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Hey guys what kind of books can recommend for me (HTML) i'm begginer* or programs?
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HTML & CSS Codecademy

[Infinite Skills] Modern Web Development with HTML5 and CSS
[Udemy] HTML & CSS : Code Your Own Interactive Websites [2016[
[educator.com] Computer Science: HTML
what's the minimum a graphic designer needs to know about coding to be/remain competitive?
The industry of web design is going to become very difficult for non-experts in the coming future. Small websites for small businesses don't require a web developer anymore. There are dozens of services where the client can make his/her/xem/zem own website, albeit ugly, but sufficient for current needs. HTML & CSS alone will not get you anywhere since the resulting product of these two alone will look hideous. And with JS's ridiculous frameworks, it's becoming increasingly harder to sustain a job in the digital design world. Not to mention that a teenager from India will be motivated to do it faster (and significantly cheaper) than you are.

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I was wondering if someone with good photoshops skills could add to this blanket some realistic but elegant bloodstaines (something you would see in a thriller movie rather than in a splatter one)
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How much are you willing to pay?
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gang gang nigga.jpg
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for free, good sir

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Can someone please tell me how this was made?
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With a computer
mircosoft office

Is GIMP good for graphic design, or should I just buy PhotoShop?
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Illustrator. What you're looking for is Illustrator.

thread over, moving on
Inkly, Krita, Draw from LibreOffice, Karbon from Caligra Suite, there is more shit out there if you are insistent on free programs.
my nigga

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Plz upload pngs. What are you trying to accomplish with the logo? Imo it's too overly specific to make other versions and for other people to recreate. What is it for? Personal use? Though I like the eye pleasing shapes that go along the sides and other shapes.
Its the logo of the affinity suite. I asked for thoughts on the programs.
Is it out yet?
I tried Affinity designer for a while, it was good but there were just some features missing I couldn't work without.
I also can't remember what they were.

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Time for another Tumblr thread, /gd/! Post your design-related Tumblr blogs in this thread. Rate and recommend other blogs posted here.
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I'll start...


>art, fashion, and graphic design
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already followed!

All great and followed

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wallpaper 1.jpg
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Apparently you also like making awful pointless threads

Don’t forget to sage, kids
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me too
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dj kha2l.jpg
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also, they are all about dj khaled

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Must read:
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/gd/ course by Lynda.
ArmaganVideos on YouTube.

And maybe DesignCourse on YouTube
that girl is qt
Graphic Design Theory: reading from the field
Grid Systems / Raster Systeme in graphic design
How To Stop Stealing Sheep And Find Out How Type Works
Know Your Onions
Ways of Seeing
Visual Signs by David Crow
The New Typography

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Where does the repeating words trend come from?
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Another example
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Another one (not really recent though)
Rhythm and repetition have been used in both visual and musical arts since the beginning of time

Is it possible to achieve this effect in illustrator?

(The pink object)

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Sure. It'd be easier with a plug-in that produces that effect... Is KPT still published? Their "goo" filter was like that.
it would take about 10 minuets in cinema 4d.

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How is this for a book cover?
Also, the book is called "no", if you have better ideas post'em.
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I like the idea but at the moment I'd say it is a little boring - it doesn't have a lot of impact. Could be due to the font choice or the boring layout? Maybe be a bit more brave with the composition

I also think it's too close to the left edge. Either commit to having it run off the front cover or give it a bit more breathing room on that side. Also where would the author's name go?
Thanks for the advice, i haven't thinked about the author thing yet...
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>author's name
Maybe in the same grey color as the other languages at the bottom? I agree with the other anon that it needs something more to be interesting. Maybe something like pic related in the background? You don't want it to be too busy.

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Pic unrelated
Let me get this straight, you want us to buy you some images
No mate. Can't annually/monthly subscribed users download any amount of images at Shutterstock?

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Does anyone know a good free alternative to this serif font?
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times new viking
Merriweather maybe? Neuton?
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sorry to hijack but anybody got pic related, xxii geom the whole family?

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A course mate designed and presented this during a tutorial session. We're in our 3rd year of Graphic Design. What does /gd/ think of this sort of thing?
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I'd say it's more art than graphic design
>this sort of thing
i don't see it's purpose and it's tedious to look it has way too many rookie mistakes at so I'll probably erased it from my memory by the time I'm finished writing this.
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critical design is pretty cool and it gave our generation (2010-201X graphic design students) a strong iconic style. Don't delude yourself thinking you're being super edgy though, every 15yo kid with a tumblr account knows about it.

Your actual piece isn't bad, but I think you're using tropes without understanding what they mean. Real critical design takes source material from the study of discarded visual pop culture, it's a lot less random than it seems.

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hello /gd im in dire need of help
im a student at a school for graphic design i dont want to be a designer (i want to be an animator) but its a step in the right direction. how can i make brush strokes not be visible when working on paper with acrylic? also how do i use a ruler when im doing inking with the thing in the pic? if anyone can help please do
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>ruler with a fountain pen
do you even get the point of using a fountain pen?
use the right tool for the right things.
you want something like pic related
but even then, I don't see the point of using a ruler when inking.

>how to invisible lines
do you even lightbox bro?
Do a visit to /ic/.There are alot of stuff for animators there. For fuck sake. Wanna be spoonfed?

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