution you like the best, and go that route.

Seriously though, zBrush for sculpting, hands down. It doesn't matter if you start from base meshes you box model or from dynamesh. It's just far, far ahead of anything else in terms of sculpting.

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I tried using USN mapping website but it just spits out these retarded ArcGrid format files which are impossible to convert to DEM unless you BUY global energy mapper.

I tried using terrain.party by downloading a heightmap, and then taking the longitude and latitude from the readme.txt file so I could paste them into google earth and hopefully get a good texture from there.

However, these coordinates are not in longitude and latitude format, in the .txt file, they come out as 112.726083,36.340923,-112.926823,36.179227, meaning when I paste them into Google Earth, they don't work.

What do I do /3? I just want to make good looking terrain for luxrender.
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Literally the fucking first result on google.

Learn to fucking code and turn data formats into the desired inputs, or stop trying to do projects that actually require you to know shit.

Well that didn't help at all. I have heightmaps but I need texturemaps too.

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How can i buy zBrush student version without a student id?
Am i forced to get a friend with one to do it or something or are there alternatives.
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Please just don't pirate it. A shame, really that it's so easily accessible. You can go to kat.cr and search Zbrush, click "age" to bring up the latest torrents, and find 4R7 with the P3 update, but I highly recommend you don't.
Why do the software companies with a huge license cost even bother with an activation code requirement.

Maya has it right, you can get any of the versions for free if you're a student. Any other software simple gets pirated the hour after its release.

I want to lay the foundations for non problamatic work for the next few years, no need to interact with shady torrents etc.
The market has shifted, money comes from ads so viruses aren't the issue anymore it's adware/ user data collection.

Better off buying and keeping that shit offline.

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work in progress.jpg
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Hey /3/. I'm currently a senior applying for colleges to do Game Art and Animation and I plan on sending in a portfolio of my work, but my main concern is whether it would be considered inappropriate or wrong of me to send in 3D models of weapons which, sadly, is all I have. I don't really have any diversity to what I make currently and I was planning on doing more diverse stuff in college. Pic related is one of my better works of art.

I'd assume it's somewhat ok to send in such models because they'll know I'm applying for a major in basically videogames, but it just doesn't feel right simply because of the usual view on guns.
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Another piece of artwork.
Shit texturing
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T-Thanks anon.

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I'm calling this done for now, how often do you draw your models?
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storm giant king.jpg
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also r8 my latest model
Sculpt muscle fibers then bake it. Looks like shit without it
i want it to have an anti-alias handpainted look to it, i'd like to avoid sculpting and occ map

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Hi /3/
I'm starting in this whole world of 3D modeling, so I've been thinking on changing to Ubuntu, so far I know there are some good alternatives to what you use on Windows and I know Blender is the shit but are those alternatives good enough?
I want to know your opinions/experiences on that subject, would be much appreciated.
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I would recommend Xubuntu instead of using Ubuntu. XFCE has a slightly better performance in OpenGL (for the viewport), and it has no annoying things like this Amazon ads Canonical brought to Ubuntu (i don't know if they are still doing this but thy did in the past).

I use Blender on Xubuntu, and i have nothing to complain about. The only thing you should do is to install Synaptic (this package manager frontend is much better then the one Ubuntu/Xubuntu uses by default) and to install nvidia-modprobe. Both are easily installable by using the packages Xubuntu provides in the online repositories.
I assume you're using a Nvidia GPU, what i recommend too.
Many thanks, I'll be trying that what you said.
I'll be posting more doubts in the future.

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Major noob here

How can I rip the meshes from this environment exploration game? I want to be able to open the Hogsmeade environment in 3D Studio Max.

Are these even 3D models or just images?
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OP here.

Forgot to post link

its pre rendered

Thats not real time you retard.

hey guys super quick question: how do i fill single poly with color in c4d. i just need to block out some colors, like in the picture.
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>negro facial features
to be fair gambit always was the annoying maggot looking bitchface jealous shitbrain of the x-men

How would you go about recreating this sort of "style" you see mainly in ps2 era japanese horror games in game engines like Unity or Unreal?

