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>pic unrelated

I'm looking for a career change. I'm a cinematographer. Award winning, better than many. But I am anti-social as fuck. I can't network to save my life, literally.

I was looking at 3D animation for a while. I've noticed 3D animation jobs tend to have clients come to you, rather than the other way around. I also wanted to do something design oriented. As a result, I was thinking about doing jewelry design. I used to do this a while ago for fun as prop preparations. I figured if I learned how to do that, get a 3D printer for wax molding, and hired out someone to make it, I could make a better living.

Does this sound plausible?

What software would you recommend for this? I'm new to 3D animation other than a little bit of C4D. I found "Matrix" but am not sure if that is some kind of plug-in for CAD or what.

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If you want to see if you like jewellery start by making wax then attach a feeder and cup then make a plaster cylinder around that and you can pour liquid silver in that. Then just melt it and start another one to save money. Way cheaper than any other way to do it. Can even make your own centrifuge if you want
>I'm a cinematographer. Award winning, better than many.
for jewelry design, a lot of people use Rhinoceros, rhinoceros+zbrush, or rhinogold

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Heya, /3/.

I've been an on-again-off-again user in the 3d world, dating way back to 3ds max 6. By no means am I any good. I've just been messing with modeling for years with no real commitment, which has slowly been changing this year. I recently stumbled across Modo, but since I'm not really part of any 3d communities, I'm curious what the general take on Modo is. I saw some pretty neat stuff with it, but people have been making miracles with even the crummiest of software and making it look easy.

Any users out there? What do you think? Would you consider the workflow for hard surface modeling any better than Max for someone who hasn't really put in tons of effort thus far into Max and as such has some leeway to move to a different software package?
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its only good if heavily modded with scripts.

My advice : use zmodeller until a good VR modeller comes out.
it's good

>Would you consider the workflow for hard surface modeling any better than Max


it takes longer to git gud though

I use max and Modo

If you don't heavily use the stack in max its fine to switch to.

It doesn't have splines really and I think the material editor in max is better. The next edition is going to be game focused and should bring a lot of improvements.

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What's the big deal about Mari?
How useful is it for PBR texturing game assets?
What's the major differences between it and Substance Painter?
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mari used to be good, then the updates turned it into noodle tier.

substance is low tier.

photoshop is the real shit, god tier
I went from Photoshop to substance designer.
Texturing in photoshop feels archaic in comparison.
>Not being able to see what you're working on as you make chamges across the albedo, metallic, roughness, normal, and emissive maps.

But Mari is
>Industry standard
And was expensive as hell for years.
Can I use Mari to texture game props, characters etc?

It's not good for pbr yet. Painting channels is super convoluted.

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Im, working on this Lowpoly schoolgirl what do you guys think?
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use alpha sheets for hair
fix the face
use flat shading
It looks like shit, anon.
face and hair looks bad, the rest looks mediocre but not bad

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I would love to know why this is happening.

So first came to my attention when I tried to make a very basic road texture in coreldraw. A black rectangle with two white lines on either end and two yellow lines in the middle.
I exported all as a jpeg then tried to map it in 3ds max and for some reason only the yellow was showing up. I played with the UVs and it just seemed like for some reason the black and white were not appearing on the 3ds max diffuse.

Confused, I made a random jpeg with a bunch of colours and again seems like only the blacks/greys/whites dont appear in the 3ds max view or render.

I know this is probably a real simple solution thing but its bugging me and I'm new.
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File: Road Diffuse.jpg (48KB, 1024x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Road Diffuse.jpg
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here is the original road i tried to use in 3ds max, but only the yellow lines would appear
Look up unwrapping tutorials.
In the picture you going to have to rotate the uvs or scale them down on the x axis. I don't what you are talking about in regards to the road though

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Anyone know how the heck to make this old copy of MacOS Bryce3D 1.0.1 render larger than the screen resolution?

There seems to be some sort of ratio selection for larger pixel resolutions, but the program will not let me select them.
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3MB, 2560x1440px
Nevermind, I figured it out. You have to go to the preferences section and click on "expert mode." This unlocks the larger rendering sizes.

Only problem is that I cannot get it to export 3840 x 2160 successfully as it hangs in an infinite loop when I export the .pict file.

2560 x 1440 works though, derp.
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at first i thought u were talking shit about my name, but then I googled Bryce 3D.


I was peeking at the WoW models when I realized that, literally, all of them, are made out of triangles. I haven't even spotted a single quadrilateral, not at single one, only triangles.

