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Tell me everything about visiting colombia as a white american/western.
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I went to Colombia on a whim back in 2015.

Went on SkyScanner, saw a cheap fare from Bogota, and booked it on short notice.

Absolutely loved the place. I spent a month there. Didn't see much beyond Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, and Santa Marta/Minca, but I'd love to go back again.

Very friendly and fun locals, nice nature, and incredibly affordable.

I'm not going to write more than that unless you ask more specific questions. You shouldn't expect /trv/ to be your personal LonelyPlanet or some shit.

very similair experience with me except i went in 2016 and instead of Santa Marta/Minca, i did Solento.

about how much did you spend in that 1 month? USD? I'm looking at medillin because they say its cheaper than bogota

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In Amsterdam right now, going to the other 2 after. I'll mostly be hitting up museums but would love some cool recommendations.

Restaurants, bars and place I can't miss would be much appreciated.

Also should I see a windmill?
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Been in Prague for 5 months, NEVER NEVER
-NEVER CHANGE MONEY IN EXCHANGE OFFICE (use ATM machines from big banks UniCredit, etc. and select withdraw without conversation)
-NEVER TAKE A TAXI (take uber)

-I you have the money around 30€ brasileiro
-best burgers are in Meat and Greed
-trdelnik is overpriced and not czech

Ask me more if u want :)
are english teachers in prague looked down upon by locals?
Universally true.

Universally true.

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I'm going to be in Bali in early September. Anyone want to meet-up for a drink?
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If you're still there in the first week of November I will.
Nah, I'm just there early Sept
But I will be in Denver in the beginning of September, anon. :(

How do you get cheap flights to places like SEA? From NY to Vietnam is a 30 hour flight that costs a lot it seems. Do you just book ahead or are there deals you can take advantage of? I have no idea how flight stuff works
>t. someone who's only flown from NYC to DC with his high school
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I fly from D.C. (4 hour drive for me) and so far I have flown round trip to the following places for under $600. Not sure if that's your idea of cheap but for me it's very cheap

>New Delhi

Just take a little time, flying from NYC should be even cheaper.
18 out of 237 men survived Magellan's voyage, and it took them three years.
Put the price in perspective, you cosmic jew.

But to answer your question, it depends largely on the time of year. Anything between 600-800 USD is pretty good for SEA. I use Momondo.com.
Follow the 3-3 rule:
Always book either 3 months in advance, or if that window passes you by
Always book 3 days in advance.

Are tourists allowed to buy recreational weed in Massachusetts?
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Dispensaries arent a thing yet. It's legally a grey area, you can possess it, but if cops see you buying it on the street theyre probably going to look the other way. Smoking it in the street might get you arrested though.
Keep it chill and ignorable for both the cops and residents and you'll be fine.
Dude... *Seth Rogan laugh* WEED LMAAO

Grow up.
tldr: while legal, legal channels of distribution havent been established. so have fun but be discrete and still think of it as illegal. Even if it's technically legalized.
Adults are talking you memespouting /tv dork.

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I need some help.
I'm Western European and it's my first time going to the Baltics.
What can I do to make sure I don't get killed or mugged/anything like that? I'm also 18. Any sort of advice would be appreciated, literally any.
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I visited Liepaja and Riga last year when I was 18. I do not think Latvia is a dangerous place but to be extra sure standard things apply
-be wary of pickpockets/scams/overpriced places near tourist areas
-don't walk in unlit/sketchy areas at night alone or get very drunk

I however did walk around the market and area near the Stalin skyscraper alone at night drunk and all I was asked was for cigs/a light by russians. You will be fine. I recommend the market and the Uzbek bakery there.
I say be wary as to just think critically not that it is a given you will get scammed
Pretty much what >>1286198 posted.
By adhering to "don't hang out in sketchy areas at night" rule and generally using common sense I've lived in Latvia for 30 years without being mugged, pickpocketed or scammed. And believe me, crime rate in the 90's was way higher than now.

