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Hello, anyone know where I can get the download of this file (San Juan - Evermotion), I can not find it anywhere! I would be very helpful !. Thank you
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It's on cgpeers.
Unfortunately I have no access to this website! not if there is any way to share it here! and sorry!
git hud

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Hi! Can you advice me wtf is wrong with my skin tex? I render this in 3ds vray, textures baked in zbrush. Have no idea how to get this more realistic
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I think it lacks subsurface scattering, but also the color seems off, never seen a skin like that before
its not so much to do with your software so as the actual texturing work itself, look at more skin reference and understand what colors go where
skin is not pink
just get a skin mat

In this modern era, I've been trained to only be satisfied with high poly count, so when I try to do low poly art I end up feeling like it doesn't have enough detail, even though more detail is exactly what the model doesn't need.

Anyone else have this problem?
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delete this
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What is this acronym?

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Ok, /3/, here's a job for you. This is basically a whoever wants to do it type of job. It's not really a job, just a quick modelling type of thing. Let's see who can design the best stainless steel headphones in 15 minutes, that's the rule, you have only 15 minutes, we don't need materials. Just model it as fast as you can, here's what I did in exactly 15 mins. I couldn't even mirror it properly, but it doesn't matter. It was a fun 15 minutes activity. Do you, anon, have the balls to do the same and post your results? Anyway, I'm a shitty modeler, so let's see what /3/ can do. You can work on the concept as long as you like, but the modelling part must be 15 minutes, there's no point in lying, this is a contest for yourself, not to prove to us that you're better. Let's go!
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2016-05-19 11_37_01.png
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15 minutes
Op here, looks like /3/ is full of ballless fags.


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There's a feature suggestion in the feedback form. I'd suggest that all /3/pots who want to see /3/ become a red board like /ic/ make a feedback requesting such a change, or at the least lewds allowed with a spoiler.

Who is with me?
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/3/ is a soft red board. Nobody polices, nobody posts dicks.

That's just the way it is.
Meanwhile, I god banned for vagina tutorial.

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Does this type of animation has any specific name ? What program could perform a similar animation?

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paper.. but its not official i think

any program that animate will do
isometric / lowpoly
Thank you both

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Made in Maya
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Another version
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The best things in life are - three ;-)
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end my life.jpg
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cinema 4d.png
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cinema 4d thread
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More like cinema 4D dead.

C4D literally has the best interface of any of the major suites. If you learn a little xpresso sorcery and get Cactus Dan's plugins, you can pretty much do it all.
Maxon is in a pretty fucked situation.
Their price is the same league as Maya, Max, but they are way behind the competition in pretty much all disciplines (except Motion graphics).
They had 2 weak releases back to back, a lot of trouble with customers over their render farm managing and licensing, most of the customer base is not amused.
The whole 3D world made fun about Maxon and their Cogwheel feature in R17.
If their next release does not deliver big time, they'll bleed and become >>520553

Yeah it does have a great interface, but xpresso is old,lame and cumbersome, the interface of xpresso is the ugliest node system i've ever seen in a DCC.
Lets hope the core rewrite goes fast and they'll get up on their feet again.

Let's talk about work.

Do you work with 3D? Modeller, animator? What do you work with? Work as a freelancer? Or in a company?

I'm curious about you guys work. Want to talk about it because i have only 1 year experience wih modeling and animation, and i want to apply in a job as soon as i can. (Freelancer or whatever comes)
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I just continually tell myself i'm not good enough yet so there's no point applying for any full time positions. Then contemplate how i will somehow make it as an indie/freelance artist.
>running zbrush on a cintiq
I work full-time for a major mobile game company in Germany. I have worked in the game industry for around 9 years now. Before that I did some illustration and graphic design.

An important question to ask yourself is what is important to you. Do you want to be super famous? Do you want to work for some huge and famous studio? Or will you be happy with earning a good salary, work in a small team and have creative freedom?

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Blender to 3ds Max.jpg
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When I started to learn 3d modeling at age 15, I used Blender solely because it was the smallest download size and it would run on the shitty laptop I owned at the time. Now I'm 19 and I need to use 3ds Max for a Uni course.
I have found a couple of online resources that teach Blender to 3ds Max users, but I couldn't find any for the other way around. Does anyone here know of one? Or at least a 3ds Max tutorial that is more focused on teaching the program itself to 3d modelers? Every max tutorial I have found is either for complete 3d modeling beginners or Maya users.
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why not work with blender?
For most of my classes I can and do use Blender. But because the lectures insist that 3ds Max is an industry standard. For one specific class we HAVE to use 3ds Max. This is also because a subject the following semester requires us to only use Maya.
talk to your teacher about it.
i mean, are you animating or what?

This is my third day with the software and I am trying very hard to make my own game characters for a upcoming noir game I am developing. What do you think of my current progress?
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nightmare fuel
thats pretty bad.

Have you even seen a human face before?
you can forget making your own game characters for a while until you learn how to make people that arent frightening. Also use Zbrush not sculptris

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Anybody here still want to see /3/ competing in the 4cc?


The team has been dead for about half a year and the last manager went AWOL before /3/ played in their last tournament.

Post in this thread if you're interested.
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3 ratboy.png
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Hello, ratboy genius
>sabotaging the revival of /3/
Damn it /mlp/ must you ruin everything...
yes, As slow as the board is, it's fun to get some excitement a couple times a year.
Hopefully we can beat those 2D losers /gd/ sometime

enjoy your ban

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Does anyone know how to open the file .MDL, tried some software more all give error, extract the file from a PS2 game
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when it comes to opening weird files from old games, use random extraction tools usually used for music and film. I've never found specific software for extracting files like that.
I am loading the file for you to see

ohhh ward

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how much will it cost to hire a freelancer over tumblr or the internet and make him make a 3D model and then have another guy make the animations, so I can composite them with my basic 3D skills on after effects.

How much will it cost then to make a cheap budget anime episode?

and how much money can I make of this?
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Do you need something specific?

Why not just use Daz Studio and download free assets to use to make your cheap assed animu waifu. There's a tonne of weeb stuff for Daz Studio that's free and with puppeteer and aniblocks it's pretty easy to animate in.
It costs as much as you're willing to ask for.
As you can see in the entertainment industry, the sky's the limit in regards to price and quality.
what duration? even something like three minutes of animation will cost you several thousands.

File: UVmap1.png (138KB, 1080x1167px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I need help applying this UV map I made (It's my first time) using C4D.
Apparently this UV map SHOULD apply automatically to the assigned part, but instead it's the entire picture.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

The stupid Rs and Ls and color codings are self explanatory for the picture. I'm trying to see if they'd go directly with the model I'm making.
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Dude, relax. Make yourself some fresh tea calm down and read the manual or watch some tutorials on YT.
Try changing the mapping in the Texture tag. Give me a screen of what it looks like.
I have to resize the UV projection to get one to fit but I'm not sure that's how it works. On a sample object I downloaded applying the texture makes it automatically assign the colors to the object, not having to resize the UV projection to fit?


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