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Gonna do an exchange term in one of these cities, which one is the coolest? I'm into photography, film, techno and music in general

San Diego, US
Leiden, Netherlands
Utrecht, Netherlands
Perth, Australia
York, UK
Brighton, UK

I wanted to go to Berlin but they only offered courses in german
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Where are you from?
just choose the one that's most different than where you live
Utrecht has the best techno out of those cities.
It definitely isn't fucking Perth lmao

Dear /trv/, I'm about to book my trip back to Germany, starting in NZ. I would like to get some feedback if my plan sounds alright or if I definitely should change things. I have time until June.

>departing from NZ in mid February
>one week Vanuatu, one week Fiji
>one month Vietnam
>one month Thailand and Cambodia
>one month Iran
>one month Jordan
>back to fucking Germany

I'd be in Thailand during the Songkran festival, but in Iran in the Ramadan period. I'm going to go to Vanuatu to visit a friend.

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Looks awesome. I wouldn't change a thing.
Maybe one month is a lot for Jordan? Idk but you could spend two weeks of that in Morocco or someplace.
Yeah Jordan would be my last destination and depending on how much time is left I'll decide whether I want to go to another place or not. Thanks!
Why Germany is fucking? I was actually planning to move there lol

Funny how one mans trash is another mans gold

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I am in Tampa Bay for another 4 days, what is there to do here?

I'd appreciate insight from local Floridians. Did you know that your state name means "Flowers".
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i assume youre here for thanksgiving. Not much to do normally and even less around then. I guess go to Naples, its pretty nice and a smaller vibe than the hood of tampa. thats all desu
Yes I've heard of Naples, before.
Isn't there some Cuban town or something in Tampa? Florida is pretty big a state though, might be time consuming to drive from town to town.

Might see that aquarium too.

Tampafag here, the place you're thinking of is called YBOR, if you're in Tampa I highly recommend going there. Basically where all the cuban or spanish people settled. Became hood central for awhile but now it's nice again. Good food and area to check out. If you want a sit down experience to the "columbia" restaurant. Buy yourself a cigar.

Aquarium is cool. Bush Gardens is also cool. Haven't been to MOSI in forever but it might be worth checking out but I'm pretty sure it's run down now. Lowry Park zoo is cool but I haven't been in years.

Dunedin is a cool place. St. Pete Beach is also a cool town. Check out Fort de Soto park.


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cambodia 2015.jpg
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Greets, /trv/:

As the OP of some earlier "themed photo" threads, that seemed to go over well, let's try again. (Previous threads included Wildlife, Religious Places or Ceremonies and Water Related.)

For this one: People you encountered traveling, please.

Personally, I am most interested in expressive faces, but post what you like as long as the focus is on the people. And maybe mention where you were in the post or pic title.

Siem Reap, for this one.

What you got?
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Aaaaaand I typoed the title. Nice.

Posting few to get us started, girl at train station near Tokyo.
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"Captain Crazy," Nine Mile, Jamaica. Sadly, I did not get a decent picture of him laughing, it was amazing.
Kuwait. Liberation Day shenanigans, as close to a Saturnalia as they get.

Last time I was there, silly string had been banned because young men were using it to cover the windshields of cars driven by young women so the girls would get out to clear it away, and they could talk to them. Also, apparently, cleaning up a few tons of silly string is not much fun the next day.

Is it considered poor form to get on a plane with diarrhea?
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I think it's considered more as a liquid form

Just smash down some loperamide or entero-stop

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"Not all those who wander are lost."
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I swear this quote has been painted on the walls of every hostel i've ever stayed at
I don't know why this trite quote annoys me so much, it IS true, and people without a sense of wanderlust don't really understand.

I still cringe when I see it though.

Probably because it's posted 1000 times a day by blonde headed girls on Instagram that have only ever been to party cities.

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What would Brussels be like during the third week of February?
Would it be worth visiting?
And if I were in the area for ~10 days, would it be worth visiting Amsterdam/Paris/other nearby cities?

I'm asking because there are a lot of cheap flights to Brussels and other surrounding cities (Amsterdam, Paris, Western Germany, etc.) from my hometown in February and it seems like it might be a good deal and non-touristy that time of the year.
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I guess I should add my main interests are museums, exploring (just by walking) around cities with my camera, and history in general.
Brussels kinda sucked. I mean yeah it has a couple of interesting museums i guess but you will absolutely need to be seeing other cities if you plan on being around for 10 days. 2 days TOPS in brussels, hell even 1 would cut it.
2 days Brussels is fine if you don't want to Rush and also have time to stroll around a bit. Pop to Bruges or Ghent with the train and I would suggest going to Amsterdam m, maybe visit antwerp on the way back to Brussels. That way you've seen a lot of Belgium and the trains are cheap and don't take long.

Hello /trv/! I've perused this board for some time now. Answering questions when I could. Now I have one.

