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How do you calculate shade value so two different colors share the same brightness on print material?
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how do you find the gray equivalent of a color. say i had a blue in CMYK. how do i find the gray version of that color?
doubleclick the color in illustrator and pulldown to grayscale
No easy answer. Almost any software (including Ai) will give you the wrong answer by default. Most software will give you a very wrong answer (e.g. sRGB averaging or GIMPs "lightness"), other software will give you a less wrong answer (using ITU-BT REC. 709), but in the end it doesn't mean the colors will actually come out equiluminous from your printer.

You can compute it if you have the color-profile of the printer.

Kind of at a halt with this design. It's for a podcast type thing called Heart 2 Heart. Any ideas on how I can improve this?
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Don't like the typeface senpai.
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Note to consider.

This, really. None of the text works, imo.
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the colors don't go well with the heart shape, the 2 seems to big and distracting, why type two times heart? the stroke is a mess. start over maybe do some drawings first.

hi /gd/

I'm having trouble in Adobe After Effects. I've started making a starry night animation for a background which is meant to be 15 seconds long.

when I try and see progress of the animation, it plays for 3-4 seconds then jumps back and loops, rather than playing to the end of the animation.

I am using CC2015, what is going on? google was no help
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check your cache.
sometimes when your scene is too big it wont pre-load. i thin kyou can change stuff in the options under view.
done that and increased the amount of dedicated RAM, nothing.

thanks though, any other suggestions?
put the marker behind the pre loaded green line and try playing it from this point.
otherwise render it and see if the finished animation has the same problem.

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So i just made this and was wondering if it has some potential to be made into a logo/poster or anything. Im a newbie in Illustrator, do you have some tips for me? Also post your creations if you wish.
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well it has a slight 3D brick style. if you manage to point out the 3D shape with gradients then maybe we can talk again
I like it bro.
Any tips on how to progress into that?
thanks man

File: air-jordan-trains-chicago-01.png (928KB, 959x594px)Image search: [Google]
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what does /gd/ think? this is a couple months old but i just hopped on the red line and ive never seen it before
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File: air-jordan-trains-chicago-04.png (658KB, 959x591px)Image search: [Google]
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here's the inside
All i can say is last week there was a line down the street and around the corner for people camping out for fucking shoes. lawn chairs, weed, homeless, piss. It was awful
I used to love it when they dressed up the trains for christmas, this isnt quite as cool but, hey it shakes up an otherwise tense commute

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I have knowledge of basic html and css from a few college courses. My main skill is graphic design, but I am constantly getting asked if I "do" websites. They would be mostly for small businesses such as: construction companies, landscaping companies, car detailing companies, etc. I am not looking to build any type of e-commerce site, just simple websites that highlight the services offered with an emphasis on acquiring leads through a strong call to action.
I find myself struggling trying to code a website from scratch. I found a really nice wordpress template that would work well with the website design I already have mocked up.
I am looking to sit down and watch like 10-20 hours of tutorials on how to code a website, but I want to make sure I am choosing the best option for this type of thing. Any thoughts/help would be appreciate.

tldr Best method for creating simple websites for service type businesses? (No e-commerce)

Pic related (its the website mockup/design that I want to code)
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Use bootstrap templates...
Every Web designer nowadays use templates. You can totally do a 'unique' design, but it's highly probable it's going to look like any other website.
you recommend bootstrap over wordpress? what the difference?

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ok cool thanks

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How important is it to follow branding guidelines? Are they required?

I've seen really important websites like Gallup freely modifying logos such as the facebook one, clearly against their guidelines, but it doesn't look like they are getting in trouble.
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gallup isn't even in the top 10k on alexa... Either way, the most a company can do if you don't follow their branding guidelines is usually to forbid you from using their branding (which they own.)

Some companies may care more than others. Most companies understand that being ubiquitous is the over-arching goal, and having consistent branding is just one component to achieving that. If an important website that will help you establish your brand slightly violates your branding guidelines, you would typically ask yourself if it's worth forbidding that website from using your brand -- will that actually help strengthen your brand? Likely the answer would be "no".

Also, from what I can tell gallup only modifies the facebook icon very slightly (white on black background in the footer) to unify it better with the style of their website. But maybe I'm not seeing the specimen you were referring to.

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Email me at [email protected]

File: whatdo.jpg (2MB, 1702x1262px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm designing a facebook page for a freind. He has a phone repair business. The company doesn't have a logo so I'm just using regular text.

I have two ideas but I'm not sure which one to go with. The first one looks cool but it's it doesn't seem like something that would reflect a phone business. The other one is kind of generic but, to me, it looks nice and friendly and more fitting.

Which one should I choose and how can I improve them?

I realize the text on the first one isn't readable, I'll get to that.
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The bottom one hands down
OK thanks, but why?
Not that anon BUT

Much simpler, cleaner design. I like the color palette much better. The name is not obstructed by white background lines. The perspective is a nice, fun touch in my opinion.

File: seventops850.png (754KB, 850x850px)Image search: [Google]
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How do you like my design for a UI Logo Element?
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ugly. 5/10
Any tips on improving?
Give the logo a background (light grey or White) lose that fucking hidious font and get some proper one, maybe handwritten with sans serif. No 3D effect.

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What do you think of my opening logo for a small group of film makers back in 2009?

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its 2016. Why is this relevant?

basic and uninspired, text animation bares no relation to the concept "just fade it in and call it a day"
Text should have snapped in at the same moment the clock's hand came to a stop (right before, so they'd stop at the same time) Either that or have it fade in without the horizontal movement.

Audio is cringe worthy, should have gone with a deeper sound. Or one that fades away a bit at least, rather than cutting off straight away. The final stop of the hand shouldn't have made the same sound as the two others since it's never locked in place like it would have been after the completion of the second.

Clock's hands aren't animated at all, just pasted 3 times, not that I wouldn't have expected you to do anything right if you had attempted it. Plus the stretching of the entire thing shows you probably used clipart or something anyway.

Colours contrast too much, at least in the video. You seem to've used a slightly lighter background in the pic, which is okay.

IMO it's overall far too vertical, but that's a choice you can make I guess. To an extent, anyway. Though if the clock weren't all stretched out like it is I doubt it would have been as much of an issue.

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Looking for premium books about Japanese design, historical or contemporary, well illustrated. Preferably in Japanese.

Something like pic/link related but not millions of sterling.

And more focused on Graphic Design.
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Does anyone in /gd/ pay for Creative Cloud?

Why don't they price it at $7.99 a month, like Netflix, and have a near 100% adoption rate? They'd make a shit-ton more money. Most people would prefer to pirate it than be punished by their shitty costumer service.
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What did you expect? It's the Jewest IT company at the moment. Besides, check this out: https://gist.github.com/roddds/a1f42bae598028ac7809
Because they don't make their money from the people buying it for personal use, they can charge whatever they want because businesses need it and will pay whatever they as to get it. People pirating PS for personal use is a drop in the bucket compared to the commercial industry profit they make from it.
what happened to freehand and quarkxpress

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logos you like
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that logo is terrible.
kojimo is a faggotry

post logo you like

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