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I was told to make this. So I made it.
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The only thing that offends me about that picture is that it looks like shit.

Sincerely, /gd/

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Hi guys i have been interested in graphic desing some time ago, a have a bit of experience with photoshop and i want to learn about it and Adobe Illustrator, if you can send me some tutorials or some advices please... Im sorry I know that my english is not the best.
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Hi man.
The best thing you can do is reading and practicing a lot.
There are some great Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials on Tutsplus, ranging from beginner to advanced, so be sure to check their website.

Also, if you're interested in the retouching part of Photoshop, you might want to check Phlearn's Youtube channel.

Abduzeedo, Spoongraphics and Line25 are also some nice websites.

Hi everybody, I am creating an association with medical students in France, but we have difficulty with the logo, we would like to leave on this base there, if somebody could try to improve it, it would be very kind.
It is doctors' association aiming at offering free care, we would like to make a reference to the red cross, while being original
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Two things I think might make it look much better since you want it to look like the red cross. 1: Use very blocky letters, it'll make the whole thing look much more like a single object. 2: Combine the L and I by placing the I within the negative space of the L, the idea is to make them take up the space of one single letter, which will balance out your cross visually.
Thanks you for you answer, Could you try to make it for me?
>lel free work
Can you give me some free meds man?

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Paid and possible constant future work with potential massive bonus.

I will be happy to pay $10-$20 per clip PLUS a $1000 bonus if my game makes over $100k on release.
Must be able to let me choose soundtrack for trailer, and a subtitle.
Very simple 2 or 3 different scenes per trailer with fade in and fade out.
Editing only needs to change scene on the right music note for it to look good.
You will have to capture a couple scenes from the game. Then splice these together to make a 20 second trailer.
Basic editing skills required.
Please only contact me if you are ok with all these points.
A very low res cut for me to approve before payment after which you will send me the full 1080 resolution final cut would be perfect way to to do this.
I am hoping you will enjoy doing this as it is the culmination of a lot of hard work for me!! So it should be kinda cool, the better the trailer the greater the chance of success for the game!
Thank you for reading this.
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I'm interested in this, but you didn't really give an email or something to contact you so contact me here; [email protected]
Using meltmail as a quick and dirty barrier to my spam email lmfao. Afterwards, I'll get in touch on my real email.
What do you mean by clip?
Same guy here, I believe the address has "melted", and I didn't get an email, so I'll just assume you found help elsewhere or didn't want some random guy on 4chan to help you

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Can we get a flat design/veiws on flat design thread? Also what do you think of my first try?
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Damn, I love this thread more if it goes on
What do you mean?
protip: all graphic design is flat

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I know this is probaby the wrong area, but Ive tried everywhere so.I have a friend who's running for class president and I'm trying to change the logo in this picture so it will say ROVIRA (rovira) instead of Trump, and for it to say MAKE ANTILLES GREAT AGAIN (make antilles great again) but I want to to be in the same font but, I tried and it looked cheap and shitty when I did it so can someone please take a crack at it?
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how much are you paying?
Just looking for a favor honestly, don't know how to pay you, and I'm really just a highschool junior who doesn't work so. Thanks anyways.
Sure! Just give me like 15 minutes or so.

Just got a fresh job doing environmental design and signage for an advertising company.

I'm confident I can do well enough in the position, but there is one huge catch: I'm supposed to be solid in Corel. I hate Corel. I had to use it at my last job a tad and it just drove me nuts. I am at home in Adobe land and that's where I'd like to stay.

That being said, what are the key differences and what do I need to be most aware of going in Monday? I have plans to take a chunk of tomorrow and familiarize myself with it, but I fear it won't be enough.

Pic semi related. I'd like to be able to whip that kind of thing up in similar speed as I would in Illustrator.
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tell them to fuck off and that you prefer to work in illustrator

File: IMG-20160124-WA0000.jpg (111KB, 1600x1333px)Image search: [Google]
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My club T-shirt sucks. Help improve before it gets printed.
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less fonts would be a start.
Hmmm... personally ditch the eat sleep code repeat, there's too much going on in the front. Limit yourself to 2 fonts, you can use a light version of one to print the Steve Jobs quote in. Apart from that, not bad. Hope your club goes well
File: asrtasrtast.png (743KB, 1600x1333px)Image search: [Google]
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my ideas

File: cgp.png (24KB, 860x198px)Image search: [Google]
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I've been lurking there for weeks now and still don't know when the registrations are open. It'd be of great help if anyone here would let me know on what days/dates the registration would be open, Thanks anons.
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File: not-even-trying.png (10KB, 409x156px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm guessing you want for it's torrent tracker which is cgpeers.
pic very related
No, not Peers. I'm registered to peers. I need to register to their forums which is CGPersia. The login info for Peers and Persia is different, Hence my question.
Oh ok.
Looked around and can't find it either and the sticky doesn't cover it.
Maybe log in their IRC and ask there?

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Hey guys, need a little advise. I'm going to give a course on Photoshop next week. I do know how to use Photoshop and all but I really don't know how to explain basics or what do people want to know that is basic.

Could you guys help me with some pointers on what to teach them?

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watch scott kelby videos he was the first one teaching photoshop
I'll take a look. But what I was mostly asking is what parts or things should I teach them? Layers, how to use tools? Don't know if it's TOO basic.
I'd highly recommend going over smart objects. I've worked with graphic designers more experienced than me who had no idea how to use smart objects for non-destructive editing or creating templates.

Layers, blending options, styles, adjustment layers, applying smart filters to smart objects. I think that's all golden info for working with files that may need adjusting later without having to start over.

Maybe even history snapshots and using artboards.

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i did a thing
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>i did a piece of shit
fixed you
File: bait.png (8KB, 512x512px)Image search: [Google]
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Pretty good.
almost got me t b h

File: earthFire.jpg (34KB, 533x438px)Image search: [Google]
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I need a clip of a 1st person view, zooming/flying into a house window, from clouds or space. anyone know a movie where that happened or know where to find or have a short video like that? kind of like the bullet in "wanted" but something that is more 1st person
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You are lacking DIY attitude OP
wtf bro no need to say that without a reason xD

File: Poster2fkname.png (1MB, 9933x7016px)Image search: [Google]
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Couple of days ago I posted here with some sob story about having to make an academic poster for a thesis proposal. Some kind soul suggested indesign and over 10000 hours later here I am.

Looking for some feedback, looks bland imo.
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I'd move the bulletd list to the right in the bottom lef one. Check the junctions in the graph on the bottom right, you can see some white space beetween the colors
Thanks, good catch on the white space.
File: 1453159526551.png (3MB, 9933x7016px)Image search: [Google]
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doing it this way was easier than typing it all out...

File: bilbo fk.webm (3MB, 638x360px)Image search: [Google]
bilbo fk.webm
3MB, 638x360px
What do you guys recommend to learn After Effects? I am the most retarded person on Earth so I can't just learn it by using it, please help.
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learn the basics
make your own projects (don't matter how bad they are as long as you get better)
look for tutorials only for specific things.
Video Copilot
The video was supposed to be funny? He's a little fucking prick.

can some one help me fix the spaces in between my brush?
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click the paint brush Icon next to the brush size, go to spacing and then change to how you see fit

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