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can someone photoshop David Bowie in the picture pls
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OP, this is probably the best you'll get from this page. I'm preemptively suggesting you not complain about it.
you might get some empathy since it's bowie, but you are looking for this board >>>/wsr/

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what is a good animation software?
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>>>/ic/ animation thread
/gd/ only uses adobe ps/ai/id/ae mostly.
What kind of animations do you want to make?
3D, 2D, 2D Sprite, UI Interactions, Stick Figures?
Not the original poster, but what software should I use for UI Interactions?

hey /gd/

How would I go about making this into a circle? I have access to photoshop and illustrator.
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Could one of you fine folk get the America off this damn flag while keeping the fabric folds?
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okay friend, and why?

I wanted a flag template on the moon for some dumb t-shirt designs
>do work for me so i can sell t-shirts

no thanks you dumb cunt

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nga7u0p - Imgur.gif
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Looking for help, how would I go about making my own 3d rotating gifs such as this one. What programs do I need. If there are any guides available someone can point me towards thanks.
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any 3d software will do.on c4d here's how i will do it :
just import the model (either from vectors or draw anything with splines) pull everything on a single extrude nurbs place the anchor point on the center keyframe a 360° rotation on a timeline with 60 or 90 frames (30 frames=1 second) apply material/textures and/or lights and maybe a camera then render as .png sequence with alpha channel (use anti-alliasing and +1K resolution) then on after effects import as animated sequence and change the framerate before making a new comp (right click reinterpret footage set to 23 or 24 or 30 fps) if is anything wrong with colors or whatever apply some effects then render it (add to render queue) set the output to GIF animated sequence try enabling looping and/or dithering and changing the size to 500x500 or anything you want.

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use and hdri if you want some reflections (metal)
Yeah, you should Google it.

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Does anyone know a cheap/affordable programe that i can use to design the exterior of cars?
I want a job in engineering but need to get familar with the sort of tools id be using in the future.
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2D or 3D? Sketches or technical drawings?
You could 'download' Autodesk/AutoCAD, that's roughly what you'd be using, if not some privately written and run software.

I think they draw a lot though so get some practice in that.
DoubleCAD™ XT is an AutoCAD LT® work-alike. But free.

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I loved the visual/industrial design of Oblivion but I'm not really sure what to search for to find more. Is there a name for this sleek, clean, "optimistic" sci-fi style? Do you know who some talented artists with this style are?

Closest I can think of is Simon Stålenhag but he's more grungy and suburban.
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File: new-oblivion-feature.jpg (49KB, 870x300px)Image search: [Google]
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Can someone please make one of those wartime propaganda posters with my cousin Kevin's face in it (pic related) ?

i want the message to be against him doing LSD. feel free to take many creative liberties. will dump a few pics
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File: IMG_20160113_125522.jpg (3MB, 3120x4160px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey guys, can you give me some idea for the portal plz, it's a logo for a society of house construction ! If u have any argu critics, tell me !
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it looks like a shitty cloud. try searching for some references on google.
It's definitely not bad. Good symmetrical balance and well grounded.

I am a bit concerned if this is supposed to stand as its own logotype without any branding text if people are going to know what to think.

Branding ambiguity is only allowable if your budget for brand syndication is big enough to support it.

Otherwise I don't think it is bad just as design is concerned.

You may consider a different shape for your container. This is not to say that the cloud is necessarily bad, but the design should always work to communicate the idea behind it and serve as a conveyor in and of itself.

I like the direction though and I would like to see you expand upon it more. Just keep it clean, sharp, and simple and you should be good to go.
Either make the house more 3d, or make the fence more 2d. Or, you could drop the fence entirely.

Make the house bigger. It looks like it's inside of the cloud.

Remove that weird shadow thing on the front of the house.

If i were you, I would look to nes games for inspiration, as they're good at the kind of perspective that you're going for.