I'm headed to San Diego in mid December for 4 nights. What can't I miss? Best restaurants or local dish? Any help would be great. Thanks.
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San Diego fag here, what kind of experience are you looking for? Casual? Typical touristy thing? More ethnic? Sight seeing? Food?
Spend a morning and afternoon walking around Balboa Park, hit up the museums you like, don't miss the Reuben H. Fleet in particular, Natural History and Museum of Man are pretty nice too, same with the Air and Space museum. After that hit the Zoo, it's right next to it. At night go to the Gaslamp. Next day you can visit Torrey Pines.
Don't forget, You must try an In N Out burger!
Order a cheeseburger with fries, its heavenly.

I live in the USA and have a relative who is an airline employee. She can get me very cheap flights to pretty much anywhere in the world (with the exception of Africa, Eastern Europe, most of Asia). I'm looking to travel in January/February and maybe live in a place/workaway for a bit. Where in the world would you go if you had the choice /trv/? Since it will be dead middle of winter here, somewhere warm would be preferred but it's not absolutely necessary. also i'm a mid-twenties male interested in music and the arts if that helps.
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this map is quite dumb
Of course it is, it's aupposed to be from the PoV of Ronnie Raygun, the worst president in history

According to who? Obviously some fucking retard. Its a stupid map.

Thailand's king died and a mourning period of one years was announced.

I read New Years celebrations were cancelled - does this mean Bangkok won't have any fireworks or countdowns this year?
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i read they are outlawing alcohol and stopping all tourism for a year
you read wrong.
Bumping for relevance, I'm going to Thailand in the July-August time frame.

How big of an issue will this be to me, in regards to >>1182836 ?

Going to Egypt in 24 hours. I land in Cairo and then i have 2 weeks to explore the country. I red most pro tips online like how to not get fucked over by locals and so on, maybe any one here has been there and can share some experiences? since taxis are scam i thinking of using Uber while in Cairo for couple days and then move on to something like Hurgada via buss to see the sea and chill for couple of days in a hotel.
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if I may piggyback off this thread,
I love Morocco. Would I like Egypt? More interested in nature and modern culture, less interested in ruins.
>More interested in nature and modern culture, less interested in ruins.

Well then Egypt may not be the country for you, given the fact that like 99% of its attractions are ancient ruins. I really liked travelling down the Nile in terms of nature, but you can probably get better elsewhere, and the desert in Egypt is less impressive than the sand dunes in Morocco. It's probably the most important country in terms of modern Arab culture though, and the majority of Arab films and music seem to come from Egypt, if that's your kind of thing.
I'm sorry but you are a retard.

There is a cool Oasis you can visit in the Western desert away from the Nile (ie the cozy place where ancient civilizations and modern people live) but it is not safe at all.

You could go to Alexanderia, it's an ancient city but mostly destroyed so only modern stuff there, but then again you like nature, not cities so....

Just stick to Morocco, that's probably what you're looking for I guess.

Hello dear trv

I was hoping you could help me with my decision. I will have 3 weeks of holidays in late January. I would like to spend 2 of those weeks in either the US or Iran. Both destinations are attractive, although for different reasons. This is what im considering:

-I have never been to either of these countries
-I live in Beijing. It is much cheaper for me to go to Iran.
-I have American friends in different cities so that is a plus I dont have in Iran. I have an Iranian friend but he will not be there by then,
-Im almost 30 and although i have been to many countries, i ve never been to the US and i think it is about time.
-Weather is to be considered too. Some of the places I would like to visit in the US such as Seattle or Chicago, will be cold as fuck. I would stick to the Southern half of the US. Iran can get cold too, but not that cold.
-I am also worried about having an Iranian stamp on my passport and try to get to the US later. I have stamps from many Stans too and I sort of work for the Chinese government so adding Iran worries me. (I am not Chinese though)
-Silly reason, but i think it would be interesting to be in the US on January 20th when Donald Trump becomes president. Maybe riots, demonstrations... Interesting.
-A considerable problem is that I can not drive, so I cant rent a car in the US. So transportation could be a pain in the ass.
-Iran architecture, culture and food really fascinate me. I would like to go before it becomes more mainstream.

So far, I really do not know what to do. Does trv have any advice? What would you do?
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I'm a huge Iranboo, and I was about to say: fuck the USA, just go to Iran.
But then I read this
>-Silly reason, but i think it would be interesting to be in the US on January 20th when Donald Trump becomes president. Maybe riots, demonstrations... Interesting.
That would be cool. Bonus points if you could be in Washington DC that day.

Okay, now the serious part of my post.
Anyone who wants to visit both of these countries, should go to the USA first. The USA implemented a new law almost a year ago that excludes anyone from the visa waiver programme who has been to Iran, Sudan, Syria and Iraq for tourism. If you go to Iran first, you will have to apply for a visa to go to the US later. So I advice you to go to the US now, and go to Iran when the next opportunity presents itself. Iran is definitely worth seeing.
First Americans have a short attention span, and I think almost all of the people upset by the election will have accepted it by then. I don't think we are going to see that much in the way news worthy protests. It might still be interesting to be in D.C. for the event.

