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I need discipline in my life and a way to get rid of some torturous thoughts that cause me a lot of suffering.

Are there any zen retreats that allow foreign women in SE Asia?
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> Eat, Pray, Love up in this bitch

It's probably a big ass bait, but I'll answer.

Every country accept solo foreign women in SE Asia, maybe Brunei would bother you, and barely.

For a retreat, there are islands cut off from everything in Cambodia (like 2h/day of electricity, no Internet, no mobile network).
Koh Rong used to be like that but apparently, they are not as remote as before (they have internet and are connected to the electric grid now). I guess you can find a similar one along the coast.

Also, Laos anywhere away from the main attractions (Luang Prabang, Vientiane, plain of jars), it's a very peaceful place. I guess you could stay at a buddhist temple. You can expect English from some monks.

Outside of SEA, I actually did some kind of retreat in Taiwan. There is a Christian church in the Taroko gorges which welcomes people doing that (I'm not even Christian, btw). It's in the middle the forest, bordered by some Buddhist temples. In the church square, there is some sort of inn with a Japanese flair. They have Japanese style rolled mattress and rooms with sliding doors to sleep. The innkeeper can make food.
It's incredibly peaceful, quiet, relaxing. Highly recommended.
Picture of the said church in Taiwan.
>that pic
Did I miss a part of that one episode of Black Mirror

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So uh, I don't know what board to put this one but I think this is the best place for it, you guys seem to get around a lot.
Im American, and if, hypothetically, I had to get away from something or someone quickly and I chose Mexico, how and where would I go without raising much attention?
And, I don't know how else to put it, what's the most English speaking white person friendly part of Mexico? Sorry for not being more worldly, I know you guys are probably much more knowledgable than me. I basically know nothin about the country..
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Who or what are you running from?

there is tons of english speaking people in "San Miguel de Allende" is one of the most visited city in Mexico

>travel ages to get to somewhere
>can't find anything to do
>no idea how to find out what there is to do
>give up and travel ages to a new place

am I the only one who does this?
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>going somewhere and not having at least an idea of something you'd find interesting there
Sounds like a good way to waste a lot of time and money
you're not wrong

I'm just shit at planning, and that's not something I know how to work on

Um... It's called the concierge.

Go to the concierge's desk, ask for activities, they hand you activities catalog, you pick your activities/sights/tours, you pay for said things, you schedule said things and then you go do those said things.

Do you even travel, bro?

Hello /trv/
I am thinking of visiting Czech Republic on January. Before I book anything I have few major questions:
1. Is it worth visit the country at this cold?
2. How long should I stay and where if my options are: 7 days, 14 days and 17 days.
3. Is there any Czech bro who are willing to show me around once I visit? If so, we can exchange emails.
4. I might visit Poland as well, so my questions apply to Poland as well.

Thank you!
>pic not related
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>>pic not related
Pic actually kinda related, people love "hirołsy" here.
Last few winters were pretty mild with barely any snow, but early nightfall and late sunrise are guaranteed. It can get pretty depressing.
Length of stay largely depends on how much you want to move around. Main cities won't take more than a couple days, but touring the country will.eat up time.
Thanks for the answer. About the pic, well I know we, slavs, adore the game. Any places too see besides the main cities? What is there to see in the main cities?

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Just curiosity, but is it possible to backpack in this area or there are only resorts to stay?
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Only place I've been in that image is D.R, never stayed anywhere else but Resorts though. The Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana for example was the best experience I've ever had in travelling, except the price.
Ive always wondered if its possible to isalnd hop via boat or ferry rides through the Caribbean islands.

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Hey /trv/, challenge mode: 5 days in San Francisco, no car, fairly limited funds, no friends/family there that I know of. Going in early January, flight and hotel are already paid for. What are the must-sees of the city, best places to eat, etc.? I'm not totally opposed to tourist trap type stuff (I'll go look at seals and that fucking bridge), but this is my first time in CA and I wanna make it count. Please assist.
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>get weed
>ride trolleys
>get in n out
>walk the bride and bike to muir woods
>eat at taquera cancun
>take a ferry ride
>hang out at coffee shops
I miss SF ;_;
Spend a day in Berkeley.
That actually sounds perfect. I've heard it's a great city for just hanging out.
Any spots in particular?

I have time off in January and would like to visit Cyprus, does anybody here have experience visiting in winter?
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Why Cyprus?
I like history and nature, I would also like to go somewhere that is not too far from the UK but is also not cold in winter.
The med is usually colder in winter compared to thr canary islands. I wanted to go to a Greek island last winter but foumd they were much colder than Canary Islands at the start of december.

whats your opinion on it?
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I'm living in the UK for the next few years for work, so I'm planning on living within my means and doing it when I'm done. Fairly new traveler thoigh, so I plan on going with a GPS for most parts, taking my time, saving cash by camping when I can, stuff like that.

