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post clever/amazing logos
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the fuck is this.png
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>Studying graphic design
>school starts tomorrow
>first class is a design class
>feel like im going to perform like shit
>while others making shiny posters and graphics

Cant really see myself being successful at the design field. Trying to get into ui design
>got lost

Share yours anon
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Honestly, if you think you're going to do badly, but still give it your all, you usually end up on top or at least near the top. (unless you truly are that bad)

Don't worry, anon. You'll be fine as long as you have at least one creative bone in your body and an IQ above 90.
What uni you trying to get into?
lel, you're at uni because you want to learn shit, not because you can already do it. If the others can do the shiny shitty stuff, then it's those who waste their fucking time. dont be scared bro.

Thoughts, /gd/?


I personally think it's kinda shit. Considering it's been my favorite soft drink for a long time, this really flared up my autism. They could have just "modernized" the 2010 logo and it would have been perfect. The 2010 logo was calm, yet vibrant and playful, and its a throwback to the 70s logo to boot. It perfectly matched the drink itself. Pic related looks like some kind of bitter energy drink. Do they really think people are going to recognize the huge-ass black-on-yellow "M Y" as mello yello from a distance? What is the M Y supposed to look like? Why are they so connected? Whoever was in charge of this rebrand is a dipshit.

There's also the marketing. In the years since the 2010 rebrand, they've done a COMPLETE 180 in terms of desired audience. Their initial target with the 2010 rebrand was the tumblr hipster stereotype that listened to vinyl records and loved all things "retro". This was the perfect counter to mountain dew's marketing toward skaters and leet gamers and shit, and again, it completely matched the drink itself. They just didn't capitalize on it enough. If they're trying to compete with mtn dew, then why don't they actually try to learn a thing or two from pepsico's advertising, and other food/beverage companies that actually do advertising WELL? Develop a larger social media presence, become more involved with your audience, hire somebody to shitpost on twitter/tumblr for your company (a la Denny's, Taco Bell), pull another Xbox Mtn Dew thing, i don't give a shit. But who are they marketing it to now? Sports (not just any sports, RACING) fans and manly men; the kind of audience that listens to pop country. I'm not kidding.
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2010 logo. In around 2013, however, they added some kind of silver border around the text that threw the whole thing off.
i like the logo, but it does not fit a soda. it's too collegiate sports team. the colors may have something to do with that though.

it's a very strong/bold logo, but sterile and refined. it just does not fit for something that should emphasize fun, enjoyment, good times...
My thoughts exactly

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Hi /gd/

Can anyone tell me how pic related is made and what the technique is called when you add an image on top of a video and can change the location of the image frame by frame. Also what programs are the best to do this with? Thanks
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Motion Tracking,

You can do this with Adobe After Effects or in Sony Vegas.
Thanks bro. Do any free programs do it? I need it for a one off vid. Ok yes I need it to shitpost.
love these with flags. post more pls?

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Here is a wallpaper for "The Revenant", so what do you guys think?
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looks good
silhouet reads poorly. Could be holding a baseball bat for all I know. Sun looks like paint ms
Would be better as just a flat black character.

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I made these double sided advertising cards (placards?), but for the poster version all the info on both sides needs to be on there.

How can I approach this? There's just too much goddamn info and literally everything on the back needs to be on it. The ugly ass blocky logo in the top needs to big because it's their official logo.

Pic related are two versions of the cards but let's use the white one to solve this problem.
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I don't know where I'm going with this..
you again

whats the problem now?
the second pic is the poster i suppose.
for me the information is placed well its just nothing else. the only element beside the information is the circle which is pretty random.
maybe try to use symbols from the actual matthäus passion.
the most obvious thing to do is take the cross or the thorncrown and place the information around it/in it.
Nah, the circle was chosen over the cross, so I have to go with that. And I still need to include that blocky logo. I think I'm going with this and be done with it.

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photo 1.jpg
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a friend of ours died and we have to choose a type for his gravestone.
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Comic Sans
Copy his handwriting.

Post your best shop of this pic.
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This is a serious issue anon.
This is not /b/
There's hardly any white people there.

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I did wallpapers
I want you guys opinions on said wallpapers
have a nice day/night
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Also I'd like to know which one is your favorite, given you don't find all of them completely shitty
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File: luxury.png (780KB, 720x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey this probably seems really stupid to a lot of you guys, but i'm working on my first stencil and I need some input on how I should go about the layers. Here's my drawing, i found the original on google image and recreated it by hand.
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0123161218 edit.jpg
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So the shadows inside the face, should be the first layer. And the hair & beard silhouette should be the second layer. But how do i go about putting the details inside the hair and beard circled in green.
it depends what you want to do with it. If the process of spraying is without any time pressure at all - then cut out the mouth on an extra sheet - and before spraying, stick the mouth just with double sided tape on the surface you want to spray on.
didnt you get your answer m8?

I really like drawing, drawing everything, this is my hobby since i was little child, and now i wan't to try drawing on graphic tablet, what tablet and program will you guys reccomend for newfag?
>pic unrelated
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iPad pro
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ight en' m8 les hav er a look ye?

draw me a picture of the paris attacks and then tell me again that u draw EVERYTHING

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Shit needs to stop. The last two weeks have been awful. I want my slow /gd/ back :(
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stop browsing 4chan if you don't want memes
I would love a slightly less slow /gd/ if it wasn't so clogged with hot garbage. Although most of it was that one kid and the usual idiots asking for free work.
I also mean those shitty "plz r8 my shit" where 8th grades post their shitty meme oc, tryin to be funny. I know that shit 404'd eventually, but it takes to fucking long, and as u said, cloggs the whole fucking catalog.

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First timer here trying to design a logo for a new company. I "borrowed' this from google. Any thoughts on how to make it look non-retarded and professional?
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>stealing someone else's logo


I'm going to modify it
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smoothed out edges using blur + level adjustment as per a youtube tutorial

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I've installed adobe suite with the sole purpose of learning how to do this... here I am 2 hours later AND I still can't figure how to do it.

I basically want to put a different video for each country to make a gif - would you people PLEASE help me I tried to google everything I do not know where to learn how to do this.
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>what is masking
File: test 3.gif (3MB, 460x418px)Image search: [Google]
test 3.gif
3MB, 460x418px

I made some countries transparent in Photoshop then in after effects I placed the video behind the picture - this is retarded level editing but I seriously want to learn how could I possibly put a different video for each layer.
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Also what's the best way to crop clip parts from a video to use later in after effects?

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How hard would it be to photoshop a ticket?
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>How hard would it be to photoshop a ticket?
It's pretty easy, the hard part is printing it
take it a regular printer and some thin card wouldn't do it?

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