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I have severe Anxiety Disorder (and depression) as well as ADD.

When I'm designing something at home, I'm very relaxed. However, when I had I job (I never got fired, I just fulfilled my timed contract) I could never get over the anxious thought of fucking up, especially when my boss was watching. Focusing is such a daunting task, overthinking becomes a common obstacle I face, and my attention to detail becomes shot.

The design world is tough as shit and doesn't have room for people like me. I take full responsibility, but I can't help it no matter how hard I try. Is it time to finally start taking the meds? Or are there science-proven techniques that will help me immensely?

Sorry for the blog
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CBT can be helpful for this kind of thing. There's a book called "Feeling Good" by David Burns that I've found helpful, if you can get over the self-helpy-ness of it
Id recommend Anxiety As An Ally by Dan Ryckert. Not a designer, but a public facing creative professional (or history's greatest monster, depending on how you look at it) nonetheless.
op, i had horrible panic attacks where i felt like i would die from a heart attack, and general axiety.

look into inositol powder (also known as vitamin b8). it's the only thing that's help me. it's a supplement readily available in health stores and online. buy the pure bulk powder, because for anxiety and panic you have to take around 12-16 grams of it, which is quite a lot and it's way too expensive to buy the capsules. the powder dissolves in water and is tasteless. it's very safe.

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Hey guys.

I'm working on a project for my junior studio on infographics and decided to turn my research into a short video (on e-waste in the US).

Looking for advice, inspiration, etc. as I've never done this before and my college pretty much teaches print exclusively, so I'm not getting much help from professors or colleagues.
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File: storyboard1.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
here are some storyboards with the respective dialogue. still in the early stages of this project.
File: storyboard2.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
File: storyboard3.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px

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Dindu Nuffin

File: ACHIEVEMENT-WIP1.jpg (183KB, 850x561px)Image search: [Google]
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Do you have any suggestions for making this better or general critiques about it? I'm almost done with it.
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I'll never be able to recognize or see all the detail from far away. Way too many colours and way too much detail.
Really nice but the sword begs to be way bigger, and maybe lighter too: make it more apparent
I agree the sword should be more apparent , did you try making the red banner in other color? Gold maybe?

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Here u go.
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Stop spamming.
Is this spamming ?
Yes , you had another thread abouth this shit

What were the first things you did when you went freelance, to build business?

Pic entirely unrelated.
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Got super good at design. Clients love that
^ This

To piggyback off

>You partner with a couple guys who have totally different but complementary skillsets to your own,

I'd recommend having a business major. The people who grease palms and are comfortable approaching strangers with your company's elevator pitches, and can competently step up to the mound to compensate for any social shortcoming you or your team might have, especially when networking with clients who might be leary about hiring a fresh company with not many notches on their six-gun, or don't understand the value you'd be bringing their company.

It might also behove you to have some people who excels at administrative work, to ensure that there's a paper trail, and are tasked to make sure clients pay the fees, and make sure the lights are on. Sure, you could do this yourself, but it'd free you up to concentrate on what you'd rather be doing (i.e. designing neat shit). (possibly the aforementioned business major)

Partner with a good printshop. Even if you're doing exclusively digital things, having good leave-behinds and printed collateral can help your branding- because sometimes a client might not be able to get online at a crucial moment, or is old-fashioned enough to not be impressed by your fancy big-city ivory-towered highfalutin "website."
Sure, you could get these done through an online company, but having a local source can speed up the production time, and you can take advantage of their experience in producing such things.
If you invest in something like teeshirts or retractable banners, this can also help solidify an identity for you and your team. But this can be expensive and potentially wasteful early on, so don't count your chickens too early on!

Finally, take advantage of your social networks. Dad might not need your work, but his employer might, or mom might know such and such who is in need of this and that. (replace family member with friends or friends of friends- you build these connections for a reason!)

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That awesome moment when some guy at dribbble makes a rare pepe https://dribbble.com/shots/2486659-Pepe-the-Frog
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you're an ugly little cunt mate and if i ever see you posting memes i'll slit your face wide open yea
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how would i go about getting this textured look as in pic related?
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That is an easy question to Google.
>add texture layer in Ps
>change blending mode till it looks right
Not OP, See how easy an answer like >>253415 gave was?

