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how does it feel to know that Brech, a prominent blender developer who introduced Cycle now works for Autodesk?
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I use superior Luxrender so I don't give a shit.
he has no morals.

Your toughts on Render Man?
I've been playigng around with it for a bit and things look prety good, but they always have a "cartoony" feeling to them.
Have you tried it?
Is it worth learning?
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2slow, hideous maya
also, hideous blendurrrr
Is it slower than V-Ray?
Whatdya mean by "hideous"? Are maya and blender bad or...

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subj. any info?
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down for me too
fucking poorfags
you don't stay rich by spending ;)

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any quick hint to recreate this effect?
i'm using c4d

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deformer, push letter through plane thats textured with stripes. animate it. render it
im having trouble with that. i have the surface deformer on my plane and align the letter somewhere within the plane but the result is just some weird shape.
would you mind sharing the steps a bit more specific?
Maybe try displacement.

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Sup 3,

I unfortunately had to edit a lot of frames (png) to make an animation in PS and now I'm stuck w .psd and the gif conversion is garbage...

has anyone successfully worked around issues with .psd to .gif conversion or getting the video render to work or converting to .avi, .mp4, .wmv?

I will suck your dick for a thousand afterlives.
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get after effects jesus christ
torrent safe?
yeah just cgpeers the latest After Effects CC 2015 or something like that

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is there a way to rotate pipes like that in blender? there is bend modifier but any easier way ?
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create cylinder, delete cap, duplicate, rotate, merge, bridge. Works in max/maya; should work in Blender.
nurbs curve

you can even choose how many polygons you get in each pipe with few clicks
thanks! ill try that

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So I picked this up on a whim. I've got like 2-3 hours worth of experience.
Constructive criticism please?
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Also this one
Yeah, people are going to think you're an idiot if they find that your design isn't functional from a glance.
It's basic but fine.
Although I suspect it took you longer than 2-3 hours.

I don't know what software you used but it looks a bit cheap and tacky.

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I need to draw this shape in Autodesk Inventor but the only measurement given is 20mm. How do I do this?
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Print it, caculate the dimension ratio and measure the rest ?

Sounds like a homework and you're not ready for that class if you ask questions like these.

Import image.
Scale image.
Make box.
Cut extrude whatever.
does inventor have a /measure tool? Just create that shape then scale it /snap to the measurement shape.

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Stumbled upon this on the Unity forums.

How useful is this information?
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Not very, especially since we can't see what's faster than Vector3.Lookat() in Update.

I figure they're talking about removing the rotational component from the ModelView matrix in a vertex shader, which is actually explained here:

you can do that, but its fake billboarding and you wont ever get a smooth transition from billboarded to non billboarded
idk swap shaders

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I hope you like it.
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(Pic related, of course)
its lame
looks great, nice job

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Hey /3/,

Anyone have any good 3D or 2D ability that can turn this into a 3D/2D image?

I'm not asking for anything insanely detailed or anything that would take a long time.
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I'm just looking for something that has more texture and better color than this shitty Wikipedia image.

I don't know who drew this and thought this was okay.
The Atari Panther ended up becoming the Atari Jaguar.

So I assume a similar model texture/color would have been used.
>I want free stuff
>I don't value other people's time and effort

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Hi chan. Pls help me find zbrush v1.55 or earlier versions.
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> zbrush v1.55
what the fuck is your problem you sick son of a bitch
He gets off to old software, don't criticize other people's fetishes.
Unfortunately I threw away a zbrush 2 disk a while ago. Don't think the program got popular until 2 so it will be hard to find the beta version.

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I want to do a stop motion video. I have the free trial of Dragonframe, but it comes with watermark and the full software is too expensive (300$).

Do you know a good alternative? I have been looking a torrent or something for Dragonframe, but there is nothing.
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Dragonframe is pretty neat, but its not 3d and you don't need a software to make stop motion.
you fucking daft moron.
just use virtual dub, drag all the frames into it, set your framerate, render and you're done
Not /3/
However I will indulge your question

Step 1:
>Shoot with camera
Step 2:
>Get the frames into your PC
Step 3:
>Sequence the frames at whatever FPS you want using whatever video editing software you have or can get

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I need some software to create textures with bumpmaps, normalmaps etc. I'm using NeoTextureEdit but I wonder what you guys are using
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Substance Designer

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Does someone here on /3/ happens to have a rip of Automodeller Pro?
I've been looking for it for a lot of time now and I really want it.
I would buy it but the plugin is waay too expensive. Help.
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Seems half the threads posted on this board are people requesting torrents of programs.

Fuck off.
there should be a program request general thread

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