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>tfw installed houdini

What in the flying fuck are all this .exe
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I guess those are command line utilities meant for batch processing stuff. But those may be viruses. Better delete your windows folder to be sure.
This question is easily answered by searching the name of each .exe in the docs. Do yourself a favor anon, uninstall Houdini and run back to whatever piece of shit software you came from.

So my problem with blender on my laptop is that it's set to zoom with two fingers and I don't want that, I want to zoom by pinching. Please help and thank you.
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prteferences in blender and get you fucking Bluetooth mouse
I don't want to use a mouse though, I want to use the trackpad.
I don't know which settings in preferences I need to edit though.
i don't think anyone adapted blender to this input because it would be a stupid idea to begin with

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Maya 2015.png
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What is the most stable version of maya? I'm thinking about getting the 2015 version for learning.
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what would a new version not be stable?

are they not testing their releases?
It generally isn't

I've just discovered something disconcerting.
America has really bad topology.
Look for exaple at the places I've circled in red. Those are potential T-Junctions which could cause all sorts of artifacts when rendering.
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>literally all n-gons
>nitpicking t-junctions

that's the least of your worries anon.
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I'm going to leave this here because I don't know where else to put it. It's a work in progress. Sorry for the texture coordiantes. I'll fix them eventually.
File: test2.jpg (69KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And this is the other side of the same corridor.

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Hi guys, so i am a beginner, i am doing my first model but i have a problem, so i have the whole body except for the hand and feet and head, problem is i don't have a clue how to connect my ""hand"" (cube) to my arm, my arm has an 8 edge opening for the hand but i realized i will have way more edges in my hand because it has to have 4 fingers connected. So what to do. Pic related, Cube has 8 edges so he can be connected problem is i don't have any edges to connect the fingers
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File: edge flow example.png (87KB, 1845x678px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
edge flow example.png
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This is fairly trivial once you learn how to reflow edge loops. At first you should probably start like in pic related, with the split happening at wrist, but you should eventually figure out a way to integrate it more organically into the shape of your hand and multiply loops as they get to the extremities, because you generally want the density of edges over the mesh surface to be fairly even, otherwise it'll be quit jarring when the poly density suddenly doubles from the forearm to the hand. Of course you don't want your splits to be as rigid as my example either, I just have them spaced like that for clarity.
File: 4 to 6 split.png (34KB, 945x830px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 to 6 split.png
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Here's another type of split that might be useful to save loops on fingers, you basically get two free loops per finger this way.
U a magician, thanks

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Where can I get a 3d Model of the pathe rotterdam in Rotherdam. Or good references like blueprints :(
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In my country public buildings have to post a floor plan with escape routes. I suspect it's the same there too. Try looking around in there and shoot some pics of it.
Or use photogrametry.
Or steal the piece of paper

The deceleration of independence?

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Whats the best 3D software for VFX? You know for shit like explosions,dust,liquid simulations, meshes deformation (car crashes etc.) etc. etc.

I heard Cinema 4D is fucking amazing with physics and animation but i also heard everyone uses Maya in the industry, so which is it? I k now that probably the best is Houdini but to learn that thing is like learning fucking chinese solo.
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>best 3D software for VFX?
blender because free = better.
end of story.
Anon every Software is free if you want it to be free
3ds have lots of vfx plugins

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Could someone please tell my why the fuck the feet of my ayy lmao comes out so curved when a guy who did exactly the same way with the zspheres got a straight feet?
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just move that area down bro
Oh my fucking god i am fucking retarded, delete this thread.

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Wtf retopology in Mudbox is that easy? That fucking video made me want to learn it instead of Zbrush, how is the situation with Mudshit in 2017 compared to Zbrush?
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just use zremesher guides and do the same thing?
Not that guy but he probably didnt know it exists since Zbrush was made by fucking retards who cant design a decent UI in like 10 years to save their lifes
ZBrush really is a stupid piece of shit in that regard. Arrimus uploaded a video recently showing how to retopo boolean shapes from Max, and the Zremesher is literally a small button and a few sliders somewhere halfway down a highway list of options. I actually had to fullscreen the video and turn up the resolution to see what he was clicking on.

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>tfw want to pirate Nuke 10

I am scared lads, will they kidnap and execute me if i live in a third world shithole? I just want to learn that shit without using the shitty free version
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I've been told to put it on a computer, disable all in and out connections on firewall, and never ever connect the computer to the internet, ever ever forever ever. I'm scared too OP. How are we supposed to git good in buttfuck prison?
We can pound eachother if we end up in the same prison
Were you born yesterday? Did you immigrate to your country a week ago? Don't you know the laws and how much they care for pirating?

I'm yuropoor, and pretty much nobody cares as long as it is for personal use. Even our prime minister admitted he is pirating shit.

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>There are people who use bump maps instead of displacement maps
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care to tell the difference?

shadow trick vs real geometry displacement.

displacement maps are always better, in every situation (bar possibly small grain detail) but the render times get hench.
And what's up with that if you only need small height detail and you, understandably, fucking hate dealing with displacement? Just sacrificing render times and reaching straight for displacement to add detail before exploring more efficient, universal methods is bushleague.

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I installed Redshift for Maya but now i got Houdini and i'd like Redshift for it too, can i somehow add it to Houdini without reinstalling everything?
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use Blender and cycles


Shut the fuck up

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>Be me
>Poor as shit
>Pirate Maya
>Plan on making games and models for people
>Learn for about 3 months
>Hear that apparently someone can look at the metadata of my files and see that I didnt really buy it
>Delete Maya immediately

Should I keep learning Maya even though I can't do shit with it or should I just go to Blender? Also, can someone really look at the metadata and find that information out?
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That's bullshit. Only the guy sitting at autodesk hq with a list of licenses is going to be able to look at your giant dildos metadata and see that it was made with an illigitimate copy.

He's not going to check.
>pirating inferior software
you got what you deserved.
It's weird right? The things that we put off and make excuses for. One little road bump and you're ready to throw in the towel. Plenty of people pirate, get away with it, and produce great things.

You're really going to let a simple hang up stop you?

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That is supposed to be baked ambient occlusion. Next you're going to tell me that it is MY fault because I've got "bad topology" or some bullshit like that. Gave me no warnings and no errors, but it gave me that. What an absolute piece of satanic shit Blender is.
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I tried to do my best to model the weird piece of shit you're working on and baked that ao in 15 minutes total. Not only are your uvs fucked, you're so bad I dont even know how you managed to do half the things wrong with your garbage.
I could have given you the model. And i don't doubt that it's somehow possible to make it work. But let me ask you this: how many years of Blender experience did you need to do that in 15 minutes?
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im not doing your work for youuuuu

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firstly im not in 3d so i dont know the amount of time and effort that would go into making something that is 15 minutes long much less 1hr.
The shows im thinking are like knights of sidonia or ajin on netflix.
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I think about starting to learn animation everyday, then when I try I get stuck on learning frames and quit.
If you think about it everyday you havn't really quit mate. Do some more work anon.
Ajin style animation would probably be a bit quicker due to the low contrast and extremely bright colors (the white creates pretty much a fog around it) that would allow some room for quick, scratchy models. The animation and effects aren't anything too complicated or so it would seem.

If some ONE wanted to make something like that, a single episode would probably take ~2 months if you went at it full time (creating the models, texturing them, animation of bodies and lip sync, lighting) Longer if you wanted to have the sounds, voices, etc thrown in there for an actually completed project.

That's my best guess as a senior animation student. There are definitely some more knowledgeable peeps on here than me but I figured I'd give input since I'd seen the show.

what >>575126 said
Start with the basics like a ball bouncing.

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