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File: IMG_20151020_211748.jpg (627KB, 1440x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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What style is this?
Source: @niko101st on instagram
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OP the main technique used is called pixel sorting.

File: SailorMarsEdit.png (356KB, 286x880px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey guys, first time posting here. So if I'm in the wrong place, apologies.

I'm looking for a bit of advice on how to deal with this picture.
I want this pic printed onto a t-shirt, but every place I've gone to won't use double layered images. But the thing is, I don't want to convert the pic as I don't want the borders on the t-shirt. Even if it's the same colour as the shirt. I just want the feathered image.

Any ideas or suggestions on what I can do with this would be greatly appreciated.
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>Help you commit social suicide
Why the actual fuck would you wear this weeaboo shit? Do you ever want to be looked at by a female again?
I'm going to have to dissuade you from this course of action.

Don't do it.

That said you're going to want Direct to garment printing, I think some of them can handle transparency. failing that just do without the transparency.

Or just don't wear soft core pornography on your clothes.

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How do you start getting freelance work?

I assume once you get your foot in the door and can put WORKED WITH DISNEY, COKE, STAR WARS, SONY, MICROSOFT, TWITTER, VOX MEDIA, AND GARFIELD the offers come pretty easily, but as someone starting out

What the fuck do I do? I have a small portfolio on a website. Do I spam my shit all over Behance or something?
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Well, i thing that you would go to a shop that have a shitty design and porpouse a better one.

> Ps: Share your porfolio
Lurking for portfolio
>go to a restaurant
>their menu is shit
>take a copy
>redesign desu
>offer to sell to restaurant
>dey gimmi da bux

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Post your portfolios. critique, offer suggestions, etc
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reminded me that I need to update mine.
File: Studio_Otwarte-Site.png (224KB, 1197x671px)Image search: [Google]
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not mine but really like this one
No one was a brave enough dude? Do you guys even have portfolio?

Hi guys, I have to do a logo with this as a model.
It's for an association which helps children in provety. Any ideas?
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sure, i have plenty of ideas. how about you?
File: Bulle-de-Rainette-logo.png (40KB, 502x510px)Image search: [Google]
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Im not good with design idea. Im in a vocational school in graphic, but i'll change for being print worker.
I already did this, based on a bubble, but that's really crappy.
File: frog-001.jpg (416KB, 1400x928px)Image search: [Google]
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start by doing some sketches (pen and paper)

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ITT: You're never finding that unicorn.

>Hired by a writing publication
>Wants me to do a branding, logo, website, and print

The /gd/ dream has finally come true.

>Wants me to build the website in WIX

God dammit...
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I did a brand/website a couple years back. The logo won a Gold and a Judges Choice at an annual district advertising/design competition.

And the website? Webs. Webs dot fucking com. You think Wix is bad? Webs is Wix if Wix finally realized there was no value in trying to compete with Squarespace and succumbed to meth addiction and severe depression.

Try convincing them that Wordpress would be easy for them to update content through, especially for publishing, and that it would allow you significantly more freedom to design them the best possible website.

And if not, cut your losses and have fun with the logo.

File: 5riKvfo.png (303KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Does anyone know what style of art this is or how to re-create this effect in photoshop?
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Looks bitcrushed with a CRT filter on top, and some adjustments to color/contrast beforehand.
Some simple color correction and save as a dithered 6-color GIF

File: Warcraft_3_reign_of_chaos_logo.jpg (127KB, 512x256px)Image search: [Google]
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So I realized I only do flat design and want to branch out a bit. Currently doing a Logo for a Video Game for practice.

Pic related is the style im going for. Kinda this pseudo 3D rustical/medival style. I'm just not sure how to approach it yet. I mostly work with Illustrator. I guess for the textures I should go to Photoshop but im not sure on how to approach the 3D stuff. Maybe actually model something in C4D or something like that? Also an important aspect of this style seems to be that the elements resemble real materials like the gold and rocks here in this pic.

Any inspirations/tips/how-to's on how to replicate this kinda thing?
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File: Europa-Universalis-4_PC.jpg (769KB, 2048x2836px)Image search: [Google]
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I've been using c4d for years and that text would be hard to replicate.without tons of renders.
most game titles i've seen are made with photoshop. just learn how to use the layer effects and styles (protip: build a styles library)
File: Comp 1_00000.png (430KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Comp 1_00000.png
430KB, 1920x1080px
Thanks man! Yeah learning something like c4d seems to be pretty inevitable especially since I wanna work with film and Motion Graphics.

I gave it a shot with AE + Element3D, surprisingly good results for like 15 min. But gotta look into Render options and stuff to make it nice and shiny.
Hey man I also like this style not so graphical minded though hahaha but it would be extremely cool if you made up a logo for my YouTube channel I'm starting up using that same kind of Warcraft style would be great :D get back to me

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Does anyone here pay for the monthly subscription?

I can't seem to wrap my brain around the concept.

I've been in the industry for 15+ years, and have grown to loath adobe. They are notorious for not fixing bugs, and instead introduce lackluster features that introduce more issues. They bought out all of their competition and trashed their software.

