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Visiting Germany(Hamburg) this weekend. What can I expect?
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Muslims, Africans and other migrants. Don't expect to see Germany.
It can't be that bad
It's quite a while since I went to Hamburg, so it could have improved, but it wasn't amazing. I do know they've finally opened their concert hall, but one grand building is unlikely to be enough to redeem the place. Thanks to some early 1940's urban remodelling courtesy of the RAF and USAF amongst others, it's a fairly typical northern European non-capital tier city, with a lot of uninspiring 60's and 70's architecture, and a harbour that's an OK boat trip. There's also a couple of streets with bored-looking prostitutes lurking in shop windows, and some tawdry looking places offering sex shows on the Reeperbahn, but if red-light tourism is your thing, I'd go to Amsterdam.

I didn't dislike the place, but I wouldn't make it a destination out of choice. Props to a load of the Hamburg Fire Brigade for being a bunch of drunk, friendly, aftershave consuming absolute madmen though.

I'm travelling with my buddy to Barcelona, but he is not into museums, so I want suggestions for what we should do. Of course I want to go sightseeing, but in a light way, so he won't get bored.
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Going to Barcelona in 3 days, need info too
go skateboarding
also hit up macba
Sad you have to pay to have that view

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Hey /trv/

I am currently planning a bigger bicyle tour and have some concerns regarding the safety of Pakistan.

Can someone from there (or someone who frequently goes there) tell me if I will get killed when going there?

I heard it helps to pretend to be muslim.

Pic related is my planned route.
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Pakistan is cool as fuck and full of bro-tier people.

However, you will probably get killed. You can really only enjoy that place if you fly in and go to the right places and keep your wits about you. Forget about traversing the place on a bicycle without armed guard.
>Planning a bicycle tour through Pakistan

Just why?
Is it really so bad?

Well its just one destination on a longer trip.

I am not exactly happy about this either.

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Any experience with talking to people on sites like Interpals before a trip and meeting them when you arrive in their country?
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Yeah, I met my gf that way
I've joined this site twice, once 3 years ago and earlier this year in January. I fucked up with a real cute Polish girl the first time but that was due to my own stupidity. The most recent attempt I ended up getting messages and views from men all the time. I don't know what the fuck happened to the site. I might try again soon since its Spring
u should ask on /int/. They have a dedicated interpals general there.

I have used FB and LINE. They usually help me coordinate lodging, and have even gone as far staying with them and having them pick me up from the airport.

I was just video chatting with this chick on FN messenger last night. I guess morning her time.

I have done it in the USA, as well.

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Are any big cities worth visiting in the UK apart from London?

Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Sheffield all seem supremely uninteresting. Edinburgh was cool, but Oxford (pop. under 200k) is the biggest city I've found interesting in England, apart from London.
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Yarp. According to the twats at The Sunday Times, 'tis currently the best place to live in the UK. We also talk like Pirates.


I second this, Bristol is pretty cool although their accent is a horrible version of the West country accent
>Edinburgh was cool
Was going to tell you some cool places to go but you said Edinburgh, Oxford and London were great places to go. Edinburgh is London 2.0 and both are hell on earth.

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Paris thread

Going there next month so I need some suggestions to make the most of it. Already have the major stops on my checklist. Eiffel tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc de Triumph, etc. Lesser-known stuff appreciated.
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Don't forget to check out the Muslim quarter. Oh wait, that's the whole fucking city
> suggestions to make the most of it
avoid the (sand)niggers, or better, avoid the whole city
Someone posted once a long list of less known things in Paris. Don't have it saved unfortunately. It's a huge city so it obviously has loads of things. Even the touristy stuff will keep you busy for a long time.

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Yemeni architecture.jpg
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In 2010 a friend of mine invited me to visit Iraqi Kurdistan with him, but I declined. "It'll be less hassle in a couple years" I told him.
In 2011 I found cheap flights to Yemen but decided to do it "some other time".
Last year my travel buddy bailed on a trip to Dogon country so I canceled my plans. Looks like Mali is going down the drain now too.
A friend of mine who studied in Aleppo comes close to tears when he thinks about his happy times there.

So what countries are most likely to become un-visitable within the next decade? Venezuela? Jordan? Iran once Trump invades? I don't want to have to be kicking myself any more than I am now.
I'm not worried about rising sea levels. Fuck the Maldives anyway.
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If only there were a way to know. I would have visited Syria, Libya, and so on when it was still safe.
Republic of Georgia
North Korea (if you think it's ethical to book a tour)
Good question op.

