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So /lgbt/, weirdest/most perverted thing you've caught your partner doing?

> Be me
> Coming home early from work because I had overtime to cut.
> Figure I'll surprise the bf and we'll have some fun. We've both been too busy lately and I wanna have sex.
> Come into our apartment.
> Don't see or hear him.
> Notice bathroom door is shut, light on.
> He's probably gonna take a shower.
> Get naked, plan on surprising him.
> Hear shower turn on.
> Wait a few seconds for him to get in.
> Open door silently.
> Sneak in. Pull back curtain.
> He's standing there fucking a cantaloupe.
> I literally have no response for this.
> Just stair awkwardly at eachother.
> he keeps fucking the melon.
> I just turn around and leave.
> We never talk about it.
> Fucked later.
> Still dating.
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What kind of weirdo goes into the shower to fuck their cantaloupe?
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There was a common futa manga about a girl plowing a cantaloupe, sounds like your bf is a /d/enizen whom got a little too curious

I.... yknow thats a good question. Maybe worried about the mess?
He actually gave it a couple thrusts before I went down on him later. Pretty much the best tasting oral I've had in ages. He offered to let me fuck one ( he bought several just in case he fucked it up once or twice. ) . I declined however. It apparently felt pretty good.

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Bisexuals, how do the attributes you find attractive in men differ from those you find attractive in women?
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Well, OP, boys tend to have penises while girls have vulvas and breasts.
I like boyish girls and girly boys. But I'm pretty flexible to people farther in either direction on that spectrum. Big tits and asses or big muscles have never been that much of a turn on for me, I don't really like hot people, I like cute people.
>I don't really like hot people, I like cute people.

something something pedophilia.

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Last thread: >>2932138
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hi gaygen. channel your hopes and dreams for me:
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I wish you luck mate. Now i have to dream.

Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July!~
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Surprisingly, I don't have that much Mentaiko saved.

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Isn't the "born this way" slogan severely counter-productive?

I think it's very unlikely that sexuality is fully determined at birth, and much more probable that it's a fluid thing which can be in some way or another be affected by environment or upbringing or X factors. But it seems the only way hetero society is willing to accept us is if our differences are genetic and not a "choice," because that would be bad for some reason.

Why is the LGBT community pushing for this point of view, this "please let us in, we're just like you" rhetoric? What happened to the radical queers of the 70s and 80s who were looking to challenge all concepts of normalized sexuality? And really, isn't it stupid that we're afraid of admitting that sexuality can change and isn't fixed at birth? Is it because then people will be afraid that we could "turn" children gay?

Society needs to get to the point where it accepts that fucking whoever you want, however you want, being whatever you are, is not their business no matter if it's genetically determined or not. "Choice" shouldn't be bad. By pushing this whole idea of "born this way" we're whitewashing the movement into two gay guys living in the suburbs with an adopted Vietnamese kid and leaving everyone else behind.
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A lot of it is determined at birth. We're bathed in hormones in the womb, too much or too little of something can cause homosexuality or transgenderedness. Scan a homosexual's brain and it looks different from a straight person's.

Yeah, fair enough, but don't all the differences in sexual attitudes throughout history and culture show that human sexuality has a social component as well? And in any case, I think this overt focus on whether sexuality is genetic or "natural" or not is unhealthy.

Honestly I think this is also why there's such a weirdly disbelieving attitude toward bisexuals even within the LGBT community, where they think they don't really exist and need to "pick" a side. The whole idea that you're born with a fixed sexuality makes people think you can't be born to like both.

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I'm Bi-sexual and I completely disagree with the "Born-gay" notion. It makes no logical sense you will say how come people continue to be gay yet all the shit they suffer, ask any martyr of the christian faith the same thing because they believe whole heartily in their decision and convictions, I would say it's rather a choice just like choosing a religion it's just whatever peeks your fancy and you like or prefer defiantly not born that way.
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Interested in what other have to say.
of course biscum would say that.
There's already a thread about this >>2926769

it's been a while since we had one of these.