It seems the main selling point of CC is that it's always being updated... with adobe's history, that sounds terrifying. And the adobe forums seem to prove my fears with every update they release.

So if you use CC, can you explain why you do that instead of just using an older license?
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My student job gives it to me for free... Probably one of the best things about the job, saves me 90 bucks a month.

But probably wouldn't start paying for CC if I didn't have that.
never had an older license before university, got sick of pirating across new computers or OSs, use 3+ adobe programs regularly. $20/month for students too so
the only thing I care about losing is my font/graphics/brush libraries -- does paying for cc allow for me to put a lock on these libraries at long last?

I've never paid, nor do think i ever will, but if I had every font i had dl'ed since 15 at my fingertips all of a sudden I would be a very happy and very overwhelmed man.

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This thread is for you who want to help a rookie logo designer with everything there is to design.

Hey /gd! I'm an 18 y/o student currently taking courses in graphic design and what I mainly enjoy is making logos and that is something I want to improve in. To put it short; In order for me to pass the course and graduate I have to document my journey as a rookie in the "graphic design market" as well as actually do work for people. Mainly I am creating this thread because I want (if lucky) to receive jobs in order to improve myself. The jobs will of course be free and I am also interested in how you started out in the business as far as how you got/get your clients. I am also interested in typography and you are welcome to share your favorite fonts & logos. Thank you in advance!
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>Mainly I am creating this thread because I want (if lucky) to receive jobs in order to improve myself. The jobs will of course be free
Whatever you do, don't work for the newfags that don't know how our board works and show up requesting stuff.
Given your situation and that you are asking /gd/ for work, you should lurk >>>/swr/ for some projects to work on.

>how you got/get your clients
I started doing show posters and album covers for my own bands, later for friends bands, later people started asking me to do shit for their bands and it kind of snowballed from there.
Basically, do shit you like and try to put it out for other people to see it.
Also, go outside, meet people and socialize (I've met a couple of clients smoking weed before entering a show).
If your work is good enough, mouth to mouth advertising should be enough, at least it worked for me when I started.
I'm 30 now, by no means wealthy, but I do ok, working freelance, doing shit I like for the past 7 years.

Godspeed you anon!
>for my own bands

So like imagined/random personal briefs?
>So like imagined/random personal briefs?
More like
>We have a show in 2 weeks, should make a poster for it or no ojne will show up.
Find something from your life that could benefit from some decent /gd/ and just start working on it.

File: 1452697052628.jpg (242KB, 2048x872px)Image search: [Google]
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Moar like this
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File: 1452729318207.jpg (274KB, 2391x1867px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1452697029276.jpg (63KB, 840x473px)Image search: [Google]
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meant to post this
what u want is the NASA style guide

File: GITS_MAL1.png (455KB, 2006x1167px)Image search: [Google]
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hey /gd/. MAL-faggot here. Mockup of custom list css. This is for me, not doing this for anybody. What should be done?
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Lower signature line is fucky, don't know why I didn't notice.
More vertical padding around the show list items, bit cramped inside and outside the selection box

That red is unreadable and the vertical tallness of the font makes it read like a headliney sentence, not a list. Aligning it right looks nice but also confuses its function since you start expecting it to be tied/labelling the show list, but it's standalone. Better colour and left/center alignment would clarify that

Little more differentiation between Watching and Completed would be more visually and emotionally satisfying, as well as clearer at a glance, such as slightly greying the show names that are completed or simply pushing it farther down the page a bit

Also the header for Watching/Completed is a little too visually similar for the show lists, they're v different typefaces but they're both bold, black, and a similar size. Try making the show list lighter

And align that red list vertically with the div holding the Watching/Completed, or however you organized that. It looks weird floating in space

Good idea tho, anime fans are very proud and goal-oriented about watching their anime compared to netflix addicts etc, and most streaming sites/apps are ugly and annoying

Can this be turned into a black and white line drawing?
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File: Shepard_Fairey-Hope.jpg (169KB, 1063x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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yes, either trace it by hand/sketch, vector or brush/bitmap or play with curves/blending modes/filters/threshold/layers.(if you know how) and then use sketch filter.
also if you plan to make money with it you better have the rights or you can get sued -pic related shepard got sued for the obama poster.
File: sddgct69.jpg (464KB, 600x900px)Image search: [Google]
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File: designsmartlogo.jpg (58KB, 547x526px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /gd/ the title says it all, personal logo critique thread.
pic related is mine, and needless to say my initials are N and S what do you think of this concept? As for the design i'm okay with it, but its the coloring thats bothering me. what do you think? advise will be furiously appreciated
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File: 1453234031223s.jpg (30KB, 250x240px)Image search: [Google]
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start with something that holds up well as one color. worry about stylizing it later.

right now it's literally shit.
lose the gradients and place one letter inside the other
i tried that but it wouldnt work well unless i changed the size of one letter. gimme an example if you can please

File: matt.jpg (88KB, 720x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey guys, need some help photo shopping this
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not sure if nugget made from some mutant ass chicken or perfectly captured vomit
Looks like a corndog

It's a battered sausage, you pleb. A staple of the Scottish diet, along with deep fried mars bars and deep fried pizza suppers.

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