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What is it that makes people think they could just download some 3D package and get a job in the 3D industry the next day?

What is it that makes them think that you can learn everything involved in creating 3D artwork in literally no time and git gud?

It's way worse than in the drawing/painting field.
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because of lynda and cgcookie you can actually do that

>its way worse than drawing/painting field
illustration and graphics design are more saturated
So how do you suggest people get into the field if not by teaching themselves? Not everyone has the funds for college
I'm more about the expectations they have.
You can get good at a small amount of things in a few weeks but to be really good for a job, you need to learn/train over a couple of months.

It's interesting how many think they can master shit in a week and just say fuck it after a couple of evenings using torrented software.

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Rubiks Cube5c.jpg
2MB, 3340x2660px
Alright. So I'm relatively new to the whole 3D modeling thing, and I thought maybe I could receive some criticism on this render.

Program - 3DS Max
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there is some noise on the cubes in the back
aside from that i guess its a good start
That was supposed to be a DOF kind of thing. I guess it does just look like noise.
Looks good. I'd tone down the reflection on the table, and the bump on it too. And the noise in the reflection, which can be solved by turning up the quality of your reflections

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Hey /3/, what are good ways to learn to animate realistically? My school trained us mostly in the classic cartoony style, which im proficient in, but I just started at a game studio and am struggling to create realistic looking animation.
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motion capture suits and roto
Pretty much this. Motion capture and rotoscope if you want realism.

We hand key everything, its not supposed to be flawlessly realistic but as close as we can get

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I'm pretty new to 3D and this is my first "big project" in blender, a small part of a city inspired by Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

I'm still learning how to render scenes better, so I would like some tips on it, I'm currently planning to have street with red-ish lights, and tall buildings with blue ones to have some contrast.

Also, I'd like some opinions on it.
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Maybe a light night sky to cut out the skyscraper.
File: nightlightskypng.png (716KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You mean something like this? It looks nice
this looks like blender internal

why would you use blender internal

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i'm making modular assets with tileable textures. the thing is i make textures in substance painter and when i'm done they are not tiling properly. for example this asset. i highlighted the edges that i want to tile seamlesly. how do i make them tile properly?
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manually map the texture on the uv-map
use photoshop to make the texture seamless on the edges
this is basic stuff drop substance painter
Yeah, a painting program, such as Substance or 3DCoat, wont do. You're looking at some careful manual work here.

Or you could hide the seam with some other geometry, such as a bump along the seam line of the same concrete material as in your existing picture, while making it look like it's supposed to be there anyway.

Or... but as a Max user I dont know how to do this in Blender... you could use two maps for the model, one is for your tiling bricks and one is for your more unique parts like edging and wooden bits. Then you assign them to different map-channels and then you can map them separately; detailed bits in a detailed manner, and the bulk bits using some bulk method, such as box mapping; and they wont be affecting or ruining each other in this way. You would apply this same box mapping to the whole building, then you'd lose all the seams on flatter areas but you'd gain some seams on the sharp edges (this is, to me, preferable). Buildings are angular and sitting nicely on a grid, it'll possibly look fine enough for you.

just use two materials if you don't want to tweak your UVs.

Use one material for bricks and another one for other parts.

The brick part should cover whole area, use snap to grid to align corner vertices. That way it will tile. Check with proper checker texture before applying something else.

If you must use one texture for everything, then watch some substance videos on texture atlas creation.

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fox 3dsmax.png
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i am trying to make an origami folding animation but i am having trouble due to the very small amount of polygons and vertices.
i tried bones,but could not get it to work
tried selecting the vertices and rotating along along an edge but it deformed it.
i feel like this should be easier
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i'd assume you'll have to use subds or nurbs
i have tried using the bend modifier but i am still not getting a clean enough fold
so you are saying i need more polygons just so that i can fold it?

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I'm planing on making plastic crap to see in my city, like some action figures of the NT soccer team and making some basic action figure of each national soccer club.

Any guy here who works in manufacturing can explain the process?

Let's say I make the model on zbrush, what then?

how do I take it to something I can produce in mass scale?
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ask /diy/
they just told me to come here.
check /diy/ archives

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>hey bro I didn't go to class last week. do you know how to do this assignment? it says I need to edit the poly. what the fuck is that?

