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I am thinking about going to New York City from for 2 weeks around late June.

How is this area?
I think this hostel sounds alright.
HI New York City Hostel
891 Amsterdam Ave, New York, New York 10025

Has anybody who visited NYC good recommendations for another accommodation?

I want to see the tourist traps, the hidden gems and everything in between. Dunno if 2 weeks are enough to do that, but I'm gonna try.

Museum of natural history, metropolitan museum, statue of liberty, empire state building, times square, central park, visit all 5 boroughs, grand central terminal, chinatown, little italy, coney island, the cloisters, st. Patrick's cathedral, manhattan for clubbing(didn't look much into that, some tips advice for good bars, clubs and such would be greatly appreciated)

I'm more of a cash person (don't use a lot of debit and credit cards) is that frowned upon?

I did similar tours in other countries and liked it quite a bit, anybody experience with this specific tour?

New York Tours | Pay-What-You-Wish

Are there no go zones which you should avoid? I've never been mugged before, was just lucky though, I think.

Thanks in advance
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East New York and Brownsville in Brooklyn are the worst places. Outside of that little problem.
2 weeks in any city is a bit much
okay, will keep that in mind.
And another question if you don't mind, it's a bit iffy late at night and not just all the time, right? Heard about districts in Rio which are no go all day if you don't look like and sound like a local.
you really think so? I think that generally it's overkill to spend that much time in a city, but New York City is an exception imo. Maybe it just looks that way and the truth is something else, but I think there are a million things that you can do in NYC.

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Where don't you get swindled?

I've heard from a lot of whites about their trips to Asia and Africa. The common theme is that wherever they went that wasn't white (we have to say it) the locals tried to extort as much money from them as possible, with methods that would get them thrown in jail in "first world" countries. So which non-whites don't openly rob you?
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I think you're looking at it the wrong way. Tourists are targeted as sources of money everywhere. Any tourist destination on the globe will have a community of people trying to hustle as much money as they can from the tourists. I think in most places it helps to just look "off the beaten path" so to speak.
Americans don't realize that haggling is normal in a lot of countries so they just pay what they're told to pay.
>with methods that would get them thrown in jail
it's untrue, the same happens in the west as well

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Are the Balkans safe for a Canadian male age 25 to travel alone? I speak English and French. I want to travel from Greece, up and around the Balkans, and end up in Hungary.
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No you must wait until you're 34.
Is there anything someone like me should be careful of when there?

Name a survival tool more important than this

Protip: you can't
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A knife
>opening cans of food made in civilisation
If I didn't know any better, I would've thought that was a toy elephant that was designed in Sweden or something.

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I've recently started a relationship with a girl who, like me, shares a passion for history. There are a few interesting historical sites here in South West England to visit such as Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Abbey, what I'm looking for are lesser-known historical sites we can visit on a day out. Bonus point if it's Roman-related, she loves ancient Rome
>pic unrelated
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>Bonus point if it's Roman-related
You'll be needing to visit the aptly-named city of Bath, then.
There are also significant Roman remains in Cirencester, and it would be worth paying the bridge toll and venturing over to Wales to see Caerleon. Avebury is probably as impressive looking as Stonehenge, and you'll see the Kennet long barrows and Silbury hill on the same road. Cadbury Camp in North Somerset has some impressive earthworks, and Cadbury Castle futher south does too. If you're in Bristol, see if you can get a tour of Redcliffe Caves, see the camera obscura and Ghyston's cave up on the Downs. The harbourside Industrial Museum is pretty cool if they're having a steam day, you can take a ride along some rarely-used track that most people don't even realise is there. If you like steam power then visit Westonzoyland pumping station, or when in Caerleon see the Sudbrook pumping station, which has some truly massive Cornish beam engines. Oldbury Nuclear Power Station (or possibly Berkeley) is open for visits and is pretty interesting. For something really different, contact the Ministry of Defence or Subterranea Britannica to see if you can get access to the Burlington Bunker under Rudloe Manor, Corsham. There are "unofficial" ways in - you could go hunting for one of the legendary "Red Doors"...


