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How practical is it to bring a rolling suitcase to a hostel? I'm more used to higher end accommodations but I'm planning an upcoming trip to Japan and staying in a hotel every night is way too cost prohibitive even with all the reward points I've saved up. Usually when I travel I bring pic related and a Raden carry on suitcase. Is this acceptable or will the RealTravelers™ in my hostel make fun of me?
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Not very unless it has big lockers.
You'll fit in well with Koreans.
Thread of the Year award
These guys don't go to Japan, you pleb.

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Any Oregon experts about /trv/?

I need to move to Oregon for my work in astronomy and need low levels of light pollution

The area must be located close to one hour outside the hub I choose to live around - It needs to be within one hour' driving time for socialization, stocking up on food as well as medical needs, having to drive more than an hour for provisions isn't something I'm looking for

I figure I can drive an hour into town for whatever and drive an hour further from home for less light pollution and having to leave my residence might not be necessary at all depending on the light

Looking at a map, Bend (80k pop.) jumps out right away being so close to desolate lake county, what is life in Bend like for some in their 20's?

Klamath Falls (20k) seems like a big enough hub and still easy to escape into the wilderness within an hour

Any areas or sweet spots I'm missing?

Also desert isn't really my thing and I see there's a good chunk of it
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File: oregon-road-map.gif (302KB, 2800x1772px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry, here's a better map with roads and cities
Do you think if Russia were to nuclear strike the US, their first target would be portland?
You could go ask /pol/ and stop derailing my thread

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Hello friends, very soon a friend and I will be going to Nepal.

We'll be in Kathmandu for a few days and then Pokhara for another 2 or 3 then we're hitting the ABC trek.

What are some things we can do in Ktm/Pokhara?

All I have in mind in tea, maybe massages before the trek, and walking around.

We are considering renting motor bikes, are they relatively cheap still? Most things I see on the internet about Nepal is at least a few years old so I'm wondering how prices have changed if at all.
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When? I'll be in Kathmandu at the end of the month, then go trek Everest.
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Was in kathmandu this summer. It's a super hectic city and a complete mess in terms of construction and infrastructure. The roads are bad and the traffic is india tier.

Some interesting sights are the stubas, monkey temple and the area where they do the crematation by the river. Can't remember the name now. Thamel is a cool market area to walk around. Prepare for everyone trying to sell you stuff, especially after the earthquake when there isnt much tourism going on. Everyone will try to rip you off especially the taxis. Always negotiate the price before.

I really suggest doing a day trip to Phaktapur. It's about a 30 minute drive from Kathmandu. It's way more calm and more traditional.
There's a really interesting place called the Peacock shop. It's a shop owned by a carpenter guy and there's all kinds of wood sculptures and artwork. The owner also showed us around his house which is in the same building. A super friendly guy like most nepali people in general. There's also alot of pottery stuff in the city.

Food in nepal is great but be cautious. The hygeine there is bad. Don't drink the tap water. One of you getting sick at some point is highly possible but that's just how it goes. The momo's are really good.

>We are considering renting motor bikes
you might change your mind when you get there. The traffic is absolute chaos. Atleast in the cities.

Also prepare for cold weather in the mountains. It's kind of late to do the trekking in november-december but it's gonna be amazing for sure.
We'll be in Kathmandu the 24-26th.

Thanks for the suggestions, we definitely want to check out t he monkey temple.

Getting sick is a big worry, but perhaps I shouldn't fret too much over it.

I have plenty of /out/ gear so I am well equipped for the mountain cold.

Also, were things expensive while you were there? What were you spending per day?

Any of you guys do this? I'm doing my first long tour in january, biking from Atlanta to new Orleans. If I like it, I'll use a combination of wwoof and craigslist gigs to get all the way to the west coast. Share some of your own adventure stories.
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till RP.jpg
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I toured Iceland this may alone. Problem with touring Iceland alone is that you really are alone. Usually you go through cities and meet people everywhere but i felt really lonely at some points. Also I nearly quit because of an average 10m/s headwind for a week on the entire south coast. Holy shit I have never been as frustrated. You know when you think it's really fucking windy outside? That's average Icelandic wind. I was lucky with the weather, usually it rains a shitton in may there but I had had like five days of rain/snow in three weeks time. However I had a headwind or heavy sidewind (I realise now I was living seriously dangerous riding on roads without a shoulder struggling to stay upright because of sidewinds while huge trucks pass me by in 90km/h, sucking me in as they pass by) like 75% of the time. I mean it was an experience for sure and I don't regret doing it but man it didn't really feel like a vacation lol. If you ever wanna tour Iceland, do it in the summer, not early spring. It's way too windy and riding in -5 to +5 is literally the worst temperature range

