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Hello /trv/ I'm looking for some solid travel advice.

First of all, where's a nice place in the UAE to spend a week at the beach? We'll be traveling with a baby (6 months old) and are planning to rent a car so we can get around easier and don't have to rely on tours or public transport. Does anybody have experience with car rentals and driving in the UAE? How easy or difficult is it to cross the border to Oman? While we're in the area I would love to spend a weekend in Muscat.

Any advice is appreciated.
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I can only speak of Bahrain and Qatar from my personal experience. But here is a bump for you.
They drive like fucking maniacs, I can tell you that much. All Arabs seem to.
Try to fly into Dubai. If you're from one of the visa-free countries (which I'm guessing you are), your Dubai visa will get you an Omani visa free of charge (2 weeks, IIRC). Ignore the touts at the border, they'll charge you like 20OMR for doing the visa for you, when you can just wait for 5 minutes and do it yourself, for free. I'll see if I can remember some things about Oman tomorrow. Right now, it's sleepytime for tired anon.
You should do the opposite, i.e. spend most of your time in Oman with a small incursion into the UAE. Oman is a much nicer country with better people, better culture, better beaches, etc...

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Hey /trv

I'm going to Japan in July for 2 weeks with my friends.

I currently don't know how our 2 weeks itinerary should look like, could you suggest me something maybe that you've done or someone you know did?

And maybe what we should finish beforehand ( I know we have to buy a JR pass beforehand)
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Also I assumed 2-2.5k € should be fine since we are getting close to 1k€ with the flight and JR pass. Is it too much/not enough?

We are all 19-21 and don't really care about big hotels, even a capsule hotel is enough for us or an AirBNB place
What I imagined:

Day 1-4 tokyo
5-6 kyoto
7-8 osaka
9-10 nagoya
11 yokohama
12-14 tokyo
First of all there's a Japan general thread where you'll probably get more help.

Also your budget isn't clear to me. You have 300-500 for each of you for two weeks living expenses? Or you on your own have 2-2.5k?

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Good evening /trv/,

My fiancee and I are looking at traveling to Iceland for our Honeymoon and wanted to get an idea of what we could see, what are the best activities to do, and how much of the island we could see in the time we have. We will be traveling on August 8, 2017 and can stay between 5 and 9 days. We prefer to self-drive and would love to do a loop of the island. Some of the items we are interested in are: horseback riding, glacier hiking, lava or ice cave (I can't tell what is available in summer), river rafting, snowmobiling, etc. Of course we don't have to do all of those but it gives you an idea of what we are looking for. Any help with a custom itinerary would be much appreciated.

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You gonna need more than 9 days if you want to do the golden circle.
Rent a car, or do a few guided tours. Pick one or the other. You can do/see plenty by renting a car and having a GPS or map, though you can make do without those, it's pretty easy to follow the ring road.
9 days will not be enough time to do the entire island.
Heads up: Iceland is expensive as FUCK. Since this is your honeymoon, I'm assuming you will want it to resemble a vacation and not budget travel. Budget at least $150 US dollars per day for food for both of you. Keep in mind, that's not gonna get you any fancy meals. If you want to visit some of the better restaurants, budget more. I recommend picking a few restaurants in Reyjavik and checking out the menus beforehand. Sounds like you guys are adventurous so I'd recommend getting an SUV. You can definitely get away with any vehicle as long as you don't venture more than 20 feet off the ring road, but then you miss out on all the F roads. Like i said, Iceland is expensive as fuck. For 7 days, Budget AT LEAST $1000 for gas.

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What is your equip?
Share experiences

I'll start, nice product but the wood cap on top takes on every odor from it's surroundings. Wood cap looks nice but stinks, dont fall for aesthetic memes
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I always find buying like a $5 pair of shoes from like Kmart or Target is a very good investment when going overseas. so many times where you might need to walk through water or mud and dont want to get you proper shoes wet, but also dont want to do it barefoot encase there is something sharp underneath.

They also pack fairly flat and dont weigh much, better than risking your health or good shoes.
good tip thanks
>dont fall for aesthetic memes
I do better with a starbucks insulated mug, the kind that can go upside down, but is also dishwasher safe and vacuum insulated. Morning breakfast at the hotel, tea will be a nice hot sip by lunchtime out of the purse. Or, I can fill er up in the airport terminal with a little coffee, something better than the crap on the plane.