Will post a few more as I remember 'em.
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>Blaise Castle Museum (Kingsweston Roman Villa is nearby)
>Dunster Castle and village
>Tarr Steps
>the Sweet Track on the Somerset Levels
>the SS Great Britain and The Matthew
>see if you can find King Alfred's "palace" in Pucklechurch - it's known there was one there somewhere, but it remains as yet unfound.

Those are just vaguely the Somerset area and nearby - Devon and Cornwall have even more. Plymouth in particular has loads of historical stuff.
>Old Sarum
>Corfe Castle
>The Kennet and Avon Canal
>Stanton Drew standing stones
>Exeter Cathedral
>Dartmoor Prison
>Wheal Martyn
>the Roman Road in the Forest of Dean
>the Purton ship graveyard

Hi guys, I have really bad flight anxiety and have a hard time not shitting myself with the LAX-Sacramento 55 minute flight.

There's an opportunity for me to study for 5+ weeks in Lyon, France this summer. I know it will be amazing but I feel like this stupid flight is a massive barrier between me and going there.

Any ideas on how to combat this? I just get this vision of being in the middle of the flight, and it's dark and scary as fuck, and I'm freaking out having a panic attack. I will regret it forever if I dont go but I serious think im going to die from anxiety leading up to it
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where is that picture? venice?
Appears to be Annecy, France, not far from Geneva, Switzerland.

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guise, how do you find the cheapest prices for airline tickets?
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Sites like Skyscanner will compare airlines and booking sites for you. Check the dates around the time you want to fly as some days may be cheaper than others (often midweek is cheapest).
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crash and not burn.jpg
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I just pick some elderly guy who definitely looks "foreign" and have them thrown off the flight, thereby acquiring their seat. Works every tiem.

>Free, bitches. Free...
u browse the catalig, because there are already 2 threads dedicated to this

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Hey there guys, I wanted to know what would be the best job or way to travel the world to make money and see what i want to see,(Asia/Europe) mostly are what i aiming for, i got a good computer back ground and people skills. Any tips or Advice?
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You could learn a practical skill such as bar-tending, barista or barber that would be applicable regardless of where you travelled or what language you spoke. Plus finding a part time or casual job as any of the above would be wildly easier than obtaining any sort of position, (even part time) in I.T.
Alternatively if you really had your heart set of a job in I.T you could do something like web design or coding and just travel while you work, but this is a lot harder and requires more dedication, training and skill (obviously).

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
I'm teaching English and am living in China now after having lived in Thailand for a few months. On the surface it might seem like a meaningless job, but you can introduce your students to things they'd never otherwise be exposed to. To give you an example, I teach in a university and tomorrow I'm going to show them a performance of Tchaikovsky's Piano Trio. None of them have even heard the composer's name and the creative writing exercise justifies the lesson to those who don't realize that the music is justification enough.

It can be numbing after a while as I can tell by looking at those I've worked with, but I've been at it less than two years. I think it's a good way to start traveling. Besides visiting nearby places in your free time, you can develop a skill so that after a while you'd be able to do something else for work. There's also the option of teaching online, which I think is not as rewarding but at least it wouldn't tie you to one place.

Hey guys, I just bought some cheap last minute tickets to Istanbul for today. The problem is, I have no idea what's there to see or do. Could anyone who was or lives there give me some tips? Thank you.
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How much did you pay and from which city and website?
Can't be worse than where I live
From Prague, paid about 150€.

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I have £2,000 on me and want the longest possible walking path across Eurasia to go it alone - Beginning in Lisbon, ending ?? Suggested routes?
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And in addition, what equipment would you recommend packing?
I guess you could follow the coastline until Turkey. There you could switch to the Black Sea coast, cross Georgia, Azerbeijan, Caspian sea and follow through Kazakhstan to Kyrgryzstan. Then maybe Russia or China, then Mongolia.

It should give you enough experiences to keep you occupated for a moment.

Take a medium backpack, tent, two pairs of trousers, three T-shirts and something against rain and cold.

And glue, sawing equipment, multitool and toothbrush
This is exactly the route I was gonna suggest.
I think there is a long-distance trail that runs from Spain across northern Italy. But fuck it, you can blaze your own trail.