First thing I notice very high contrast textures(very dark darks and very bright lights) . Detail and shadows mostly part of the diffuse texture. Most likely no normal maps. Some kind of color correction maybe? Pre baked lightmaps for static enviroment. What kind of shaders are mainly used?

For Resident Evil 4 it almost looks like they used some kind of matcap or some sort of rim lighting shader that makes the edges pitch black on the humanoid/player/non-static characters kind like a fresnel.

I dont really want to mimic the no-anti-aliasing part.

Why I want this? I kinda feel like some of the magic of ps2 era horror games was lost when transitioning to ps3/360 (just talking about graphics here) With the heavy reliance on mostly only diffuse textures and limited hardware/shader models you were able to create a certain eery off look that you seemingly cant create with more realistic lightning solutions. Also part of it maybe that you have more room for imagination. Thats why I think dated looking games can still spook you just as much if not even more than more recent games because it looks "off" and provides more room for imagination,

Pls correct me if I am wrong or I am missing something on the technical details.

(going to dump more pictures)
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That one there might have been early ps3/360 or something but nonetheless

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What program was used to create this ?

-pic not related*
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3dsmax, Maya, Blender, Arnold, Sony Vegas Pro, After effects, Softimage, C4D, Photoshop and a few more

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What are your thougths on 3D modeling/animation schools in general? Can they get you a job in the video game or animation industry?
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Wanna know how I know that you'll be working at McDonald's for life?
>Can they get you a job in the video game or animation industry?
Maybe you'll do short term work for no name companies - online - then you'll be back to your day job
Stay away from "for profit" ones at all costs. Go to a public uni that has a program if you want the degree, that way you can do more with it.

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I love this face - if I recall correctly I first saw it on a thread here with more of the same stuff by the author.
Can anyone help me out in finding the rest of this author's stuff and/or the edits of it?
If someone has them all saved it would be nice if they were posted here or on some image hosting album.
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Looks like shoenice
I am request video of upmost importance. It is 3d film about talking computer and other guy and advent unturned including opening up burger shop. Thanks in advance
Franklin and Beyond

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What should I major in if I want to do 3D animation?
I've been googling the past few days and all that seems to come up is kind of niche programs at CSUs or for-profit art institutes.

Is it really worth it?
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google animation school
Well my issue currently is whether or not I should even go to school for animation?

If so, then lately I've been looking into CSUs (California State Universities) such as Fullerton, or Long beach. Both said to have great programs. Would you recommend this as well? Or is an "animation school" more preferable in your opinion?
go to a specilized school like gnomon and alikes that only have teachers with industry experience

learning things in theory can only get you so far, you have to establish modern day workflows only a good industry person can give

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Could we have an objective thread about hair/fur rendering?

How does Disney achieve this level of realism and detail (pic related, upcoming Disney movie)? What software do they use?

Is it okay to fake hair/fur by using onion style texture planes to safe rendering time or is this an absolute no go now?
I find it hard to justify 5 hours of rendering with physically correct hair particle systems while the same render without any particle system fur in it would take 10minutes.
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> I find it hard to justify 5 hours of rendering

lel, a single frame in an animated feature would probably take thousands of hours to render on your home rig, disney probably writes their own software to generate fur/hair per production requirements, they're rendering with Hyperion these days i think, which is also in house

obviously the techniques you use are dependent on the application, it's "ok" to do anything you want as long as the client is happy, how is that even a real question?
I just wonder about the current climate, for example if people automatically get hair loss and diarrhea when they recognize fake fur/hair on renders instead of state of the art particle usage.
I know it's still "ok" for games but just wondering about still renders.

No they really don't. It's dependent on the application and the look you're going for. I'm guessing from your question that you're asking about making pieces for your portfolio? Make shit that's aesthetically pleasing and shows off your talents. Nobody is gonna change their opinion about whether they hire you or not if your otherwise good looking character uses poly/transparency hair unless you're applying to be a hair system specialist.

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