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Ok guys, so the university I attend has great exchange programs, and I was wondering which place is better to stay for a longer time (around 1 year I suppose? Maybe 2) Seoul or Tokyo? Have you been to any of the places? Please share you experiences! (By the way, I would study Korean/Japanese in this period)

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What university can you choose in Tokyo and Seoul?
Tokyo by a country mile.
oh boy here come the weebs...

Hey /trv/, I want to move to Italy. I know the language proficient around to get around alone just fine. I know the culture, how the regions hate each other but only unite as a whole during football games, shit economy, etc. My question is, would the last part matter so much if I want to start my own food business over there? I am aware that Italians love kebab.
Yes I know /biz/ is a thing, but they just shitpost all the time. Thanks in advance
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In venice the government is trying to limit foreign food chains. They want to promote italian food instead.

You can do it somewhere else tho.
Biggest problem is corruption and a confussing badly constructed business system.
How did you learn the language? I'm trying to learn it
>In venice the government is trying to limit foreign food chains. They want to promote italian food instead.
Right. Florence is doing that as well.

Please, OP, no more kebab in Italy. We like it but we know where to go if we want kebab.

Recommendations for a solo traveler who wants to spend New Years abroad?
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I've heard the Kho Phangan full moon parties are good in thailand.
Where are you from originally anon? I've done new years abroad for the last two years, first in Budapest, then in Bangkok. Both were quite fun, with Bangkok being a bit crazier of the two.
I tried to go last year, think it was rained out.

I've never posted a video but I suppose if you guys are interested I can....once I figure out how to make a webm with sound.

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Thinking of booking a family holiday to Croatia for 20+ people. Anybody know any good villas or complex rentals? Also what is the cost of food and booze and general living in Croatia?
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Cost of living is pretty cheap, food and booze are cheap as hell as well, especially if you come from the west.
Prepare for the heat though, its 35+ Celsius here every day
basically this >>1286183

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Hello /trv/,

I work as a software dev and recently came across the opportunity to work remotely. I would like to move out of the UK and live somewhere in Europe. My budget is $2500 a month but I'l like to keep it to $2000.

What cities would you suggest? Here is what I would prefer:
>fast internet (required)
>hot weather
>relatively cheap (so not as expensive as cities as London)
>lots of stuff to do
>big bonus if near the beach

I've been looking at nomadlist.com and got Tenerife and Las Palmas in the Canary Islands as suggestions. Jeju Island was another suggestion if I want to move out of Europe.

Spain sounds perfect as the language is simple and it has a lot to do. Barcelona seems cool too.

Any remote workers that can offer tips or suggestions?

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Ronda, Spain.jpg
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I dont know about the Islands, but mainland Spain has some god awful internet connections

T: Expat, been living in Malaga, Valencia & Cadiz. Maybe Barcelona and Madrid might have decent connections,but elsewhere I have seen grossly overpriced and very slow connections for today's standards. I paid 40€ per month for the shit and download speed was 300 kb/s at MAX
>300 kb/s at MAX
that's dire
I've heard of the infamous slow internet speeds in Spain, nomadlist lists them as good though.
Spain really has horrible internet speed, same goes for Italy.
Romania has quite decent speeds here and there, has some beaches, nice mountains.
I would just go with the Netherlands desu. Shuttling between Haarlem and Zandvoort aan Zee.

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>go on tour bus with family
>random Chad joins our tour with 3 Stacies
>2 Stacies on his lap the whole tour cuddling
>annoying Chad keeps interrupting our guide with retarded humor
>everyone keeps laughing at Chads jokes
>Chad keeps annoyingly pointing out obvious landmarks
>Chad and tour guide end up chatting and I don't get learn any history
>Chad stops the bus every time to pose and have his Stacies take pic of him in front of a landmark
>camera is filled with Chad pics because he kept getting in front of me