I just can't wear crap shoes like the kind you're referring to from Target, since I need arch support.. I'll wear some Crocs, Tevas, or similar however. I'll hit some boots with extra waterproof spray if it's a rainy season kind of vacation. Really nice running insoles can make lesser quality shoes tolerable, however. You can move them shoe to shoe. They'll make new shoes that aren't broken in much yet, far more comfortable as well.

Always have some granola bars in the bag. Sometimes I'll skip a meal if the options are poor and expensive both. Saves money til the next meal, something worth waiting for.

Hey all you Canucks on /trv/, I'm a guy from Buffalo, NY who just received a job offer that will substantially increase my standard of living- but I'll have to relocate to Winnipeg. I've been to Winnipeg and I find both cities to be pretty similar. And I love the Sabres-Jets rivalry that's playing out as I type this message. I feel like it's the best move I'll ever make.

So why SHOULDN'T I move to Winnipeg?
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B.C resident here

Having visited Winnipeg once before i can honestly say no amount of pay increase would ever make me equate moving to Winnipeg with increasing my standard of living.

Its freezing, its crime ridden , its boring and there are humming bird sized mosquito in the summer.

i would at least visit for a few days before making any commitments
Thank you very much for your response. My responses may seem flippant but I am truly taking them all into consideration. At this point my greatest concern is still the natives (who I apparently have no potential of being 'cool with', like my criminal neighbors who love me).

I'm probably going to make the move. But I truly am glad I have your comments to boot
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What do you work in?

Winnipeg has a crime problem for a Canadian city. Annual average is 30 natives and 15 non natives homicides. Majority of those are prostitutes and drug dealers. The rates are 1/10 of problematic American cities though. Baltimore, Chicago and New Orleans would LOVE to have Winnipeg's crime problem. You're not going to move into the north side, so don't be too worried about it. At worst you might get mugged, which is unheard of in some other Canadian cities. The way the legal system works property crime is a lot more common.

Most natives are just trying to get by, there's plenty of friendly ones too. Twice I've been cornered by natives in other towns and scared. One gave me a fist bump and the other joked how I resembled a comic book character. Be careful with stats too, pic related's mom is a native chief. There's blue eyed blondes that are considered native by the government.

Actual problems with Winnipeg
it's in Canada, there's going to be a bunch of weird little things to get used to
temperatures range from -40(November through March) to 40
it's really humid, Manitoba is 20% water and Winnipeg is just south of a giant lake so temperatures feel even worse, but you'd be used to this in Buffalo
all that water makes it a mosquito paradise, the city does giant spraying to try and keep it under control
Canada has a bit of a housing bubble, real estate costs more in general
everything other than health care costs more in Canada, irregardless of currency exchange
the immigration system lets in a lot of filipinos, you'll deal with a lot of them in any service industry
it's an isolated city, nearest actual city is Minneapolis 700km away

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Does anyone here know Punta del Diablo in Uruguay? I've heard it's a very cheap and nice place, I want tips other than google to make my decision to spend some months there or not. Hostel and prices and stuff.
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Uruguayan here. I'll try to help you as much as possible once I get out from my office,for now get a free bump.
Ok, thanks.
You go Uruguay, and I'll go mine...

Going to Wisconsin soon with my Girlfriend.
Any ideas on where to take her? I really have no clue... We will be staying in Madison most of the time.
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depends on what you're into. I would say Wisconsin dells. But, that's if youre in sightseeing and water parks
NOT Milwaukee.
Wisconsin native here, from Madison.

Why are you going to Wisconsin and when? If it's not winter you can have a very nice time in Madison.

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Great food
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Great thread.
It sucks..
>Great food
They have the same things in their tagine every day because they're poor.
>beautiful country
When you're somewhere in the desert you can tell how close the next city is by the amount of trash lying around.

Morocco is alright and the people are friendly but really
>romanticizing third world countries

We are all tired of hearing of people who had really tough lives and decided to leave it all to go travel around the world.

