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Sup guys, my parents cant figure put what to give me for my 21st birthday, so i figured i could get a tattoo. But i cant figure out what to put on my body. I want something that involves my parents, me loving them and something minimalistic. Please help me out guise. Inb4 infinity sign
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>Infinity Symbol
Well you can go with !n if you want something less traditional.
What's !n
I think Mathf.Infinity would be a better choice.

So, a friend of mine is a big scifi fan (and so am I) and I was planning to make him a little scifi card game myself.

The problem is I just do not know how to handle Word to print a "card" both sides (and other problems like that)

Is there any free/online software to make cards or something similar??
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hmm here's a tip: hire a designer (is cheap nowadays)
the point is i wanted to do it myself
You are going about the process incorrectly OP, and you are going to waste a lot of time doing it that way. What you should do instead is:

>Only print the information side of the card
>No pictures, only information and words so you can easily write quick changes onto the card itself.
>Get a few cheap decks of playing cards and card selves.
>Place all the playing cards into the card selves and slide your print out cards in front of the cards.
>Bam! Prototype game.

Once you've done 20+ revisions and play tests, reprint the changed cards.

Rinse and repeat until the game is fun.

THEN you can worry about artwork and making back art for your cards.

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Is this the most successful logo ever?

>InB4 swastika.
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fucking minimalist hipster shit
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Logo? Probably. Symbol? I'm not so sure.
Not every symbol is a logo.

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I used to have no job and spend all day photoshopping stuff. However, I got a job and now I have literally no free time. I'm sitting at my desk all day on my phone. Is there a decent photoshop alternative on the iPhone? All I really need is a program that supports layers cut/paste and blending.
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try pixelmator
Photoshop express numnuts.

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Hello /gd/

So here's the deal.
In an upcoming school play, I am to make a background in which a fairy will fly into a rose.

The rose will be closed, then it opens, then the fairy flies into the rose, then the rose closes.

I have a picture of the fairy, an open rose, and a closed rose. So I have to make something so the fairy moves to the open rose, and when it closes, the fairy is gone.

Do you guys have any ideas on how I could this? Is there a program I can use?
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After effects - pin tool + different layers for each step of the animations. (Photoshop)

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I need to create a Hearthstone Card Back. I got the basic card back PSD, but i need to design the inside myself, preferably to create a new design. I know some Photoshop and basic Illustrator. Can someone give me some ideas, tutorials, or anything to help me? I want to make it something like the one in the picture.
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maybe change the color and texture of the star and crystals and then pick a planet that maches the same general color, but id keep the bronze front as it is.
What is this for?

And you will need to learn how to draw; Blizzard style. All their stuff is made in Photoshop.
i want to make one to apply to blizzard for a competition, to give card backs specially for this event. They required an example. The PSD i have has this.

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Has anyone worked in sign-writing or with a sign-writing/ "Graphics" business?

I've noticed a lot of small local businesses will have their logo, business cards, posters, etc made by the same people who can print it on their cars. these people are also content with the quality they end up with like in pic despite it looking like shit.

Do people make good money off of this?
If it didn't include the printing convenience would people still pay for this quality?
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They come and go in my area with all the impermanence and irregularity of children's lemonade stands. And it follows that a thirsty customer with discerning taste and money to spend does not stop at the roadside for 25 cent lemonade.
>Do people make good money off of this?
I honestly couldn't say, but I would imagine the overhead for their printing services has gotta be higher than the overhead for their design services, so they probably do relatively well on that end of their business. I say "relatively" because these are still usually small businesses that cater to small, local clients. These clients usually have no taste for good design and no appreciation for the dollar value of it, so what you're probably looking at is shit design cranked out fast and cheap for an honest business who just needs a sign up so people know they exist.

It's something of a necessary evil, I think. Not everyone can afford or even needs great design.

>If it didn't include the printing convenience would people still pay for this quality?
Would and do all the time. The world is full of people who dropped out of design school, graduated at the bottom of their class, or have just made some youtube banners for gaming channels and think they know what they're doing. If you want to have these people as your peers, if you want to punch in for 8 hours a day producing garbage that you hate for modest money, then you're the chump, not your clients.

