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any good books or videos on how to model landscapes? Pic related is something I really want to learn how to accomplish but I have like zero idea how to go about the work flow for something like this.
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lern zbrush
get rock alpha brushes
do sum randumb rocks
bake it to lowpoly
I think blender guru made a video on how to do a cliff or something like that, he got something like that pic.
Even if you are not on blender the video will teach you the workflow.

lern 2 displace

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N00b Maya question.
Does Maya have some kind of predictive selection thing?
I go into Vertex selection mode, drag select some verts, and Maya goes 'Oh, you dragged over a bone too! That must mean you wanted to select only the bone right?' Fuck no i didn't want to select that bone at all damn it.
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Put bones, controls and mesh in separate layers.
Hide or switch to reference on the bones layer

Stop being a little bitch because you don't understand a software right away
Use google and the maya documentation
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These will prevent you from selecting various objects when disabled.
The left and second on the left are IKs and Joints.
Maya does indeed have a selection hierarchy and it is extremely useful.
it is still good practice to separate your mesh, lights, joints, and control rig to individual display layers though.
this is /thread.

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As an absolute beginner, I would like to know which of these three programs would be the best to utilize in character creation( for use in games/animation). So far, I have ZBrush, Blender, and UE4. (Maya isn't available in my country). In order to save time experimenting with each i would like to know which would be the best to start with.

If there are any other programs that could aid a beginner like me, that would be appreciated.
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torrent maya and zbrush, ue4 not very good for more complex geometry
you do gingerbread-men and later learn softwares
Not OP but I am more interested in which software is easier to use for a complete beginner. Maya or zbrush?

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Let's say I wanted to create assets for the purpose of putting them in a game with Create-a-Character. I don't plan on using body or face sliders/morphers ingame, but I would like to use switchable clothes that can be used across a variety of body types.
How should I go about doing this? Are there any resources or information on good methods to create assets for a Create-a-Character system?
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Games like fallout and elder scrolls have a uv mapped base mesh that can be made into an endo morph meso morph etc. High poly data is projected onto the uv map so the muscular model looks like Arnold and the skinny one is ottermode.

Skin tight outfits are the same principle. Props are skinwrapped onto the base meshes. Some programming will have to be involved depending on the complexity.

Look through skyrims files to get a better understanding of it.
>base mesh that can be made into an endo morph meso morph
Is there anything special you need to do to when creating the mesh to make sure that body/clothing deforms right?

Either way, I'll look into those Skyrim files. Thanks for the response anon.
not op but follow up question. Could this same thing be accomplished with blend shapes?

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New WIP thread
Hell-on-Earth edition
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is it just me or do the new doom creatures look a bit weak ?
its you

I have a character that has multiple outfits needed. I'm just wondering how games like DOA or tekken get away with the geometry of the clothes never intersecting.

What I usually do is copy the weights of of my subject's nude skincluster on the clothes, but even then you still get some artifacts on certain poses, as photoed.

What is the least tedious way to deal with these inevitable intersections??
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do a physics simulation and then bake the results
Probably a component driven deformation. So a skeleton drives the nude mesh and then the vertices of the nude mesh drives the geometry of the bathing suits.
intersections happen because the interpolated surface of the faces may be crossed by an underlying vertex whose coordinates aren't the same as said interpolated value. The simplest way to avoid that, used by DoA, is to have the topology of the tight areas of the clothes replicate the underlying topology exactly and use the same weights as the underlying vertices (or the underlying interpolated point).

In other words, if you want a skin tight bikini, starting with a naked body, you can copy the body mesh, expand it a tiny bit, then "cut" the bikini from it. But don't retopo it or you'll lose the point matches. If you do it correctly it's mathematically guaranteed that intersections between skin and cloth won't happen, bar z buffer precision problems.

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In Blender, you click on the button (exemple: cube) and the primitive appears wherever the 3D cursor is with predefined dimensions (2x2x2 meters).

In 3ds max, you select the type of primitive you want (exemple: box) and you click wherever in the scene by draging the mouse, thus defining width and length of the box, then you release LMB and you define height.