Without more info on what you like to do, it is hard to recommend a place to visit. For history, food, and culture...maybe New Orleans. You can walk around the French Quarter and not need a cab. There might not be enough to keep you interested for two weeks though.

San Fran is good, but the weather will not be pleasant, shouldn't be terrible, but not nice.

Orlando, if you like the tourist things, like parks and such.

Most of the cities in the South, have poor public transportation. You can use cabs, or uber, but there will of course be a cost.
I personally chose Iran over America due to the fact I'm more afraid for Iran's future. Considering how much more politically stable The U.S seems you can always go there in the future, where as though Iran seems stable right now I think it would be more vulnerable to a Syria/Libya situation or even just straight out war with one or more of it's neighbours.

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How do I keep my cash safe when traveling?

I've done plenty of traveling when in "safe places" but I'm interested in really testing the limits and going for an all out brawl with a 10-20k limit backpacking in SE Asia and maybe some parts of China. How do I keep my cash safe? Let's say I have 10-20k usd, do I used banks and cards? Really not sure what to do at this point.

Please help 4chan.
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Wrap up 5k and shove it in your bum.
Put 14k in bank
Buy 1k worth of "valuables" to barter with
>later in life you can say you once shit out 5 grand
>the money is safe in bank and in bum
>if you pick the right valuable to invest in you could use it as currency for your entire trip. 1,000$ in valuables could be worth up to 6,000$ to locals, barter your ass off.
>Wrap up 5k and shove it in your bum.
>barter your ass off

But then he'll lose his $5K. I think you haven't thought your cunning plan all the way through.
>Buy 1k worth of "valuables" to barter with
Examples of said valuables?

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Is there anyone from Czech Republic here to help? I'm gonna spend my next vacation there and I'm wondering if it's possible to exchange BRL currency (brazilian) to crowns just fine, because the dollar and euro here is extremelly high and I didn't want to lose so much money in a double convertion.

So if anyone knows how are the most popular currencies in Prague to exchange, I'd be very glad. Thanks
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Where are the yurop travelers to help
I'm not from CZ but I know they convert RAI at the main station and at the airport (don't know about the actual rate).
Your best bet is a credit card and just suck up that $5 foreign transaction fee. Pull out about the equivalent of $500 in the local currency from a ATM, select the transaction to be booked in Kronen so you get the Visa or Mastercard bank transaction rate instead of the terrible local rate and done.
Also if you can pay by card do it, it's just a 1-2% transaction fee on the actual bank rate, still much cheaper than the exchange booth rates & fees.
I have to tell you, even exchanging paper money at the airport will be cheaper than doing anything in brazil. The crazily high rates they might have there is not even close to what we have here, so it's still worth.

I was just wondering if I Czech Republic actually has these "not usual" currencies there. But thanks for the tip

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I have to get from Vancouver to San Francisco next week, and I might have a few days free in between, so I could waste some time on the way there.
Just checked some flights, and it seems like it wont make much of a difference, if I have a day or two layover in either of those cities.
Which is the most worth visiting for such a short stay?

My general framework for this all:
*I'm an Europoor, so I have not seen too much of the US, but I'm always interested in learning more
*I love nature and being outdoors, but that is not practical for such a short trip I think, so just some "city stuff" would be OK for me (museums, local food, interesting architekture)
*Staying longer in Vancouver I can do, but I have been here now for 4 months, so I guess I have seen all I wanted to see
*San Francisco I dont need more days, since I already have been there before
*I mustn't necessary spent a shitton of money, but if I have to spend up to $200 a night and it's worth it, that will be OK
*I'm also open for other suggestions
*Las Vegas for example is probably a suggestion, but I have been there before, though I'm kinda tempted to just get an ultrafancy hotel room for cheap, since I'm not going there on a weekend.
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Also, kinda related to my original question:
Seems like most of the time, Delta has the cheapest connections, which fits me well, since I still have a 100€ voucher with KLM, which should work on Delta, since they fucked up the last time I was in the US.
Since I have two pieces of luggage, the price for first class (where those seem to be included) is only like $50 more than economy + two bags.
Is first on domestic even worth anything on delta? Assuming I'd go to LA, I would have a 2+h flight, and those are bearable, even with shitty airlines, but I wouldn't mind getting a meal and a drink included, which would save me one meal on the ground, so the 1st class extra is only like $25, and at that price point, it seems worth it just for the sake of it.
Or not?
It sounds like Seattle and Portland are the two main choices, since you haven't been there before. Between those two, Seattle is a much better choice; it's a bigger city, and there are more interesting things to do that seem more in line with what you're interested in. Several really good museums, a fair amount of nature in/very near the city, and a better selection of food.

>he visits cities to go to museums


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