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key to success? lmao
a tampon up the nose is the key

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Hey Anons, so I'm doing this group project for school and I was wondering if I could borrow your brains for a minute. I'm in charge of the video and editing, having never done it before it's been an incredible learning process.

Anyways, I need your help because the video primarily consists of smaller videos of a dozen or so people speaking for only a few seconds and there's really nothing to tie them together. So to help with the fluidity of things, I was going to have their soundbites be like in a scrap book, but I don't have a scrap book to use, know where to get, and can't find a good template online. So I was wondering if you guys had any other ideas of where to search or how else to tie the videos together.

Note that the small videos all consist of an individual stating their name, and what their adventure is (it's the theme for the video) on my campus.
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i have tried to make a collage a couple times in AE and i have failed (i'm not that newbie) is quite complicated if you don't have a plan before importing the clips.
try with templates (customize 'em)
Thank you anon, I appreciate the help

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Can anyone make me an intro I can buy or any tips on how to make nice logo?
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sellfy com/Sline

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The Design Blog
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How can i make my youtube profile picture pop/stand out/better?

i'm new to photoshop
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make a black blackground and the text white with a decent font and proper kerning+x-height. protip don't use 3d like a 12 yr old and don't save as jpg.

Hi /gd/

I am looking for a graphic designer to design me a logo for a small business that I am starting.

I have done a google search for graphic designers in my city, they are usually large businesses that want in excess of $1000 to design a logo.

I have a few hundred to spare but not $1000, but that is not my only issue with these companies.. I look at their portfolios and most of the designs REALLY suck (pic related).

So, does anyone know any websites where I could possibly find a freelance graphic designers willing to do logo designs for small businesses?

I have looked at websites like 99designs etc but all the google reviews are terrible, from the designers not speaking English or the website pocketing the cash and not giving the designers money etc.

This is not an /r/ thread, I just thought if such a website exists maybe someone here would know them since this is /gd/

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I'll work on one for you. What's the business and what do you want it to feel like? Any input on colors or styles you like would help. I can get some proofs done tomorrow.

Hi, that would be great. If my thread gets deleted just post on /gd/ as I will be monitoring.

I photograph real estate and have decided to start my own small business, the business name is PROPSHOTS

I have an idea of what I am after, I will explain it best I can.

I want the logo to BE the business name (as in I would like the font PROPSHOTS to BE the design) as opposed to a great logo with plain black PROPSHOTS font underneath it etc.

I prefer square type font and really like these polygon shape designs that give a 3d effect (pic related)

I know it is a bit cliche but I also like the aperture symbol as it does relate to photography. (i will post an image of this)

I want the color scheme to be black, grey and yellow (this specific yellow #ffe100)

I may not be great at explaining what I am after but I am very passionate about the work that I do, I want my logo and brand to convey both quality and passion/joy for what I do.

I will post a few images to hopefully help explain what I am after.


Pic related: I like these polygon designs and would like my logo to have this type of polygon design too.

This is what I tried to do myself, this is when I decided that I needed a graphic designers help as this is far too basic.

But I would like the proper design to be of the whole business name, similar to what I have tried to do.

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I hope this is the right bored for this kind of stuff. I'm using 2d design but I'm having trouble making the angles and spacing correct. The book shaped things are supposed to follow the inner circle as well as possible and they are also supposed to be spaced apart equally, My ideas is to just do one quarter of it and then copy it to the top to create a half.

help make shapes positions correct.
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I'm trying to do something like this encase my description was bad*
do it once. then ctrl+c/ctrl+d
I'm not using illustrator, I'm asking how to do something like that arc thing he did but in 2Ddesgin.

Are there any maps that use the New York City subway map style, but are for another city whether real or fantasy (e.g. a GTA map done in NYC map's style). Attached is a bad example because it's still New York City, just having replaced subway stops with coffee shops.
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File: melbourne tram map.png (692KB, 2400x1773px)Image search: [Google]
melbourne tram map.png
692KB, 2400x1773px
this the sort of thing you mean?

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