Will be traveling to Houston by car, going down i-30 then i45

Any experienced travellers or residents familiar with that area have advice on things not to miss? Food, night spots, tourist traps, etc. Anything to fill a road trip
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Stayed in TX for a few months, my favorite stuff to do:

>Old Branch Davidian church (you can still see their swimming pool and I hear rumors they have a museum opened of the siege from their side. Email the pastor well ahead of time to see, but the gates are almost always open)
>Ruth Paine house, which is cool as a separate part of the Kennedy tours. I asked the guide how many people go there, and I was the only tourist that week, where Oswald rented a home while working at the book warehouse, whose owner was letterwriting to Russia and sending money to political groups in Nicaragua. Cool if you like conspiracies
>Other JFK places in Dallas: Book warehouse, Dealey Plaza, Boarding Home, Oswald's grave
>Texas Ranger Museum, right near the Dr, Pepper museum and Waco
Is there any reason you're going through Dallas instead of cutting south along 59 or 271/259? There's really not much of interest along those two interstates.

Along 45 there's a giant statue of Sam Houston in Huntsville. His grave is somewhere in town too.

There's a big Buc-ees along I-45 in Madisonville. If you're not familiar with Buc-ees, they're gigantic gas stations with ridiculously clean restrooms and essentially a mini-mall inside full of barbecue and Texas kitsch.

Half this stuff is in Waco. Not along OP's route.
Shit, I saw I-30 going through Dallas and forgot how far a drive it was to Waco, this was a while ago and I'm used to long road trips.

Texas is a lot of boring from a tourist standpoint, honestly.

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Alrighty, /trv votes for the worst city in Europe,as experienced in travelling or living there,and explain us why
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Is England still part of Europe?
For another 2 years or so
Malmö, rape capital of Europe

Does anyone have any experience with this bag? Someone else recommended and I am thinking of getting one.

Someone reccomended it to me. Actually they recoomended the Jr. which is pictured, but right now there is only $10 difference.
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I managed to do a two-week trip with only a shitty $20 backpack.

The only reason I would ever spend more than $20 is for stronger stitching and better water resistance/proofing.

>tfw my backpack actually started bursting at the seams when it was time to go back home and I bought too many souvenirs
>no problem with rain, but the inner lining shredded very easily, well before I even started the trip
>How to Pack Light for Travel
>30 minutes long
>video starts with a shitload of stuff sprawled out on the floor

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Cool shit to do in Germany?
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there is nothing do not travel to germanie
witness the islamisation of Europe as if the 14th century wasn't enough
> Cool shit to do in Germany?
You can mingle with the refugees and eat great kebab!

What's the general consensus of Rick Steves? I think his show is comfy
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He's a good guy.
It's between good, mediocre and complete shit.
Interesting to watch but don't take his "suggestions" too serious. He's often talking out of his ass.
It's good armchair tourism, nothing more

I booked a long weekend from work in May to go and see a friend in Uni but his schedule changed and had to bail. I don't get to change my holidays but I still want to make the most out of it. I live in a boring part of North Wales. Could get a passport but I'm not 100% certain it would arrive in time. Anyone know of any good places to shoot the shit in the rest of the UK?
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>long weekend
I'd recommend the Western Isles of Scotland, but the duration of travel might make it impractical. Have you ever seen Wales as a tourist? I'd hit Snowdonia, have a tour on the Llanberis railway,and pop into Portmeirion. Then head down the coast to Aberystwyth, take the train out to Devil's Bridge and have a mooch around. If you amazingly get good weather, drop downto Dyfed and hit the beautiful beach at Marloes Sands. Finish up with a good night on the sauce in Swansea.

Avoid Tenby - It's full of the sort of people who visit Artisan bakeries and think Glamping is the great outdoors.

I've hit up a lot of Wales. About an hour and a half's drive away from Snowdonia. I've been to Aber more times than I could count.

Scotland might be a good shout? I'm thinking maybe the south? Somewhere like Dorset or Cornwall
Get your ass to Purbeck then. Fucking beautiful.

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How does this look for a trip through the Balkans?

I really want to see Belgrade but obviously it's quite a detour, is it worth it? I don't know much about Bosnia, is there much worth seeing on the way through?

How is Albania in terms of travelling through? We won't be driving, will public transport suffice?

Any recommendations for places to go are welcome.

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Why do you want to go to Zagreb and Ljubljana? Neither city is really worth seeing if you're going on a short trip or have to worry about going too far "out of the way" for Belgrade.

I'd just travel south to Osijek, do Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar, and Dubrovnik, before carrying on with your original route.

We're not really interested in Ljubljana, but the caves and stuff in the west of the country appeal. Zagreb is just kind of on the way and I've read it's worth a visit a couple of places.
Looks good. Try to stay at Eco Hostel in Uzice. they have some cool cheap tours where they take you to see the local mountians and monastaries. Also try to see Mostar and Visegrad while youre in bosnia. And Kotor in MNE

Best travel backpack that you can recommend?

I have been to quite a few countries over the past 5 years and have always used my osprey far point 70l backpack, however the zips are finally giving way and i think its time to get new one.
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Bump im interested in this too
For backpacking, or for just travel? This seems to be the most recommended for travel, but not for wear for more than an hour, or actual backpacking.
I'm looking for a bag that would be good for interrailing, over a month, so not too cumbersome

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