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Eye Cancer.png
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In the tutorial video, he moves the vertices as on the left. When I try on the right, I get these overlapping faces behind the ear. What am I doing wrong?
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I wouldn't have a clue about blender but it's probaly to do with your selecting the other side.

Can you turn on backface culling?
It's a mirrored cube, so there isn't another side.

I tried turning on backface culling like you suggested, but it didn't seem to have an effect.
You're creating a non manifold quad. it looks exactly how it should look. it's showing you the fold through the quad. Just ignore it for now; i'm sure the tut goes through some clean up to fix that quad.

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What is the best technique?
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the one that uses vulkan and runs at 600fps

Texturing still looks like shit, time consuming and annoying. The future is hair drawn with splines rendered on a gpu.
>The future is hair drawn with splines rendered on a gpu.

Is the future now though?

I took a few classes over this program in high school, and I really enjoyed them.

But is the program even good for anything?
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Its good for inventing
It's great for industrial design, mechanical engineering, and everything else that requires super precise tools and generate data analysis. If you're building a turbine or an engine, Inventor it has the tools to calculate everything you need to manufacture such objects. Its a bit overkill to use it for simple objects unless your approach is to build something you can then patent.
best user interface in a cad as far as i know.
had catia - was okay, hat proE/creo - was a user interface desaster.
inventor is also best bang for the buck, as far as i know, but the new licensing is really shit - i wanna own the tools i use and not rent them, to loos the abillity to open my own files, when i dont pay the rent...
renting software is shit. plain and simple.

inventor has its limits on larger assemblies - catia and proE/Creo handle complex geometry faster and they have more features and functions, if you really pay hard...

inventor has a very easy to use api, which makes it very customizable. and there is a very good community, very open and accessable - almost no subscribers only shit...

design engineer and cad-admin here...

Newfag to /3/, wont be long, sorry.

I like to paint, but I am shit at drawing. I would like to find a program that most easily lets me set up scenes I can screencap and trace onto a canvas, simple like al la pic related for example.

I dont need all the bells and whistles of the high tier programs. Really I just want a pose-able human reference, and the ability to place simple blocks/walls near it, so i can know how to draw my perspectives properly.

things im looking for
-good freeflying camera (with zoom and ability to change FOV angle).
-has default human models
-easy to place and pose simple 3d props and actors

Sorry for taking time on your board, I'll be thankful for any help I receive.

>I read the sticky but all those seemed to be for serious 3d modelers. I just want low poly poses.
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you'll never draw perspective properly while looking at a 2d source image
Use a scultping program like Zbrush or Mudbox.
Im certain both come with a default human model but not rigged (poseable)
Its good for beginners too since you dont need to worry about topology
I could literally trace this image(for example) and get the perspective right. If i recreated it in 3d, I could take a screencap from any perspective and still get it right. I paint alright, im just no good at the other stuff, so I have trouble translating my ideas to the canvas.

thank you, will look at those.

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Hey anons, i do know how to do some modeling, but i've got no clue how to create something as the image...

That edge flow... what you guys would suggest ?? Poly by poly? Box Modeling? Some Script?
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model part by part and mirror it
NURB extrusions with the function that allows you to specify multiple profiles along the length,

can't remember the name
This video might help.

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So, a friend of mine claims that Booleans in fusion 360 cannot be broken, contrary to other software. Can you guys prove or disprove it? Please post results.
Overall Fusion 360 discussion.
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Ask your friend or try it yourself. But I'd think any solid modeling CAD program will have this down.

This is the latest meme program we all have to learn. Tbh boolleans are less important now with automatic retopology. I was using mesh fusion for a while until I said couldn't I just do this with dynamesh.

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Can someone draw the edge and supporting loops on this Corinthian capital, and also help identify the shapes of the leaves?
The picture is bad quality and blurred (I ll post also a sharpened version with high passes and soft light multipliers in the next post), but my camera is not that good, and my lights could not reach effectively the height of the capital.

I plan to make it in 3dsmax and add leaves' details in zbrush and extract normal maps for them.

Any tip/help/suggestion appreciated.
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and here's the sharpened
any tips guys?
Yo homie! Slept in history of art lessons?

Looks like "corinthian order" and for that they used acanthus

Where the fuck can i get a good topo base meshes for sculpting?
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The trouble with base meshes is they always end up looking like the creator made them. I mean look at this fuckboi I made with zbros head basemesh.
MakeHuman is alright.