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someone is jelly here
>tour bus
>study japanese for three years
>reach near fluency
>head to tokyo
>23 yr old kv
>slightly overweight but average looks
>hanging out in hostel lobby
>friendly chad asks what I'm doing there
>tell him about my language skills and my dream to visit japan
>explain i'm living my dream
>we talk about girls
>he tests my japanese on the clerk at the hostel
>holy shit bro you are a total pro!
>maybe it's going down, this guy would surely show me the ways of chad
>he asks me to go to a club where he supposed to meet some girl he met on tindr
>shows me her pic tells me he will ask her to bring a friend
>say fuck yeah
>asks me to converse with her in japanese on tindr
>i do it, get to agree to bring a friend
>show up at the club
>friend seems pretty nice, smiles a little
>chad and girl hit it off
>i impress them with my japanese skills
>talk to girls friend a bit
>she says she is going to the bathroom but will be right back
>chad asks me to translate some stuff right quick
>end up translating shitty pua banter for 30 minutes
>other girl is nowhere in sight
>keep translating but start to get pissed
>basically feel invisible at this point
>translating shitty conversation about how cool la is, how the rock has a cool smile, and how clean japan is
>start to lose my shit, just stop the convo and ask where the girl is
>whoa not cool man, cool off she'll be back
>i ask the japanese girl
>she shrugs and giggles
>maybe she is....so shy
>chad looks at me kind of funny
>hey uh....dude, we are going to take off, why don't you stay and wait for her friend
>wtf I just look at him kind of sad
>he grabs the girl by the arm and hands me his drink
>drink is a half full red bull and vodka
>pound it down and watch him march off with the girl
>he yells back at me while walking, SAYONAAAAARAAAAAA
>wait another 4 hours for her friend until the club shuts down
>go back to the hostel
>chad isn't there the next morning
>never see him again

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Im gonna be spending 2 days in Copenhagen next month. What places should I visit, food and drinks I should try? Tripadvisor only shows boring ass museums.
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Me: 30yo guy from Roskilde DK.
Why are you visiting? where are you from? age? budget? Social of antisocial?
Find a one night stand/ find a non-serious drunk GF?
See 1800-1900 culture?
See 800-1100 culture?
See small artificial important cultural landmarks?
See large architectural achievements?
See non-western ghettos?
The best thing about Denmark is the people, not oure material achievements. Danes are less cucked than germans and sweden-hens.
I'm a 22 year old male from Scotland.

Will be spending holidays with my longtime girlfriend.

Visiting because I've never been to Denmark.

Budget is not an issue. Obviously no yacht or limo rentals.

I mostly wanna meet people, taste good beers and food. Also interested in landmarks but no museums. Could be unique architecture or seaside view.

Also wanted to add that I'm very interested in good chill bars on/nearby the beach. It would be perfect if it had live bands playing.

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Post OC content only so people can't cheat.
Look for clues such as vegetation, architectural styles, and geology.
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Hong Kong?
File: IMG_20150523_173707.jpg (613KB, 2560x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi, /trv/.

This September, I’m road tripping from Minneapolis to the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State. Along the way, I’d like to take some time to enjoy some magnificent scenery in Montana, and possibly Idaho.

I’ll be renting a car in Mpls, and dropping it off in Seattle after the music thing. From there, I’m flying home. I may or may not bring camping gear, depending on what I decide and possibly, the advice I get here. If I don’t bring camping gear, I’ll just shell out for lodges and what not.

So, where would you stop. Would I be a fool to camp, or a fool to not camp? Specific hotels/motels/lodges/campgrounds that are not to be missed? If you have educated opinions, please sound off! Thank you.


As for time, I can hit the road as early as Saturday, September 9th. I have to be at the gorge on the Saturday the 16th for the event and am flying home on Monday, the 18th.

Apologies for the lengthy post.
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I've never been to either but what I can say is just keep a low profile. I know people who've went (to to glacier national park and other forests). People from those area like not having to deal with tourists.