Last thread: >>2924107

Talk to strangers on camera: tc 4changaygen or tc gaygen

Find someone near you: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1024589
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>tfw no bf to cum in my boyhole
w-well my date was pushed up a day so I guess I'm hanging out with him on thursday and the 4th of july

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>4th of July date

Lucky you.


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Comics we read:

I just want to see them fuck:

Don't reply to trolls or SJW, just ignore them.

Old Thread:
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2014-06-09-OHS 201 WEB.jpg
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Well I fucked up the name field, excuse me.

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This is a place where us girly guys can come and chat about the issues that really matter, like make-up, cute clothes, shaving tips and >tfwnofembf.

If you think you could make it as a qt3.14 femboy, or already are one, come and join in!

Here are some useful links to help you get started:

Here is a map of where your fellow posters are in the world, please add to it!

And if you feel like chatting with a femboy, try putting in the tag "/femgen/" on omegle or going to irc.rizon.net at #femgen. Or you can post your skype, and someone from the femgen skype group will add you. (Space permitted)
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Guys I'm sooo /effayy/~
****Circlejerk edition
The bottom one has a huge nose lol can its name be tucan?

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threesome edition.

/lesgen/ do you think polygamy should be legalized? Yes or No and why?
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We've already had this edition, with the same fucking picture and everything. God damn it.
polyamory is legal. You just can't marry more than one person, it doesn't mean you can't be in a relationship with them.
The one in the middle looks like a tranny

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Ask a heterosexual male living in Uganda anything. Will take some time to answer though. Slow phone/connection. Don't hold your breath.

Also, I'd like to explain why I'm here, I haven't visited this board in a long time ( from around the time it was created).

I came here because I was curious to see how many fags are there on 4chan. It being an 'muhrikan site, (full of non-religious degenerates with no moral code or discipline), I knew there'd be a shit load of them. I wasn't disappointed.

So given the recent law we passed allowing for the execution of your kind. (it's actually currently life in prison, to be frank I just think it'd increase the rate of fags by putting them together for life, so that has to be fixed, anyway the execution thing bill/amendment has yet to be passed, but I think it is the merciful thing to do, seeing as it wasn't your fault you were "born that way". And you shouldn't have to be punished by having to live with your condition. Being born into this shitty world of ours is punishment enough, amiright?

Oh and before any of you sick fucks starts defending your immoral ways and your deserved "right" to live amongst us and our children whilst you carry out your sick acts. I'd like to ask you a question, if we do actually let you carry out these sick acts amongst us, what do we tell the pedophiles and necrophiliacs when they ask for their right to do what they do since we let the homos do it? Do we deny them their so-called rights to fuck innocent kids and kill people just to fuck their dead bodies?

And before you call me backward or non-progressive. I'll tell you that I'm far from that. I just happen to be a normal (by our current societal standards) man. Wondering why you people have no decency or moral code or why you think you're different from the pedos. They also tend make similar arguments when defending their sick acts.

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Also sorry if there are any typos here, my phone doesn't have a spell-check utility.

And also, sorry if I have offended or hurt any of your feelings. but I doubt I have, since most of you fags don't give a shit, fucking immoral scum.

If there's anything I or my country is missing please enlighten me/us. Maybe that piece of information will start a revolution that makes us more tolerant of this kind of sick perveted sexual filth. Who knows, we might end up being as immoral a country as the huenited states-a ov amurikah.

Oh, also I write for a tabloid and a newspaper plus a few blogs, I just might include this forum thread into a report. If it's eye opening, that is and not just a bunch of enraged homos bashing at us like I know it's going to be.

Anyway, here goes... Submit post!
Really wish moot could increase that word-limit.
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in den papierkorb jetzt.png
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>Asking an African anything
I have met exactly one upstanding Ugandan in my entire life and that was in America where he was trying to get the funds to get his village a hospital because his area is so shitty. What you do with your backwards country is your problem and not mine, I can't imagine why any gay person in Uganda wouldn't just move.

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bill keller.jpg
27KB, 480x360px

This guy is a gay hating, drunken idiot. What's your opinion on him, call in and find out for yourself.
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said he hates niggers, faggots, muslims etc.
This guy is a real peice of shit, we need your help!

On live now!


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