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floating island.png
126KB, 960x540px
Hey guys i have a rally fun project for all of y'all. Its a semi low poly island or chunk of a biome. Its good cases its relatively easy and teaches about staging with the golden ratio or thirds. Let me know what y'all think about it.
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the golden ratio / rule of thirds is some shit theory that doesnt apply to modern graphics ie realtime 3d
The Unreal Engine Kite demo is better at explaining how to design these sorts of things.

>not using algorithms to design your level for you
>using 1 point light
>no lights in house

What program does Nintendo use to do all their 3D marketing artwork? And how hard is it to learn? Thanks in advance!
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This type of 3D work. What program(s)?
I'd imagine it's a combination of a ton of different software in their workflow.

And at higher levels of the 3D industry, it ultimately comes down to whatever the pro is comfortable with. So realistically, it's really anyone's guess what specifically they use.

You'll probably want to look into the following though.

A polymodeller: 3DS Max, or Maya will do fine

And that's just to start. You'll probably want to start looking into rendering engines and shit like that later. And that doesn't even begin to cover additional shit like plugins that no doubt Nintendo uses.

Basically, its a fucking career. You're not going to learn Nintendo level skills for fun on the side.
probably softimage for modeling. that's what seems to be most common in the japanese game industry at least. it's as hard to learn as any other 3d package.
also this: >>508413

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I was modeling this fine lady when all of a sudden a huge hole appeared right on her bottom and genital (no jokes pls)

How do I fix this? It's only like this when I turn proxy smooth on. Otherwise, there's no problem with the mesh. The polygons are still there, they're just see-through for some reason. The only material on the mesh is a blinn.
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Try deleting the history.
Op here. Thanks. It worked. How do you know?

Because everything you do in maya creates a node, and the very next operation creates a node on that node.

If you don't delete history, then your mesh is a veeeery long string of nodes and if something goes wrong in only one of them, then shit hits the fan.

Deleting the history brings it back down to one node (The mesh itself).

See ya next semester, Emile.

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what material.png
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/3/, how would I make this sports shorts material in blender? I've tried using a double glossy mixed with anisotropic shader but the material is close but isn't a match.

Any ideas?
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Do you have a well lit scene? If you're just using a single lamp and World illumination you're not going to get a good result no matter how complex your material

I'd either keep playing with anistropic shader, or look at some Shaders on Blendswap
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I'm not sure the lighting is the issue
have you tried the Fresnel or Layer Weight node with those glossy nodes? Use them as the factor in a mix node.

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project tango.jpg
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>Project Tango is a Google technology platform that uses various things to detect their position relative to the world around them without using GPS or other external signals.

>This allows application developers to create user experiences that include indoor navigation, 3D mapping, measurement of physical spaces, recognition of known environments, augmented reality, and windows into virtual 3D worlds.


>lenovo and google build tango into a smartphone
>going to cost less than $500

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I'm not interested in $500 "experiences" like this. This is some weak shit.
I didn't realize you had used it
>ad hominem

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> maya 2016
>joint with IK is the child
>controller is the parent
>parent them
>move controller
>tfw joint wont move along with the controller

help please, anyone?
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forgot to mention that at first it was okay but i clicked on something then i this happened
Parent constraint them, not just actually parent them.

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If I have a 5 million poly sculpt and retopo it to a 5k poly mesh, how do I bake ambient occlusion and other bump maps?

The UVs are completely different.

What is the workflow?
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Berserk shame the guy went crazy on Idolmaster
File: 1377413181583.gif (486KB, 450x285px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how bout dis? ????

take 5 mil poly


UV it

divide it

sculpt on divide

UVs will be the same just more loop cuts

does this work?? :^))))
I'm gonna try to be actually helpful instead of shitposting for once.

So say you started in Sculptris and you made a 5million poly scuplt of your waifu's boobs. With all the little bumps on the nipples and everything. But you need to put this shit in waifu simulator2k4.exe right so you need to bake that shit for like a good 20 minutes. First thing you do is you open up your Blender and and shove that shit in there, and make it all lowpoly reopo. I'd tell you how to do it but I'm not a cromagnon so I don't use that shit. Anyway now you got your 5k waifu titties and they look like shit cause. So you unwrap it like a new sex toy from your boyfriend, normalmapped for your pleasure. Once you got it unwrapped this is where the tricky part happens.

Now you take your original 5m poly model and line it up exactly with your 5k reduced model. You save your low poly model as an OBJ and make sure that it saves the mapping coordinates that you made when unwrapping. You also save out your original highpoly again with the same settings to make sure the two objs match up. Then you pop open xnormal and follow this tutorial http://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDOC2/Ambient+Occlusion+and+Normal+map+bake+using+Xnormal

You're welcome anon. I'm high as shit.

So I've painted some weights in Maya. When I smooth the mesh it usually normalizes the weights and screws everything up. So I lock the weights and smooth, which distributes the weights properly when smoothed. But when I export the mesh, it exports the unsmoothed lowpoly version. So when I delete the non-deformer history and export, it normalizes the weights again.

