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This is why Mexico is better than everywhere else.

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But this place has every landscape imaginable.
Doesn't have rainforests.
Neither does Mexico

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I am scandinavian, but with a Russian name (Vadim). Is traveling to Poland this summer a bad idea? From what i have heard they fucking hate russians.
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Nobody gives a flying fuck. Russia hate is centered on the country as a whole, not on individual tourists.
I went to Poland with a bunch of Russian friends.

No problem what so ever , if anything some poles seemed only mildly miffed at non-Russian me (I'm from Saudi Arabia)
Just don't speak Russian to a drunk polak and you'll be fine. Also don't be black, big nono there

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I don't know whether this is the right place to ask but have any of you had phobias of flying and being in another country for long periods of time (2months-ish)? If so, how did you get over it?
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Oh, it's the daily anxiety bait thread.

When will OP get bored of making these threads?
It's my first time here actually. I thought this would be the best place to ask since everyone loves travelling here but it sucks that I can't get over it

Hi all, I would love peoples advice on a good quality waterproof travel bag to take that will survive different climates, not really extremes but it needs to be able to take a battering (traveling north America and Iceland) I have something like pic related in mind so I had have it in the carry on luggage at the airport
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Waterproof bags aren't necessary and they're not as versatile for a bunch of different climates. Get a water resistant bag instead and if you're walking into a massive typhoon or something then just put all your stuff into a garbage bag, tie it off, and put that in your backpack. It will be 100% waterproof.

My favorite versatile bag is the Kelty Redwing. I've used mine for more than 10 years of traveling, frequently to extreme climates.
Although I agree with >>1111976 If you're looking for a waterproof bag you can really throw around, look into Surplus Swiss army bags. I picked mine up for around $40 and haven't been disappointed yet. pic related.

I have a "water proof bag". I was so proud of it. I wasn't proud of it when my laptop got destroyed during a downpour in Florida.

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We've bought an ocean going catamaran and we're going to sail the world. Join us and see what retirement life is about
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How much did the boat cost? How did you learn? Where are you at? Where are you going?
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Hope you guys have a safe journey around the world.

Storms may be scary, but just buckle down and use your knowledge on boats and you will be fine. But with current boat tech, they're nothing more than a roller coaster ride.
>We got a boat
>Check out this cIick bait Iink spam and heIp us pay off this boat

“Don’t ever drink the coffee on the plane. Just don’t. There is a reason airplane coffee gets a bad rap. It isn’t made with bottled water, and let’s just say that the airplane’s potable water isn’t very desirable. The valves for cleaning out the lavatory waste and filling the clean water are very close to each other and sometimes serviced by the same guy…at the same time.”
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Old news are old.
Instead of promoting your shitty blog just link to the article or even better provide a screencap.
better read before you talk, the article is well linked , but if you read with your eyes closed i couldnt think of a possiblity that you can see that . thanks
fuck your blog...link directly bitch

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I'm going to Thailand for 3 months and I want to try to learn the language. I'll be staying in Chiang Mai.

I also am addicted to surfing the web and porn, and it contributes to my insomnia and general suckery. Unfortunately, my need to kick this habit takes priority over learning Thai.

How can I learn Thai without an internet connection? I have a solid 2 days left to download any listening I need onto an iPod and get all the books I need.
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I am not really sure if you need an internet connection for rosetta stone... but that seems to be the way to go. Good luck with the porn addiction thing, may I suggest a nice ladyboy to curb your addiction?

Rosetta Stone Thai is absolutely terrible.

My suggestion is Thai-language. They have recordings and a couple lessons. Some are pretty OK, some are useless.
good to know, are there any other Rosetta Stones that aren't worth the time to pirate.....I mean purchase legally?

Hi /trv/ and Uruguayans,

I will be heading this Summer to Uruguay in order to play in this year's Festival Panamericano de Ajedrez de la Juventud. I will be playing in the 18 and under male section.

What can you tell me about Uruguay? From what I've read about it online, it seems like a very pleasant place. I have been to Latin America before and I know some Spanish.

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oh shit, i didnt realize how slow this board was. guess I'll wait for a while.
Hey. Sure, what do you wanna know?

General places to visit in Montevideo are the Rambla (coast zone), the Centro (center of the city, main street is 18 de Julio) and Ciudad Vieja (old center of the city).

In Centro there's the Intendencia Municipal that has like a square where people go to play chess... I don't know what you are interested in to visit?

Also, the Panamericano is in July, right? So, winter here. It can be really windy but you can still walk around the city just fine.
Hey. How much crime is there in Montevideo? It should be much safer than a place like Rio de Janeiro right?

What foods should I try while in Uruguay?

Those are the only questions I have for now haha.

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is it dead?

seems to me like it's just shills and adds now

the more normie tourists used it, the less usefull it became for realtravelers^tm
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I'm still a fan for getting a quick overview of the major sites in places I know nothing about. Tripadvisor is usually my first stop to learn a few of the biggest things to do in a new place, although there's a lot more research that I do before I put feet on the ground there.
Does it matter? I feel like most people end up going to the same sites anyway. I'll always use it to look for attractions and take a quick glimpse at hotel ratings. It's still relevant for the most part. That and reading books, it more or less does the job.
not even once

Hello from Russia yблюдки !In this tred are you find out about Russia and russian people !
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I'm excited to go to Russia this summer but read here to not be American in Russia. Think it'll be cool if I'm American if I speak some Russian and know some Russian songs to sing?
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I am going there in August with my wife and her friend and husband.