I was just wondering. If those stories are true, what do we need in order to do that? I mean, there must be somethin we need to have in order for that to be feasable. What is the least we must have? I really want to try and do that with my life. Also, for how long can someone travel until it feels empty and meaningless and you don't want to travel anymore?
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Live in a country with very lenient welfare benefits
Or be childless until you are 35ish and invest all your savings into some investment funds and live off its yield
Have you ever heard of a personality profile test? In other words, we're all different. Your life might be meaningless already because you have no spiritual base and never even sought something, or no one has ever loved you (incl your parents), and you have shit for habits and genes (addiction). Would you long for home? Or is your home friends base, house, mattress nothing crave-able? Long for a special someone to spend the glorious travel moments everytime one of them happens because you personally don't feel complete without that life's milestone? So, yea, we're all different. How long have you been at this travel thing, are you a newb, are you low budget, are you poorly educated where you have absolutely no understanding of the humanities nor want one? Would you like a gorgeous sunset on a sailboat as the highlight of your day, or would it suck without some people around you to party with? Do you have a drive to make your parents proud and be making grandchildren, getting some of the toys your peers can afford but you can't, etc.

Most of the people I see who travel are aimless in life and spending savings until it's gone (not very smart). They might have a skill like welding, or oil worker, something in demand but where working gaps aren't cared about. They are post breakup, post work project (and I mean like 3 years of say 90hr workweeks of programming for instance) or not sure what to do next (talent careers or unfinished education). I know some college grads like myself that work per diem, ER doctors, people who do vacation relief for large companies they _used_ to work for at full-time. I know a good number of people who have great investments post tech boom and still going strong through rental properties they maintain, like this guy said, a fixed income you can get by on >>1177640
There are also people who teach abroad, which I don't recommend unless you have some desire to meet your future spouse there.
Answer to all of those is "depends"

For myself, I can't go for longer than a couple of months before it all starts to feel pointless and self-indulgent and want to get home to do something of real value, but your mileage may vary.

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Hello /trv/. I'm new to this board. This is my first time backpacking and going abroad alone. I was hoping someone with a bit of experience traveling south east asia could look at my itinerary and tell me if it's sound or needs critiquing. I have about 2.5 months over there and I'm arriving in Bangkok just before the New Year.

My plan is to stay in Thailand for 30 days, Cambodia a little over week, and the Philippines for 30 days. I'd also appreciate some advice on what to pack. Thank you all very much in advance!

Rough Itinerary:


Bangkok – 4 days
Pattaya – 3 days
Bangkok – 1 day
Kanchanaburi – 3 days
Ayutthaya – 3 days
Lopburi – 2 days
Chiang Mai – 3 days
Chiang Dao – 2 days
Chiang Rai – 2 days
Lampang – 3 days
Sukhothai – 3 days
Bangkok – 1 days


Siem Reap – 3 days
Phnom Penh – 2 days
Sihanoukville/Otres Beach – 2 days
Koh Rong – 3 days
Phnom Penh – <1 day


Manila – 1 day
Bohol Island – 3 days
Panglao Island – 3 days
Siquijor Island – 3 days
Cebu – 3 days
Malapascua – 4 days
Legazpi(Mayon volcano and Donsol) – 4 days
Banaue – 4 days
Boracay – 4 days
Manila – 1 day

I'll check back in about 12 hours.
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Manila is no fun and as much as possible stay away from it.

Some of your destinations are good but you might want to visit Palawan too. It's REALLY beautiful! Nature their is beautiful and a location of one of the 7 wonders of nature.
And don't expect too much "nature" in Boracay. Many tourist go there to party and have fun. But putting it as your last destination before going back to Manila is a good choice.

Don't forget to bring sunblock and drink many water. It's really hot here!
Being in Thailand that long you might want to throw Isan region in there. Udon Thani, and maybe cross the border north into Vientane, Laos while you're there. Not sure why Isan never gets any love, my favorite region of Thailand
Yeah, I've heard some good stuff about Palawan. May have cut some of the 4 days down to see it!

