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I want to write/make a visual story. We start with a picture. This picture has to change with every person who want to help writing this story. Add one change and re-upload the picture so someone else can continue the story. The picture has to become more weird with each step. In essence we create a collective artwork/visual story. So curious!

Start of the story:

Perfect day on a cruise.
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op was a faggot
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2016-11-18 20.53.26.jpg
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Did I kill the thread by being mean? Ok I’ll try something else

In australia
OP is humping the boat

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So, I'm really into this type of graphic design and want to learn atleast the basics of making a good pixelart.
The shading and positioning of things etc.

Also share some awesomd pixelarts.
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Pixelart is illustration, not graphic design. This is the wrong board for that.

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Post faux designs from TV and film, preferably dated sci-fi.
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Reminds me of this for some reason?
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I just realized how har they try to bury these scenes most of the time, unless it's plot specific.

They are like 2 seconds....

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gtaforum crew.png
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Hey, How can i make something like this or similar to this?
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2 crew.png
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Or like this?
photoshop ?
What are you even asking for?

You know what? I don't care, fuck off.

Sage, an even if I don't have the evidence, I know /gd/ supports me on this.

Any feedback on this before I send it off would be appreciated :)
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Is this supposed to be printed? The text is too small for the web.

Get rid of the empty space. If printed it will only add to the costs but give no benefit in return.

The split text title is hard to read. I thought it was some foreign language at first glance. There are 5 fonts used when you should use 3 at maximum. The links you provided are not consistently formatted or colored. Use of uppercase is also inconstent.
Thank you I appreciate the feedback, I don't remember using 5 fonts though. Helvetica and gravity light and light bold
Well actually each style, weight and size is considered a font in more orthodox typography. It could be broadly called a style, but the point remains, there shouldn't be too many variations or else the grouping of information will not come through as consistent.

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how do i make the shapes like in the posters on photoshop/illustrator?
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Learn to Pen tool
either, though illustrator would be better practice.
what tool do i use?

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Could you guys make her more muscular/with more muscle definition?
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Hahaha, I meant on the actual pic, but thanks!
Where does the truth end and the meme begin?

I don't know what's real or fake anymore.

Looking for genuine career advice from professional Designers here

I'm in my 30s and have no career. I'm currently applying for shit office jobs just so I can pay the bills and have no other prospects in sight. It is what it is. I have some GD skills and have been using Adobe suite for years now. I ran an online business selling posters which made a nice bit of income on the side for a few years but is now dead in the water and all my wholesale clients have dried up. I have done a few small freelance jobs; logos, created some pattern designs for a fashion company launch. I need to improve my skills across the board but I have solid grasp of Illustrator, know my way around Ps and I'm learning InDesign.

I dreamt about landing a Junior position somewhere eventually if I could get a decent portfolio together. However, I think at my age and with no degree and an average skillset, I don't have much hope of ever getting a job with an agency. I don't like admitting defeat before I've really started but at my age you start to get more realistic about things.

What do you think my best plan of action should be? Keep working on my portfolio and skills until I feel at least capable of applying for Junior roles? Or focus on freelancing? I feel if I'm going to go for jobs my portfolio needs to be more creative and diverse, if I'm freelancing, I just want to know what is going to make me the most money and to hell with creative satisfaction. I need to know where to focus my studies as time is of the essence for me.

Long post. Apologies. But really need some advice about getting into the industry late and as a self-learner.
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You aren't realistic, you're pessimistic. Not only is 30s still very young anyway, but artistic fields are about the freshness of your work and taste. If you want to join an agency, you can. If you want to go freelance, you can.

You won't make 'the most money' as a graphic designer. We are peons in the grand scheme of things. You'll find it as a creative director or business owner.
But if you just enjoy graphic design and want to make a living with it, freelance will make you more money but is much higher maintenance.

If I were you, I'd keep my shitty job and work on a portfolio. Cargocollective / Behance that shit, then go watch THEFUTUR / Roberto Blake videos on youtube on how to get hired / get clients (if you choose freelance).

Godspeed, motherfucker.
Since you don't mention anything about getting a degree/certificate, I can assume that is not in your prospects? Maybe its obvious to state, but interviewers definitely care about it. I've got a good job right now and when my boss was interviewing me, he somehow had missed (really HOW?) the part in my resume where I stated that I have an associates in design. When he said he still liked me and my portfolio, he said "But for this design position, we're really looking for someone with a degree in graphic design", to which I replied "I do have an associates and if you'd like to see the certificate, I have it in my folder". I showed him, and he made a note on his paper about me that I have it. A few days later I was hired. Not everyone cares though and I've always firmly believed that as long as your portfolio is great, it doesn't matter... however, it mattered to my boss. THAT SAID, my previous job was my first design job and the criteria in the description was a bachelors MINIMUM, but that hiring manager (who actually works with me now in this new job) did not care about that, he just liked my portfolio and my personality and he straight up told me just that. So, from my experience, which is fairly limited I suppose, it can be hit and miss depending on who is looking into hiring you. I don't know how you present yourself or what you /do/ during an interview, but I do know that as long as your portfolio is stunning, you can get into places you want to be. From your post I understand that you don't have a great portfolio. MAKE IT. Hell, do exactly what I did if you want - I took my best work from college, and created 4 entirely new mock ads (which were print oriented since I was applying for an advertiser publication which is on newsprint paper) showed up professionally, accessible and open and just nailed it. And i think that point is very important - make some fresh stuff with your newest ability and absolutely gear it toward the business you are applying to.

