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Where would one go to find latest trends in UI design?

I've been an illustrator for games for the last years, but it seems they will move me to a UI position soon. So far I've gotten along with just painting assets and not touch the layout and design of it but I'm looking to learn.

I've been using pinterest a lot for the art aspect of it but it's not as strong for design, especially since there's very little theory written or discussed there.
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Everyone has their favourite websites (I like Typewolf but that's web design, not app UI specifically. good stuff tho) Fonts in Use is good too, again mostly typography-focused by you can sort by medium.

At the end of the day the best way to learn this shit is to keep an eye out for stuff you like and consider why you like it and how they achieved that. You'll need some basics for thinking about that in any detail:

Swiss typography
Designing on a grid
Ratios and geometry in grid design
Locally and globally recognizable icons
Depth — what elements pop forward and which ones fall back, and is the hierarchy of that action correct (such as your OP image, black overlay makes the photo fall back and white pop forward which is a popular style atm)
Readability of typefaces and type-setting (the font you choose but also the space between letters, words, lines, use of caps, creating hierarchy with bold/italics/size) for various screen sizes
Expected behaviours and design language (green is good, red is bad, buttons look pressable, links are bold or underlined, etc)
Navigation with your controller (console or mouse/keyboard? tab around or free-moving?)

I recommend Ellen Lupton's book Thinking with Type if you're brand new to typography, and Steve Krug's classic Don't Make Me Think. I also recommend you check out Destiny and play with its UI for a while, it's very slick compared to all competitors/peers imo, with a unique attention to detail in the typography that comes across as both classy and extremely readable/understandable, such as organizing a map with lots of symbols and text and using a free-roaming cursor. I think it actually won an award with AIGA last year in a category games aren't normally considered for.

And check out games whose UI pisses people off and try to think about why. Remember, your UI should be a pleasure to use, but no one WANTS to use it. It's a means to an end, an interface for what they really want. Make it easy + painless
Blizzard (World of Warcraft in particular) has the best UI in games that I've seen and used. You feel immersed in the universe and everything fits that genre of the game. Nothing is out of place and every UI element appears to be polished to its fullest.

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Hi Everyone,

I've been contacted by a client asking if I can make something like www.csgojackpot.com . Is this overly complicated? I know apis are available from steam. any idea how this is made?

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> unknown user posts on anonymous board
> nobody knows what he can do and what not
> asks other anonymous users if they can tell him if it's complicated for him

srsly, wtf
I can do html,css, javascript and jquery, wordpress.

I know a little php and I know mysql. I can outsource this but not sure as to how much I should quote this.
If you have to ask 4chan how to do something, you shouldn't be doing that thing.

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So /gd/ who wants to submit free work to the millennial queen?
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are people just retarded

this isn't even spec work, its free work
i fucking hate emma watson
>accepting a crazy feminist as your queen

you dun goofed

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They seemed to like it and are gonna use it. Thoughts? It's supposed to subtly resemble those 90s toys r us video game catalogs hence the paper cutout aesthetic.
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It gets the point across. It's not especially interesting, but for what it's for, it's fine.
I like it
The '2' should be solid white, bigger, not skewed and more tilted
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Shame like someone said on /toy/ you made the logo more generic instead of taking elements from each brand.

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Hi /gd/,
can you help me and let me know how to get this ultrasound look?
What filters would you use? I tried one in filter forge, but it was super shitty, but I think that one should be able to put this together by some combination in PS, like some distortion, noise, etc. But I'm not really getting close yet so I decided to ask. (file attached is a 'howitshouldlooklike')
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just take a huge portion of the "texture" in this sort of image and mask it into any shape you want
I would say... Put a nice sepia tone on it, it will look amazing
First find the radial center by making a big-ass ball thats curve is along the edge of the image

Can we talk about representing yourself online? Good websites to go through making a portfolio?

Right now I'm working with carbonmade:

I just want my website to be www.tannerspreer.com can i do this through pre made portfolio websites?

Share some websites, maybe places to learn n stuff
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nice mouse scroll hijacking.

in what software do you draw those illustrations???
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HMPH tshirt design.jpg
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Photoshop mostly. Some are drawn and then scanned. Getting more into Illustrator lately
In order to have a custom domain you have to register with a provider then bind it. Tutorial here:

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Hey /gb/ can you help me to get a good HD footage for my web, please?

preference .webm if you can.
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any one?
OP, lurk a little. This is a very slow forum. Use Google.

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Can you see your destiny ?
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Stahp anon , this game isn't going to happen :/

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I'm in need of designs for a visiting card for a flower store
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Hire a designer.

I'll give you this tip for free, write a detailed project brief or you'll waste everyone's time and a lot of your money.

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Any comments? (just an amateur)
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Looks unnatural. The eye is not properly in place.
Could use more blood. Make the muscles shine

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diana maria logo.png
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so, my sister requested some time ago a logo from me (because I draw waifus lmao).

I had no clue on how to make a logo, so I downloaded a bunch of logo design from lynda (pirated) and made this.

It's my second logo ever in my life.

I think graphic design is an usefull skill for game development, and practicing it is fun.

>salud ocupacional
spanish words for some kind of security hazard health supervisor (don't know the name in english).
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Good blog

Would read again.

In other words, why are you sharing this?
just kill yourself
I wanted some opinion besides
the typical kys, you suck.

I would love some honest critique.


julian casablancas' facebook page just posted this. what yall think?
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who the fuck is julian casablancas

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MF blu pb.png
182KB, 800x800px
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best logo ever seen on this board.
good work m8.
funny guy

Not bad. Looks Faze as fuck. Long-shadow is still just within the bounds of not-shit, but maybe redo in a year. Also come up with a policy for where this isn't cropped within a small square (where does the shadow end?)

Tuck that shadow corner in on the bottom left of the M though. Untidy.

File: joe haden fam help.png (903KB, 666x1000px)Image search: [Google]
joe haden fam help.png
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I need help on changing his jersey

Im trying to put him in a Baltimore Ravens jersey, but I cant find a good image of a player in the angle he has in the photo. I managed to get the helmet near perfect but I cant get the jersey right. Currently using Gimp because I dont like Photoshop because im too used to Gimp

Any help? /sp/ wouldnt understand
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>Near Perfect
Oh OP, you have a ways to go on that.
And there is a perfect tool for this, bit it's in photoshop.
>Not Rocket League
Not any kind of sports ball I would care about.
the helmet is fine

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Hopefully you guys can help me. I'm wondering what filter or effect is used on the way this video is recorded. It's hard for me to explain but it gives a relatistic feel. I've seen movies played in big box stores with this "motion effect" what is it?
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higher than average amount of frames per second combined with the fact that it was most likely filmed from some guys bag?
I don't know what else to tell you mate
The main thing you're looking for is the 60fps. Most videos stay between 24 and 32fps so it does not feel so "alive".

The new iPhone 6 can film in 60fps. Also if you have a GoPro you can do such as well. A lot of professional cameras can film in 60fps too, but they're more expensive.
Also worth noting that most recent Android phones can also do this, for much less than all of those options

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