Also I know Yellowstone does have areas in Montana and Idaho
How can they expect tourists not to visit Glacier National Park?

I'll definitely keep a low profile.
Polte bump.

I've got to start planning this trip soon, and I'd love /trv's/ advice, opinions and stories.

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There's So Many Places to Go Edition

I found this on (You)Tube:

I might post some interesting train routes later this week. I'd like some feedback on them. They're based on the Yellow River, Yangtze River and the Pearl River, respectively.
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>To China
Better to go to Taiwan instead

>less pollution
>food trustworthy
>people are civilised and polite and don't spit/piss/shit on the street
>people don't try to steal/compete with/cheat you in every single interaction
>people don't stare at you
>museums are not 100% communist propaganda
>Chineseness has not been permanently ruined and perverted by communism
Which parts of China are less explored by Westerners? Where can you get that RealTraveller™ feeling?

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Would you rather travel from Vienna to Prague via train, or just fly?

Also Austria and Czech general thread.
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I'd rather take the bus, cheaper
Is there a Yurop equivalent of Greyhound?
Not Vienna, but I took a shuttle bus from Salzburg to Prague. Very cheap and I recommend it.

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/bkkg/ Bangkok general

>What are your plans for this weekend?
>Any recommended places (clubs&bars) to go at night?
>Where do you usually get your thai girls?
>Have you ever fucked any farang girl? Where do you get them?

Experiences are welcome
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Bangkok is shit
bump, Im in bangkok and I dont know where to go too
That's because you went to a city that completely sucks. Think a little harder, the next time.

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>Is dehli belly (travelers diarrhea) really unavoidable in India?

I've traveled to many third world countries and has zero problems with this, However people make it out to be unavoidable in India.
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I don't know why India would be different than anywhere else.
It is avoidable. Just don't eat anywhere that is quiet, because the curry sits there for hours and bad bacteria grows. If you go somewhere thats busy the curry is constantly being freshly made so its hot and therefore safe.

When i was there I met a girl that had been there for 7 months and had yet to get delhi belly. I fell kill after 3 weeks and it took me out for a couple of days.

India is just uniquely filithy and it is very common for travellers to fall ill at some point.

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Tell me your best/worst stories about the people you guys have met in hostels
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I don't have stories, but I thought of two people... There was this woman from Xi'an in a Shenzhen hostel who could not even say hi in English, still flooded me with very useful information, took me out for meals, and was genuinely curious about where I was from. (I feel sorry for all the random others whom she basically kidnapped to be our translators. lol) She was just unstoppable and infinitely kind.

And then there's the Maori guy who ended up in a smaller Berlin dorm with me... That snore shook the whole room, and it was a sturdy one. He was constantly sleeping and snoring loud as hell. The sight was interesing, too, he totally filled up a bottom bed, his stomach was so large that it looked like as if it was about to touch the upper bed with each snore. My earplugs were of no use, and I didn't have noise cancelling headphones.

I think I'm quite lucky when it comes to hostels.

No truly terrible experiences with travelers but I'd avoid snuffel hostel in bruges if you arent a hardcore smoker / partier.

If you arent a tobacco smoker or don't enjoy the fragrance of dozens of chainsmoking 20-somethings smoking cigarettes in their rooms / courtyard it isn't a big deal. Rooms arent ventilated at all though so smoke stinks up the rooms and all of your belongings etc.

I got high with a russian / brit in amsterdam that I met from a hostel there though and had a pretty good time. Most travelers are quite nice.

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Has /trv/ been to Johannesburg? I've been trying to verify what's claimed in pic related and I'm having a hard time, can anyone here weigh in?
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Seems legit
I have been to J'berg in '15, there are actual ghouls in the city centre. I saw one tourist get caught, they dragged him into a dark doorway, I'll never forget his screams of horror.
Thanks for the story, my aunt is a white woman from SA. She and my uncle go there every few months, but they live in a gated community. I'd like to go there as an european individual solo tourist, is it even possible to come back home alive?

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