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So can we finally end this meme that Blender isn't a serious 3D software?

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He could've spent a bit more time on the parachute, although he said that it was done sloppy on purpose.
Anyway, yeah, it's sometimes amazing what the fucking community would put out as addons. I recently found out there was a tree generation addon, which is a fucking beast, you can create a realistic library of trees in just one day, or maybe download it as a preset, I mean, it's not speedtree, but in the hands of a pro, there wouldn't be difference.
Let's make this a VFX breakdown general.

yes please

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A well trained eye that can spot any obvious anatomy mistakes? :) Trying to improve so any input would be appreciated.
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From behind
Looks good so far, but the legs seem a bit too short.
Legs too short, hips too wide. Upper body is perfect.

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Hey, how's this facial topology?
How can I retopo this to be better for animation?
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make dick in face is no joke
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Sup 3,

What is your stl editor of choice for 3D printing? Ive seen all the links to free tools and some not-so-expensive ones but which one is easy to use, optimize the wall thickness for inner surfaces (if its adjustable), or just have good edit-ability in general?

Is blender or meshlab really that powerful? Sketchup plugins? Post your preference and experiences pls...

I will suck your dick for a thousand afterlives.
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This is 3D CG m8,

Not saying no one will help you, but I don't see much related to computer generated graphics in your question.

/g/ would probably be of a better help
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I think this is more to do w 3D CAD than general tech.... i dont need to know whats new in 3D printing, but rather what programs ya'll using for optimizing 3D prints.

Do you CAD? Ever make .stls?
implying 3d printing doesn't have anything to do with 3d.
you fucking idiot.
get off this board.

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if I get gud will I be able to make a living as a 3d modeler or should I just shoot myself and get it over with?
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just kys
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realistically, it's going to take you a few years to do anything decent. Unless you eat, sleep, and shit 3d everyday. The only way to progress is to practice but even then, who knows how well you'll have done. Depends on what you want to get out of it too. Depends on what programs you intend to use.

Idk, you should probably just kys though

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Rate my sweet eye I've just made. Isn't it cool? It was so damn easy.
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Its not in VR 3d so why would we care?
its shit

It's too reflective and blurry.

Hey all

I'm new and have been trying to get this model + two materials into Unreal. I'v been using the tiling/offset tools in the coordinate section of the material editor to adjust the textures.

I run into problems when I try to bake the textures, it always flattens the textures and makes them look bad (and the bake doesn't work).

In all the tutorials I can find they always unwrap the textures, but this seems like a waste of time when I can get just the same results with the tiling tools.

Is there a way to bake textures that have been aligned using the coordinates tools?

Thanks in advance
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use substance
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Just tried this but the texture quality is still downgrading after baking
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Someone here might remember about a year or two back a series of posts I made here about doing toon shading in Cycles. Of course, it never went anywhere and the end result was pretty ugly, but for anyone who may care and not know themselves already, I figured out a much better, simpler way to do it. I don't know if this is well known or not, or a recent addition, but I figured I'd post it because it's news to me and I had to figure it out myself(and because a quick Google search shows nothing better than what was there last time).

This is just a demo to show it to anyone interested. The point is simply to show the sharp red and green division(intended to represent light and shadow colors) on the face.

It's pretty simple. Just copy the setup in the picture if you want to try it. Replace red and green with whatever color you want, treat the object in the Texture Coordinate node as your light(or make it an actual light).

Note that this is pretty much a directional, infinite-distance lighting technique and isn't going to allow self-shadow either. There might be other nodes you can use for that, but I haven't found one yet.

A couple of things:
1. I'm using the Emission node but if you don't mind getting ambient occlusion in there AO nodes would probably work faster.
2. Why would you want to use Cycles for this? The primary reason would be GPU rendering, I guess.
3. Why wouldn't you just use the compositor? Because it's convenient to have it work in the viewport, I suppose.

Apologies if this is old news now.
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Again, the face is the only mesh I've set up with this shader, but here's a quick attempt at some colors you might actually use to demonstrate how you'd apply it. I just color picked the skin color from its arm and used a self-multiplied color for the shadow.

Another thing to note is that the closest thing to directional light in Cycles is a sun light, but if you try to use a Sun light as the object for the Texture Coordinate node, its rotation will affect the value which is something I don't think you want. I haven't tested much but it's probably better to just parent an Empty(aka null) to the light source you want to sync with the shader and use the empty in the Texture Coordinate node.
Ah, sorry, I'm an idiot. Parenting an empty to the light would still result in the rotation affecting the calculation. The issue here is that whatever object you use in the Texture Coordinates node should only be used for its position, and from what little testing I've done it looks like if the object is rotated then it affects the position value received by the node(so, just consider it to be the position of the light, assume the light points at the mesh, and don't rotate it). If you wanted to auto-sync it with another light, I guess using a Copy Location object constraint would work best.
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Spent a couple of minutes and came up with this. Really, really fucking easy. Kind of makes me mad that this isn't a default shader/feature in Cycles, but I guess it's not part of the roadmap, eh.

This is replacing the Emission node with AO nodes and cutting out the Light Path node. The scene's AO distance is set to 0, there's(black) AO shading setting it above that.

Hope all this helps somebody.

