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This is a 3 hour zbrush sculpt i wanna do the process till the end, retop, uvs panting normal mas etc.
any of you guys has experience in zbrush to?
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A golf game female model i seee
>3 hours
looks more like 3 minutes.
Don't do this.

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Need some reference pictures for making a 3D animation
I need to make a diamond shaped weapon and one of the tips has to open up, similar to this
Anyone can come up with pictures or videos matching what I said? That video isn't enough for me and I need more references.
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Have you played endless space 2?

what is /3/ verdict on renderman?

is it a meme? is it fast? are there alot of features?
is it competitive? (against redshift/corona).
hows the shadow/light system? any good shaders?
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It used to be good in the 90s to render toy story but now you should use Cycles
i dont think they used renderman on that
I don't think it makes any sense to shill for free products that aren't even good.

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People say to put all the details from my high poly mesh into a normal/displacement map and then put it into the lower poly version, but will that make the details that are put into those maps deform correctly during animation? I don't think so
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Why not? They both work in relation to the local normal of the surface, so if your UVs are good, they'll deform well also.
If you're talking about high-end stuff like making a brow furrow or skin folds collect, you basically sculpt & bake multiple normal maps and then blend between them - basically morph targets for normal maps. Then you just wire the blend state to the relevant animation. Various AAA games do this, notably the Uncharted series.
>local normal
stopped reading there
tangent space? normals arent always aligned to the surface afaik.

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That's L3WD.png
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In order to allow for artistic critic in line with /ic/ and to keep a professional face for /3/ and to keep /3/ from taking over threads on /aco/ nudes will be allowed on /3/ but it must be "spoilered".

Let's see your 250x250 SFW nudity spoiler for /3/.
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>nudes will be allowed on /3/ but it must be "spoilered".
Says who? Post a source citing official rules or a post from hiroshimoot
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Is there a discord where I can discuss and get critique for my work and help with programs?
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I believe /3/ has one, hang around long enough and you might see the link posted.
Or dig through the archives and find it that way.
You can also always go to >>>/vg/agdg and pretend they aren't autistic.
Their discord is better than the thread itself for feedback.
Be aware they are video game development though, so they don't really cover as much as a t/3/apot.
>I believe /3/ has one, hang around long enough and you might see the link posted.
just post the fucking link you retarded sack of shits
Confas are cancer.

I'll enter a 3D school next year and since my girlfriend is japanese I'd like to know how's the average salary back there, not game related.

Some random dude told me I'd get dry ass raped with a salary divided by 2 compared to europe.
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Depends which side of Europe you're on. Western fruits or Eastern brutes. One pays much better than the other. You can guess which one is worse than Japan.
That guy I talked about told me it's around 2k in Japan but have I no idea if it's true. I love 3D that's not the issue but if I get paid 2k in Japan might aswell stay comfy here in western europe.
I'm fluent in japanese so I can work in a fully japanese environment.

how can people make outdoor renders with 0 noise? correct me if im wrong but the more lights you have the more bounces = more noise. also the grass + people + cars is heavy on the system and takes a while to render

some guy here claimed its pre-rendered GI, is there a way to do it? how can people render environment at such high resolution with 0 noise?
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>what is sampling
>what is rendering in general
jesus fucking christ.. Google some stuff man, nobody here will waste 2hours writing all the basics you need to know
They don't use Cycles. It's as simple as that.
i know they invest tons of horsepower on these renders but something seems off to me.

its like they make the light calculations before it even starts to sample. like not using raytrace but more of like approximation

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Is it okay if I post a link to my reel here? I just want to be judged, kicked in the teeth, whatever.

I've been unemployed for 4 months. I previously worked at a startup which recently downsized for about a year and a half. I've gotten like five interviews, but I don't end up hired. I need to know if I should just stop applying and git gud for awhile.

I feel like I'm at a cross roads, I'm very much a generalist and I don't know if I should start specializing. I mostly like character rigging and animation, I've learned enough python coding for Maya that I wrote my own human character rigging script, but I don't know if that's really reel material. Mostly I just want any paying job in CG/Motion Graphics.

I think I need to move to New York, but it seems like "motion graphics" are really whats in demand there. What is also tied up in NY is that my gf just got a job there, so it seems like get up to Ny or basically lose her. Do I need to learn more particle type stuff? Do I need to learn C4D? Do I need to make a bunch of typography type of shit?

I feel that my work is just mediocre and I don't know what direction to go in. I would be interested in working on games, the Studio that makes XCOM is literally 30 minutes from me. At this point I'm either giving up on the industry or getting some other job for now while I git gud.

I feel like I need to just over haul myself or something.

I would like to be a sort of generalist, but I have no idea how to even build a portfolio for that. As an "junior 3D artist" I was basically doing everything at my studio, even directing other freelancers and figuring out pipelines for work our studio had never done before.

When I try and put it on a resume it sound like I'm bullshitting, but that's really what they had me do.

Each failed interview is chipping away at my self esteem and it's getting harder to stay motivated. I thought it would be easier after my first job, but I feel like I'm starting from the bottom again.
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>Is it okay if I post a link to my reel here?
My guess is you can't get a job because you're too beta to post your reel on 4chan without asking for prior permission.
Jesus Christ.
i don't know much about motion graphics, but i do alot of 3D (and read/watch stuff about 3d every day)

maybe you can post your reel and i can shed some light or share some advice.

>I would like to be a sort of generalist
don't do it, bad idea. generalists do more work for less pay
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0Rjf2sLcSrc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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>"3D modelers" have to create a whole model many times from shitty (or lack of) reference while having it require good topology it not looking shit etc. etc.
>Animators literally move it like a fucking puppet
>ged paid more
>VFX """"artist""" create some shit like water simulation or smoke
>Get also paid more

What is this fucking gay industry
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Animation is tedious and in a big way derivative of the model you work with. So less fun, less people flock to it, pays more.

There's a lot less vfx artist positions than other ones as far as i can tell, so there's a premium in good performance.
>There's a lot less vfx artist positions than other ones as far as i can tell
Doesn't make sense seeing as every fucking film uses CGI or any sort of VFX nowdays

You see more pants than cars too, does that necessarily mean more workhours go into pants production?

If a company makes products (3D animation) that include both work the modeling takes up a lot more wh. If its just live action movies with special effects added in they have large budgets and employ relatively small studios for special effects, so those fuckers might as well be good, since whole movie hinges on the effects not being crap and knocking you out of the immersion - premium for performance.

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