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I'm going to learn how to use blender and make something nice that I will enjoy. And there's absolutely NOTHING you faggots can do to stop me.

Stay ass-blasted you salty little bitch niggers.
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Calling us niggers then using nigger tier software.
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blender is awesome. just look at the kickass render I made. I don't get why nobody switches to blender
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It only counts as Nigger software if it's stolen.

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Does anybody have any experience with Nuke? I've been using AE for a few years now but I keep hearing about this program. Is it any better?
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after effects is for retards
nuke is for real brehs
Im AE vet but Nuke is probably better anon.
Nuke is infinitely better than AE. They don't even compare.

Hey everyone! I recently extracted the game files from uncharted 3 such as maps, models, sounds, etc. I need them because I'm an animator, and I've always wanted to animate uncharted, since it's one of my favorite games hehe. But the models and maps and such, are all in .pak's. I do not know how to extract or open the .pak's since when I try to use winRAR, it says unknown format or damaged. So winRAR doesn't work for me. I tried using pakexplorer, but that didn't work either. I made this post, to ask you guys if you know any softwares that do work to extract .pak's.
Thanks and have a great day :)
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Uncharted 3? Do you mean 4.
If not the models are already on xnalara deviant art
Are the originals on xnalara DA? if so, then perfect, but if theyre remakes, its not the ones im looking for though. I was hoping to open these .pak's and use the originals


It's the original Drake. Sorry I confused uncharted with the last of us so that's all that's available. Maybe ask the guy how he extracted it. He probably used an extractor from xentax.

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Yay or nay? 1 to 10?
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more like wat to 10

No wire frame?

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How much time is required to learn this shit?
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3 years for me.

You'll never be a good modeler if you only have one program in your work flow too.
What else do you recommend then?
To do what?

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- the resulting mesh is a shitload of crap
- triangles and ngons everywhere
- therefore pretty much unusable to UV map and texture
- can't be subdivided without fuck ugly glitches
- retopo afterwards to get a clean mesh negates the saved time

So what's the fucking point?
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>without textures
>with broken specular effects
Easy as shit to use booleans now, but I haven't used blender. Perhaps the devs haven't implemented updated algorithms.

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i need them desperately, i lost them when my external hd died. They used to be so easy to find but no i cant find them. Anyone know where i can find the torrent?
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registering opens on the 15th
i know, but i need them DESPĂ‹RATELY, any place not private where i can find them?

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How can so many programmers sell addons for Blender without making the source available?

Blender's license is viral, meaning the sources of your addons need also to be openly available.

Some I see sell them and have their source available (but unadvertised) on github but those are only a handful.
Are the others cheating or did I miss something here?
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Because nobody really gives a shit and Blender Org has no means to enforce their rules.

Blender users are just grateful for anything that makes their software usable.
>i'm too dumb to remember a handful of commands
then you should probably go back to play-doh

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I remodeled my bathroom in maya / MR, and want to continue improving my interior modeling realism.. any glaring errors, or things you lot would suggest to look into? Be as mean as you want, but don't take that as an excuse to be excessively dickish, I know what you're like.

I would use vray but I can't afford it nor find a source for use with Maya 2015
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too much chromatic aberration (why would this shot even have CA?)
camera position and FoV makes it feel like a security camera. Generally interior shots are more believable the closer the shot is to a human eye.
Too much bloom on the light to the left.
The carpet looks too "new". Try add some wear around the edges, like flattened parts.
reflections and basically everything feels too clean. add a mask to smudge some of the reflections.
Add some water in/on the sink / bath / tiles around the bath.
the edge of the window has some weird linear dodge effect.
What a depressing bathroom
>reflections and basically everything feels too clean.
Not everyone is a disgusting basement dweller like you.

Anybody know what the best software is for making 3d models that can then be turned into inflatable toys or stuffed animals? Figured I could make some money at conventions selling stuffed Spider-Mans or some shit, of a better quality than pic related.
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you'll get reported very quick and you'll lose all you put into it and thousands more
People sell fanwank bullshit at cons all the time. Artists sell drawings of copyrighted characters, for instance. They don't really give a shit.
Make a few for yourself, show them off on a website, and make more on commission. That's much safer. Cons are risky and a gray area. Some companies care, others don't. Some care about certain things and not others.

Yeah, people do it all the time, but con booths get shut down more often and get in more trouble than bloggers making commission work.

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sgi indigo 2.png
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I love the aesthetic of 90's 3D animation. Something is just there, that you don't see anymore in CGI. I've been thinking about buying one of these old SGI workstations to use Quicksoft 3D or some other classic CGI software on. Is that a good idea?
>Any experience with these Computers?
>Any reccommended software to try out?

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This is fucking retarded dude. If you want to learn how to do shit from the 90's, study hand drawn animations, cel animation, use a VCR to run footage through. Don't waste your money on shit like this. You can create anything in new systems
some people want a self contained retro solution that they can just plug in and go without booting up some retarded nu skool programs / os
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speaking as someone who happen to do stuff in the 1990's.

I'll explain how you model something, you either use a very expensive program that was very hard to use.


You write the model in a text editor, You write out each point for the model assuming you did everything correctly it should work.

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Need help with my model, the normals that i just baked have theses funky artfiacts on them and i don't know why.

In maya.
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low poly
File: B.png (20KB, 371x671px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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high poly
they look exactly the same.
why the fuck are you baking?

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I figure this would be the best place to ask.

I'd really like to get into making anime figurines (sexy girls, really)

I know I can sculpt a cutie on zbrush, now, I want to 3d print the model, and eventually airbrush it to look like a legit finished figure.

The idea is to print off a solid plastic figure to sand and paint (pic related)

Are there any known tutorials, resources, information on this subject? ie, what 3dprinter to use, how to configure the model for printing.

There is a large community for "garage kits" so I am not worried about lack of information on the painting/polishing side.
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The main thing you should be looking at is the precision of the printer. 50 microns is about the width of an A4 paper but there are printers that can print with 10 micron precision. It's literally impossible to see any stepping artifacts with those. Some of the 200 micron printers are good and cheap as well but they show clear stepping artifacts so you'll have to decide what kind of tradeoff you wanna do.

I suggest you look at the series for Makerbot, Replicator, Zortrax and Ultimaker.
Couldn't you just use the 200~ and sand it a bit?

Do you guys have plugins, textures, models, etc that can help me model the inside of a spaceship?

I need to model pic related in 3ds Max for next week and I don't know where to start
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Here's a cockpit thingy that goes in front of the first pic
All of that stuff can be modeled using primitives, the bend modifier and splines. No plugins needed.
need it for what exactly?

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Memesters of /3/. Post your 3D memes or create some then post em.
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5000 hours in blender

Rare pepe.
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star smug.gif
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