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does anyone know where i can find free to use house floorplans for 3d modeling?
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up ur ass
google images
the one you just posted

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can you guys give a list of zbrush sculpts goals from extreme basic up until anime waifus?

I'm trying to make a waifu but I suck.
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Do what I did. Start extremely low poly. It's important to correct topology where appropriate to maximize the potential your low poly sculpt. Refine the silhouette one subdivision level at a time, starting with big details to smaller ones as you work up. And of course, use a good concept to follow b/c if you're like me, your imagination is shit.

Also: >>518028
For anime waifus, I think I'd personally not go for sculpting but for polygonal modelling with subsurfs.

With sculpting, it would be hard to prevent them from ending up uncannily realistic/detailed-looking -- at least from my experience with sculpting.

But then, I'm no expert on anime waifus.
>I'm trying to make a waifu but I suck.

that's because sculpting isn't like assembling a toy

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Anyone know some good Autodesk Maya tutorials? Something that is for beginners/intermediates. Preferably 2016 tutorials, but anything will do.
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Autodesk Maya tutorials not tuf go thru in 30days
git gud

File: NO_FILE_GIVEN (0B, 0x0pxpx)
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ok i need some help with this.

I want to get into poser and rendering and all that. I tried that out a few years back and it seems to have changed a lot. So if someone knows this shit, please help me clear up some of my confusion, I am a complete newfag.

There is Daz3d studio which is free and poser which seems to cost money. Are both from the same company? I thought it was called "daz3d poser" at some point. What is the difference? When should I get one instead of the other?

There seem to be base figures like Genesis 1, 2 and 3. They seem to be bundled with Daz3d studio. Are items like clothes and poses exclusively just for one character "edition"? How does that work?

All the stuff you can buy from renderosity seems to require one of those base characters. With Genesis x models, I know what they mean. But often they seem to require v4 or victoria or something else.
Where can I see all available characters?
What are they called exactly? Is genesis x a model, a character, a version, ???
Are those characters free? Where can I get/buy them?

Where can you buy models and accessories? I know of renderosity, renderotica and the daz3d store. Is there more? Are there better ones?

Where can I pirate content when I'm too cheap buying them? I found some stuff on kickasstorrents and on piratebay. Are there better sites?
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this is a blue board bro.n ot /d/ or /aco/
u gotta change that pic f̨am
Do not confuse generations with genesis
Generations 1-3 old shit I couldnt tell you about
Generation 4 Victora 4 and like 75% of all the poser shit you see.
Generation 5 introduced Genesis models and Victoria 5
Generation 6 brought Victoria 6
Generation 7 is current with Victoria 7
Generally there is a family of figures with each generation. Michael, Victoria, Josie.

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Hey guys, just got my hands on this sassy piece of software, couple of questions...First of all I've never textured anything ever. My question is, how well would this program work for things like making a higher res texture that already exsists? Think like a texture for a character thats like 512x512 and I wanted to crank it to 4096x4096. How well would this software let me kinda tweak and clear the texture up?
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Its more suited for a pbr workflow. If you just want a 3d projection painter get Mari or 3dcoat.
disregard this op
Okay so I got a low res texture, what would I want to do to upscale it and have it not look just blurry and crappy.

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Do any of you /3/pots actually work in the industry? I managed to land my first job for some external and internal renders.

What's your process for interacting with the client?
Do you allow them to dictate all the finishes?
What about the furniture?
How often do you consult them via email?
How long would it take you to do 1 external render of a house, and 2 interior, and how much would you charge?
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Usually getting them on skype/slack is the best.
>Do you allow them to dictate all the finishes?
Yes. It's their money.
>How long would it take you to do 1 external render of a house, and 2 interior, and how much would you charge?
Few weeks for top quailty stuff.
How much you charge is really up to you, take a hourly rate like normal.
Because this is your first job, you can accept being ass fucked, don't be to beta, but don't expect top shit.

It's very nervous the first time, but you'll make it if you don't sperg out.
>What's your process for interacting with the client?
they email me

>Do you allow them to dictate all the finishes?
the what now? They're paying for it

>What about the furniture?
They are p-a-y-i-n-g for it

>How often do you consult them via email?
Nobody communicates via email, we communicate via skype and phone calls

>How long would it take you to do 1 external render of a house, and 2 interior, and how much would you charge?
It depends on how many changes they want to make, but no I try to get it done in as few hours as possible so i make the most profit
Of course they are paying for it, the question is should you try and press them for furniture choices if they don't mention it ie.
>uhm your the proffesional idk lol you pick it

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