I don't plan on doing the official route because I can't afford to donate that much to charity, but I still regularly donate over time to the Combined Federal Campaign so that's how I justify it.

I still can't figure out if I want to take the Eastern European route, or the Balkans and Caucuses route: Eastern Europe appeals to me because I have Ukie friends who I talk with about Transnistria and Donbass, and that's interesting to me because I love politics and geography. But the Caucuses route could go by Nagorno Karabakh, Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossettia. All really cool imho, but the mountain roads there look like death traps and I feel like I'd have to make no stops in Chechnya or Dagestan.

Planning on going, OP?
im thinking about doing it with some friends next some, but also not the official one, because we would sell our car there, what the mongol rally guys object to for some reasons

we would probably go through the balkan, turkey and then spend most of our time in iran and the stans, because they are the most appealing to us and we dont have unlimited time, as we are university students right now
Yeah I heard about how Mongol Rally discourages car sale and scrap, is there any 'real-traveler-approved' way of dealing with cars? Mongolia is a beautiful country, I don't want my beater car to be another pile of rust seeping into Ulan Bator's water.

So far I figure I could contact Steppe Riders tours and ask what I should do, maybe even donate it to them.

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Going to Brazil from late November until Christmas, looking for suggestions.

I'm coming in on a boat from Peru, so I'll be in Manaus for a few days at least (I hear the girls have a massive gringo fetish there too). After that, I definitely want to hang out in São Paulo and Rio for a while.

*Is Iguazú falls worth it?

*Any other cities that are particularly cool to experience, other than São Paulo and Rio? I don't particularly give a shit about nice beaches, I just really want to experience the culture.

*I don't know a word of Portuguese, but I speak pretty decent conversational Spanish. Is it generally easy enough to get around on Spanish/English or should I study some Portuguese?
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Manaus is a hellhole, as in, its hot as shit, since its right on the middle of the rainforest.

Don't know about Iguazu Falls, check a few videos and if its seem like something you want to experience, sure, go there.

São Paulo and Rio are cultural hotspots , if you want for some history go to ouro preto, but only if you really want to and have the time for it, other than that, you won't miss much going to these two places if you are not looking for beaches.

You can get around with spanish, as long as you are not using spanish specific words we should understand you, iand for the english, don't expect people to understand you, most of the population knows jackshit, your only salvation would be younger people in the rich parts of town.
I'm married to a Brazillian and I've been quite a few times.

>I don't know a word of Portuguese

Learn it man. Even knowing a little goes a very long way.
Learn some basic Portuguese Brazillians do not speak spanish they understand aboiut 40% of it but it will not make them happy if you speak Spanish they will likely ignore you mate you can go for Portuñol which you can learn quickly if you are going to be in any border towns.
Use memrise and Duolingo

Going to Panama City for 6 days to scuba dive. What fun things are there to do near the city itself or a quick day trip nearby?
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I've never been to Panama City myself so feel free to completely disregard my post, but I've heard it's pretty awful. Why go there for scuba anyway? There's way better places to do so in Latin Aerica.
Found a cheap flight there, just worked for my schedule
Panama City is dull as fuck.
Spent 2 days 3 nights there.
Run out of stuff on the second day.
Canals are mildly interesting (much smaller than I imagined).
Stay in the old town,
Go eat in the Seafood market (Mercado de Mariscos).
Shit loads of civeche on the cheap.
Get drunk by the sea side because there is nothing to do.

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Will be visiting Taiwan for five days at the end of this month for the first time. I'm going with my girlfriend.

So far we've discussed visiting temples, night markets, and hiking Yangmingshan.

For those of you that have visited Taiwan, what are the must-sees in your opinion?
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The north has Jiufen, the oceanside town that Spirted Away was based on. For sights, Taipei
has 101, Elephant Mountain, Taiwan Democracy Memorial Park, and Tamshui. For art, it has Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Creative Park & MajiMaji. If you like Myanmarian food, go to Huaxin rd aka "Little Burma". Night Marketwise, Raohe & Linjiang have tons of good food.

The east coast is a nature lovers paradise, you have Yilan / Hualien / Taidong. Yilan I've
yet to go to, but have heard the scenery's good, and it has the Kavalan Whiskey distillery.
Hualien has Taroko Gorge which is impressive. Taidong can take you to some of the outer
islands, Green Island & Orchid Island.

Down south, you have Tainan, Kenting, and Kaohsiung.