Like I have no problems riding in rain or snow, but I just can't stand constant headwinds, it's not fun at all

That said I'm heading off to New Zealand with a friend in January. We're going to go around the south Island, all self supported with tents and a camp stove

What kind of route are you taking? I don't know much US geography.
That story is cool as fuck. Pic related is a rough estimate of the route I'm taking. I should definitely get the specifics down before I ride though. Don't wanna end up on huge roads with cars whizzing by the whole time.
Forgot pic

So heres the scoop, I need some personal insight from someone who has lived/lives in St. Louis. I will be moving here with limited resources ie. No Uhaul or car, just whatever baggage I can bring with me on the train. 21/M with decent food-service experience (dishwasher, cook, server, baker, meat cutter) all of which for more than a year. I figure with 4,000$ in my pocket I can find housing and income in at least a month. I'll need to be able to get to belleville IL occassionaly to visit my significant other, but I dont have car insurance so transportation will be somewhat of a hangup. Anyone with advice or anything please I feel like Im in over my head.
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I live on the outskirts of STL, it's a great city, just stay the fuck out of East STL. As for transportation, look up the metrolink. Goes right through belleville and all throughout Stl.
Will do friend!
You said stay away from the east side? Can you elaborate? Is it like the typical inner-city violence/drugs or what?
After a breif sweep of google I gathered that its pretty much typical inner-city garbage (drugs, whores, gangs, violence) this worries me, but more for my significant other who is in Belleville. Does it stay pretty specific to ESTL? Would I have problems living in the skyline city view apartments on 17th?

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what are some good summer party destinations in europe outside the famous one like ibiza and Barcelona, in which i can find work reasonably easy. if i can't it's fine i'll just visit for a short period of time, but i want to find a place where i can work for the duration of the summer with some mates

bonus round : has to be a sea-side destination
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Don't know if youre looking for a city destination but budapest is my favourite party city. Belgrade and prague are good too.

Berlin if you want something different from the usual clubbing.
i'm sure they're great since their capital cities, but i'm looking for a seaside beach destination. i'll look into those for some winter or autumn travels tho

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How do you guys deal with post holiday blues?

Depressed as fuck
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Drink and begin planning my next trip.
Try to take it as an additional motivation to make your life great again, as holiday blues is a good indicator you're doing something wrong
Start planning the next trip

Hey /trv/,

My grandpa passed recently, and in his will, he left me a substantial amount of money. He was a role model for me, so to honor and learn more about him and our heritage, I want to visit his home country, Prussia. Problem is, I can't seem to find airfare from our closest airport (Cincinnati, Ohio)... or from anywhere, for that matter.

What gives? Also, what to do once I get there? Does anyone know if they have a national heritage center or somewhere where I can look up stuff about my grandpa and our family?

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For the very, very slim chance that this isn't a b8 thread: try googling Prussia and look at the Wikipedia page

It's a b8 thread. The same exact thing was posted here 3 or 4 months ago.
former German state of Prussia is today part of Germany,Poland,Russia,Lithuania,Denmark,Belgium,Czech Republic or Switzerland

You can just start at Berlin. Also ask your family for the town or village your grandpa was born in. This information can usually be found in his birth certificate.

Anyone have any indonesia stories/experiences?

It was one of the coolest countries I've visited and when I get the travel itch, that's one of the countries I remember.

Mostly I just remember feeling like there was a sense of chaos and freedom in the country. It was the single most foreign place that wasn't dangerous that I've ever been and it's hard to wipe that from my mind.
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Lol wasn't dangerous? try going to poso in Sulawesi then. You'll get your fucking head cut off.
Any tips for a first-time SEA traveller who is not interested in sex tourism, drinking or partying? Any must-see places? Also, is the language easy?
well, I guess I made a very broad statement

some areas are undergoing religious conflict, but it's not a sort of omnipresent danger and constant threat on your life like half of the rest of the world

too broad of a question, guy

there are lots of must see places amongst half a billion people and a dozen countries.

the languages are generally moderately difficult, but there's also several hundred of them so it does depend

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Not sure this is the place to ask, but are these new full face snorkels any good?
I am heading to mexico for the winter and want to do a bunch of spear fishing and whatnot.
I always have a hard time with the old school ones and have a beard.
Anyone tried one?
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Try your luck on /out/ friend. Seems more appropriate and more people might know about this.

