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Question for chasers: would you rather date a "TruTranny" or an AGP transgirl?

>crippling gender dysphoria
>hate their dicks, will attempt suicide if you even mention it
>typically have mental illnesses that make them violent, unstable, or just unbearable to be around
>are less attractive and likely unpassable
>are full of STDs
>too retarded and unpassable to find a job outside sex work or fast food/retail
>retarded and have no personality or opinions of their own
>no hobbies outside of acting like a caricature of a woman because anyone with real hobbies isn't TruTrans
>poor hygiene, badly shaven
>get their political opinions from Tumblr, anyone who disagrees is an Uncle Tom
>only date you because they're desperate and you're their last resort
>browse pleb tier boards like /lgbt/ and /r9k/ all day
>constantly crave the BBC, will dump you because you are not black

>no crippling dysphoria
>love their feminine benis, will let you play with it as much as you desire
>typically have milder mental illness that make them quirky, cute and endearing
>are more attractive because they know what makes girls attractive, and are less likely to transition if there isn't a high chance they won't pass
>are pure, don't lust for sex as much as truscum
>only work intellectually stimulating, white-collar jobs (full-stack developer, lawyer, doctor, etc)
>are highly intelligent and have unique, interesting personalities thanks to their masculine/androgynous brain
>have interesting hobbies and the best taste in vidya and anime
>take immaculate care of their hygiene, always clean-shaven
>get their political issues from being rational and informed, only vote for the most based candidates like Donald Trump
>date you because they're genuinely interested and in love with you
>only browse patrician boards like /lit/, /sci/, /pol/ and /tv/, only come to /lgbt/ to shitpost and laugh at truscum
>only date white men, would rather die than stoop low enough to get involved with shitskins
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Blaire isn't AGP my man.
im agp and by definition of agp I have crippling GD and hate my dick

also if you are going to post a representative of what you consider truscum at least post a real person too, like Eli or someone

you don't have much convincing power if all you show is poorly written cartoon vs blurry photo
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also, you misapplied a bunch of HSTS archetypes to AGP and a bunch of AGP archetypes to truscum. There's shouldn't be a need to be disingenuous about AGP if you're actually proud of it, right?

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This whole gender thing is totally out of control. I have never cared enough to look into any of these tumblr meme genders until tonight and let me just say...I thought i had to go through some mental gymnastics when it came to being trans, but this? this is simply so absurd that it is beyond hilarious to me. now i fully understand why non lgbt people think we are so fucking crazy.
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>Perigender: identifying with a gender but not as a gender

what the absolute fuck does any of this mean? for what purpose???
>Anesigender: feeling like a certain gender yet being more comfortable identifying with another

so... closeted tranny?
>Adamasgender: a gender which refuses to be categorized
but...there's a name for it...so you're categorizing it...and how can a "gender" refuse to do something...

this is literally insane

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>/tttt/ransbians take special pride in bragging that they experienced male socialization, think and act like men and have "male attributes" that allegedly put them in a caste above women
>get deeply offended by being called a man and use "man" as a insult toward others
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*they also get deeply
jesus christ I hate modern anime artstyles

it was best in 2000's
grow up

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Does physics consider you a man or a woman?

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Man tbhonest
Facing wall, female. Wall at back, male, by a quarter-inch heel raise.

I'll take that, given being 5'11".
female, apparently. If I step more than three steps though, it gets more difficult, but still doable. That being said, this has more to do with average center of gravity than with actual gender. The results would probably vary based on race and weight.

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Why do trannies hate chasers?
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Because they shamelessly want to succ our ding-dongs
chasers focus on the one part that is hardest about being a trans girl, the trans part.

no one wants to be trans. they just want to be a man/woman. chasers remind them that they aren't a man/woman, they are a trans man/woman.

that being said, chasers are the safety parachute for the hon life - no complains.
They aren't honest. I just date gay leaning bi guys who like fems, much more common than one would think.

>tfw 5'10" and want to be the little spoon in a lesbian couple
>tfw reddit doesn't hugbox you
>tfw you cringe at the sight of yourself in the mirror
>tfw the crippling urge to kill yourself left when you started HRT, but reappears whenever you realize how badly you don't pass

What do I do?
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kill yourself, but please kill me before you go
>tfw 5'10" and want to be the little spoon in a lesbian couple
Tbqhon thats tall

I hate that my delusional mind is often playing tricks on me. There are times when I think "it's not so bad" or "I look decent" then i am brought straight back to reality when I actually see all those masculine crevices in my face, or how squarish my deformed chin is, or how weirdly long but also wide my face is and truly realize that not going full-time was the most reasonable decision I ever made.
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tbqhon I have no idea what to tell you tbqhon
An advice: go to a doctor and find a cure to your mental illness, because someone who was born with a dick is a man and nothing else.

tbqhon your post reads autism

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>tfw biggest fetish is to be a latex clad sissy doll and to be dominated and degraded 24/7 by another man

help, i'm a mess of a human being
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>anime girl
just transition already hon
File: 12345678kk.jpg (63KB, 688x720px)Image search: [Google]
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No, i'm a man
>another man
About that...

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Based Mattis. /pol/ and Trump eternally BTFO.
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File: IMG_2487.png (1MB, 1334x750px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1334x750px

Looks like Mattis is the intellectual people who knew him take him to be.

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Is anyone actually ok them? If so, could you please post pics, preferabl before/after or timeline format so I know what to expect? I'm an 18 year old closet mtf tranny, so I can't risk overtly obvious breast growth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh look, someone's all skitish about growing breasts.
Just go for it anon.

Get cypro and estrofem, you only get one life.
>cypro and estrofem
is that the most effective stuff?

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The statement says through God’s grace, sinners can “forsake transgender self-conceptions” and eventually come to “accept the God-ordained link between one’s biological sex and one’s self-conception as male or female.”


Any former trans here who came to accept being gay?
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>“accept the God-ordained link between one’s biological sex and one’s self-conception as male or female.”
How can something that does not exist ordain anything?
Eat Blanchard, Christard cunts!
Are they really so okay with cis gays that they're trying to convert trans people into them

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Any other petite ladies that like thicker girls. Pic is of my gf...
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That's not thicc, that's skinny as fuck tbqhon.
t. latin heritage
tbqhon she looks like a fatty
she's a great lay <3

Why does every twinkhon wear converse shoes?
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That's not true, I wear kung fu shoes
File: IMG_2555.jpg (232KB, 1500x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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I wear Sperrys, what does that make me?
tbqhon don't bully me

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Pic related, I'm a pre everything transgirl
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Why the blue hair? It looks trashy but yeah you could pass just need to hide that forehead.
You will almost certainly pass
kawaii nigguh desu

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>tfw theres an mtf in my college calculus class
>shes still in high school somehow? but nice and young and not too masculine
>actually has cute legs and ass

I think I kinda want to fugg, how do you approach a trans girl? Also if youre in calc 3 and reading this lets meet up I want to cum in your boypussy...
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Eh bro sounds like some JB check ID before doing anything.
high school seniors are def over 16
How do you even know that she's trans? Especially if she's in highschool. Also, why the fuck do you think she would want anything to do with your gross ass?

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