Hi, does anybody knows the name of this style (looks like flat but has outlines)
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Also, outline is 1px width and colors are little bit washed out as you can see
Just a variation of flat my friend, hasn't got it's own name.
>Hi, does anybody knows the name of this style

It's called "dumpster fire filled with Indian diarrhea"

File: VERSION 3.png (176KB, 3000x3045px)Image search: [Google]
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So I was tasked with making the logo for a start up company that promotes A2 milk to milk companies for a college project. Now I choose the DNA design as the slogan that we agreed on was "it's in our DNA", referring to how A2 milk can be consumed by people with lactose intolerance. I choose the orange background because another design used a light blue outline so they formed natural contrasts.

Basically what I want to do with it is to make one of the chains on each side stand out so that both DNA strands make two As, one regular and one upside down, as to symbolize A2, but I'm not sure how to do that. Is there any third color that I can put in there to make it truly stand out or any type of pattern to make the whole strand stand out since it looks a bit dead now. Sorry for speaking so simply since I don't really have any association with graphic design, that's why I'm here.

TL;DR how can I make the DNA strands look like two As + any tips on how to improve the general look and feel of the logo
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File: VERSION 2.png (170KB, 3000x3045px)Image search: [Google]
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different version with the strand a bit smaller
File: VERSION 1.png (211KB, 3000x3045px)Image search: [Google]
211KB, 3000x3045px
The original version with the blue outline
Make too A black and bottom A white (color non-used portion of bottom A black) or outline bottom A in black but I think white would look better

File: ae-mask.png (41KB, 536x796px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi guys,
Mac user here, new on After Effects and I'm freaking out about this apparently simple task that I need to do for one animation:
I need only the top side of this mask to animate moving up but also the down part is moving down instead or remain where it is.

In Ps/Ai this happen only if you keep ALT pressed; in AE instead no matter what you press, both sides starts moving.

Any clue?
Thank you so much
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Set the anchor point so it matches the position of the lower edge. All adjustments are done relative to it.
make a keyframe
select the top 2 anchor points
move them holding shift
make a keyframe
File: move-anchor-point.jpg (69KB, 800x622px)Image search: [Google]
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Thank you, man!

Had to google and find this image to understand how to move the anchor point LOL

I Need to do a christmas postcard, but I got no restrictions whatsoever.
I can do whatever u want.

I thought about making one you could fold, like a christmas tree or something like that.

Any tipps or ideas ?
Thanks in advance.
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I meant whatever I want, not what u want lol.
Depends entirely who it's for and who it's from

It's not a personal thing, more like the ones you can buy in a store you know.

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damn, i'd hate to be you right now lol, just got mine 2 days ago. did you report him to the cops? have you tried using the find my iPhone app?
This is why I keep all my pertinent design projects in a dropbox folder ony my computer.
And every few months make backups onto physical media like a cd or something.

It's saved my ass several times, most recently a hdd failure.

Programs you can get back, time invested in lost projects are another story.
>enters thread
>leaves thread

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Hey /gd/

I have to design a logo for a Web Documentary and I'd appreciate some critique

The logo web documentary is supposed to teach kids about their local eco-systems on a coastline but also introducing them to ecology. The project is for kids but is looking for teacher's collaboration. Also a good part of the web documentary will be illustrated.
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tu fais ça vers ou? Et j'aime bien l'idée du logo style calligraphie, les dégradés marchent bien
Si le documentaire est dessiné, le premier : la police est très sympa, c'est plus dans le thème de l'illustration et le deuxième fait un peu trop web 2.0 à mon goût (mais bon)
C'est à Toulon, la rade c'est un peu leur outils de com n°1

Moi aussi j'aime le premier, mais le client à l'air de se diriger vers le 2eme

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Which fucking retards decided to adopt a funnel as the standard icon for filtering?
A funnel doesn't affect the volume of flow in any way, and if anything, takes several nicely separated streams and makes a single clusterfuck stream out of it.
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not if you add a filter inside the funnel ?
Sure, but none of the icons actually have filters, they're just plain funnels
File: .png (4KB, 31x31px)Image search: [Google]
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the filter is down there, hidden

actually, this is just a freetard problem probably. on proper os like os x, it looks like this - completely opaque

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