Okay, /trv/ by circumstances out of my control I've ended up in Nuuk for a day. What do?

I'm not an outdoors type and I like naked ladies.
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Suicide is a pretty popular local pastime I believe
I have no useful input.

How did you end up there?

Please do report back on how it was.
no idea. side question, is there tourism in Greenland? I heard it's a very inaccessible country so even leaving Nuuk would be difficult. I'd imagine there's lots of wolves and bears outside of the capital so that might make camping unpleasant.

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Hey /trv/,

I will be traveling to Honolulu in September for a week with friends.
Will be staying solely in Oahu.
What are the must see places?
What should I avoid?
Where can I surf and rent boards, I'm a beginner.
Already have accommodation, what are good spots to eat, drink that don't cost my left kidney?
Thank you in advance
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Go to North Shore, do a bunch of hikes, check out other beaches besides Waikiki, check out the Battleship and USS Arizona memorial, etc. There's a million places in Waikiki that offer surf lessons and board rentals. I would start there because south shore has good beginner waves. Avoid dumb tourist traps like the Dole Plantation and sketchy parts of town like Kalihi and Wainae. If you want cheaper food eat anywhere that's not in Waikiki. Chinatown has some decent bars that don't have Waikiki prices.
Visit Chinatown for awesome, cheap food and a cool experience. You can find authentic Pho and Chinese food, plus all kinds of fucked up fruits and veggies at the markets.
Do as much hiking as you possibly can.
Diamond Head Hike,Hanauma Bay & Lanikai Beach on the eastern shore are all must sees.As is Pearl Harbour and the North Shore.

If you're staying in Waikiki go check out the world's smallest stripclub Hawaii By Night. Otherwise Waikiki is uniformly expensive even the grocery stores are steep. But it all feels very safe although Hawaii has a lot of bums and i don't mean beach bums but actually homeless scum begging on every corner in Waikiki.

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So it looks like I will be packing liquids on my next trip, so now I have to follow the 3-1-1 rule. On the surface it seems simple enough, but I just had to be autistic about it and overthink it. So I'm here to ask some autistic questions.

>bag must be 1 quart (946ml)
Apparently some people have been able to get away with using an unmarked zip-lock bag. How are the airport security agents able to tell that it's one quart? If the contents need to clearly identify their volume, why would it not apply to the bag that's holding them? I'm worried that I'll end up grabbing a random zip-lock from my kitchen that vaguely resembles a quart, and then being told at the airport that it looks "a little too big."
Can I use a *smaller* bag if I wanted to (like a pint, for example)? Most everyone says the bag must be a quart, but no one has ever specified if it can be smaller.

>Liquids must be in containers that are marked as 3.4oz (100ml) or less
What if a product I happen to be bringing is in liquid form, but doesn't have its volume printed anywhere? I have a few items that display the weight in grams, but has jack shit for fluid ounces or millilitres.
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Dude, I don't even pay attention to that shit anymore. I get a bag that says 1 quart, throw a couple things in there that are liquidy like shampoo or whatever, forget that it's even in my luggage and don't take it out, forget a half-full water bottle in my bag usually, leave the full-size toothpaste tube and deodorant stick in my bag, and I never have problems. I just move right along.
honestly, the worst that can happen is they ask you to throw it out at security.

i have never experienced any security which has gotten specific over liquids. They do not have time to check everyones liquids and nor do they have time to complete 'random' checks of it.

Just take a few bottles in an average sized ziplock and you will be fine. They will not check for volume on the packaging.

have a nice trip OP

once you go through security, you'll understand how relatively relaxed it is apart from sharps/drug trafficking/explosives

also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LDzOi1dyAA
they are gonna make you toss anything more than 250ml and they are gonna stop you and make you search your pack if it's in your bag. anything else they don't care.

Taking the plane tommorow to Singapore and i will visit SE asia.
Any thing i should check out / do in Singapore ?
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What are you into?