Is there any specific reason for this? I thought quadrilateral were master race and triangles should be avoided at all cost.

pic related, its an harpy
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preety simple, try to subdivide that model.
Tris and quads are both correct, but for diferent purposes
> being this fucking retarded

Did you ever export anything ever into any fileformat op?
You're a fucking idiot.
it deforms like hell when I subdivide it

uv mapping problem here. i created a model that i intend to use in a game engine. it's a pretty complicated object. when i unwrapped it i ednded up with pic related. many of those islands could easily overlap. is there a way that i could automatically snap whole islands together in a non messy way? how do you even clean a layout like that, with lots of islands?

i'm using blnder. maybe there are some addons that could help me handle complicated uvs?
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>He used blender
show the model

also when unwrapping a big model never unwrap everything at once
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>show the model
pic related. i got it separated into a couple of objects. exterior, interior and furnishing are different objects

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Box modelling vs Vertex modelling for low poly anime waifus?

Which one and why.

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Whats the difference ?
mostly in terms of the workflow.
also, there's a chance you may end up with very fucked up topologies and a lot of unnecesary detail and extra vertexes if you do vertex modelling for low poly shit.

meanwhile if you try to do box modelling, you will end up with a cleaner topology and using only what is needed.

Theferore box modelling is the correct approach for low poly models.

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Is Poser still a thing? Is there any good alternatives for it beside DAZ?
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its like asking 'is porn still a thing ?'
Okay, I know teenagers who are spaming sadpanda with shit tier cgi porn use it, but should someone who generaly makes scenery and environment modeling but still likes to make the livelier with costumized human models use it, change it to daz, or is it some better alternatives which doesn't require pirating teh thousan add-on and model to actually being usable?

How is this a question?

If you can't model for shit and still need make sceneries for whatever reason you use Poser and if you don't even have money, Daz. Wasn't that fucking hard, was it?

I guess there's also stuff like iPose or whatever that shit is called and of course the SFM if you want to make shitty MLP 3D or Heavy vs. Scout porn.

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>tfw waiting a few extra months for my new rig paid off

Get fucked, Titan-fags

But seriously, what you got planned for your new rig this year?
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I bought a $500 video card once. I felt really dumb when I got it desu. A few years later it was so worthless I just threw it away.

Why did I buy this crappy 970. Getting a 1070 and 2tb ssd by the end of the year.
>A few years later it was so worthless I just threw it away.
That's any technology.
Based on this logic you shouldn't be buying a SSD ever because the prices are coming down like the Hindenburg all the time

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how much money can I make of making a low poly animu original OVA?
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As much money as you can make making a low poly animu original OVA.
Well, no one is going to invest in you're unknown and have no track record. So let's scratch that possibility.

Your only other option at that point is ad revenue, most likely from having your video youtube.

If you're using simple shaders etc, you won't have to worry about a render farm assuming the PC you are using isn't complete shit. Otherwise you'll have to pay for that.

You'll also have to pay for any software licenses since you using them commercially. So either work with free programs or factor that into your cost.

You'll need someone to compose music for you.
You'll need a foley artist.
You'll need voice actors.

Granted you COULD do all these things yourself, but you'll need the equipment to do so, otherwise your work will look/sound like shit & will never go viral in any shape or form.

And you pretty much NEED to have your video go viral, because otherwise there is no way an unknown youtube channel is going to make any money at all.

Then you have to factor in time, and wether or not making this will help you in the future. If you spend 6 months making something presentable, could you have been using your time in another way?

Minimum wage is $10/hr where I live. Estimate how many hours you'll spend making this + the cost of everything involved & then ask yourself if you honestly think you'll make that cash back in ad revenue.

Not saying don't do it, but I wouldn't expect to make anything off it realistically.
You mean like RWBY? It all boils down to how appealing your Chinese cartoon girls are. This is the law of all anime.

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Can someone help me to solve this error?

I already put near 200 track points on the video and don't know why still it gives me this error.
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reading comprehension/10
I know it needs 8 track points between frames, but I already put over 200 around the video.

still can't find which frames are the ones that have less than 8.
press a on markers window press track reconstruct solve camera

Where the hell can I find motion captures(BVH) of sexual acts? It doesn't need to be free.

The only thing I can find are stripper dances. I'm talking about actual fucking.
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If you want I can fuck your mom and we'll mocap it.
File: BWAHAHAHAHA.png (10KB, 231x218px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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BWAHAHAHAHA, good luck with that.
Illusion software has recently released another sexy beach with motion capture data... of the girls WALKING AROUND, the fucking were all hand animated, as always.
Or either you get your girlfriend getting up in the ass on mocap, or you´ll have to keyframe the whole thing by hand. I know i´ll have to do it on my upcoming hentai game.
> ur mum
jesus christ this guy is everywhere

I just finished this for a dude called Trevor Something, let me know what you think!

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I hope he didnt pay for that
Oh cool, I've actually heard some of his music before. Retrowave ftw.

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