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Hello, pretty simple question.
I've just started the 3d modelling for a game I intend to release. I've gotten everything done except for replacing place-holder models.

My current problem is the price of 3ds Max. If I pirate 3ds max, get all my models done, and then buy a month of 3ds Max before releasing the game, will I have the copyright to release the game and not owe anyone any money? As an independent developer, I don't have over a grand to drop before releasing this game. I know I could use blender, but I'm working in Unreal Engine, and the quality difference between the models I've already bought is notable.
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you should have invested in maya LT
I haven't invested time in 3ds max yet, would Maya serve my purposes better? Sorry, this is the one element of design I'm still very much learning.
its similar to max and can be rented foe 30 bucks as month

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Hi! is anyone else having issues with realflow 2015 crashing on rendering? so far, i've been able to work with it well, but when i want to render it just crashes

those are my specs and im working on windows 7

thanks in advance guys!
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Dont use realflow.
what else could i use, then?
use Houdini

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Untitled 2016.jpg
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Been working on my low polly meme art, rate it from 1-fucking awesome.

This was a 2 hour render, made sure to turn up all the settings to make it look better. Did post in gimp
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>couple of shapes and some shading
>meme art
>fucking "art"

Fucking sucks. 0/10
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Untitled 1222.jpg
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You'll like this one. Definitely NOT low polly, more pollies than you've probably ever dealt with. Added a reflection so you can cream yourself over how great it is. Took me 2 hours to render this one too.

Over 135million pollies on this one

OP you inspire me.

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Trying to get my hands on Realflow can anyone direct me ?
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>not knowing of cgpersia
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>muh sekret club

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Anybody here know why my blender acts this way with textures in game mode? If someone here can help me that would be grate.
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change sorting / culling settings
How do I go about doing that?
NVM It was the fact that I had no camera in the scene that did this...

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anyone making cars? I am making it, I am very new to 3d modelling.
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Cars are probably the most difficult things to do in 3D
Anyway if you wanna do them you need a technical drawing of them first, afterwards place them on X Y Z faces and start inserting lines and faces
This was the first car that I made, I am currently working on a Mini Cooper All4
That looks really good. I like the wheels.

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Blender Logo.png
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Since there's so many threads asking Blender questions.
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To start off, if I'm using shape keys to change the length of body parts that have associated bones, is there a way I can avoid having to manually adjust the bones to match the new body?

Alternatively, can I just solve this by making the body match the bones instead?
Yeah but they are all the same Question,

"Whats a good Tutorial?"

So you should have put a series of tutorials for beginner and intermediate users.
To be honest I'd say that the Blender Reference Manual has come a long way in terms of quality.
Very high quality information.
It's been so long since I started Blender though that I've forgotten what a beginner would want to know.

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How do I stop my model from spazzing out like this whenever I add a shell to it?

I've used boolean to cut text out of the object and it's all fine, but whenever I add a shell to the model it goofs up.

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OP Here, I know it's extruding some of the faces that make up the interior of the lettering, but is there a way to deselect the angles or unextrude them whenever they do extrude outwards?
I'll pay someone $20 in bitcoins to help fix my shit fuck!!
Could one of you stop fapping to your anime titty models for just a second and help a nigga out? I'd appreciate it.

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Would Autocad 3d be a better program (than Maya or 3d Max) to learn from scratch to do stuff like pic related? For fun, obviously, no professionaly. I just want to play with building buildings and stuff, I'm not interested in making them super realistic or detailed, again - like pic related is the level I aim at.
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yeah sketchup is the best program if you just want to have fun with basic 3D stuff
AutoCAD's strength is for actual blueprints
3ds Max's strenght is for 3d
As the others said, sketchup is what you're looking for.

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Why is that happening and how to fix?

Tried moving the scene up on Z axis, didn't work.
Tried rotating the HDR image in Material editor, didn't work.

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apply an offset
tried, the HDRI moves but the dark part is still on the same spot
Are you using a daylight system with a ground plane?

Because that might be what it is, I'm not sure though.

In 3d modeling for human characters, how big should the head be? The average human head is 9 inches long, from chin to top of the head. But on video games what should it be? Bigger? Smaller?

This character is supposed to be 5'11

For reference.
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relative to the head, the head should be roughly one head big.
I hear the human body is 7 1/2 heads tall. What should this be for human video game characters?
7 1/2 videogames tall

But honestly, it depends. What sort of camera perspective are you using? I can't think of a reason why your proportions would change too much unless you were doing something top-down. Generally the scale of your entire model relative to the environments is going to be a lot more important.

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Sup /3/
I finished a "photorealistic bedroom" tutorial for the purpose of learning V-ray, but my end result was not even close to what the tutorial showed. (Render was grainy as fuck) Most likely because my V-ray version is one of the newer ones and the tutorial is from 2012 or something.
I managed to fix most of it to look satisfying. The only thing I don't know how to fix is the fucking walls with smudges on it. What do I need to change to get rid of that?
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use arnold
Good job anon, I used mental ray and have had issues with the smudges, if any of these relate to vray too, try increasing final gathering quality by 100%, point density to like 3, and final gathering / global illumination by an extra few hundred. One/some of those should fix it.
Those are from using photon mapping, right?

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Hello. So i'm new to Blender and i need some help. For one of my first projects I'm trying to make simple interior image. Everything is fine until it comes to rendering part. I can't make clear image without that light noice crap. I get only good results at 10000 samples but it takes 4+ hours to render. Any solutions?
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Post an example of your render so we can see what you're talking about
Look before you post fucktrard

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Once upon a time I heard a rumor that many a /3/ goer came together to replicate this Imperial Boy city in 3D. Though difficult to find, I've heard in passing that it's not impossible. So I come to you, my fellow /3/ lurkers, browsers, and posters, to ask if any of you know where I can acquire this rare and legendary specimen. So tell me, what do you know?
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Just to the right of the foot bridge in the foreground is a covered bridge in the far background

I made that for the 3d version.
Would you happen to still have it and be willing to share it with me?
maybe we could start another project like that? it would be fun

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drawing of suv.jpg
32KB, 459x537px
Not sure if you guys do requests, but if someone could help me make pic related it would be appreciated. Thanks
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Whoever made this "drawing" should kill themselves.
Seroiusly. It's really bad. Is this for an introduction to CAD class you're in? And are they expecting a really shitty result? Because there are quite a few details missing from this drawing
is best a draw is mine am work in field

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