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Anyone know of a good free Raven Teen Titans 3D model?

Like this one but available to download. https://sketchfab.com/models/c07fde19ce594baeb501c33abfe21207
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you doing porn?

Hi guys, can somebody model this cross in 3d file like STL? only if it isn't too hard :)
It's shaped like pic from both sides.
Maybe 5cm x 3cm.
It's from the anime to aru majutsu no index.
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Yeah I'm on it now for ya OP, keep checking this thread.
Thanks man, wanted this since a while ago.
I'm not >>508089
But, since he hasn't yet... here ya go.

Hey /3/, I'm somewhat new to all of this, and need a little guidance. I aspire to make low-poly models, like the one seen in the image, for mobile games and the like.

My main question is why are the tracks divided into tris like that, rather than using 3 polys? I just found it odd, because it seems like it's just a flat surface, so why not make it simpler and use rectangles instead? Is there any sort of benefit to either?

Othwr than that, let's have a low-poly thread.
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File: tf2_soldier01.jpg (159KB, 1036x696px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Will dump a couple more
File: tf2_engineer01.jpg (162KB, 1012x717px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you'll never be able to make this realistic 3d models
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thank god for that
coz it looks like cum

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Blender and photoshop tutorials please
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You forgot to type

>pic related

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Maya 2.jpg
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When I click on render view, all the polygon shows up black even when I have lights setup, render pass etc, how do I fix this?
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Maya 1.jpg
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This is the viewport
maybe its your normals homie, but ive only been doing this for 3 days so i dont know shit
What lights did you use?

hi i'm in need of a name of the white parts on the bubbles

they are like glows or reflections but i dont know the correct word

thanks alot
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specifically, specular reflection.
>mfw when Americans call bubblywhiteys "specular reflections"

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Just imagine, someone somewhere sat down and thought real deeply about how to go about doing this. And then managed to actually convince someone to try it out, as a 'proof of concept' type deal.

And now days they're able to show this to people, and actually have them pay money to perform this act upon them.
Transsexuals should get together and start a foundation to fund time travel research, because it's clear from watching this that anyone in the market for a new set of genitals are born about 500 years to early.
Yeah just watching this I was like... how the fuck did anyone ever come up with this? Let alone have the ability to even manipulate skin like that.

Hi all,

How can I get these rings on the top of the table repeating around itself from center like the reference photo's table has? Rings should be one size.

This model is my sketch and I attempt to archive structure of tables from the reference photo.
I've made this base model with help of duplifaces (the orange circle )
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can you extrude a spline/shape into a mesh in Blender? if so, just create a spline circle, duplicate/ scale as desired, and extrude them all.
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blender thing.png
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Is this what you want to do?

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where should someone start when it comes to 3DCG in the context of improving their skills for game assets?

3dsmax,maya, or zbrush? most employers i see say exp in max is a must, but if i'm just learning right now should i do it?
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take a class, watch tutorials. where you start depends on what you want to end up doing

Do you want to make characters and/or organic stuff mostly? Get ZBrush.

Do you want to make non-organic things mostly? Download both 3dsMax and Maya and try em both, then take whichever feels better to you.
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is it basically impossible to choose both being a character model and a set modeller?

if so, i want to make characters in ebmossed armor and overly layered frills, but the thing is i also want to make props for them, like a pendant or hairpin that would have sharp shapes in it. do i have to focus on one or the other to really get anywhere that's considered "worth hiring/commissioning"?

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Hi there,
How should I render a scene with Archicad? With Artlantis or export do 3DS and do it with VRay? Thx
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You're the artist, you choose.

Im a beginner hobbyist and want to eventually make my own portraits and character art. How good at traditional drawing do i have to be to make things of this quality? How good at 2d must one be to make quality texture maps?
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Just a little better than picasso
very good

watch zbrush summit, they have some concept artists there

You'll get better the more you do it. Just keep working at it.

So I set my material to glass in blender, rendered it, and it turned out like this. Why?
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nice fingerprints

Please, try again.
I appreciate a good false flag as much as the next poster (which is to say, not at all) but this is going a little too far.

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You know how the Millenium Falcon has all these pipes, gadgets and gizmos, and box-like extrudes and plates on its surface?

I wanna do that for my own spaceship in Blender. How should I do that? I've modeled pipes, plates and other junk, how do I add it to my spaceship. I'm thinking a partical system.
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Form follows function. Never add crap just to add it, that you don't even understand.

Read the sticky.
the keyword you're looking for is "greebles"
>Form follows function. Never add crap just to add it, that you don't even understand.

How ironic given that the falcon is covered in kit-bashed greebles. The basic idea of which is to keep adding random crap until it fills a surface.
There is no function for form to follow, because the ship can't really fly.

Op, read up on kit bashing and then create your own custom assortment of greeble meshes used for detailing such surfaces.

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excuse me captain.png
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Anyone else have the problem of spending alot of time on personal projects but on work you'll pump that shit out in a night and it looks perfect?
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You should value yourself more.
be a man and post your folio.
implying you have a 3d job lmao senpai

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