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Where can I find a good (and free) 40's font? I want some similar to what is pictured in this photo (particularly Bulldog)
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google.com "vintage font"

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hey guys which software do i need to use to draw something like this and wich tools
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Photoshop wouldn't be a bad place to start.

As far as raster-based editing software is concerned, some fair substitutes include anything by Corel (or Jasc if you're going old-school), or you may consider GIMP if you don't mind a bit of a learning curve.

Furthermore, you may want to try something like Mischief if you are super into detail.

Lastly, you may find an online engine like Psyko Paint suitable for your needs.

Hope it helps!
thank you very much its helps a lot

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>google releases material design spec
>the main reason behind it is having too many layers on small screens can get confusing if you don't have lighting effects to simulate z-space
>retards adapt material design as the reason to sticking drop-shadows fucking everywhere

Flat design was the greates trend to happen ever. It really was as simple as sticking text on a flat color. Why have you forsaken flat, /gd/?
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No sh*t right? Flat design was, is, and will be THE shizz for quite a while at least in my book.

With our luck as designers, some asshole will probably set a new trend with bad design he shows a CEO client at a fortune 500 company one time.

The CEO will of course like it, because it is bad design and clients ALWAYS prefer bad design if you show it to them. It will be featured on the company website and from there it will spread like wildfire.

Surely they will have found some way to combine skewmorphism, flat design, and 90's postmodern conceptualism that will vaguely resemble the blinding glossiness of early 2000's eMac UI's crossed with over-the-top visual effects now available with new web-coding languages.

I just hope flat design stays here for a while longer so we can enjoy its simplicity and design efficacy a while longer.

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This was my first attempt. It's supposed to be an album cover for a remastered edition of my bands album "Perskesije" (2010-2011)
It's just a mirrored picture with a few custom filters, logo of a band and album name. I also took a picture. What do you guys think?
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File: received_205322703146621.jpg (38KB, 720x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Original if someone is interested
Remove the fuzzy filter. Its weird. I think it looks better if that tower thing has smoothe lines instead of distorted ones.
File: Cover.jpg (2MB, 2592x3888px)Image search: [Google]
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I just did my first cover today as well. Let me know what you think

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Best way to get text like this (minus the dots and highlights) in Ai?
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To apply the custom bevel, do one of the following:

To apply the bevel to an extruded 3D object, select the 3D object, and then double-click the 3D Extrude & Bevel effect in the Appearance panel. ...
To apply the custom bevel to 2D artwork, select the 2D object, and then choose Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel.
Right, I've done the 3D beveling, but I'm not sure how to keep the text flat and beveled. It always shifts the text to a perspective angle.
Use the pathfinder tool and select the first option (merge) and simplify if you know how.

File: box joint.jpg (7KB, 172x294px)Image search: [Google]
box joint.jpg
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I imagine you guys are a good source for this.

I recently got a copy of the CorelDRAW 7 suite to generate graphics for a laser cutting machine.

I have some very light experience with parametric modeling software(solid-works, Pro-Engineer) but none with graphics software. I want to be able to draw shapes that fit together with box joints such as this pamphlet holder.

is there a function in CorelDRAW that makes this easier?
are there programs that can generate templates?

or will I just need to suck it up and just experiment?
laser is an Epilog Laser 75 watt, Helix. all lines for cutting must be hairline thickness

also, any tips and tricks involving the use of CorelDRAW would be nice.
if you guys don't yield anything then my next step is /diy/
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Wouldn't a program like AutoCAD be better for a laser cutter? I've never used one myself, but if you're looking for accuracy and proper measurements I feel like a technical drawing program like AutoCAD would be better than a more artistic program like CorelDRAW, unless you're doing complicated engravings or something.
Correct. Most laser cutters allow you to directly input AutoCAD files for easy of use.
I'm limited by what the tech department lets me do with the computer. and the machine is meant to do complicated engraving.

I want it to do structural member cutting for other projects.

and to prove to the stupid woman responsible for it and my actions regarding it that you can do more than just engrave novelty key-chains and coasters with it.

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