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What program do you use for viewing your BVH mocap files?
Every one i've tried kind of sucks, like no support for quickly browsing through tons of files in one directory.
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Pixar doesn't use mocap.

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Hi chan. What is this for? What is the purpose of Adobe Fuse? What it can do, what for is the good idea to choose Fuse for what exactly is this all? Is that somehow related (or compatible) with Unity or Unreal Engine? Or Cinema 4D or Blender or what? Thank you.
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It used to be Mixamo fuse. Its just a set of premade characters that you can use sliders to customize. You can also import ur own character and use the programs autorigging software which is great if you cant rig. Adobe has fucked it up a bit now with the cloud bullshit. If you can make ur own characters and rig it's not really worthwhile.
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Use DAZ Studio instead, it's free and there is a huge market for figures and other models - or simply create your own when you are not a total fegget

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Can someone share them?
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my penis tho
Sure, they are available on his patreon.
Not OP but back when I supported him, his downloading methods were a fucking mess. I had to dig through a bunch of fucking emails and a poorly formatted content blog to find passwords to get through like 3 layers of security. Plus he changes the way you do it like every other month. That guy really needs to get his shit together. There's plenty of ways to set up a secure enough file depot. Going through all that when there's literally nothing stopping me from just unpacking and re-packing all of his models and re-uploading them somewhere is waste of effort for him and me.

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Show me your models
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>no texture
you fucking primitive
It's funny because it IS a primitive!

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Do people generally use zspheres? I'm new to Zbrush and I'm having a hard time with them. Do I just need to get good or are people using other techniques for starting their sculpts?
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I like using Zspheres, but you can start from a sphere if you want

Dynamesh replaced zspheres. They are good for posing quadrupeds and other things like monsters though.
If you made that in your picture, don't forget to add shoulder and hip joints. One more in the neck would help too I think.

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>not 60 fps
ya blew it
All I can say is that was ass.
not was okay it was

that feel when you create a low poly model and in the game engine it turns out to be too low poly ;_;
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That feel when you load up your game files and use all 16GB of RAM

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hi /3/
that project optical recommend?
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very yes is nice, recommended of the
I speak random, I'll translate OP for you:

> Hi guys I am Op. I'm looking for a way to create this famous light scattering effect in a 3D render.
> do you guys have any tip of how to go about recreating this 'Pink Floyd prism' type effect?
> Plz excuse my bad English, I'm from Asia. P/3/ACE N-words!
caustics in vray or arnold

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Why this Piece of S[spoiler]hit[/spoiler]oftware got the most [spoiler]Porn[/spoiler] community Compared to Blender & Maya ?
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Because of the early valve models that were ready to go. People also imported the Gmod nude models and they could be easily animated.

Also, easy as fuck to learn, good interface, a bunch of premade valve assets that could be used for scene building and basically whatever they liked.
(I don't animate porn though.)
No, I think the reason is just that gabenfags are autistic and don't even consider using proper animation software.

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Guys I'm building a workstation comp for 3d applications, do you guys think this is a good deal?


It seems a lot cheaper than just buying a mobo for the dual xeons. I'm on a i5-2500k atm and its killing me with its slowness.
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hahaha, fuck that expensive shit, just buy an fx8320 or fx8350 with a good water cooling

just checked the link
>dual cpu
>second hand
you must be fucking joking, actually
First, the cpu is used to do calculations on the meshes, that means, translation, rotation, scaling, modifiers, booleans, cutting, sculpting, everything like that is done on the cpu, depending on the software, some have multi-core cpu support, some don't.
For anything, except moving around millions of polys, super expensive modifiers and booleans and giant fluid simulations you don't need more than 1 8core cpu. So, unless you're gonna kitbash a 60+ million poly robot/spaceship/whatever, scult at 10 levels of subdiv or simulate the splitting of the red sea or the collective farts of the human race you don't need more than 1 8core amd fx8320/fx8350 with good water cooling.

Second, the gpu. Even if you have 10 million cpus under your belt, you won't be able to display that much information. If you don't have a modern gpu, those 10 million polys/smoke whatever, you're not gonna be able to display them even if you turn on all the magical pixies like vbos, backface culling, hardware instancing, etc. So, if you're on a budget, don't buy anything and just fuck off. You should've said what kind of modelling you want to do? Low-poly, faux-poly, game models, short animations, advertising, sculpting, retopology, vfx, exterior, interior, product visualization, environments, simulations, cad, model painting, texturing, what?
I have a GTX 970 and I'd be using it for simulations and rendering animations using Vray.
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Also I have an i5-2500k and I get a score of about 450 in Cinebench R15 on Multi-Threaded tests...Why would I spend fucking $600 on a new mobo / cpu getting the FX-8350 to give me a yeild of +190 score on multi-threaded rendering. Thats actually retarded...

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Hey guys, what is the best way to bake normals in your opinion?
I usually use maya, but they often turn out very messy and I just end up having to do trial and error until I get something decent.
[Pic related, its me when normals look like shit.]
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Best way to bake normals is not to bake normals.
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laughing whores.png
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>He still bakes his normals
>He doesn't microtessellate everything

NoRAMs pls go.
Not op here, I just started blender(modeling) and was going to bake normals... whats the best option?

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What do you think, /3/?
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nice - very
I came from /agdg/
is this cinema4d?

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Why is this happening? Maya 2016
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what have you tried, kid
there's ur problem

b-but muh EXT 2

I finally did the switch and switched from Source FIlmmaker and just got myself the Maya LT+Stingray bundle from Steam. I'm also getting "Learning Autodesk Maya 2016" DVD from O'Reilly, seeing as I own a few programming books from O'Reilly

What should I expect? How hard it would be for me to familiarize myself with Maya? Have I fucked up?
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>Maya LT+Stingray bundle from Steam
you goofed.
Shit, I was afraid of that
How hard?
I know that it doesn't have some features that full Maya does but that's what I can afford monthly
that's a great choice in my opinion
everyone uses maya,and stingray is cool too

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Circles 12.png
528KB, 3200x2560px
If you need help with Blender ask me! I'll try to help.
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Do you know any support groups for molestation victims ?
What the heck? nvm
look before you post fucktard

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