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Do they sell these in Hong Kong?
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No and why do you need it, 26 year old with grey hairs here. Overseas people find it hot, especially asians.

I have not idea why but they do
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flash gordon.jpg
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I'm guessing local demand isn't high..
Just go to a hairdressers and get someone attractive to dye it for you if you're determined.
Dying out the grey is a serious decision, OP, especially if you a young-ish guy. Are you willing to commit to it for the next 30 years?

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What's the worst case of 'Paris syndrome' you've ever experienced, or what cities/regions have the biggest discrepancy between idealized image and harsh reality?

I wasn't expecting much from Ubud, Bali, but I definitely didn't expect a concrete-covered heap of trinkets and white trash. The fact that the place was ever considered the 'cultural capital' of one of the world's most unique places makes me want to cry. I counted FOUR Ralph Lauren shops. It's the corpse of a country laid out for white people to trample.
The rest of Bali was great, though.
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Bali is a containment city, it exists to trap the White trash you speak of so smart people can go elsewhere and enjoy themselves slightly more.
namaste, my real traveler™ friends.
truly some insightful posts you have here. keep up the great work:^)
I suppose you're not Australian?

Bali is the go to international destination for Bogans. They're all relatively good people who just want to have fun with friends and family, but ultimately they don't really care about the culture they're visiting - hence they overwhelmingly go to Bali.

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Any good travel deal aggregators? Something like a dealnews or something like that for travel destinations? Packages?

I'm aware of travelzoo and cheapcarribean. Any others?
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Kayak and Trivago are the best.

Also CheapoAir
A lot of Airlines do this, and you don't have to pay at once.

I am by a Delta hub, the vacation packages are often cheaper than if u just bought the plane ticket.

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Hey guys, I'm thinking of going to Kaliningrad, russian territory between Poland and Lithuania. There's not much info online, so I wanna know if anybody's been there, knows something, etc.

I'm interested in the city mostly because of its history: used to be Prussian, tons of great German thinkers were born there, Kant being the most famous. So I'm looking for tips, recommendations, etc.

For those of you interested, check out this cool wiki page on the city's history:

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Don't visit this place, it is stolen lands by the Russians and you should not give them money.
I know it is, but fuck it, am I supposed to wait until germans take it back?
Don't be edgy and shitpost irl about Prussians. I believe it was poised to become independent back in the 90s but Russia wanted a base on the sea there in case Europe tried to fuck with their shit, now the place is loaded with military.

See the old Prussian palace, it got demolished but you can still see the courtyard, and behind it is the Hall of the Soviets that's cursed by underground tunnels that were beneath the palace, slowly sinking it so that it's condemned. All around it are commie-bloc apartments.

Other than that I don't know what much there is to see in Kaliningrad. I'd consider driving up to Vilnius and following the Baltic War route, where 2 million people linked hands up and down the 3 countries in peaceful protest to gain independence. Tbh the Baltics are much more interesting than Kaliningrad because they have their own culture.

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Im only gonna have $500 to live in Europe for 3 weeks because of unintended expenses that came up

how fucked am I?
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20 euro for a hostel bunk x 21 days = 420 euro
You can easily buy three weeks' worth of food in europe for 80 euro.
That doesn't leave anything for transport or enjoying yourself, however.
-Lots of hostels allow discounted stays for long-term residents in exchange for work.
-Find a wwoof/HelpX/workaway host and spend three weeks on a Greek island castrating lambs
-Hike out into nature and camp.
I heard couch surfing is not easy if youre a guy and dont have good recommendations

Ill be in spain in the month of may for 3 weeks
thanks anon I dont have money to camp because id have to buy gear

how would I set on getting discounted stays?

wtf am I even going to do all day?
I'd definitely recommend doing something like couchsurfing or Workaway if possible. Leaving only $80 for food works out to under $4 per day on all expenses except for lodging, doable, but I don't even think it would be fun to travel if you couldn't move around or eat more than rice and pasta all day. See if you can do a Workaway or something similar for a week or two, it'd cut down on costs a lot for the rest of the trip.

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