>man fuck this teacher. what a fucking idiot. he doesn't know how to teach and we don't even need to learn this program for anything!
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Don't worry bro. I'll do that task for you.
Only for $199 :^)
mfw when my entire class is like this
normies everywhere

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Looking for some constructive crit, dont be too harsh..

obviously a wip
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its nice
but what is it
its just a bunch of cylinders. Literally looks like a windpipe. Very little skill demonstrated besides bash together, mirror, chrome shader
File: 012.jpg (219KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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its the beginning of a robot


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I saw this old computer animated short from around 2007 ish (on YouTube) that I just can't find anywhere. It's about an old man who receives a box in the mail that contains a the city he lives next to, and is able to manipulate what happens to it by dropping a ball on it among other things. He then plants it next to some flowers towards the end. Please, does anyone know what it's called?
The old guy, along with the short, looks like pic related.
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Geris game faggot
>i can't be arsed to read the post i'm replying to
also no idea
>He then plants it next to some flowers towards the end

Was it 'Delivery' ?

Hi /3/,
I saw pic related the other day and started wondering is it enough if you have a mouse with a lot of buttons and different functions assigned to them or a Wacom is the way to go?
I know Wacom is used for sculpting and sketching and shit but is it a good tool while modeling?
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>modeling with a pen
are you daft?
Tools don't make the artist. Honestly, Michelangelo could sculpt the same things with a scapel ducttaped to his dick.

Sculptor here. Tried modeling with a pen, it's shite. This is why I do low poly in Zbrush now.

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RWBY 08.gif
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I see lots of people shitting on 3DCG animated series like FF7 advent children and RWBY, but I've always thought 3DCG looked really nice. What are your favorite 3DCG movies?
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I still can't forget the Final Fantasy movie I saw in 2001. It was like the first realistic CGI movie I saw. Thinking back I think it might be what inspired me to start 3D.
Appleseed alpha was pretty dank visually

btw rwby is pure shit.
Watched many of them as reference studying what's being done and how. Not come across one that I actually enjoyed as a movie.
They are like these long cutscenes from a game with semi shitty (to very shitty) plots and cheesy staging and dialogue.

RWBY is of course cringe tier 'western-weeb' derivative of the worst kind of anime.
It's what happens when someone who lacks references from outside manga/anime attempts to tell a story.

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Hi, I just got into 3D modelling about a month ago and I'm really loving it. This is my most recent project. What do you think /3/?

What is some advice you could give for somebody who just started modelling? What would've been something you'd wish you'd knew?
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find your endgame soon as possible

if your purpose is too make high quality renderings, you are gonna spend alot of time figuring out rendering because its like a different field of expertise
if you want to model for games (real-time) then rendering shouldn't concern you
Well if you just started this isn't a bad start.
The model could use some smoothing though. Look up subdivisions and know when and where to use them appropriately. Pretty much every 3D software out there allows a mesh to be subdivided procedurally (some just simply call it "smoothing"), so learn where it is on your preferred software.

If you're going to be a good 3D artist then you better read up on rendering jargon and thoroughly perform render tests on your own time. You'll never stop learning about this. Renderers are constantly being improved, updated, and even replaced by newcomers. The Corona renderer for instance was irrelevant as fuck 2 years ago but I'm noticing more and more artists using it.

Something I wish I knew early on: 3D rendering and photography have strong correlation.
>I just got into 3D modelling about a month ago
You certainly have done pretty well.

I agree with the two posters above. Some ares do need smoothing.
But I have a feeling that you are after a Photo-realistic effect - Just out of Interest are you using Blender and cycles? . . . .If so . . . .play with the render settings (the default settings are not that hot)

I often test renderings by going into Camera view and using a small box section to perform a test render.
>[0] on numeral keypad
>[CTRL B] draw your camera area
This enables you to render sections of your stuff in super quick time, in order to get an idea.

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Aspiring CG artist and Game Developer

I've had some experience in Blender. My friend wants me to make him some models however I'm not very good at moddeling.
Should I keep with blender or is there any other free software that's Blender-tier or higher? Also Any paid software to strive for in the long-run

pic semi-related result of me following a blender tutorial
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blender is perfect for gamedev
Blender is all you need, just follow tutorials until you can do it on your own.
Good to know

Ok, any reccomended tutorials for actually learning techniques rather than making specific things or just learn techniques from making things?

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I've always wondered what people from 4chan think ablout dat kind of stuff:
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particle systems
Usually made by people how don't know what they're doing and still want to show off "something cool"
it is cool tho

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