The laser show at 8 and 9pm is kinda cool.
Go to the Four Floors of Whores. Pretty wild experience, especially if the Girl Next Door is still open right by the food court.
Food in Little India is great, stuff you face until you can't walk

Gonna be traveling out of the country for a couple weeks for the first time this month and I was looking for something that can easily keep everything on me (Money, Coin, Passport, Cards, ID) so I don't have to worry about where anything is but also not so bulky to where I can't even fit it in a pocket. Was wondering if you guys use anything like this and had recommendations?
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this is pretty good

lol nerds
All I will say is, don't go out of your way to look for RFID protection. If it happens to come with that feature built-in, cool. If it doesn't, don't sweat it.

1. RFID fraud isn't actually very common. RFID skimmers generally work off of a short range, and even then, the cost of the equipment is prohibitively expensive for small-time thieves. The criminals who can afford it generally won't even consider you a worthy target.
2. You can buy RFID protection sleeves for very cheap on eBay. If you're unbelievably cheap, you can even use aluminum foil.

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i hate where i live. where to go. can only speak english right now but will learn any language to get out of here. no big cities pls
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I gotchu senpai
I thought the colonial language of Madagascar was French.
Why don't you try making the place where you live a bit better?
With your attitude, how will you expect other places to be better? Now you're just running from things.

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I've seen a lot of threads here about teaching English, but has anyone done the opposite? Gone to a language school to learn the local one? Was looking into doing it to get a visa for Russia.

Curious what experiences someone had, and whether it's worth paying for with so much free content online.
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Not all languages have free content and free content is rarely enough either way.

I went to a language school in Vietnam called VLS. Cheap, professional, and totally worth it. Couldn't have learned it on my own.
I would totally do a condensed 2-3 week language course if that was available. Most of these language courses that I've seen are 12+ weeks long. But I'd be willing to go on a longish holiday just to learn a language for a few hours in the mornings, then go and explore a given city and nearby countryside.

I guess I just described a study abroad program for non uni students.
>Gone to a language school to learn the local one?
Sure. I did it in Switzerland and had a great time.
A friend of mine went to learn English in Canada.
Language schools are fun. Just choose a good one to meet cool people and have fun. Make sure they do activities for students

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I'm here to ask if anyone here has been to thailand and knows how to set up an effective ground for electronics there in a hotel? I'm looking at finding what splitters, etc i can bring with since i've heard from sources that the splitters and surge protectors there are often terrible.
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no one knows how to ground things?
Curious historical web pages, the guy may or may not know about Thailand but he hasn't updated them to reflect modern electronics.

Explain what you are trying to do and maybe you will get sensible advice. The answer to the question as you have posed it, is "It depends"

Most electronic powered stuff nowadays is double insulated and thus does not need an earth and also universal voltage so will work on both 110V and 220/240V with no problem.

Hey trv,

The thing i love most about this board are the obscure sights and locations that people suggest on here.

>what strange location are you planning to visit?
I hope annons can get some new ideas of this threads.

For me
>planning to visit mauritania, ivoiry coast and afghanistan next year
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Well, I'm going back to Australia and New Zealand and I really want to visit a few of the Pacific Island nations. Definitely want to see Fiji but also want to go somewhere less visited. Right now have my sights set on New Caledonia but also Solomon Islands. I probably won't go to all of them but will keep an eye out on tickets for one or the other. I will also likely visit PNG and Timor Leste in the next year or so.
Obscure places I have concrete plans to visit within the next year are Abkhazia and mount Ararat.
In my dreams, I want to see the Bandiagara Escarpment and the Ennedi Plateau.

When are you going to Mauritania, OP? I'm planning on going this winter and I'll be looking for a travel buddy. I've been once before.
I am going to mauritania this winter, im going to drive there on my motor cycle, i live in the south of france, so it seems reachable

If you want you can come along

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