Is this possible in Blender?
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Blender is open source, so this means literally EVERYTHING is possible in Blender.
Either invest some days in figuring out how to script this (Python) or pay some dude a week's worth of happymeals to script it for you.
I know that everything can be coded... The question was more like is there already such a feature?
Not that I know of at least. But didn't look much into customization yet

>AutoCAD is like 20 years old and is still by far the most popular tool for architecture and industrial design

>"state of the art" "BIM" software Revit isn't even capable of chamfering a corner and literally punishes you for importing CAD geometry

>tfw forced to use this piece of shit program

Pic related; something that never fucking happens in Revit because everything looks like ass.
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AutoCAD came out in 1982. It's34 years old.
Revit is a great program.
Are you sure you are not an idiot?
Okay, smartass. Try to make a curved object that is bending (Iike a potato chip or a chair seat) and has rounded corners. If you know how to use Revit, you won't even bother wasting your time because you would know it's impossible to have a form like that without importing geometry.

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I want to make a realistic video of a face burning.

Let's share burning people, face, hand, etc...
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Even if it's quite old vfx, my favorite one is clearly the nightmare of Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 :


And how it was made (a real size puppet burning)
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i made this plane blowing up in houdini its pretty bad quality tho so whatev https://youtu.be/rDClEn68Qyo


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what does /3/ think of rwby's success
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famous japanese artists drew mounty's deviantart OCs on some fanbook

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you can make her porn.
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> The second sister, she is cheerful and energetic. Tends to act before she thinks.


> The youngest of the sisters, she is petite and composed. She resembles an android.

what. the. fuck.
There is objectively nothing wrong with MMD

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Carey Mulligan?
>Carey Mulligan

fuck, sasha grey
"she's" man looking as shit

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help me.
honestly where did i go wrong and how can i improve?
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dog 2.png
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here's a side view
i tried to model it from scratch. i don't know how i got from quads to triangles.
well if you dont want triangles just delete edges and redraw them until there are no triangles.

Are you using image plane references?
yeah i had a picture of a dog i was using. maybe i need to go back to basics it's been over a year since i've attempted to model anything. is there any good sites where i can refresh myself for free?

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1. Everyone starts off learning 3D by making firearms because they are relatively easy forms made largely from primitives, and they also make you look masculine to your friends who would think you were boring, or just a fag, for making a piece of furniture or a lamp. On the opposite end of the spectrum are people who sculpt "aliens" because the lack of standardization excuses then from making their "masterpiece" from resembling anything, making them immune to criticism.

2. Your gun doesn't loom that good to me. The grip looks bad and there's no trigger. I suppose you've demonstrated that you are able to model, but you should start by making existing objects before making 'fantasy' items to get really good. You know why so many Chinese youths are found to be cheating? Ancient Eastern philosophy holds that to become good at anything, you must spend time emulating the masters. This is why a lot of Asian countries' education is focused more on rote memorization. If I were you, i'd scrap your gun and make an AK or PPSH. Another practical benefit of drawing something already existing is that sometimes, it forces you out of youe comfort zone to use different techniques in order to generate certain unique solids. Doing your own designs right off the bat makes you vulnerable to subconscious bias; you will avoid doing objects you think are outside the software's limitations.

Those are my takes on the matter.
The guy before me had some points. Really it's not easy to come up with some fantasy design of any kind of object without knowing very much about the subject and engineering of said object.

First it looks too big and unwieldy in order to be practical (you could say it's for some centry bot or robot, but then it would look completely different, no grip and it wouldn't look like a assault rifle)

This is mainly because the sights, rails and grip are tiny compared to the rest of the gun (make the bigger in proportion and it would look much more realistic)

Second the forms don't seem to follow any function, they are just there to look cool. (Most firearms are built with function in mind and aesthetics later) like you have a bunch of stuff in the back stock which kind of look like a famas and put mashup but nothing to really warrant such a design (no bullpup design or anything)

If you look at good futuristic design you will see that it kind of looks functional and makes sense. Most of the time it's based on some existing thing with couple of variations. Certain designs have just proven to be the best and they wouldn't just make it more complicated and unwieldy just because in the future unless there is some technical reason and even then most of the times those things don't catch on because they are bad (caseless ammo, ridiculous magazine designs , un ergonomic extensions)

>famas and put mashup

I meant famas and p90 mashup

How are your experiences with fluid animations and fluid modeling?

Here is my first try with animating water:

What do you think? I created it for a competition and the person with the most likes wins a price. Please give the video a thumbs up if you like it.
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be honest, germanfag, you made the whole thing so you have a good reason to film your sister in the shower
How is that a bad thing?

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