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So it's finally time for me to buy a new machine. I'm looking for a workstation laptop. Now, my focus is obviously 3D/CAD applications. Mainly 3Ds Max, Blender and Solidworks.

Here's my shortlist please help me decide:

Dell Precision 15 5000 (5510)

Dell Precision M4800 Mobile Workstation w/ NVIDIA Quadro K1100M with 2GB GDDR5 dedicated memory

Lenovo Thinkpad P50 w/ NVIDIA Quadro M2000M 4GB
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Should've seen this coming.

I already have a proper workstation. I want something portable as well that I can use when I travel. Freelancers don't get vacations.
>I'm looking for a workstation laptop. Now, my focus is obviously 3D/CAD applications. Mainly 3Ds Max, Blender and Solidworks.
>workstation meme

wait for pascal

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When you uvwrap a model like a tree do you want to flatten the wrap so it's as rectangle as possible or is it okay like this?
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you want to use at least 90% of your texture space
Use the Blender Questions Thread, also use follow acitve quad and make rectangles to this kind of things
Pelt flatten that shit.

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Hello, im student and i need a lot of textures of anything, wood, bricks, glass,steel,paper, etc.

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Real site.
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Google introduces.. Google!
Google it nigga
Interesting, thaks man

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Help needed ASAP.
Could some please create a google sketch up/CAD version of this product I have designed.

I'm hopeless at CAD. Any help greatly appreciated. Will pay back in the dankest memes.

I will post dimension as soon as someone offers their help. Thanks again. :)
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There are no dimensions dingo
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Here, sorry for the delay.
>Will pay back in the dankest memes.
you mean actual money right?
if not, don't expect anything.

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I've been modelling in blender but it's incredibly obnoxious to try to animate anything on my system .

I'm currently owning a laptop , an i7 2ghz, 8gbs of ram, a geforce 840m , and its really struggling to render.

Should i try to make animations in Unreal engine and record them or is there a better way?
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get a better computer.
that's a good computer, i don't see the problem

type in seach bar "msconfig" and remove any useless programs at startup
It took me 8 hours to render a 14 seconds animation 1080p . so not really...

This is always in the back of my mind, but I suppress it. Burned in the irises of my eyes are people modeling organic objects in Maya or Blender.

Tutorials that have thousands of views, but the person always doesn't know basic human form, anatomy, or proportion. In the comments are arguments about why Blender is good.

There's thousands of people this very moment doing organic by polymodeling.

Think about this; there are dozens of people making tutorials for how to make a person in Blender as you are reading this.

There are people who are box modeling humans in the WIP threads at this moment.

Why? That's the word that's been creeping in my mind. I feel physically affected by this, and some might even say "triggered".

Why is the epidemic growing?
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There is more tutorials on polymodelling because people tend to start with polymodelling and so that is what they know best.

I started with polymodelling as the sticky told me to start with polymodelling.

Also, its pretty hard how to get better at character art. Polymodelling is a lot easier than sculpting with decent anatomy.
Polymodelling is a lot easier than sculpting with decent anatomy.
no its not, its just that sculpting skills are different and its like learning a new thing.
polymodeling is slow
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I mean if you aren't good enough, what's wrong with making a base with poly modeling and then sculpting in the details?

For example this is my first sculpt of a human and my second sculpt overall and i wasn't happy with it at all.

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Noob question.
Need help with DAZ Studio.
For some reason, the light doesn't works how it should (left). And withnout touching anything, magically, it does (right)
Using Victoria 6 and Alchemy Chamber light with 3delight.
What can be the problem?
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look before you post fuck face.
>promoting generals on a half-dead board

Fuck off, retard.
Generals are cancer and especially dumb on a board that has threads literally from last year.
Also, they were never officially part of this site, so you can fuck right off to Reddit.
nice meme

i really need an extensive guide/tutorial about 3dmax studio.

i have to finish an interior design project and i have to do it using 3dmax, i was used to sketchup but the finality of the project is doing something photorealistic.
the CAD of the room is ready and i have all the measures and color of furniture, i have to 3d model and render the scene.
the final results should be something like the picture related.

any suggestion?
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>the finality of the project is doing something photorealistic.
are you implying that this render is ?

Sorry the ignorance but it's some days that I'd like to ask to some designer guys about the name of this kind of extrusion you can find in doors and windows and, in the classical architecture, even on the walls and ceilings?

Thank you :)
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crown molding?
the edgy wood


Hey everybody, i write here coz im desperate about getting some good stuff to learn how to make advance rigs on maya, im focus on ik fk switch, stretch n squash rig, so anyone who know were to find some fine tuts like lynda or digital tutors, i toke a look at cgpersia but, as always, all the linx are down,
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Hey guy please help!! i have some goods for exchange Richard Williams animator survival kit book, Pixars renderman essential training
Hey gurl, show some tiene tits, or nudes.. Thats the way you know it, remember we need your face too

Hi, I'm a digital painter who is exploring options for using 3d in my work as a base to get more accurate perspective and shadows etc. I'm learning vue and zbrush at the moment but I'm wondering what other tools I can use to make more realistic landscapes? Even the best work created in vue pretty much look like a more complex version of what you got in Bryce 3d in the early 90's.

Should I get custom high resolution tree models for use up close renders? The ones in vue are okay at a distance but look kinda crappy when close to the camera. Or should I ditch vue in favour of something else entirely? World machine seems pretty good for terrain though.
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>Or should I ditch vue in favour of something else entirely? World machine seems pretty good for terrain though.
world machine is great for distant landscapes
but if you want something unique you gonna have do it yourself and it won't be easy.
you can also download nature asset pack and compose something special
If you're using it for a base to paint over you don't need high res anything.
If you want vegetation for close ups, look into speed tree.

Any opinion on this ?
I'm searching for a similar software where I can do some 3D modeling from my drawings.
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>3d modeling from drawing
are you going to use the model in a 3d game or are you going to manipulate the model to do 2d animatioms?
3D game

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I'm currently living in Africa and want to get a work permit here so I can stay for another 5 years.
I've been intrigued bye 3DCG for a long time now and really want to start learning.

What is the best thing to start with? I'm qualified as a Graphic Designer so maybe that will help determine my path?
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Find a place that deal with 3DCG stuff
Make them give you an official invite to work there
Take that to the consulate
Make theme extend your Visa and take permit to work using your invitation from the cumpany
if you are a graphic designer, maybe try to look into animation and vfx. it gives slight advantage
I think it will be a bit hard to get a job proposal without having the actual skill (yet)

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What would be the best way to make pre-rendered backgrounds a la Final Fantasy VII
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make the render then decrease to pallete 256 colors
Render it out and save the image
A lot of post production.

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how do u know if your art is good?
should you take advice from only people better than you?
or should take advice from anyone looking at your art?
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You have to enter an in person competition and win
that's a good idea

Take it for granted that ur art is shit, I do.
You don't need advice, I go on artstation look at the best works and try and figure out what makes them better.

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