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Newbie here,

Could someone explain to me the best solution for implementing graphics into a web page?

For example icons next to paragraphs of text, or designs in the background of a website.

Would you use vector graphics? Or JPEGs with low file sizes?
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SVG if the art is vector, otherwise 72dpi png for flat graphic stuff and 72dpi jpeg for photos/detailed illustration

SVG will always look the nicest if you have vector options since it scales. 72dpi png and jpeg look good on most screens except retina ones so 144dpi might be ok if you care about sharpness and don't have a ton of images for your user to download/view.

many ways to optimize the file sizes for web graphics as well, varies by file type usually.
Summed it all up.

You also may want to look into creating an icon font.

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Hi there im starting our own IT bussiness, we came up with this design, I hope you guys can guide me in the color pallet.
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Start again
Is wifi's circle is centered into the box?
Maybe a light blue for signal, and a brown/grey for the box. Try some stuff, and post them.
It's too detailed, especially for a tech startup.

You need to look to google image search 'flat logo design' for a start and work on a more symbolic and unique approach to your logo- even check out some other bigger time agencies in some popular countries around the world - get a taste of what's going on right now for inspiration.

It will help to create a concept for your brand - start with why you are better then other IT companies, and if you can't think of any then you need to re-model your business.

I always tell me clients to make something that their proud of and the colours should be something that you enjoy and makes you happy to share your brand with others (especially when you're networking, a good brand shows you're serious!)

Something that you might want to look at for design, modern gradients, check out 'gradients web design' on google images, really cool and looks great online... Anyways, good luck!

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Lazy work.
>doesn't even wrap it
>just mask it
>set to multiply
>no highlights/shadows
>can still see empty jar

babys first shoop?
thanks for the critic, im going to redo it

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Anyone know what method can be used to create an effect like picture related via Photoshop?
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Just grab a strandy brush preset and set rotation to follow direction senpai
Looks like they made a gradient, put a black layer over it, and erased with a brush.
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Desaturated it –looks like a simple mish mash of white bristle brush on a black background

hey gd

how do i get text like this, but w/ smooth lines instead of this cruddy attempt of replicated objects. not 3d effect extrude and bevel i want to keep it 2d.
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photoshop you imbecile, read the sticky
in illustrator
nothing about this in sticky douchenugget..

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I want to do a ruler illustration, that's what i did so far but i'm not satisfied, a little help ?
I use Inkscape.
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search for references.

I like it, what elements do you feel like it's lacking?

File: Wizard Feast Logo.png (6KB, 433x253px)Image search: [Google]
Wizard Feast Logo.png
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Making this for my portfolio. I got stuck with this name and was told that the logo could not contain food or any resemblance of food.

I made a crystal representing the magical properties of a wizard and the colors represent the "holy trinity" of food, green because of freshness.

Any thoughts?
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OP here: I forgot to impart my own critique. The S at the end seems off. The font used for Feast could be different ( I went with a "ye old" look ) and just white may be a boring choice.

Also, the crystal... I dunno, the more the I see it the more I like it.
Heh, I assumed it was a reference to Emerald City

You asked for it...

"the" is riding too high
"feast" and the "s" have an uncomfortable negative space relationship.
Logo looks OK but cannot be represented in 1 color effectively.
Kerning on "feast" is super tight and bad.
Logo currently relies on a blue BG, with a non-color BG (white) the copy would be black or the darker green, what does it look like?
You posted a small image but even with a limited view the color transitions in the logo look inconsistent in width.

You have a good foundation, work upwards from it.

File: 9blBAHvM.png (18KB, 512x512px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /gd/! This is the logo for the new Esports team: Immortals. What do you think of it from a graphic designer's standpoint?
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rename them to emortals because there's an e in that there logo
This is actually pretty genius. Would make that logo 9/10 for me
Gravity had the best logo

File: Untitled-1.png (29KB, 184x184px)Image search: [Google]
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Critique my logo for 'Vaen Media'
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File: 1.png (333KB, 5000x5000px)Image search: [Google]
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Can you explain your logo? What does it say about this company?
I'm not sure I like the imagery.

An up arrow for power or superior, yet contained. And media as in music and video?

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Is there a program similar to MS paint but less retarded?
I want to make some simple shapes and designs for a logo but find it very frustrating.
I've downloaded GIMP and it SUCKS!!! It automatically locks layers down and wont let me drag and move things. Or skew an image that needs tweaked. Or color fill properly. Its terrible.
I need something simular to the editor in the video game FORZA.
I'm about to just fire up the xbox and start using it because its easier!
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Try Inkscape
Paint.NET is the answer you're looking for. It's a logically upgraded paint with transparency, layers etc.

I've been using it for years. I use it over PS if the task is simple enough simply because it's so no-nonsense yet still has all I need for simple stuff.
>I don't understand it so it's bad!

Why not learn how to use a program properly rather than going for the simplest program with no features.

File: sdoc_new_logo.jpg (9KB, 200x183px)Image search: [Google]
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My school district is offering 100 dollars to anyone who can make this logo look "better". Any help/ideas?
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tell them to increase their budget and hire a real designer
Is that actually their current logo?
clearly its from the last 100 dollar contest they held

File: affiche-06.jpg (2MB, 1240x1748px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1240x1748px
So while I was designing I forgot to mention the composer's name. Where do I put it?. It's Bach, either written like J.S. Bach or Johann Sebastian Bach.

> inb4 bach dat ass up
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really nice composition
File: 4chan.png (649KB, 667x941px)Image search: [Google]
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mooie compositie
ik zou het met een light of thin lettertype onder het kruis centreren. of maak de bovenkant en onderkant van het rood is kleiner waardoor je meer speling hebt boven en onder. Schuif dan het rode vlak iets naar boven tot je een witte lijn onder het witte vlak heb en de zwarte streep die groot genoeg is om zelfde soort grootte te doen als utrechts studentenkoor
witte vlak moet rode vlak zijn bedoel ik

File: P60118-160340.jpg (4MB, 4192x3104px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 4192x3104px
Im looking for an external monitor for my mbp retina. What do you guys use for gd and what could you recommend to buy?

I find the concept of ultrawide monitors very interesting for gd but there are very expensive apples cinema display aswell.

I think of a Dell U2515H right now.
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Im not trolling btw

Hello there,

I'm looking for the specific font in this poster.


>favorite movie poster-font general /mpfg/
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File: cubist.jpg (2MB, 3300x3644px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey guys! I'm really into board and card games, i own a few (Love Letter, Coup, Munchkin and others).

The thing here is, i'm now making my own game and i need some help with the cards. I want a simple art, nothing with too much detail. I found this image on the web and i was trying to do the same with some other pictures with no success.

So i was wondering if you guys could help me, and maybe some of you know how to make images like this, all cubist and colorful.

I'm on Illustrator CS6.
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File: 1445027781567.jpg (344KB, 1920x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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fellow board/card game enthusiast here.
there are several aproaches to achieve that style.
what I would do is to use dmesh or some other software intended for poly art
and simply recolor/erase some of the polygons

Thanks dude, i'll check it out.
It seems to be exactly what i need.
File: WPAP-Method-for-Low-Poly.jpg (81KB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
81KB, 960x960px
Well... it's not what i expected.
I'll try to improve this. I think i've put to much detail when all i had to do was to be simple.

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