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Hey /mu/, these guys are going to play near my city in a few days, should i go see them? keep in mind that i'd have to go alone
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probably gonna be expensive as fuck and they sound like dogshit now so no, save your money
Throw rocks at Kieth.

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What are your thoughts on worn out basses/guitars?
How do I get mine to look like this?
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Play it for like 30 years and never use any other guitar
play the same guitar for 50 years
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Another cool example

what do you think about the new björk song?
also, can you recommend music that sounds similar?
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this is awesome. how does she make her songs so amorphous? is there even a fixed rhythm here or is it just separately organized sounds?
>inb4 arca ruined bjork
by not writing a melody

she just randomly sings on top of ambient tracks which is why it's so meandering

I don't understand how people like trap snares.

I don't care about the lyrics, I don't really care for the bass, but the trap snares that go "ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti tttttttt ti ti ti ti..." just....MY EARS! WHY!?!? Especially when it goes from ti ti ti ti to fucking ttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!

It doesn't sound like drums, it sounds like clicky fire-alarms that gouge into my skull.

Like why are white people obsessed with this and not any other type of rap? They just love the trap, when personally trap is
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trap are gay
I'm gonna make this same thread every time I am exploring youtube minding my own business and I hear the fucking ti ti ti ti ti ti tttttttttt ti ti ti ti beat the guy uses as his background music.

IT WILL NEVER STOP!!! WHY!?!?!?! The annoying, fast-paced, buzzing, computer generated ti ti ti generic is just so fucking awful.
That;s a hi hat, not a snare

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>using a capo on the second fret

If you can't transpose something up one full step you shouldn't be calling yourself a guitarist.
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haha I don't know what any of that means
>what is timbre

anon YOU shouldn't be calling yourself a guitarist

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Hey fags, what song perfectly describes teenage in your opinion? (Like staying up late, meeting new people everyday, making friends, just not giving a shit) I need reccs please
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fluorescent adolescent, lol.
Thanks anon, this seriously reminded me of my last year of school. I haven't heard it since that time
First, can I just say that whoever put a confused looking anime girl with an interrogation mark next to her head in the confused looking anime girls with interrogation marks on their heads is a slob. Sort your life out, m8.

Second, this is the essence of teenage energy.

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Stop listening to rap, metal, and The Beatles.
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I don't trust cokeheads
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why do you belittle the beatles?

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beautiful song. almost as beautiful as molly-kun
My new ear worm is Saved by a Waif

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/mu/ already talks more about neo-psychedelia than original psych.

The Beatles is very good!
Eleanor Rigby is a beautiful song.
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Revolver is their only good album. Prove me wrong.
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The fact that xdddddd

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Why is all /mu/core music moody or negative?
Why can't you guys listen to some happy music?
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post happy music if you're so great
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Animal Collective is happy, Beefheart is happy, and Neutral Milk Hotel morphs to whatever emotion you're in.

Expected metal, got jazz
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t. retard
no, jazz
Metal was originally jazz-influenced, and Iommi admitted it openly. Just listen to Never Say Die, which was supposed to be entirely a homage to their influences. You couldn't find this drumming and soloing in blues.

ITT: musicians who are probably serial killers
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Wes Borden
An entire battalion of Wermacht went missing in 1945. Witness accounts from two bakers not far from the barracks reported seeing a Gogol like character dressed in wool and khakis.

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Aninumale Collective
The Mercury Program

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