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You guys and all your timelines and graphs and shit said that stuff wouldn't happen on HRT for months (literally all the stuff on the graph is 3mo+) instead I'm 7 weeks on HRT and today one of my best friends was like "The fuck, Ryan? Are you growing boobs?" Because they literally POKE THROUGH BOTH A TEE AND A SWEATER.

I can't even get hard anymore. I can't cum even when I get 3/4 erect and masturbate. You guys said nothing would happen for months, I had my whole timeline planned out and it's all gone to shit because of you fucks. I was supposed to work for the next 3-6 months until changes became really noticeable and then move cities, but instead I have to move that ahead by 3 months because of you fucks.

I had breast growth after 2 weeks, not 12. I don't even get horny anymore, and I smell different too.

Finally, and probably worst of all, I'm now irreversibly sterile, according to the sperm bank.

Fuck you, /tttt/
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you're an idiot and i hope your post is bait because this is just retarded.
4chan sterilizes another one, haha
being this braindead

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Yo /lgbt/
im a male.
I especially hate the male body. (Not mine though)
I identify more as a female (i was raised by my mom and her 4 sisters.my father isn't with me, he has never been, and my (ex) stepfather was also shit (hitted my mom and such) i hate him in particular, females were good role models for me)
I wear female jeans and nothing else ( i do not crossdress or wear makeup)
I don't feel attracted to males, they are disgusting.
I go for the male look. For professional reasons.
But 8 outta 10 people think im gay.
And guys try to hit on me,way too much. Like 7 out of 10 gay friends tries to kiss me or go farther
I'm OK with LGBT things.i mean, I'm probably under the LGBT umbrella.

I'm also pretty narcissistic . But not in the sense of "im the greatest thing alive" but in the sense of"i would totally fuck myself "
My family things of my "identity" as some kind of joke. My mom in particular want me to get a psychiatrist for my "problem"
I always tell them. This doesn't affect me in day to day stuff. It's not like im in bed with a girl and dunno which role to play as.

Got any recommendations?
What to do with males that don't understand "NO"?
Should i describe myself as non binary?

Thanks in advance.

(I wanted to talk about this for so long)
(pic is me trying to make a heart with my legs)
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>I wear female jeans
>i do not crossdress
I have news for you, bud...
I mean I don't go full crossdress. it's not like i use a skirt or anything like that
Maybe I should start wearing female jeans because male jeans don't fit me right. Those seem to fit you really well.

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I've tried to post this multiple times, but for some reason it keeps screwing up.

I was born a male.
I enjoy being a male.
I feel like a male, mentally and physically.
I do not wish to transition.

That being said,

I wish I was born female.
I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up in a world where the only difference is that I was born a girl.

Am I the only person like this? This has made my depression go from tolerable - the verge of crying.

I don't have a relevant picture, so here is the instructions on how to tie a noose.
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>I wish I was born female.
>I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up in a world where the only difference is that I was born a girl.
>This has made my depression go from tolerable - the verge of crying.

>I enjoy being a male.
>I do not wish to transition.

What did she mean by this?
Um yea, that is exactly what transsexualism is like...

Usually at some point dysphoria develops and reaches a point where you can't handle it any more and then they transition.

You should seriously talk to someone about these feelings, they have a tendency of getting out of hand. Many MTF's were right where you sound like you are mentally at one point.
>I've tried to post this multiple times, but for some reason it keeps screwing up.

oh shit I thought you were talking about failing to tie the noose.

welp, guess im off to another thread here. desire to live is not my friend

In a previous thread, we established that trannies have to use unrealistic hairstyles to cover the boarders of the face and to minimize the expanded facial planes. So, how do trannies go to the gym? I mean, I am serious! I understand the need to hide your facial planes, but what if you need to go jogging? What if you need to go to the gym>? What if there are 100 degrees outside? How do trannies cope with that? The scale, the fucking S C A L E is what clocks trannies, even after FFS. Remember, the key word is S C A L E. It is the fucking S C A L E what clocks trannies, even after ffs.

it's all about the S C A L E






Do not confuse shape with size, you fucking faggots
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You just go and work out, skull-autist.
but how do you hide your cranial vault, your expanded facial planes and your maximixed features? How? Trannies rely on hairstyles
faggot op does make a pt
hairstyle/ffs/makeup isn't going to mask a male skeleton

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It's okay to like diapers edition

• Makeup tutorials: http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
• Male vs Female measurement data: https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
• Correct hormone levels: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
• Checking your levels: http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
• Transition time lines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
• Voice Training: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
• Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
• IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg

• NEW GUIDES • Mannerism help https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Bk0GbW8xgvTgQlheNG5uw

Previous: >>8781411
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> no title
> diapers
I don't get diaper fetishists.
mayweather was pro trump and mcgregor was anti trump

why do we always win lads?

