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Hello people. I have an problem. For school is have to desing an LP sleve for the song "Making plans for Nigel" and to be honest, i have no idea what to do. Now im asking for some input, sind I*m completly lost. Thank you.
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1)listen to the song, obviously (it's a good song)
2)find inspo from the period's art and post-punk in general
3)fucking sketch, cut, paste, paint, try stuff. Given the subject, I'd recommend not using the computer at all for this project
Dident realiese i made that much typos.
Thank you. going to try this.

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I work as a rapid prototype maker and I'm making a ring for a friend. Long story short - friend doesn't like ring design, boss will let me print the next wax from a CAD design.
Anybody got any tips on better lettering or any critique?
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is it supposed to read "bae?"
If the answer is yes, kill your friend.
better off, kill yourself :)

ps: use a gun or smth easy, cuz seeing that "design" i dont think you can do something as complicated as hunging yourself.
He's right though. Considering your response, I'm guessing it does say BAE, so you and your friend should probably do the deed.


Just ended a career and looking to start new, now leaning towards graphic design. For those doing the work now, what direction can you give as far as education and direction to head?
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Give up.
Someone else here:
I am being pressured into starting a Tumblr account to get myself out there as a graphic designer. Are there any other sane websites to promote myself that are just as effective as that is supposed to be?

Hello loves, I'm making merit badges about myself for class. Thoughts?
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Do you have a sock fetish? I like all that you did here, though I'd make the top vertical part of the socks a little shorter, make the socks slightly wider, and I'd also put a half circle thing on where the heel would be, since socks usually have that, and it would match the toe part. Also, the two cameras that have a visible camera lens doesn't look like a lens, it shouldn't match the background of everything else, possibly put a black circle or something where there would be the camera lens. Besides that, it all looks impressive.

thoughts on this logo I'm working on. it's for a class. I'm not sure about the colors or fonts. I did not sketch this, does it show...
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I feel that were you to use some complementary colours on the leftmost design would be good, but other than that I think that it is pretty decent.
what would make it great?
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there isn't much I can immediately see - it has a strong central image and a very minimal and pleasing text title - its aligned well - maybe drop the bold text for BEACH or make all the text bold - i think the orange works best - a light modern palette would look nice - the border around the black and white logo looks forced - bleed the edges it looks nicer if you choose to go with that one. here's some colors i made

I think a bright blue background with a strong orange or red color for the character and the text background would work best - blue for the ocean - bright red or orange for the sun.

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Share urs
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Bump for interest

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So I'm a Tool fan or whatever and made this, tell me what you think. Something feels ugly about it but not sure what.
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the abs should be more asymmetrical
also, the background is too dark
ignore this fag >>252613
as fan art it's ok

I mean it's constructive and I asked what /gd/ thinks so I don't mind

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Well, as you can see is my personal design brand.
I stayed stuck and I need advice to carry it on.
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do you sell sausages?
Fuck... HAHAHA
First thing that i have to change
sry m8, but that was the first thing that came to mind. What DO you sell?

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Hey designer fags. A few months ago I asked you to critique my new website and logo.

Well now it's launched. Constructive opinions welcome!!!!! www.swytchvaping.co.uk
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Looks good enough, but why do you need two product categories lists?

I'm not too keen of designs with too many lines and stroke borders but it looks functional
one is brand categories one is product type categories.
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I'd recommend you using a CSS Sprite file for all the little images in there. The website took a fairly long time to load on my PC.

The logo appears cropped when I change my window size, so try to reduce its size.

The top area (that one that slides down when I scroll through the website) is way too large and covers almost half of my screen. Also, since I'm on a netbook, the sub-menu under the green bar looks broken (pic related).

I really like the logo, but the "wyt" part on "swytch" is strange, because the other letters are spaced, except for those. I'd fix the kerning of the entire thing a little bit.

I'd try to remove some content, since it feels too cluttered and chaotic despite being well organized. Try to leave more white space between sections.

I thought the footer section was only that green bar on the bottom, but apparently it also includes the columns above. Since the background is white, I suggest you changing it to a different color, perhaps a dark gray to have contrast. That way, the user can tell he's not reading the main content anymore.
Hope i could help you with my critique, anon. It's a nice website overall, although I'm not a big fan of scanlines or that green color, but I guess that's just a matter of preference. If I see anything else I think could be improved, I will let you know.

PS: Please change the ".absolute footer" area. That black text with a white shadow doesn't look very good. Perhaps change the shadow opacity or remove it altogether?

Quick q, having trouble searching online..

In Illustrator, how do I delete objects and parts of objects outside of a certain selection? I.e if I have a bunch of lines and shapes and draw an ellipse over them, and want to cut out everything outside the ellipse. I know about clipping masks, but I'm looking to actually cut these out.
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look up the pathfinder

Can anyone help me with this monogram? First monogram I've made and it looks a bit wierd, maybe dimensions are off or idk.

It's supposed to read RA
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self bump
Try making the A larger, to where it sticks up out the top. It'll have two crossbars, in other words. But that might look nice, actually.

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I know this is Video game related but, what are your best Black ops Emblems?
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How about we take this from a shit 'wrong board' thread to something /gd/ related.

What are some of the best practices for creating badges, emblems, and symbols what a military theme? Any thoughts on making them more visually appealing for a modern audience?

Classic, modern, or futuristic design references are all welcome.
OP here, Yeah I wasn't quite sure how to fit this into this board, I just wanted some help and inspiration from the /gd/ board.
Well, it's not a design guide, but here is a basic guide on how to get started with an emblem in Illustrator.

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What are the must have plugins for motion graphic work?
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Instead of trusting your work to a bunch of plug-ins, you'll do a whole lot more by learning and understanding the Expression syntax.
From Red Giant
>Instant 4k
>Form/Mir (not must haves but I tend to use them a lot to create abstract backgrounds)

From other developers
>VideoCopilot's Element 3D
>VideoCopilot's Optical Flares
>RE:Vision Effect's Twixtor
>Digital Anarchy's Beauty Box

>you'll do a whole lot more
Not true. It's a slower method (at least if you are like me and don't have programmer mentality).
I'm not implying you shouldn't learn the syntax though.
Anyone taking AE seriously should.
i agree there's some "must have" plugins if you want to look more professional and work fast.
here's some you forgot:
ReelSmart Motion Blur
Ease and Wizz
frischluft Lenscare

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It's been a while since I've done any graphic design shit for fun /gd/.
I found an After Burner song done by a japanese band named SST Band and decided that it'd be fun to play around with the old After Burner logo and did just that.
I invite everyone else to revisit old games and put your spin on those dusty old logos and have some fun.
I really enjoyed doing this despite struggling to keep my eyes open so I'll probably be updating this thread (unless I totally forget this happened by the time I wake up).
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I like the lower left two. Maybe other colours would be better, but its a good design.

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Rate my art
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>a scribbled line that has a flare on it

2/10 you messed up
J.J. Abrams/10

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