>I am half native american, look like pic related only younger

Will I be singled out for being not white?

Also how far in advance can you book Sapsan tickets from Moscow to St. Petersburg?
I think 45 days in advance for train tickets. If you want to go to the Bolshoi theatre, book those in advance as well... with the current exchange rate it has never been cheaper.

It is not a problem to be American in Russia. I am a westerner living here (not American though) and everyone is usually pretty happy to meet me. Russian people do not act like the Russian government.

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So I'm planning a ski trip to Japan with a bunch of m8s from Australia and I've been wanting to plan the trip myself instead of going on one of those group tours.

Can anyone share experiences in DIY ski trips with regards to (doesn't have to be Japan)
- gear hire/mountain passes/
- bringing your own gear on the plane/baggage
- Photography/tech for capturing runs
- Accommodation (in or outside of the resort)/bookings
- Perfect time for powder
- Insurance

Feel free to share your favourite destinations/resorts/mountains as well.
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hey anon
so I did a trip from Aus to Jap a year ago with a bunch of my mates from Canada. We flew from Cairns into Sapporo (through Osaka) which was roughly $750 return with Jetstar (each obviously)
I ended up renting a campervan for the trip which turned out a lot cheaper than trying to organize hotels and constant transport for the 5 of us. I think it was about $2000 for 2 and a half weeks. So we drove to Niseko first which is always fucking epic. Can't recommend that place enough. The snow was great the whole time we were there (which was early Feb) and they had a snowstorm which gave us another meter of powder! Then we drove back to Sapporo and went for a shred at the local mountain (Teine) which actually turned out to be pretty epic off piste skiing.
I'd also recommend Asahidake, which gets some of THE best snow in the world. Unfortunately while we were there for a couple days the lift didn't open because (ironically) it was snowing too much! But we just hiked around the area and made some kickers and had a great time anyway.
We all brought our own gear which all fit in the bathroom of the campervan (couldn't use it during winter anyway) so it all worked out pretty cheap.
we also traveled to a few other small resorts around Hokkaido, but honestly they were all pretty crap. I'm sure there's other good shit out there but we just didn't have the best timing or plan..

If you're staying in Sapporo for any amount of time and you need somewhere cheap to stay, I'd check out the SOLE spa house. Its a brilliant male only bath house with sleeping pods, an amazing restaurant, lounge and spa for like $30 AUD a night each
Oh, and the best bar in town at the entrance where drinks are Y1000 for an hour (all you can drink for $10)
As for insurance, I normally go through World Nomads. They cover skiing and snowboarding abroad so you don't have to worry about any gnarly shit taking you out
And DEFINITELY get insurance on the campervan or rental if you go that way. The Japanese are extremely linear in thinking. Don't piss them off haha
But I wouldn't worry too much about learning the language. You'll anger them anyway because you're not Asian, but they're patient and generally can understand mimes quite well

What are some great non-touristy things to do when visiting California? I've been to Venice Beach, rode the rides on Santa Monica pier, and seen the Grand Canyon. While I'd do all these things again in a heartbeat, I'd like this trip to be a little different. I'll be in Long Beach for a week in August.
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slab city, if that's something you can like
Check out the Museum of Death
Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris on the far Eastern outskirts of LA.

They have all kinds of rail stuff on display, but their star attraction is their collection of LA-area streetcars, many of which are operational and do trips around the grounds.

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So I've been having daily suicidal thoughts for almost 2 years now, the economy is shit, i can't get a real job and am stuck working service industry jobs despite a Bach of IT and several certifications, I can't live like this anymore so I've decided to stop living like this...

I am half way through a TEFL course, and plan to slow travel my way through SE Asia and East Asia over the next few years teaching English, going to start with Vietnam, looking at Hanoi right now but not committed or anything, almost committed to Vietnam as my first "stop" for a year or more though, anybody here ever do any slow-traveling?
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Vietnam seems awesome indeed

There are some stories of pokerplayers who do "slow traveling"... it's in the twoplustwo forums if you wanna search
vietnam's cool but not Hanoi. Either Saigon if you like really big cities or look up some other place. Hanoi sucks (as do "communist" capitals in general)

Are you fucking kidding me?

Hanoi is amazing. I love the place. It's one of my favourite cities in the world. It has a ton of charm, amazing food, decent nightlife (if you can find it), and it's beautiful. It's a really quirky city. I'd love to live there.

>You use your own money and time to volunteer
>Time abroad should be spent travelling
>Volunteering in some shit-tier village is probably not very fun
>Living standards in the middle of nowhere is probably not very high
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It also gives those little shits an excuse that the
"at least are doing something about the world" mentality. These people need to fucking die
>You pay money to do a job for free that a local could do and be paid for.
>ego boosters
> paint a mural on a wall only for it to be whitewashed later for the next group of volunteers
Basically it's only done for personal gain and nothing more. People do it to feel better about themselves. They do it to fool themselves and others into pretending that they're helping the world. They do it because they think the world is a good place filled with good people. They do it for their careers, to pad their resumes and to impress employers with how worldly they are.

Many people are naive, especially in western countries where they haven't experienced hardships and don't understand how some people in the not so well off places will do anything to get ahead (like take the rich foreigners money and give them some menial volunteer task).

Hey guys, I am turning 21 on July 4th and wanted to visit japan for my 21st birthday some time during July is there anything fun or interested you think I should do? I am a bit of a stoner on weeb to give you some information about me.
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dont come to Japan...please
>im a bit of a stoner

wrong country for that
>on weeb

wrong country for that

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