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It just feels so awkward I've tried 2 times but I've chickened out both times I just can't get the words out I'm fine with my sexuality but I just can't say it to someone help
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Plz elaborate....
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Post that on Facebook and fuck it

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Gays that act like stereotypes annoy me.I ended up going to a charter school down here in Florida and it was an ART school. Full of a bunch of fags who spent their time telling me how much they like the dick (Every FUCKING day.) They were bland, boring, and usually VERY feely. They had nothing to them but being in the LGBT "community" (Why do we need a community for this again?) Well I ended getting accused of being a Homophobe plenty of times because I didn't wanna hear about their boyfriends and shit. I still didn't tell them I was gay because I realized if they thought I hated gays they would leave me the fuck alone. After I left that school I went to a normal school then graduated. After a long time I realized that the whole mushy mushy bull shit annoyed me. I can't be the only gay who just wants to find a someone who doesn't either 1. Try to impersonate a women constantly and 2. Constantly talk about how oppressed they are or their kinks. or 3. Try to constantly tell me not to kink shame. (I mean come on! If you can express your dislike for something why is it wrong for me to say I don't like it?) I'm just wondering if anyone else is stuck in the same situation as me and decided to bring it up here.
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unless you're the same person asking this question at least once a week, then I'll go out on a limb and say you're not the one homosexual I this world who thinks this way.

the "not like other gays" is honestly more an offputting stereotype than the drag queens at this point
Just cause your gay doesn't mean you can't be a homophobic bigot~

It just means you probably have a lot internalized homophobia, and probably have some self hate that you should see a therapist about
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I wish I could have been around gay people growing up

I gave up on society and lived a life of isolation because my own kind was nowhere to be found

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Canine (50).png
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Fact - There are Zero Gay Relationships that are Monogamous and last more than 5 years.
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I want that canine to rape my leg
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[citation needed]
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If given the two choices, would you rather

>press a button that would make you pass 100% but still be trans


>press a button that will make you cis opposite sex, but permanently passing 100% as your original sex (as if you switched bodies with opposite-sex trans)
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so basically, Buck Angel vs Jenna Talackova?
thats a hard one op, mainly since i would NEVER pass as a girl with option 2.

I think, option 1 if i stay my current age or older but option 2 if i get to relive life from birth. I wish i didn't have to grow up a boy.
Option one, because I'd like to actually pass.

I would actually pick the first one too. Idk what implies to "but still be trans", but I guess it means I would retain my genitalia or my chromosomes. If it's the former then I can remove them with surgery. If it's the later then I don't give two fuck about it, only autistic /pol/tards are obsessed with chromosomes.

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>be me
>scared of growing up and becoming a man in society
>want the dream girl so bad that i'm trying to become her
>wear her like a corpse, a puppet
>live entire life wearing a mask that i dangle about in the faces of others
>only redeeming features are entirely sexual
>turn into a living, walking artificial whore with a tiny shrunken cock
>have a damaged chimeras body stuck between man and woman
>hormones make it so i have this dark line on the underside of my dick where my labia would have been
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>be me
>be gay
>like men
>be man
>do things to be more manly
>give self a boner looking in mirror
>jerk off thinking about fucking myself
>get boners and jerk off about other manly men too
>want to dive into the center of a pile of hairy sweaty musky manly men
>want to curl up on a manly hairy sweaty man chest and rub my hairy manly sweaty man cock and balls on a hairy sweaty man ass and have a sweaty hairy manly man face rub his manly man beard and tongue up and down my hairy manly sweaty man chode.
With acne like that, you're clearly not on hormones
is that you? If so how long have you been lifting and are you on gear? thats the body I want

Most younger cis lesbians are actually totally chill with trans women, and many have little or no issue with dating trans lesbians ~

And yet so many of you have been tricked by this hateful hellhole of a website to hate some of the only other women who might support or even love you~
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Please don't get my hopes up. No sporty, tomboy lesbian will ever want me.
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Yeah, keep believing that.
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As someone that is a part of actually healthy communities of LGBT people, I can actually say quite confidently that I actually know of more cis lesbians (admittedly relatively young ones, I don't know any older than 30, for example) that are open or even totally in favor of dating trans women, than those that are disinclined to it.

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That your mother didn't have a penis?

According to classical psychological theory (Blanchard, Freund) autogynephilia is in fact entirely a process of the psychological scarring that occurs when one is betrayed by the reality of their mother not having a penis.

And since so many people on here talk about being AGP, I assume you all have vivid memories of when you first realized your mother didnt have a dick, seeing as how that is the most basic Freudian component of what being AGP even is. Please share.
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my mother bathed with me as a kid so I never thought she had a penis, I wasn't even thinking about genitals as a kid, to me everyone was just a person and arbitrary looks made them a girl or a boy.
I don't ever remember thinking that my mom had a dick. I remember thinking she peed out her butt.
I even brought it up with my guy friends once because of how weird it was that girls peed and pooped out of the same hole, and they all agreed with me.

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How in the fuck do I make LGBT friends?

I have no idea on how to talk to LGBT people, I was raised in a Christian household and recently discovered myself.

help pls
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talk 2 gay people lol
LGBT are just people first and foremost, so talk to them the same way you would talk to anyone else.
Are you LGBT?
Why do you want to make LGBT friends?
Not OP but that's not easy to find down south, and if your gaydar does go off, how do you bring it up without risk of getting your teeth punched in if they're straight, or making them ultradefensive if they are gay?

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So is penis shrinkage inevitable? Or can it be prevented? How much do you typically lose? Am i gonna have a microdick by the end of this?
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You can either early transition and avoid being a hon (no guarantee). But then your microdick can't go inside out into a neo-vagina

Or you can late transition and have a greater chance of being a hon, but have a neo-vagina.

You can't do both.
Please help i need more info

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My GF is fem but refuses to admit she is repressing.

Is there a way I can sneak estrogen into her food to stealth transition her?
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Silly dog. Trix are for kids.
Just give him lots of soy, bpa products, weed. All lowers test.
You remind me of me I would post that

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