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is it possible to make decent money as a freelance graphic desginer nowadays ?
>pic unrelated
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it is possible if you are well connected, a.k.a. aleady have clients/reputation/enough friends in the field to forward you gigs they won't take
you won't make big bucks though...

>source: being working freelance for the last 7 years of my life while living in a third world country without being homeless or starving.

>protip: video pays better than still images
>corollary: learn aftereffects or 3d stuff

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please give opinions and constructive critisism
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Anyway to make this more E-Sports related?
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Trying to make an appealing logo for maybe an esports team to buy.
Good luck with that one. Most of those are custom made now that they have money.
orient yourself on baseball/basketball team badges in terms of style. Logos dont HAVE to be related to esports. Actually, most of them don't relate to esports at all.

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sup /GD/

made this logo for a client it was a simple one how do you like it?

Company: Akai Studio Agency

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hate the glow, and the bevel and emboss. especially on the Studios text.
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no .. just no
Sheesh tough crowd, looks fine..

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Which 3D modelling program will become a huge asset to learn and familiarize myself with?

Like web design, I feel like it's something I should have at least an idea with, to draft up 3D models of products... I was considering AutoCAD, but is there something more encouraged to learn?
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I also want to add... Which software would be more useful for a graphic designer?
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do you use after effects/element 3d?, it seems the obvious choise for any gd.
it depends really. most people say cinema 4d have the most friendly UI, Max 3ds seems to appeal more to people who want to look more professional and want to learn every detail about the 3d industry. there's a thread on /3/ where they're discussing whether or not Maya and 3ds should merge since they're very similar and both are made by autodesk. Blender (free software) have a huge community if you are interested in forums and that stuff.
about autocad i think is more for people who want to do architecture, industrial design etc.
if you don't know anything about 3d try zbrush is actually quite fun to start learning modeling (once you learn the basics). other options are: nuke, touchdesigner, rhinoceros (and grasshopper), modo, quixel suite.
i expect more people on the future to start combining programming and visual programming with graphic design:
look for d3,js, vue.js, vvvv(+js), processing and anything from plethora project for more.
Quixel is a Texturing programm, no modeling.

Also zbrush might be pretty confusing for non organic stuff.

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3/10 I've seen worse but this doesn't communicate what you want it to.
I think the problem is the N
Because it really doesn't look like a N, and could just as well be a H or two I. Possibly even a M.
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I think your N should be more like the one of the album in pic related.

This looks more like an H.
I'm no expert but I think this would be pretty obvious no?

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Hi /gd/ - looking to make my own script, font, whatever and I was wondering if Adobe Illustrator is a decent tool to use for the task.

I would use this site: http://www.myscriptfont.com/
But a) My handwriting is atrocious and b) I require a bunch of special snowflake characters.
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Shameless self bump
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Well, anon. Adobe Illustrator is a fine tool to use for typeface design, but you might run on to some trouble when you need to assemble all of it into an actual usable format (say, for example, otf).

You might want to give FontLab or BirdFont a go.

Pic is something i am currently working on.

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What does /gd/ think of my little block character?
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Hi /gd/
Care to give me some advice for my logo?
I'm not sure about the best way to position the text in my logo for my YouTube News Channel.
I made a couple of examples, which concept do you like more?

Also, thanks again for helping me out in my the last thread.
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5 and 6 look best

The word stacking doesnt look too good
1 or 6

- Grey Background
- Hard to read from a distance
- Grey Background
- Wolf front with Italian or Indian background with Spanish writing
- Cannot be easily drawn
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9 mexican skyline.jpg
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>The word stacking doesnt look too good
Is it because of the font?

>Hard to read from a distance
Working on it
>Grey Background
I'm aiming for a flat logo
>Wolf front with Italian or Indian background with Spanish writing
Its México city... and the target audience is mexican
>Cannot be easily drawn
I don't see how is that a problem

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Can you still make a living with being a webdesign freelancer? Or is this argument true?

>yeah I'm sure you can compete with the millions of 3rd worlders willing to do the same work for less
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3rd world workers deliver less value. /biz/-main that randomly stumbled upon this board but I've hired/paid all kinds of programmers, web designers, and gfx artists. Almost all 3rd world workers I've hired to do front end web design mockups or logos have delivered complete shit. You have to tell them exactly what you want, with examples to take inspiration from, but they still send back an ugly page filled with mismatching gradients and misaligned text. Not to mention the passive aggressive broken english when you tell them what revisions need to be made. The only thing they excel at over first world workers is getting you a ton of pages in a short amount of time.

So, if you want to make a living being located in a place with respectable living conditions, you're just going to have to be able to deliver consistent quality, and not be a pain in the ass to work with. A portfolio is key when finding work. You WILL have to work for free or start projects yourself before looking for freelance work. Nobody will hire someone without a portfolio that shows the value of their work.
yes, but not easy.
you have to build up a network and a good portfolio. you can build a good portfolio while in school or you do projects for absurt low cost.
its not easy but it is very doable
3rd worlders are cheaper but you have the advantages of:

english as a first language
accessible (many clients don't know HOW to outsource or hire ppl from india)
racism workingin ur favor
easier to pick up luxury work
easier for your client to relate to you and your aesthetic/your ability to understand their aesthetic

There are lots of reasons someone would hire a first world freelancer at premium rates, most of them come down to comfort and communication

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>Go to http://fictionalcompanies.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random
>Design a new logo for that company
>Post results

Another one of these threads, it's a fun game.
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Is this OK?
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Seeing the word "Pig" that thin after the word gluttonous is throwing me off.
I agree that the "pig" word needs to be beefed up a tad, but my main critique is that the pig is very stiff and awkward looking.

I recommend scrapping this swine, and starting fresh on his look. Use more circles when you pencil the mascot, don't connect the lower lid into a full circle, and give him a neck!

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beachside burgers small.jpg
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i don't see one of these threads up so i'll start my own

i'll go first i guess

>made up burger place for school portfolio
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east side eagles.png
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>made up basketball team for school portfolio
>may be served raw or undercooked
>this will make you sick

Why is that there? Is this some kind of public liability disclaimer? I'm so confused.
Did you deliberately make it a goatse homage?

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this image has some pixels removed. I wonder if anyone could tell me how to do that?

>I have photoshop and GIMP...
>you can see the background through that image.
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File: shiftanddarken.png (794KB, 2011x803px)Image search: [Google]
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since the squares are all evenly grid spaced, and have enough space inbetween them to fit a new set of squares, you can overlay a second copy of the same image, shift it by 1 square row & 1 square column, and set the blend mode to darken (so the darker color value of the two pictures apply over the white square)

the result is kinda shitty though, not perfect.

alternatively... open in python, use opencv or sumth ez, make some quick code that identifies squares, and sets their color value to be the same as its neighboring pixels. (this is kinda the same thing the color blending hack does as well)
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The pixels are so bright that there's not much you can do.
I did basically what >>253460 did but added in a median filter.

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Ok i'm a bit retard in Illustrator. Can you guys explain me why is this happening? Same "color" , same color mode etc.. This is happening in different documents in illustrator, I want my color like the one on the left
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Did you try turning it off and on again?
File: not-the-same.png (23KB, 496x116px)Image search: [Google]
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>Same "color" , same color mode etc..
not the same, OP
Document color mode is CMYK for the one on the left but RGB on the right.

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