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I have a deadline for a 5 minute animation video with sound due by tomorrow morning. I'm pretty fucked although I don't know exactly how fucked I am because I've not really worked that much with edge animate but I want to at least get a 50% if possible. (meaning I want to turn 'something' in)
Any and all help on how to get everything done by tonight would be very much appreciated.
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File: z9bxZB0.jpg (926KB, 1200x900px)Image search: [Google]
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do something avant garde
Does anyone know whether I should use edge animate or flash, which would be easier and faster ?

What is your favorite poster ?

"Little boy" – by Uwe Loesch (1995)
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File: 75914264194159.jpg (707KB, 766x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Kazumasa Nagai (1993) Uneo Zoo

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Need a logo to represent my company. Willing to pay, logo must be simple, have a lion head facing left, inside of a circle and a star incorporated in the mane.

Pic mildly related.
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Message me at [email protected]
Message me at [email protected]
>Telling the designer exactly what to design
Go entirely fuck yourself, like take your entire body and put it up inside of your body and fuck yourself with it.

No shit a logo should be simple. And whatever imagery you think would represent your company, any solid designer will absolutely know better.

Don't waste your money or any of these fuckers time. You don't want a designer, you want somebody who knows Illustrator and will do whatever you want. Take the twenty bucks you were so generously "willing" to pay and get a fucking Linda account.

I hope your business tanks, and I'll bet you're trying to get a logo done before you've even filed for an LLC.

Best wishes,
All of /gd/

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Hey guys, I'm a web developer coming over from /g/ for a little design advice. I have these 2 side by side tables and they are looking pretty basic. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make them look better? I'm pretty handy with css but my design eye is shit. Even a link to something similar that looks nice would be appreciated.
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Tables are too boring for you guys?
Needs more padding. Consider adding a little weight to the headers (not too much though).
This. You could also add a light borders on the bottom of each row and a zebra striping to make it easier to read.

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What is /gd/'s opinion about using Facebook to showcase art?

I have recently decided to get rid of Facebook for personal use, but have still considered using it to promote my art and handmade items as well as keep an open line of communication from past clients.

I'm already wary of returning to it, because I know Facebook has ridiculous terms and conditions. I'm worried if there are any repercussions to posting art on Facebook.

>Picture unrelated, but a photo of my own.
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Don't do it, OP. You relinquish your rights to anything you directly upload to Facebook, and on top of that their compression is horrible and makes your photos look like shit.

Unless you run a small business or something that absolutely relies on having that constant two-way communication, just use Dribble/Behance/your own site.
OP Here:
Can you explain what you mean when you say "relinquishing rights" ? Does that mean someone via FB could use my art and turn a profit?

This guy is right in the hyperbolic sense but wrong in the practical sense.

You upload an image to facebook - it becomes their property. Thankfully that does not equate to them owning the intellectual property you generated - even if you upload a copy of that said image to facebook.

Simply put:

Make a vector - it's yours
Upload picture of vector to facebook - it's theirs
Sell the original vector - it's all yours

Facebook owns a screencap.

File: Option one.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
Option one.pdf
1B, 486x500px
Would be great to have your feedback regarding the logo,

Colors, facetypes, signage, positioning, any feedback would be amazing.
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Why is the S not connected to the UNCAR?
the same goes for the T at the end. Would be good if you told us the background of the project; what it's for etc.
File: propo.png (2MB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 800x800px
Attached with connected S as well. Plus its for an on-demand grocery delivery service.
File: Option two.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
Option two.pdf
1B, 486x500px
Another variation.

File: tumblr_o1f89gBGx01rjx2uwo1_1280.jpg (448KB, 1280x1785px)Image search: [Google]
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Been offered to do an overhaul of a gourmet food market's website and graphics. The boss pitched it as an in store, hourly gig.

Doesn't feel right to me. Any tips on shifting the weight in my favor? Should I ask for a flat fee, with incremental checkpoints and deposits?

>General payment / contract tips for a newbie..

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how much hourly?
u might luck out and get paid more than your fee would be.
Hourly is better if you are younger. Overtime son!

Else, benifits can matter more.
Guess you're right. Also considering that I barely know web-design and will thusly be learning on his dollar.

What's a good rate to ask for?
Is there a way to translate hourly to a work from home kinda thing?

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