Just watched a couple of videos with this, seemed okay.
...or don't go spear fishing you fucking twat.
Have a cry, faggot

Hey /trv, after the results of this election and the immense amount of tension here in the USA, I'm thinking of taking another break from america and all of its shenanigans. It was my plan a few years ago to someday make a travel documentary and open peoples minds to the fact that there are good people in this world making a living in many different social and political situations. The basis for the documentary would be budget based unconventional travel, covering places where many people don't set foot because of stereotypes and negative premonition.

If you would have any interest in something of this nature, let me know. If you think it would be a waste of time, let me know. Looking for some feedback, connections, volunteers, or recommendations to help make this happen.
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ah, yes, a documentary by which a poor 18 year old prick can lecture us about his superior morality, which he learned on his budget trip to thailand to "totally not fuck hookers," and enlighten us about morality eating at budget canteens and taking the magical and esteemed "bus" which is so different and enlightening abroad

sounds like a great start buddy. see pic for your financing plan
fair play
No one cares what you think because you're monolingual, young, stupid, and poor. We don't care if you're stupid, but don't deign to lecture us as if we are the ignorant ones, I guarantee you half of the people to try to lecture are smarter than you.

You're not being "kind and open minded." You want to construct this docu from the core viewpoint that you hate half of the people in your own country and want to change their views, rather than starting from a viewpoint of genuine love for another culture. I already know you genuinely don't love other cultures, because if you did, you'd know exactly where you want to go, and already speak their language.

We see through you. Do some soul searching, and stop being a pompous dick.

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Hey well traveled friends! I am going to Amsterdam in a day and I have no clue what to eat drick or do please help!

Much love Anon
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Expect shitty wet cold clammy weather, visit a museum, try visiting some other cities like leiden, the Hague, Utrecht. Easily reached within an hour by train. Use the ns app to check train schedules, simple as fuck.
Don't blow your visit by smoking weed and couchlocking in some tourist trap coffeeshop.
If you're into the nightlife you can try anything from rustic bars to rave parties that last all night. Music festivals are plentiful, but it's not really the season for it anymore Museums are great, but don't bother with the sex museum or madame tussauds. Rijksmuseum is a safe bet, leiden has a weeb museum called sieboldhuis and the naturalis which has tons of fossils and plants. Lots more museums, if you have some kind of itch, there's a museum for it. Red light District is generally safe, but not that interesting and pretty pricey. Eat some stroopwafels and drop and try a kapsalon at the local kebab store.
Don't buy pre made joints, roll your own and if you can't roll then just buy the pre made cones and do it that way.
Buy your weed from Gray Area and don't fuck a prostitute with a blue light above the window or buy Coke from the Africans on the streets as it's probably white heroin
Enjoy your time in the dam
If it's your thing there's a smaller red light district along the canal East of the Albert Cuypmarkt.

Also, the best pizza I have ever had was at Mangiancora on Ferdinand Bolstraat in De Pijp.

Have fun though, I can't wait to go back to the Netherlands.

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Amerifat here, any recommendations to migrate to to leave this sinking ship of a country?
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Sail a hand-made raft to Cuba and claim political asylum.
Check whether you're eligible for any EU passport.

Only one of those two is a serious proposition, BTW.
Your very dumb. Trump wants nothing more than to bring Americans together and unite us in equality. All you want to do is continue to be ignorant and divisive, please leave we are better off without you.

Ps also please inform your ingorant lib friends and celebs who claimed they would leave to finally follow through with thier claims.

America will change for the better with or without you.
>Hillcucks in Europe

Nope we have enough of you nutters as it is. I suggest Canada.

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Can I visit Syria this summer? I want to see Damascus
I'm not asking if it's safe or not I'm asking if it's legally possible to travel to Damascus.
Also I wonder if any of you have been to Syria during the war for vacation not jihadist reasons.
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Yes, but when you get back (or should I say IF you get back) you'll end up on a lot of goverment watchlists.
>Also I wonder if any of you have been to Syria during the war for vacation not jihadist reasons

anon, no offense but this idea is absolutely retarded
The Syrian government promotes tourism to Tartus.

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I have been planning to spend the winter in Baja camping on the beach drinking horchata in my hippie van.
How can I even show my face down there now?
Will I be killed or burned out of my van?
Is everything really just going to stay the same?
I was literally packing yesterday ;_;
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There will be more banter that you could ever think possible, probably. And a lot of butthurt.

But that should be alright, people don't turn into murderers because of elections, c'mon.
God I hope you are right.
Thanks for being a voice of reason anon.
It's a tough day
You're gonna find assholes wherever you go in life. Don't sweat it.

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