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Are texture maps linked to texture resolution?
If I unwrapped a model onto a 4096 texture then decided to use a 8192 one, would I have to re-unwrap?
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No. The UVW space is typically mapped so that a square texture is placed in the 0-1 range along the U and V coordinates (the X Y plane of the UVW space). You can place a bitmap of any dimension inside that space.
Thanks! This just made my little experiment a little less of a pain in my ass.

Also, is there a way to reverse bake normals (texture to model other than model to texture)?
There are various ways to extract heightmaps from normal maps but they're not very clean methods since the information you're trying to extract isn't fully present in your source.
It's not something you'd typically would end up doing either since you need a model to generate the normals in the first place and you can get your height map from there.

If you created a normalmap manually by painting it in photoshop or something it will make a even worse source since your guesstimation of angles wont translate into a clean topography.
But hand painted normals is also quite exotic stuff few will be familiar with in their workflows at all.

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Currently building a Japanese city just for fun and practice. Not sure what to do with it at the end. Do you have any ideas what I can do with it?
I thought about, maybe making a small game out of it.
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Heavy destruction...
A giant Robot cutting skyskraper in the background.
Screaming humans running around.
Sounds fun. I might give it a try

Schoolgirl pantie dispensers.

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Why are you on here when you could literally me making memes for money

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I'm about to buy my own personal 20 micron 3d printer for 2K$
And after that even I won't be able to tell where the memes begin and my lyfe ends.
imagine in 50 years where personal 3d printers are just a common household item.

Every kid is going to be walking around with the newest meme keychain, phone case, lunch box.

>be me in 50 years
>child comes home from school
>daddy daddy, i need your help!
>get excited because i love to assist my baby in any way i can
>how can daddy help?
>im the only kid in my class who doesnt have the new pepe doll
>can you please meme me one on the mememaster memethousand
>my meme...
>meme her to meme school tomorrow in our meme mobile
>she walks though pepes big teeth doors to show her meme friends her new memedoll

Don't some people own memes. If it takes off people will start to copyright.

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I've got this 'lovely' little piece of geometry that I'm not sure how to smooth for sculpting. It's a smaller piece of a larger model, but it's the last bit I need before I take it into Mudbox. Any suggestions for smoothing, or rebuilding what geometry is there?
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I'm well aware of this. I'd looked through it. It's all general tutorial sites, and I did try googling this matter. I hoped to get a suggestion or two on this very specific and small problem rather than spend hours through the sites, find nothing on this issue, and inevitably post a request for assistance anyhow, here or somewhere else.
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Just add edgeloops before smoothing.

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Is there a way to get rid of these weird stripes on the AO map?
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more polygons
Nothing on this model requires you to bake AO. the only part that would have AO is the base, which you can accomplish with a gradient.
Never had this problem, but maybe it has something to do with your normals.

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So if one wanted to make models in this style, which includes the lighting going on, which shader would I be concentrating mostly on? At first, it looked like your basic rendering settings you get when you output it in 3d max, but there's some details going on I can't get by default.
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directional light with global illumination it seems

the mats should be basic diffuse, seems like to have standard specular on the characters
the bubbles are translucent ior shader
if you actually sit on your ass and learn it it won't be too hard.

the there is a light falloff that go through a small meshes to create the downpour lightning, which is essentially directional light with light falloff
maybe there is some color correction going on too
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Looks like they might be using falloff as self illumination. It's a classic trick to make renders look more globally illuminated dirt cheap.

Made pic related as example, teapot is lit by a single red light, the rest of the light is emitted from the object itself making it look like it's receiving light from the environment. Today you'd use IBL for a better version of this type effect, but if you want it cartoony or retro looking this works.
File: litfromabove trick.jpg (230KB, 1249x817px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
litfromabove trick.jpg
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Since the light is usually coming from above, and the floor is bellow darkening out the underside it's also useful to let self-ilum solutions like these have a 'lit from above bias'. Pic related again demonstrates. Experiment with that and you probably find your look, also as you can see this effect can display in max's real-time viewport these days.

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What's the most cartoony model you've seen in valve's source engine?
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SFM doesnt belong on /3/

Go Away as far as you can.

And to answer your question, Team Fortress. Duh.

Nah i lied

/3/ is the shittiest place for asking help

Go to >>564076 for SFM or Blender & Maya.

NSFW of course.

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>Training blueprints
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Luger 1906.jpg
233KB, 1437x1317px

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rendered with Cycles
File: 35 - Extractor.png (155KB, 1658x870px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 - Extractor.png
155KB, 1658x870px

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I tried making a game in class. What do you guys think?
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Very involving, I could picture myself playing this game for several seconds.
what the fuck are you supposed to do?
it's not really fun

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So I've been modelling things for quite a while now, but now I need to actually learn to render them, as in scenes etc.; as you can see by pic related, I am... quite a shit at it. All I can find is things like "how to reduce grain" or "how to make renders look even better" (geared towards intermediate). I can't find anything that assumes I know absolutely zero about setting up a scene and how to make my first renders not look like dogshit. Yeah, sure, I can stick lights in there, but my renders still look like they were made in the early 90's.

tl;dr how do I be not shit at rendering in Blender?
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I've heard a lot about Cycles and how it's becoming more common, but I still run into the issue of "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing here".
have you not followed any tutorials?
Darling, just google "rendering basics blender" or just hit f12 and try different things out.

Rendering itself can be either very simple or very complex task depending on your scene.
You will get better by trying and solving emerging problems, such as noise, clipping, ugly shaders etc.

If you feel that you don't know what rendering even is, this link may help you.


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Does anyone know if there are brushes/alphas for any "greeble" parts like minus molds, burners etc for Zbrush

Lind of like the ones Tamiya makes in plastic for mech models.

I've found some screws and bolts, but nothing like the parts they make in plastic.

pic related
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3DCG - useless as always
Yeah. /3/ is useless if you're looking to be spoonfed on how to make the easiest shit ever that you can do with photoshop in 3 minutes.
If you had any business with cgi you'd know how easy it is to do this shit yourself.

[spoiler]Get Quixel, faggot.[/spoiler]

hey guys, how can i simulate drapes like the ones in the picture? can i be done in 3ds max?
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Stick to the designated streets, Pajeet.
wtf you talking about faggot

A simple "3ds max curtains tutorial" google search.

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What software did Yoji use to make and render this?

Is there hope for anyone else to achieve his level
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its okay-ish if it's an ingame render
it's horrible if it's an offline render
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learn CGI terminology cuckface

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Simple question:
I'm planning to attemp for the first time to animate a warrior. I ll need the modifiers shown in image.

Is the order correct?

For now it seems correct but I dont want to end up with an irreversible situation and have to backtrack losing work done.
For the rigidbody I use max's MassFX.
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delete history on UVs

If I do so how am I going to map this?
I haven't used max in years, but as far as i remember, modifiers are just history. "delete history" may be named something else in max, but you should have the UVs flattened to the Mesh, not an active uv unwrap modifier.

Is there a program that can take a face model and make it lipsync to audio files or a given text ? I can create blendshapes for it if its necessary.
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Why not make it track actual lips.
How and with which program do I do that ?
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facerig anon fap.webm
3MB, 853x480px
Not sure if this fits your usecase, but I've heard about Facerig. It uses a webcam tries to make the model's face move to match yours. There are also sliders to manually position the model's face.

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