How does one go about hiring a freelancer to model and texture a couple cartoonish and very low poly characters and objects without it costing a fortune (for a small mobile game that might end up being sold, but will probably just be released for free)?
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(by without it costing a fortune I mean like $100 for two or three cute low poly anime girl and like three kinds of blocks that can be used as tiles to build the world out of)
Character models take a while to make, even if they're low poly. They also require a baseline of skill not to look like shit. Good low-poly textures can also take a surprising amount of time to create. You're probably looking at a solid 5-6 hours of work to create a single character model for someone who's experienced, more for someone who's not. Swapping palettes and hairstyles can add a couple hours, having unique models for each character can easily double your workload.

Low-poly blocks, by comparison, aren't that hard to make (but if you want them to tile and look good, do count a couple hours for each.)

No respectable 3D artist will work for free. No respectable 3D artist will work a job that effectively pays them under minimum wage. If you want a dedicated artist who will work for free, make it a hobby project, expect to work with a student who will probably suck (if you get anyone), and offer to share the revenue if you end up selling.

If you really do want to try to get an artist for $100, my advice would be to hire a modeler to do the stuff you can't, then have your team finish up. If you have no one that can do characters, then hire someone to model you a waifu, do three hair variations, and unwrap/texture face and everything skin. Then do the rest of the work yourself, since I'm assuming you possess some art skills and are not planning to develop a game on a $100 art budget.
And look, there's coincidentally happens to be a low-poly waifu modeling thread next fucking door, you should probably go talk to them unless you made it yourself.


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Simple question:

I use 3dsmax and I have a closed editable poly model and one of the faces has its normals fliped inside. I CAN'T SELECT IT cause the object is fucking closed.
There must be a shortcut without using tedious modifiers. Shift+click? No. Shift+Ctl+Alt+W+B+click.

C'mon what is the shortcut?
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> I CAN'T SELECT IT cause the object is fucking closed.
You CAN select backfaces of polys in max. Are you sure thats the issue ?
Do I have to disable occlusion culling to do so?
you mean backface culling ? if its automatically on just disable it

Found it on VK, its got texture, videos, .blend files etc. Posting in a reply since it thinks the link is a spam.
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Add vk.com between the // and /
Add m.vk.com ****** sorry

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assault rifle02.jpg
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your work is balls

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Gentlemen, Let's make some TF2 Items.

Basically, New community project is up and called "MAYANN Project' and i'll quickly explain how to create concepts and maybe make weapons.

You'll need the following items installed or downloaded.
>MDL Decompiler Fixed
>Studio Compiler
>VTF Edit
>Notepad ++
>3D Max 2012
>3D Max SMD Importer and exports

Now. You'll need to open GCFSCAPE and find your TF2 directory and find this file, if your wondering what that is.
>Materials = tf_textures_dir
>Models = tf_misc_dir
>Sounds = tf2_sound_vo_english_dir & tf2_sound_misc_dir

After you've found tf_misc_dir then extract it to something like RAWS

Now you've gotta search for what you want to replace, Let's say the default bat then you'll search for that it's either a C_ or W_ or V_ if your wonder what that means its basically just your view models which the older files are called World and View but now they are slowly been updated to C_

Once you've found it. De-compile it with MDL Decompiler Fixed or Studio Compiler depending if it doesn't work with MDL as some don't.
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After this you'll get a SMD File and now you've gotta import that file into 3D Max.

After importing you'll get an option to import animations and the mesh and flip it.
>Animations = Bones
>Mesh = Model

Ignore animations as we want it for concepting and then flip it, if its not the correct side up if you've clicked flip then don't click flip and reimport.

Once it's open then hit Printscreen on the front.

Open photoshop create a image and it should have the size of your montior if you clicked print screen and create that image.

Hit ctrl + v and the image will appear, edit out the bad bits such as toolbars and other shit.

There you go, you've got a picture of the item you want to replace.

Create another layer and lock your reference and begin drawing the item you want to replace it with over the image.

Enjoy :3
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mayann site.png
1MB, 1119x893px
If you can't read that because your dyslexic then watch this video, it's older video but it should the bulk of how to extract and even compile.

However somethings may be incorrect, broken or out of date.

Also, As for Photoshop if you don't have a bamboo tablet then just use your mouse to draw.

It's a little harder but its fun!?

If you've got any questions, i'll be on here

Just ask them there and I'll answer them.

Also, If you want some reference and such for items along with brush packs and such.

Just an update.

Another good Decompiler is called Crowbar.

Another Tut.

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What can I improve on in this scene?
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Tone the glow the fuck down
We're not on a boat, I'm getting dizzy just looking at it
No composition , pose is meh
Flat lighting everywhere, no shadows
There is a direct shadow pointing to the left of the image. you can see shadow on his chest and on the pathway behind him.
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Lose them BS proportions currently they are blizzard-tier. Enhance the design by making him look more like a warrior and less like an homoerotic laser-disco mecha by removing all the glowing crystals.
Instead provide his helmet with slits so he can do useful combat tasks like for example see things and breathe.

Lose the nuclear lolipop typ device and give him a dangerous looking weapon like a sharp axe of a size that make it look actually usefull as a weapon.
Isolate him from the background and improve the depth of the render by deepening occlusion type shadows on his armor and provide some rimlights.
Also work on the contrast of the whole render.

I would tweak the pose some too, but at least correct that foot penetrating the floor.
I suggest tilting the camera, the dramatic lean seems a bit too much. Basically De-Blizz the whole image.

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I know it looks like pure fucking horseshit to you more experienced people, but I was just wondering how i remove all the noise. More render samples? or is there a better way?

Done in blender btw.
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...i don't know what they're called in blender
increase ray bounces, samples
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1MB, 1920x1080px
Thanks, appreciated!

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