Tainan is the old capital, and now the food center of Taiwan. If you like history, go to
Anping or Chikan Tower. For art, go to Qimei Museum, The Cultural Center or Xinmei rd. For
eating as much good food as you can, just walk around Guohua rd / Youai rd, or go to Huayuan night market. You can also get to Penghu Island from Anping.

Kaohsiung is a lot like Tainan, but with more western influence. Here you can find good
European / American food. As for places to see, go to Pier 2, LDR, Xiziwan, Lotus Pond, Fo Guang Shan Temple, Monkey Mountain, Rueifang night market, Cijian Island, Xiaoliuqiu.

Kenting is where everybody goes to the beach.

As for the west, you have Alishan National Park if you like ancient trees. Ershui / Jiji for
cycling in rice paddies / mountains. Yuanlin for a good small town experience. Taichung for
Indian food and Luce Chapel. Miaoli for Tea Sage Hut.

Lmk what you're in to and I can give you more specific suggestions
Me and my gf are planning a 3 day trip to Taipei in January.

She's korean so she loves taking high quality pictures of food. So any specific food recommendations that looks particularly delectable.

Actually she loves taking high quality pictures of everything so if you had a priority list of really beautiful shit to see within a 3 day span I'd greatly appreciate it.

Are the scenic natural beauty places strenuous to get to?

I wrote down a lot of the places you mentioned so thanks for that.
The Taiwanese are also quite fond of taking pics of everything as well, pretty much any food you get at a cafe / resttaurant will be pretty, and some will even help you take pictures.

From Taipei, your best bets for beautiful places are Tamshui, Jiufen and Taroko. The latter two will take a few hrs by train/bus, Tamshui is on the MRT line, and will take bout a 1/2 hr depending on where you're starting from.

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What should I know before I book airbnb?
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if you refuse to leave an airbnb eventually you can take a persons home
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What the fuck is this shit

Fucking normie filter
Dude don't... They can freeze money on your bank account up til 10 working days. I requested to book a place for 1600 when i was out traveling and it got cancelled last minute. The money was then freezed on my bank account for legit two weeks so i had to live like a peasant

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I'm going to Taiwan to live for 2 years. Is gutter oil an issue over there?
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Gutter oil is a pretty rare thing, you wont run into it.

1. Its not often 'gutter oil', its normally just recycled oil from various factories where oil is a byproduct, the pics you see of people in gutters are trying to tap the waste produced by these factories, normal waste doesn't contain very much oil at all, it needs to be in high enough quantities for it to be worth collecting.

2. Its very rarely used for cooking, its mainly used in other applications such as lubricants for mechanics in factories. You can buy it in hardware stores normally in small cans.

3. Its only a problem in very poor villages where they import the oil from bigger cities and it gets mispurposed cause they dont know about food standards, this only happens once because the locals get sick too so they stop using it because they get a bad reputation in the village and people stop buying their food.
Oil is oil. If you can cook food in it , you can make any dish.

Even used oil can be heat
thats like saying water is water and it doesnt matter what you bathe with.

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I want to buy a van (for small accomadations in the back) to begin living in and travelling and to get away from an abusive family, how do I go about doing this with only $3,000 to spare? I need help guys real bad
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Theres a vandweller page on reddit with lots of advice
im doing exactly the same

what do you have untill now?
OP, you can't buy any decent used car whatsoever for under $8k, of any type. Trucks and vans are more in demand because of the ability to haul shit, so blue collar values them and keeps their resell value higher.

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Hey guys. Ur Russian boy here. Recently i found out that i want to live my entire live in USA (that came up after travelling across Russia, middle east, europe and living in US for 3 months as workandtravel-slave. So i am looking for an advise where to settle from my murican comrades.

Now a bit bout me. I am 21 years old white male (god have mercy on my sinful soul) with a really good knowledge of english, i have a bachelor degree at management and small-medium business administration. Got some experience in holding up a real retail business.

I am looking for a place that would bring me close to nature(mountains, ocean, cascade of lakes, fresh air - choose one) but still be a nice place where would be some activities for young-lings and the economy would be great enough (jobs, money in pockets of the locals to buy shit from me). The perfect place is a medium sized town with a nice warm mild climate in an hour from a huge megalopolis like Colorado springs(but people say it's super dull in there for a young guy)

Above all sad, i can bring around 300k$ with me in gross. So the place must be cheap enough for me to buy a nice house(180 - 240k)
Any car that's work(3 - 7k) some everyday needs till i start earning shekels (5 - 10k) and to start my own small business (40 - 60k).
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BTW. Good laws on pot is a significant plus! Peace.
What are you going to do about Visa/ legal residency?
Yea, forgot to say that i was lucky enough to win a green card. yolololo

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