How do I get the smooth mesh exported with properly distributed not-normalized weights ?

Also, Maya questions thread. Pic unrelated
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Where are you exporting the weighted mesh to and also why are you exporting the weighted mesh?
I'm expoprting the FBX to Unity
interesting. been a game dev long?

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3MB, 300x200px
First time posting so don't kill me, please.
These are just some random inquiries, really. I'm a 2D animator who uses 3D spaceship models as a base and then hand colours them frame by frame to try and attain a "hand drawn" retro anime feel.
An example:

And the technique I use:

This is totally not final, but my next pro gig is looking like it will be a 60-90 second anime rendition of stage 1 of the classic arcade game R-Type -

So basically, I'm wondering if anyone cares to either
>have a go at knocking up some really really simple 3D models that I can then use as reference and manually paint/detail for the animation.
>one in a million chance, but does anyone know of any R-Type 3D models already out there? Specifically pic related end boss?

I can model really basic shit myself, but the tricky part here is lack of reference material. Luckily there are loads of model kits and whatnot of the main player ship (the "R-9 Arrowhead") to go off, but as for the "enemies," there's just these sprites to go by (partway down the page starting at the red enemy spaceship):

So, the missile launching mech for instance... it's a side view only, so how wide is it? What does it look like from the top? We just don't know.
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>I'm in a hurry right now, will check those links later.
You know, Dobkeratops (red thing on left) is like the trademark boss of the series. R-Type Delta, Final and the PSP games have it in 3D. IDK about ripping it from them, but all the games are emulatable, so you can play them and try to do it yourself. Final and PSP have a model "viewer" option too.
I have some pics of R-90 (from the Third Lightning) for paper-craft and dedicated R-Type pic folder, but it's mostly all ship related, if anyones cares.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (552KB, 2546x1332px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
552KB, 2546x1332px
Cheers! That would be much appreciated. Though I might not even be doing this so it's not worth going crazy (I need to wait for word from my project lead).
Incidentally, be dazzled by my 3D skills. That's one ship down.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (792KB, 2513x1380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
792KB, 2513x1380px
Some youtube tutorials later and I can do really basic teeth/nurbs stuff.
Two down.

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So a total 3D newbie here, I'm trying to use Blender to modify a model I wanted to use for my Unity game.

But whenever I try to use the camera fucks up and I get dizzy, like to the point of near puking.

Are there any other programs with better camera and control setup?
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change the input controls

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I love /3/ and this community. I just started lurking recently but seems not a lot of y'all are active most of the time, so my questions is: Are there more places like this in the internet you guys also frequent.
pic unrelated.
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Polycount is the only other 3d places.

All 3d forums seem to be dead.

What should be a good programm for human modeling apart from maya?
random pic
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ZBrush should be your companion to Maya or any 3D modeling software, when it comes to organic modeling.

Can confirm, am former Mudbox user. Since the very sad (and short) list of new features for Mudbox 2016, I walked away and jumped on the Zbrush train.

It's miles ahead. Warning tough, the interface is aids condensate. Their whole "2.5d" concept as well for that matter.
thanks il try it right away

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This is the teaser image for the new berserk anime.
What would you rate the quality of 3D here?
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Theres no 3D in that picture
Everything in that picture is 3D.

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pixar-wide (1).jpg
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Hi guys. This is my last semester as a BFA at Calarts. Now i kind of fucked up. I ended up in the film/video department rather than the character animation dept. It wasnt a waste of time, and pixar still hires film majors (not just animation majors) but heres the deal - there is no basic maya classes at this time. I am planning on taking a zbrush/maya character creation class, a maya rigging class, and cinema 4d. My roomate upstairs says that in my case, cinema 4d would be redundant and not really help me get to pixar or learn maya. What do you guys think? Is it worth taking in liue of a maya class? Do you think I will learn enough through the rigging and character creation class?
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Film major? You know that you dont need to go to school for that, right? Quentin Tarantino worked at a video store only, and even that wouldnt be neccessary now with the digital age.

You fucked up, and pixar hiring you is probably as likely as pigs flying
Yeah, the thing is I already went... so.
still he can work at other things aside from animated cartoons, it def helps when applicating

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Hi all, first time poster. Was redirected here from /g/

I am trying to print a 3D model. Working in Blender for the first time. I have a shape that i want to print (pic related, it is hyperbolic paraboloid).

I need help. I got this model from Thingverse and it has shitload of faces and edges, really hard to work on. Would like to build a same model myself from a cube but do not know how to do it. What i need to do is to put a point in the middle of the edge of cube and then extrude it, but do it so the end is not sharp but round (extruded shape would not be a triangle but arc). How can i do this?

Probably not even worth creating a thread for such a silly question
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File: Capture.png (20KB, 587x414px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sorry wrong pic.
I'm not experienced in either of these, but here's my thoughts: NURBS might help you on the modelling side, but eventually the 3D printing software will probably convert it to a mesh of polygons anyway.
anyone know how to make shape in this pic? should be quite easy?

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