One month seems a bit too short to me to see Thailand. For some reason most forums just talk about the south/beach areas. Thanks! I'll look at the Isan region! I'll try and limit my time in Bangkok

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Is it safe to travel in Nigeria? What's the security situation around the Niger Delta/Port Harcourt area?
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God /trv/ is going to shit.
Where were you looking to go OP?
The south is safe for the most part, but did you have any kind of itinerary in mind?
>Is it safe to travel in Nigeria?
Well its a country full of niggers, that's not a very good indicator of personal safety...

t. realistic black man
Lagos is not as dangerous as it used to be. People are gentrifying Ikoyi and Lagos Island.

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Hey /trv/ gotta question for you guys. I live on the east coast specifically New England, and I want/need to move out to the west coast. Specifically a place that has afforable apartments and colleges for a youngster like myself.

It can be anywhere in not picky, anywhere on the west coast is fine.

Thanks anons
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I was about to make the same thread. Hope someone knows.
Humboldt county, Eureka/Arcata is pretty cheap

Reno, nv

Eugene, Or
Corvallis, or
Portland, or

Merced, ca
Sacramento, ca

Has anyone been to the Azores?

I was thinking of going there for a week in December, on the main Island (starting in Ponta Delgada).

How is the weather going to be like around that time? What are things you would recommend doing there?

Thanks lads
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i am planing to go there too. you wont find the typical tourist bullshit there (except for the whale watching i guess), nature is the greatest attraction, which is why i want to go. i would like to do camping and fishing, since the wheater there is perfect for such and the ocean has a lot of fish. if you google the climate of the acores, you will see that temperature are fine all over the year, but its raining a lot in winter. to complete my stay in this beautiful peacefull place, i would love get some good weed. a few months ago, there was a thread where someone from the acores wrote where the chances to get some weed are best but i forgot.. i think it was faial or terceira. maybe anybody else has experiences or lives there?
I'm from mainland Portugal and never been to the Azores, but Terceira is known as the fag central of the whole archipelago. Just thought you should know that, might come in useful, I don't know

Also, December usually means A LOT of fog, but the temperatures are always good. I'm pretty sure you could get by in the Azores your whole life owning only a couple of pairs of shorts and t-shirts and a raincoat
I always hear that the late spring/summer months are the best.

I'd love to go, but those plane tickets from the west coast USA are a fortune.

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Hi Anons,
I have $1250 to spend on a trip. I can spend more, but I'm trying to keep in my budget. I'm 19 and from the US, with a good amount of travel experience, but never entirely by myself or backpacking. I have a 9 day spring break in March, and want to go somewhere outside of the US. My airport of departure will be MSP, so my options are pretty open. I speak fluent English and intermediate French. I was considering Central America, Boston/DC, or Europe, but would really appreciate suggestions or advice on where to go and how.

Thanks trv
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You could use your French in Morocco, and it would be well within your budget.
Within the same budget where could I go if I'm based in India Atm.

I like party places and cold weather

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Hello /trv/

Next week I'll have my first long haul flight ever (15h to South America).

Now I may be weird, but despite travelling quite a lot around, I've never flown anything but low-cost (ryanair, wizz air, easyjet etc).

I'll be flying Alitalia (yeah I know not the best airline but they were cheap!) and my question I guess is sort of broad but what should I expect from them on such a long flight?

I'm "concerned" with the stuff I should bring with me on the plane. Will they give me blankets? 2 meals and some snacks? Free water? Maybe free alcohol?

I'm also accepting tips regading coping with long flights as my longest so far was a bit over 3h. I got compression socks so far (tested them on the ground and wasn't too impressed, I guess they'll be useful in flight) and entertainment.
Maybe some over-the-counter medicine to help me get mellower/help me sleep? I reside in the UK if that matters.

Thanks a lot.
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What time do you land and what are your plans upon landing? This is important
I land at 09:15 so it's an overnight flight. My friend picks me up and hopefully I will be rested enough not to need any sleep until the evening, I don't really want to waste a full day on sleeping there.

I'd like to sleep during the flight but I'm a bit wary regarding sleeping pills and such.
>Will they give me blankets?
>2 meals and some snacks?
Yes - snacks maybe - but one meal and a breakfast for sure.
>Maybe free alcohol?
Yes, but only wine and - maybe - beer. And 2 cups maximum.
Try to sit in the aisle to stretch your legs and try to walk a little bit 2 and 3 times for avoid economic class syndrome.

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