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yo /gd/

im a front end dev who needs a bit of help drawing a few clothing items for a project

anyone intrested maybe drop your email / skype and we can discuss. fairly simple images, not a lot of detail - I just need colorless 'illustrations' that I can take into AI and vector.

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will I get paid?
for sure, id like to discuss it with you if youve got time
You alive? :)

Rate it /gd/
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I am a producer and I was wondering if someone can make my name look unique or make a logo for me.



check me out. you may like it!
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hello from Canada, it's cold as dick here and I have nothing to do and I like your music.
does something like pic appeal to you?
hit me up at [email protected]
it is a spam email so i might take a while to reply.
also i can make some kinda logo it'll take time tho
It's not too bad and I will definitely be in touch. Any others?
i will do it but i'm too busy right now

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can anyone tell what font is used on this pic?
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The kerning is shit desu

>The kerning is shit

With Swans, though, that's kind of the point. Everything is a little off.
Back to /mu/ senpai

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Can we get a vaporwave thread going?
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Hello I'm an aspiring comedian and I need Adobe Premiere to edit my videos with but don't have the finances to afford the subscription. I was wondering if anyone would find it in their heart to lend me their username/password. I can pay you! Check me out on Twitter @natevarrone or one YouTube at YouTube.com/natevarrone

My hope is that you are like "oh I believe in this dude and want to pay it forward and help him out because finances should never stop someone from expressing themselves creatively."

My email is [email protected] comment below or email me if you are interested in helping me out. This is a picture of me with a dope ass monster energy van.
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glens free.jpg
727KB, 1000x1000px
im high at the library and want to start a fresh personal project but i am super uninspired. inspire me pls.
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Make an D.A.R.E poster.

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I'm trying to make an edit of this pic, but I'm having trouble replicating the style of the curved text.
The middle part shows a test with the Circle Text plugin for paint.net and the bottom part shows a test with Text to Path from gimp.
None manage to have the same angle for the letters as the original pic, though.
Can anyone please help with this? I'd prefer using paint.net or gimp, since I'm most used to them, but I've also downloaded CS2 yesterday to try it and I can get a newer PS version if needed.
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you have to warp it with some kind of mesh tool to match the perspective
Yeah, that's true, but I think I'd need some sort of mesh with a curved/cylindrical plane.
Know of any tools like that?
warp/mesh in photoshop's free transform

File: light-l16-camera-3299.0.0.jpg (163KB, 1600x900px)Image search: [Google]
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I love working in tech. You guys seem to hate your job, but I look forward to going to work in the morning. It is a small company and I am the dumbest one here. Only shit thing I experience is having to use Windows 10... Laggy piece of shit freezing all the time even on custom built monster machine we have for video editing and heavy duty stuff. What a shitty OS. At least I can go home to my lubuntu machine on a old laptop that just works smooth and fast.

Anyone else here love their job?
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at work do you have some sort of a graphics drive or network that you work directly off of instead of locally on your computer?
I worked my way up to art director for an in-house art department at a shitty company. That was the only time i had to work with windows for graphic design. A lot of plugins and drivers we had to use created DLL hell. Constantly had machines freezing, losing active projects. And malware at the time was so bad that It got to a point that it was easier to have IT bring in a new machine and reload it.

With the struggle of upper management, i switched the department to mac and the entire team rejoiced.

is someone out there who can turn this guy into a rainboy unicorn with a rotating dick on his head? gif picture would be nice i think
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Yeah sure, send me a mail with the pic and i will.
My mail: 4chan.org/r/

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Anyone have any tutorials on making fake timestamps?
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Mustn't be that hard, perspective and multiply I guess. You're a faggot for doing that though.
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File: 1391200552875.jpg (82KB, 606x604px)Image search: [Google]
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write it on a piece of paper
take photo
use levels to increase contrast
mask words
blending mode: multiply

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Sorry if this is not the correct place for this as i've only every been an /x/ lurker.

I need directions on how to make something like in the picture.

Do I use word? excel? Any youtube videos would be helpful as well. If tried to search but don't even know what to call what I'm searching for.

Thanks for any help!

Also, not looking for direction on how to get them onto a card, I know a website for that. Just advice on how to make the boxes, line them up, color them, etc...
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look for photoshop basics (or any bitmap editing software actually. even mspaint)
for something that simple, you're good with Word
for more elaborated stuff that's still text-based, you can look at one of these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desktop_publishing#DTP_applications

File: 2a.png (1MB, 960x720px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 960x720px
i know,the picture have shitty quality
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here the original pic
Thanks for the original. I was starting to wonder how you managed to take the original photo in space.
Top quality shitpost

File: Angry-Meme-Face-Png-18.png (752KB, 1500x846px)Image search: [Google]
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>Why don't you add Myriad Pro?
>Because that is not a royalty free font, you have to pay $35 so I can use it.
>Here, I downloaded it from the internet *sends 4 pirate files*
>This is copyrighted material.
>Then use this other *sends even more files*
>Those files are not the right format, the template you bought only allows swf fonts.
>Are you ok designer?
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This all fucking day.

Pay the licencing fee yourself, keep it, and charge them double for it.
I'd like to do that, but I was hired as a template editor, I'm under flat rate...
First I heard of a designer giving a fuck about that..

File: log.png (55KB, 797x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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first time poster
Critique logo please
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I don't know what the logo's for or what it's supposed to say.
An app
え (pronounced "Eh")

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